Sunday, 22nd August,  2,010.

       Sunday, 22nd August,  2,010.


I appeal to all.

          Within the next few years, a disaster of unparallelled magnitude will occur to this planet. Destroying all life forms upon its surface.  The disasters we see occurring with INCREASING frequency in the weather,ETC. are the but the prelude building up to wipe out (the end of the world).

          We have ONLY ONE hope. Escape down The North(or South, but North MUCH easier)Geographical Pole - which is a thousand mile wide ENTRANCE into a vast tropical paradise WITHIN - where we should be safe.(Take arms,etc.(seeds, life forms that can reproduce surface life again, including humans))

          I am the ONLY PERSON on Earth that knows what is coming AND the way of escape.  It is therefore IMPERATIVE that you work with me to save ALL life upon this planet!(I am the modern day NOAH.  The Ark is WITHIN The Earth!!)(I MEAN that the ENTIRE INTERIOR of The EARTH IS "The Ark"!!)   ALL life upon this planet! (That includes YOU, and me.)(Think about it, will you??...)

          I KNOW what I am talking about.

         I am painfully aware that you will assume that I am mistaken.  But I can ASSURE YOU - that I am not.

        IF you ignore me, you will be partially guilty of the end of all life upon The Earth...

        I IMPLORE you to think about, it and THEN do your UTMOST to get The Authorities to organize the evacuation of all key personnel,etc. DOWN The North Geographical Pole!!

       Or be guilty of the destruction of all life upon this planet!!

       I am trying to save all life upon Earth. I need YOU(you reading this!!) to ACT, and IMMEDIATELY - or bear a MOST terrible burden on your conscience...

      I have NO ulterior motive.  I am SIMPLY TRYING to save us all.

     Definitiely NOT joking or hoaxing,etc. NO THING like that!!

     I can be contacted by e mail to "".  Just get in touch me - and I can tell you how to proceed TO SAVE THE WORLD!!

    If you punch in on The Internet via Search Browser "Nibiru" and "2,012 doomsday" you will JUST START to get a most terrifying picture.  But I know more than that.

    I have sent out MANY articles - to various recipients. Desperately and frantically appealing for you to ACT, and AT ONCE.

    It is hard for me to accept that you want all life upon this planet to PERISH (horribly and terribly) WITHIN the next few years...

    If you want more details, just contact me.

    We CANNOT stop IT, but we can ESCAPE it.  DO YOU UNDERSTAND??

    I am trying to do what Noah did, 3,600 years ago!!

   It is no use you hoping that I am wrong.  I AM NOT WRONG!!

        Now DO YOU want that on your conscience henceforth??

       Do you WANT US all to perish??...

       Now need to act AT ONCE!!

      Stop assuming that I am wrong!!(Just because it sounds UNLIKELY!!)(What if Noah had thought thus?!)

      I am very intelligent - and have been studying this for MANY YEARS, MOST closely!!

      I AM NOT trying to play some COLOSSAL practical joke.

     I can ASSURE you that I have many other and  better things to do!!

     Noah was right. But what is NOW coming up FAST is FAR FAR  WORSE than what befell Noah's lot!

     Don't the increasing disasters MEAN anything to you??

     There is  a WHOLE COMPLEX of MULTIPLE CAUSES  behind what is COMING  UP VERY SOON.

     You don't WANT to believe it do you?!   So (probably) your mind proceeds as follows:  "I don't like this.  THEREFORE I will DISBELIEVE it.  Then it will go away." .   Is THAT what you think?    It MOST CERTAINLY will not!!

     Are you are AFRAID to look a fool?(How do you think I FEEL????)

     Is THAT how much you rate ALL life upon this planet??

       There are many nut cases around. But I AM NOT ONE OF THEM!!

       I may APPEAR superficially that way, but I AM NOT...

       How much do YOU know about this subject?

      I have been studying it VERY CLOSELY for MANY YEARS!!


     I would have to be INSANE to proceed this way WERE IT NOT TRUE!!


     Vic Conway.


Tuesday, 9th August, 2,011.




I try to make things clear!



Basically, what I am saying to those of you I can reach, is:-


1. That within two years most life forms upon this planet will perish horribly.(Due to what is called Nibiru. Nibiru is the 9th(Was Planet X until Pluto with companion Charon got demoted from planetary status) planet in our solar system(not officially discovered). But known to The Sumerians thousands of years ago(a fact made known by Zechariah Sitchin via Nancy Leiden). Named after one of their gods name of Nibiru.

Nibiru has been captured apparently because the orbitary period involved is 3,600 years(Every 3,600 years this Nibiru complex orbits our sun causing great damage. Resulting in the destruction of nearly all the surface life of Earth, Mars, Venus,etc.(EACH TIME it comes along!!) Due to the colossal gravity magnetic tides accompanying.)(By the simple expedient of going down The North Geographical Pole, THIS can be DODGED!!) Sol's small binary companion brown dwarf star Antoine and its retinue of six(at least five) planets with their satellites,etc. is RIGHT NOW merging with our(Sol's)solar system. Along with, apparently the core of another of Sol's planets, Phaeton.

What we have approaching us then is the star Antoine, with its six planets and their moons,etc. Plus captured planet Nibiru(The erstwhile Planet X.). AND captured planet Phaeton. Along with many asteroids, comets, meteors,etc. dragged down by gravity from The Oort Cloud, The Kuiper Belt, and The Asteroid Belt. Which, with deadly poisonous red dust out of Phaeton's tail, and the masses of ELECTRONS that our sun is now increasingly entering(Did that kill many animals recently?)as it rounds the spiral arm - will rain down upon The Earth.)

So WHY aren't we told this?! By The Authorities.

Because they no wish to lose control of us!!

And because ONLY their(those of the few who know) CHOSEN FEW will be able to get on the ships that can go with the necessary equipment WITHIN THE EARTH!!(NOT underground please note. But along a surface which is SECRETLY contiguous with a surface which is ONLY SPATIALLY beneath us! NOT tactilely!!(When sailing WITHIN, you will NOT feel any descent!!)(And too gradual to SEE.)

Only space for a few!(Did Noah say that? His ark could only hold so many!)

Having understood the work-out of all this(AND having proved and confirmed that 2012 is the year of doom), and being VERY deeply concerned for ALL of us, I am desperately TRYING to warn you!(But am being almost totally ignored! Out of sheer disbelief at the APPARENT unlikelihood of what I am saying, PLUS not wishing to have pride hurt. But I only ask that you CHECK OUT my proof and confirmation AND view the many videos SHOWING the various objects NOW closing in upon us(aiming for the sun, but because we are very close to the sun, we can expect a hammering). If you will not do this then who is to blame for your not fleeing down The North Geographical Pole(There is a huge tubular entrance near both poles leading down to a vast tropical paradise BELOW, yet NOT underground!!)(Where one should be safer!)?

You would prefer a TERRIBLE DEATH to even RISKING having your pride hurt?!

Is that SO??!!


WHY are you SO SURE that I am wrong????

We have heard much about 2012 being Doomsyear, but the modus operandi has been missing. Now I have given it to you.(Enormous gravity tides is the basic reason(the effects of that). Plus the damage being done by centrifugal force as our sun rounds the spiral arm!(Entering the increasingly dense fields of MASSES OF ELECTRONS running down the side of the spiral arm!)(We, being going around with the sun, suffer that too! Centrifugal Force is hurling the magma up against the tectonic plates, causing our increasing disasters! Plus extra heat! Which, together with the heat from Antoine the second sun - is what IS what is causing our growing heat!(HEAT, increasing(and cold) is going to be our problem now, as we pass through solar cycle 24, and a new La Nina!!)

I think MANY will perish in the coming AWFUL HEAT...

I don't see how I can spell it out more clearly to you, nor do more to get everyone to know!!


Are you saying that you would prefer NOT to RISK a hurt pride rather than save ALL life forms upon this planet?!(Because that IS what it will mean! IF you do not heed me AND GET DOWN THE NORTH GEOGRAPHICAL POLE(North much easier than south.)(I know best HOW to DODGE the impending WIPE OUT!!)(Also design and mass produce my Faraday-caged SPECIAL helmets(To keep out most of the electrons AND the deadly poisonous suffocating red dust already falling upon us on Earth from Phaeton's TAIL!!)))

IF I am wrong, then you have ONLY to check my arithmetic in my L7 article's proof and confirmation, and POINT out to me EXACTLY WHERE I am in error!(Plus explain where SO MANY videos,etc. and reports are wrong about all this!)(Just punch in on your computer internet browsers "Nibiru videos" and "Second Sun" videos.)

I am not asking you to just believe me, I am asking you to follow my proof and confirmation, and study the videos SHOWING these objects!!

Where is my reputation if I do not TRY to inform you?

And where is yours if you won't even CHECK it out??!!


What is it you find so hard to believe? The idea that another star(plus its planets and their satellites,etc. could orbit ours every 3,600 years?(But there is both past evidence AND present SIGHT!!)(Every 3,600 years!)(But just about ALL stars go in identical twin pairs AND ORBIT each other periodically!)(Our astronomers are either unaware of the fact, OR do not wish us to know!!)(They know about Nemesis our MAJOR companion star, but few know about Antoine our MINOR companion star.)

AND you have the record of past cataclysms separated by 3,600 years, in which Mu Lemuria, Atlantis and Poseidon(and more before that) all were annihilated!

The fate WE are(within a few years) ALSO to experience!

Perhaps you think it is absurd that our Earth is hollow and that there is a tubular entrance leading down WITHIN.

Let me assure you that the absurd notion is the SOLID globe one! Simply because spinning globes of molten rock MUST, via centrifugal force, congeal(solidify) with their masses flung to the side!(In other words be hollow!) PLUS have giant tubelar passageways leading WITHIN!!)(This is a SCIENTIFIC, LOGICAL NECESSITY of PHYSICS!!)(Have you been making the easy but erroneous assumption that accepted "scientific" facts ARE necessarily logical?!)(ALL astronomical globes and fields are HOLLOW(They HAVE to BE!!)(Or Physics is wrong!!).)(You follow??)(All of the important things we get taught are untrue!!)


Many people speak of SCIENTIFIC and LOGICAL as if synonymous terms!! But they are NOT!!(Though they SHOULD BE!!)(Material Science does VERY GREATLY err about the IMPORTANT THINGS!!)

I am NOT trying to stuff you up with a lot of NONSENSE!!



Have you facilely believed that most people love the truth? No, it's the opposite! People everywhere in general DOMINANCE will immediately kill ANY great or important truths uttered by ANYONE!!(Didn't you know that?!)And kill the speaker of it too if necessary!!(Which is WHY all efforts to report weird and wonderful truths GET stifled at birth.(THAT is why the reports of Nibiru and a SECOND SUN are failing SO BADLY to get well known!!)(Humans are very unevolved spiritually!)(And are only technologically advanced so far as they are because certain ALIENS have taught us IN EXCHANGE for being allowed to ABDUCT us(we are their cattle!) AT WILL(For various reasons that suit THEM, not us!!))

Do NOT be fooled into thinking that we live in an ENLIGHTENED AGE. We don't!!

(Only a slight improvement upon the past! NOT the total elimation of ALL error!! Improved, perhaps. But NOT perfected!!)

Christendom was the old Western god. NOW it is SO CALLED Science!! THAT is the god now. And a PHONEY one!!(The MAJOR scientific truths get hushed up!!)("Science" is right(enough)about numerous minor things. But wrong about the IMPORTANT things!!)



If these objects actually were in the sky, they would get reported by professional AND amateur astronomers?(No! They either get suppressed,denied or explained away as something else!!)


Why haven't people in general spotted any of these objects and reported them? Because it is taboo to report facts that are not approved of by our rulers!!

And because a second sun would be hidden by glare of our sun. Also be seen by AN EXTREMELY SMALL FEW at sunrise or sunset(when best viewed). Best seen down south due to its very oblique angle of approach.(To The Ecliptic.)

The core of the planet Phaeton is VERY clearly seen as a small dark spot silhouetted against the sun.(Photograph,etc. it yourself, or view pictures done by others!!)(It is getting larger(approaching)!!)



THIS is the object that causes us the most harm!(IT is wrongly being called Nibiru.(No. Planet Nibiru, what was our Planet X - is not due until 2,078.)

Phaeton is due Saint Valentine's Day, February 14th, 2,013.A.D.(Within TWO YEARS!!)(There is an AMAZING confluence of great cataclysms occurring(or about to occur)JUST NOW!! It just HAPPENS that Phaeton is on a very irregular orbit, along with Nibiru, JUST WHEN Antoine and its planets,etc. are!!


This is the object(almost as big as Mars)whose gravity and magnetic tides do such damage to the solar system every 3,600 years!!



It may be being argued by those who are suppressing these important FACTS, that if the people were informed they would create pandemonium.(I think they are stronger minded than that. Bit of a panic at first maybe, but THUS avoiding the PANDEMONIUM that will surely follow if they are not informed!(If told in enough time THE PEOPLE will ADAPT to the idea, and not create pandemonium later. THIS is my argument. So TELL THEM!!)

The FACT (of Phaeton's close approach to Earth) will soon become evident to ALL!!(Because it should APPEAR soon in our sky looking like our moon, only red and four linear diameters larger!!)(I think we should be WARNING the people of this, not hiding it from them!!)(To give them TIME to adapt to the idea.)(It CANNOT be hidden for much longer!!)(So BETTER tell the people, authorities in the know!!)

Even though VERY FEW will manage to get down The North Geographical Pole!!

So they can at least PREPARE their minds for so horrible a fate!!


VERY FEW should survive.(Though it should not hit us.)


Even the Earth ITSELF is in danger of being destroyed!!




VERY FEW will be able to get DOWN The North Geographical Pole. But that is no reason not to tell us of the fact!!


Only a chosen(by WHOM??) few best specimens(in who's view??) of humans, animals,plants,seeds,etc. will go.





Do you see the gravity of this?


Because I am one of THE FEW who know.

I know BEST how to DODGE(Because I know most about WHAT is happening.) the coming WORST EVENT to hit Man on Earth, EVER!!(Future included.)




That was just ONE of a number of things Man needs to be warned about!!





So, I continue:-




2. Risking Hell after death if you do more evil than good!

If you do more evil than good, then you invoke a spiritual law(Called The LORD), which AUTOMATICALLY LOWERS the vibrations of your soul!

Thus increasing its weight!

The result of this is to shut out beneficial influences from you by God,etc. both in THIS WORLD and life NOW. AND in the life to come!!(Close up your receptors so to speak. YOUR fault. NOT God's!! PLEASE note, and note THAT WELL!!!!)


In TWO ways:-


(i) By causing you to fall to a lower level than the medium(average) once you have crossed into The Spirit World after SO CALLED death.(ONLY the physical body dies at death. Soul, YOU, goes ON!!)

And (ii) By causing you, via karma(debt) to suffer handicaps in your future lives!!

For instance, a scar received in a previous life gets imprinted upon the higher vehicles,too. This is then retained and RE-imprinted upon the foeutus YOU have chosen to be your next physical vehicle!!


So you see by doing more evil than good, you risk incurring the wrath of Man and God, NOW and in future lives, discarnate AND incarnate!!!!


Whilst, if you do more good than evil, you go to Heaven and Paradise.(To the degree you do more good than evil!)




Though not all of Man's Judgements are good!!(Witness Jesus for example!)

He was murdered HORRIBLY for doing SUCH immense good!(Because humans are unevolved and the rulers of The Earth are evil.)(People will do ANYTHING to preserve their way of life! Destroying YOURS if necessary!! So they slew the world's best hope!!)

They preferred to please Caeser(!) RATHER than GOD!!


ALL who try to follow Jesus can EXPECT similar treatment!! Proportionately, at least.




Many hate Jesus out of envy. And because when good things get done the wicked lose out(lose out of the evil things they so love)!! So not only Jesus, but ALL who go that way suffer - according to their efforts' successes. Or even for trying!!



THIS(Following Jesus being so hard.) is why this world is in the state it is in!!

Too little is being done to warrant God's beneficial influences!!





Jesus was no fool. Many think he was! Oh,no. It is extremely hard to do good in this world of HATRED of good things.


Don't be deceived. THIS WORLD is very wicked!!





I think the delight should be in getting GOD to gain, not ourselves! By doing ITS will, as best we can! But that takes SPIRITUAL STRENGTH and courage and nerve. It is NO easy stupid thing - as some think!!(Not stupid because the doer gains increased happiness now and in the future proportionately. And strength because of the resistance one encounters upon even TRYING to do good, the dominant many and strong not YET seeing the wisdom of pleasing ALL MIGHTY GOD. Which I think is obvious SENSE!!

Have I made the mistake of trying to warn the world of the coming RECORD BREAKING CATACLYM(Within TWO YEARS!!(Indeed, it has ALREADY started(September 1st, 2,010.A.D.), rather than concentrate upon warning men of hell and hades(underworld)for those who do more evil than good. I fear so! But I see getting others to at least be warned, if not avoid, the VERY SOON COMING CATACLYSM as being of SUCH IMMEDIATE importance!!(DO I err??)(If so, I am sorry God. Perhaps I AM overawed by it,THEN!! Comparatively.)))



I hate the WAYS of this world. I don't hate the world.



3. Physical death is NOT the end!!(Many people fear death. But the death to fear is an untimely or painful one.(Not all deaths are painful.)(Or at the end of a life where you have done more evil than good!)(And thus fear Hell.)(Or one perhaps where too many people would miss you too much!)

Physical death is NOT the end of YOU!! It is ONLY the end of your physical body! A welcome relief,often, when timely. Or if in great pain.

Many think that they ARE their physical bodies. No, that is not so. We are our souls and personalities, NOT the vehicles we temporarily inhabit!!(We are no more our bodies,than we are the cars we drive when we get into them!!)(Just a temporary VEHICLE! For us to USE, whilst in the physical world!!)


Physical death(the ONLY death to the minds of many)is the PERMANENT END of the physical body of course. No doubt about that!! It will just rot away, vanishing for ever.

However, we are unquestionably VERY MUCH more than our physical bodies.


3. We re-incarnate. Endlessly. As we have done already.

We take a sojourn in The Spirit World after physical death, in much the same way as when we awaken from a dream into waking life! A complete change of world!!

When we tire of this(The Interregnum after physical death.) vacation, or feel the need of a much tougher world whereby to grow faster in(The Spirit World is easier materially, but harder spiritually. So though it is very pleasant, we don't evolve much(in the top half!)(! And thus some wish to speed things up a bit. Which can be achieved by getting born into the physical again. (Similarly to being in a dream and wishing for a more substantial life! Perhaps more challenging!!)

We do this by condensing our spirit vehicle down to smaller than a pea, and having chosen our next parents, do enter the brain of the foeutus via the suture in the skull, in reverse manner to the way we exit our present body upon physical death.

Thus we possess it. But cannot(usually) get out again until it dies!!


4. MOST other globes,etc. are inhabited. Not necessarily by beings like ourselves. Not all creatures are carbon based. And there are MANY different planes of existence.


5. We are visited often by aliens. ETC.

The fact is, few of us believe the truth, we believe what we WISH(and disbelieve what we DON'T wish; to believe)(Not that Truth cares!!) to believe. And often confuse this for the truth!!


6. Nearly all people believe that we cannot go back and change the past. Though many of us WISH that we could!!

However! This is not so. We CAN, and MUST, go back into our past and do the things we ought to have done, but didn't; and not do the wrong things we did !

Unless we do this. (Easy to do after death in The Spirit World.) We shall be unable to improve and gain a better self for our next incarnation!!



7. Another amazing thing that can be done, is have someone(even yourself)hypnotize you to do things you are unable to do.(For example: Not fear women.)(There are limits though!! But our PRESENT abilities CAN be improved!!)(The secret of hypnosis is to TRULY BELIEVE what your subconcious(or whatever)mind is being told!!)(Because we can(if able)do what we BELIEVE we can.)




8. Aliens are coming to inspect us soon. This is a bit of a worry.

The Annunaki aliens who genetically modified our genes currently riding Nibiru will drop off and pay us a visit!(Before the main event, presumably. Which will be either a terrible death or have to stay on Earth after The Coming Worst of ALL TIME event!!)(For instance live in icy caves in a new Ice Age!!)

9. You get saved from Hell and Hades(The Underworld after death.) by repenting of your sins. This means not being just sorry, but BURNING OUT IN ANGUISH from your soul your sins!!

10. And you cannot even START to begin to please God UNTIL you accept CHRIST into your heart.

And then LET IT LIVE OUT THROUGH YOU unto the maximum,




We have been having too easy of a time of it lately. And Nature is a VERY GREAT balancer!!


Ignoring me WILL NOT make what I am warning you of GO AWAY!!


Isn't it wiser - to at least ALLOW for THE POSSIBILITY that I may be right?!

By SIMPLY CHECKING what I have asked you to!!

My motivation is CONCERN for YOU.(Worthwhile, I hope!!)(In particular THE SOON COMING DOOM!!)



What is YOUR motivation for ignoring me?? ??

The belief that what is not thought about won't happen??



Be warned comrades!!



Not far to go,now!!






























Tuesday, 17th August,  2,010.


Important guides through life.

     1.  Hell is an awful place.  One avoids going there by doing more good than harm. Not the extreme Hell of Christendom that the fundamentalists used to teach.  But something awful none the less!!  Hell exists. In The Spirit World.   After death, those who have done more harm than good GO THERE.  To the depth in accordance with the harm done! (And ALSO incur a KARMIC LOAD fitting the debt!!  You might get reborn blind!) And cannot get out until they have paid IN FULL their debt.  It may not be enough to have paid back Man, or served a sentence!!

   2.    If you have sinned or done wrong, then REPENT!! To GOD.

   3.   You are advised(any and all) to believe in and obey God.  KEEP The Ten Commandments of Moses, AT LEAST!  To the UTMOST of your ability!!

   AND keep The Golden Rule. Do unto others as you would be done by!!

   4.  Accept CHRIST into your heart and mind, FULLY, and PERMANENTLY!!  THEN -at the end of your life - you MAY escape HELL.(Actually Hell is an emotional and mental condition.  But you ALSO go to a material place in The Spirit World - where it is AWFUL to the degree you have earned!!)(Doing this only SAVES you IF you endure to THE END!!)(Jesus only saved his self!  And ONLY YOU can save YOUR SELF!!  There is NO ONE completely guiltless!!)(Harm NO creature, human or not, in ANY WAY!!)(No matter WHAT the justification is - or you THINK it is!!)

    5.  It is not enough to pay some individual creature back. God OWNS all creatures. You need to pay GOD back, TOO!!!!(For both emotional, mental, AND physical,etc.  wrongs.)

    6.  You pay God back by doing PENANCE!!  You should KNOW when you have paid enough.   But wise to keep going!!

    7.  Do NOT believe fools who tell you it does not matter!! It MOST CERTAINLY DOES!!

   8.  Do NOT believe those who tell you there is no life after death! There IS.

    Even as sleep and dreams after the day, so a MUCH deeper SLEEP(and DREAMS) after death.

    There is no life after death - BECAUSE there is no death after life!!(Conciousness can NEVER come to an end!!)(What men call death is MERELY the permanent shedding of our outermost shell, the one we call the physical body!)(We have at least SEVEN - which we shed one by one!! As we proceed WITHOUT END.)

     9.  You also suffer MISERY here now, and maybe punishment by Man.

    10.   Suicide is a complete waste of time and bother. You only kill your physical body, and add self murder to your list of misdeeds.   You wake up in The Spirit World with the same old problems and self.  Minus a physical body.   PLUS your added great guilt!!!!  Just DON'T do it!!   There is NO ESCAPE from what we do. Nor from what we suffer!!  DON'T add to it!!

    11.   How CAN there be a life after death?  Because we have TWO components, the physical and the non-physical.  What men call death ONLY involves the physical component!!(ONLY the physical body dies!!)

We are NOT our physical component, but merely occupy it WHILST ALIVE in the physical!!

            The physical vehicle dwells in the physical world. But our non-physical parts dwell in The Spirit World.   Our conciousness SIMPLY departs the physical body - and MOVES INTO THE BRAIN OF THE NEXT VEHICLE UP!!(Up VIBRATIONALLY along the Fifth Dimension!!)

     12.   We live in the physical world for about average 55 years or more.  We live in The Spirit World for an average 50 years, about.(It can be better.  It CAN BE WORSE!!)(In the physical it is easy mentally.  In The Spirit World it is easy materially.   So it is actually harder in The Spirit World after death!!)

     After that we usually if not invariably return into the physical!  Taking up the road again.

    13,   The purpose of living is Personal Evolution!!

    14.   ALL men have to PAY for their misdeeds. So do not worry about taking revenge!!     The Lord(Spiritual Law) will do it.    Vengeance is mine sayeth The Lord God of Hosts.  I shall repay!!

    15.   Money is actually worth NOTHING.  You cannot eat it.  But handy to have SOME whilst alive!!  

    You certainly cannot take it with you.

    What IS of value is your soul, God(And Christ), spiritual worth, good friends,  a clear conscience, your honour and valour.   And a life most pleasing to GOD!!

     LOVE  is the best coin.

     16.    Warn the wicked of what is to come!(HELL).

     17.    What counts is not popularity with men.  But worthiness to GOD, and Self!!!!

     18.    These ARE the last days(date now August 17th, 2,010.A.D.)!!  When increasingly dire things happen on all fronts.  And when the love of MANY grows COLD!!

     19.   There IS a Judgement(a number in fact).  The Great Spiritual LAW AUTOMATICALLY judges all creatures as they go along!!  Rewarding evil with evil, and good with GOOD!!  Multplied!!!!  (This is basically done by doing evil increasing the WEIGHT of your SOUL.  And good deeds lightening it.)(Done AUTOMATICALLY and INSTANTLY.)(This is FELT in one's inner vibrations!!)

     Plus there is our OWN judgement of ourself!!

     20.   Prayer availeth much.

     21.   Experience is The Great Teacher!!

    22.    As we do to others, SO shall we BE done by!! Sooner or later!!(God's eye misses NO THING!!)(Nor least thing.)

    23.   WHY doesn't God do something(about all the evil, rapidly increasing)??

    God has given all FREE WILL.  If God took that away, we would be worse off!!

    GOD does not punish.  OURSELF and others do that, in time.(The Spiritual LAW does, though. Called "The Lord"!!)

     24.   We see only a small fraction of the totality.

     25.   ALL things are pre-determined!!(Freedom of action is actually a delusion!!)

     26.   What is good? What is evil?   The main thing is to see that your CONSCIENCE is clear!!

     27.   We all see things differently. Do NOT sit in judgement!!

     28.    You have lived before!!(Sometimes male, sometimes female.)

     29.    I no longer hear(and for decades now) Hell being preached.  Which is STRANGE!!

    30.    I also find (In The West anyway) men being punished less and less severely.  Which is also strange!!

    31.    Cycles end, but start again, greater.

    Worlds do not end. AGES do!!

    32.      If all forgave all it would be a much better world.

    33.      If we all did what we liked - it would also be a better world.

    34.      Instead others seek to rule our lives, knowing nothing about them!!

    35.      Life is abundant throughout the universe.

    36.      Doing good wins - eventually.

    37.      Heaven exists too!!

    38.      Earth is not a nice place.  Humanity is iniquitous.

    39.      Aliens and their craft exist.

    40.      There is no end(nor beginning!!) to ANY THING!!!!

    41.      ALL things are possible - to GOD. 

    42.      This creation will get destroyed.

    43.      Who serves most is highest.

    44.      Gone wrong, then change course for the better!!

    45.      Who humbles his self most is greatest.

    46.      Expect no reward from men.

    47.      Spirit is simply rareified matter.

      48.    Trust(GOD), - and obey.


           Vic Conway.









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Earth Changes.

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Wednesday, 16th December, 2,009.

H10(Earth Changes AND Generations.)


H8 - Earth Changes!!


Noah's flood report was stolen by The Jews from Nineveh's flood report by Gidgeon.

Every 6,500 years there is a new creation. So that every new born civilization THINKS that its is the ONLY one!! When all it is - is that The Solar Quarter Cycle of 6,500 years is simply repeating itself - indefinitely.

Look: We had Mu(Off India), then Lemuria(A continent in The Pacific FOUR TIMES larger than Australia), next - Atlantis(Which, by the way, IS Antarctica, now INVERTED!!), followed by Poseidon!(6,500 years ago.)(Poseidon(reported by Plato) was THOUGHT to have been Atlantis, but had NO THING to do with Atlantis! It was simply a small island off The Pillars of Hercules(Now The Straits of Gibraltar), in The Atlantic!!

THUS, we are DUE - VERY SOON - for the next creation episode! The cataclysmic destruction of Arya - Our Civilization!! I say in between 2 and 20 to 30 years time!!


I am thus the LATEST Prophet NOAH!!(Actually Gidgeon!)(Some name like that!)

The rainfall, those days was INCREASING ALARMINGLY(Like NOW!!), SO Gilleard(was it(or Gidgeon(Something like that.))??) in the ancient civilization of Nineveh prophesied a great flood.(Which occurred!)(As I DO,NOW!!) A flood caused by the sinking of Poseidon(Not Atlantis!) due to a COLLOSAL under the Atlantic Ocean's sea floor EARTHQUAKE. Producing The Grandfather of all Tsunamis! Which swept(Two stages of this!!) through The Pillars of Hercules, right along The Med sea, SMASHING through The Bosphorous!! INTO THE BLACK SEA. Quadruplicating its size. And TEMPORARILY OVERFLOWING into Israel(THEN PALESTINE)!!

The sinking of Poseidon actually occurred in two stages, widely separated. First, a great under the sea floor earthquake sent Poseidon far down into the magma(semi solid lava) and sea. The first Tsunami SMASHED through The Pillars of Hercules, creating The Straits of what is now, Gibraltar, CREATING The Mediterranean Sea!! UP TO the ORIGINAL Black Sea!!(A lake of FRESH WATER originally.), two thousand miles to The East!!(So we had TWO terrible floods hitting Israel(Then Palestine.)!!)!!

I see now that BOTH Gilleard(Or Gidgeon, whatever his name was of Nineveh) were right!! Each had his own flood separated by about 1,600 years!!

The SECOND(and final) sinking of Poseidon CREATED The (Med)Mediterranean Sea. And HUGELY topped up The Black Sea(A much smaller fresh water lake, originally!!). THIS overflowed into Israel, and was Noah's Flood!!

So Noah did not steal Gidgeon's thunder. Each had his own!!

One flood hit Nineveh,ETC.

And one flood hit Israel,ETC.


VERY little of either cataclysm was due to rainfall, though huge rains did fall.


Two planets are approaching us. 1. The rogue planet Nibiru, a red planet, slightly smaller than Mars, and of similar consistency. And 2. The coming "blue star", Planet X, which is merely the next planet out beyond Neptune(Pluto(and Charon, its twin) are NOT planets, being merely FORMER satellites of Neptune!!(Struck in a former cataclysm.)(Chipping of the satellitic twins Pluto and Charon.) So Planet X is actually Planet 1X(Planet 9.)))


Thus a quartet will form in our skies, Sun(Yellow disk), Moon(White disk(when visible and full)), Red planet Nibiru AND Blue Planet 9, called Planet X!!!!


Yes, flee to the hills!


The planet Nibiru(loaded with humanoid aliens, our genetic modifiers(not actually creators!!)(We are their CATTLE. On this Space Farm, Planet Earth!(We being simply the offspring of Cro-Magnums and Neanderthals!!) Nibiru is their Super Space Ship(SUPER TITANIC!!)(Reference.)



They are coming to INSPECT us. Check us out. See how we have been behaving(cough, splutter)!!(As the best behaved will be sent UP(vibrationally)a planet. And the failures(DOWN a planet(vibratonally speaking)!!)(Hence my coughing and spluttering "joke".)


Most of us have heard of The Titanic. The ship that argued with an oncoming ice berg(Back in April, 1912.)(The Iceberg won needless to say. And the world's largest(THEN) ocean liner took its FINAL plunge(Upon its MAIDEN voyage!!)(Travelling too fast,etc. so as to try to win The Blue Riband(prize trophy).)(About 1,500 people lost their lives. In its head long plunge to the bottom 2.5 miles down.)

That was a disaster involving FIRE. And ICE.

The FIRE component was due to its leaving Southampton(or was it Newcastle) with BURNING COALS!!(A frequent occurrence.)

The ICE part is well known.


The sinking of The Titanic was prophesied in FOUR ways! 1. As a fiction story back in 1880'! 2. (Titanic had a sister ship, Olympiad. Titanic was definitely NOT The Olympiad as some have suggested. For insurance purposes. Morgan himself did not travel on The Titanic's last voyage!!)


3. There was of course The Titanic sinking itself.

4. And a fourth disaster involving a ship of SIMILAR name to Titanic!!(A German ship much earlier!)


Odd "co-incidences"!!!!




Now,then! What I am getting at is this:(Titanic sank because of poorly rivetted rivets(A hastily "finished" job by the workmen.), which popped open letting MOST of the water in!)(The Titanic is alleged to have had a long gash sliced in its side, spanning into four to five compartments. It was not a GASH, but a SERIES of PUNCTURES, SMALL!!, AND a short gash of about 16 inches.)(Not enough to sink the ship in two hours! No. What sank Titanic was LEAKING RIVETS!!( Occasioned by POOR rivetting(hastily and improperly done) AND the shuddering JOLT, which weakened all of the rivets!!))


Ironically, had the panicking ship's officers NOT tried to get PAST the ice-berg, but INSTEAD crashed into it IN REVERSE(instead of full speed ahead STEAM)(To try and shoot past it!), then THE RE-INFORCED BOWS would have WITHSTOOD the impact!! And the ship REMAINED AFLOAT!!!!(Titanic DROVE INTO an ONCOMING ice-berg!!)(Striking it the worst blow possible. A GLANCING blow.(It was the ice berg that did the damage, not the ship's GLANCING blow!!)


The rivets would not have leaked(at least, not as much), and MUCH precious time gained!! But PROBABLY ship would not have sunk!!(Carpathia would have got there IN TIME!!!!)


There were no spare binoculars available!!(Amid many other stupidities!!)


It was calm, but foggy. And VERY cold. However, it was going AT TOP SPEED. To TRY to get to New York as soon as possible!!(Just to win a prize. And prestige.)


Morgan himself was not on board.


And The Owner fled his own ship!! With the women and children!!!!



A story of FIRE and ICE. This is my point. The Titanic.




Our planet is a SUPER TITANIC!! Also a story of FIRE and ICE!!!!


Bear with me, please!


The ice is that two mile mass of ice upon Antarctica(UP TO two miles thick.)!!

The FIRE is that of THE SUN!!(Man has NOTHING to do with Global Warming. Nor has even Surface Nature(Volcanic eruptions and fires born of lightning strikes.)! The cause IS THE SUN!! Not by Radiation(No!!), but by THE STUPENDOUS ENERGY released by The Solar Wind AND The Coronal Mass Ejections!!(THAT is INCREASING!!)(Due to A GROWING SPURT of ENERGY down the SPIRAL ARMS of the galaxies,ETC. EX Explosions at their centres(A natural event in the early stages of galactic,etc.formations!!))


Coronal fire. Which as The Solar Wind AND Coronal Mass Ejections shoots out, sometimes when The Earth is in line!!





The CORE of The Earth(Which is one pole of a gigantic electro-magnet!!) GETS CHARGED UP by The Solar Wind AND The Coronal Mass Ejections!! EVERY TIME The Sun gets NEAR to The Spiral Arm chain THAT IT IS UPON!!


The sun is going around the LOCAL spiral arm(Much like Planet X(Actually 9.) goes around(rogue!) the sun in a VERY ELLIPTICAL orbit!)


(Nibiru is on a WILD orbit of its own!)



I KNOW that the ice upon Antarctica is not massive enough to tilt The Earth over. BUT IT DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY!!!!


NORMALLY, (every 6,500 years, or quarter precession or zodiacal period) - what happens is this:-


The Earth warms up extra-ordinarily(like now!). Which MELTS the polar ices.


(They end up sliding into the sea!)


When the ices end up in the sea(even unmelted!), then SOMETHING AWFUL happens!!


There are two forces(LISTEN CLOSELY PLEASE!!):-



There is The Fire Force(Caused by a GYRATING(!!) Earth's core(Which also drags down an increasing number of meteors(asteroids and comets,etc.)!) which via GRAVITY via the fact that Earth's core is separate(!), and spinning faster than The Earth itself! - BUT WHICH IS ALSO gyrating(That is REVOLVING,)( NOT ONLY ROTATING!!)! During this INNER (Earth) gyration(increasingly elliptical!), The Earth's asthenosphere(lower crust) gets DRAGGED under the LITHOSPHERE(Upper crust), - which does TWO things:-

1. It drags down meteorites(as said),.

2. AND, - it creates collosal FRICTION between the two crusts(top and bottom)!!



This FRICTION creates a FORCE FIELD at the SURFACE OF THE EARTH.(All over the globe!)

It is THIS FORCE FIELD that is creating(or was, until, (as the sun spots went OUT 3 years back!) that created the HEAT!!(INDIRECTLY ex the sun's solar winds AND mass coronal ejections!!))


The current heat hitting Australia,etc. is ex EL NINO!!(NOT anything else!!)


BECAUSE Global warming stopped 3 years ago!



However, we are CURRENTLY in reprieve(GRACE), - BECAUSE OF the sun spots going out!!(OTHERWISE we would NOW be frying alive(In Australasia,etc!)(El Nino is ex Peru region. This moves westwards across The Pacific, landing up in Australasia,ETC.)(El Nino is The Southern Oscillator. An ocean current.)




What NORMALLY happens is that when the SOUTHERN Ice caps slides into the sea(rather than melts!)(Even the land ice is melting and FORMING in equal proportions!!)







The Ice Force, - and The FIRE FORCE!!


The FIRE FORCE is caused by rising lava ex the magma(Due to the energy ex the sun GOING INTO THE CORE, HEATING UP THE EARTH INTERNALLY!!)



This rising(ACCELERATINGLY!!) LAVA, provides LUBRICATION for the lithosphere(top crust) to SLIDE over the asthenosphere(bottom crust)!! WHEN the time is RIPE!!!!


(Similarly as the weight of the ICE provides MELT(melted ice at THE BASE) FOR THE ICE TO SLIDE OVER the rock(especially as it melts!!). (When ITS time is ripe!) So IT DOES NOT NEED TO MELT AWAY, BUT MERELY TO SLIDE off the land!! And into the sea!!)





So we have The Ice Force ACTING LIKE A BRAKE(Until it slides INTO THE SEA!!) AGAINST The FIRE FORCE!!!!



However! Once that BRAKE comes off(When the ice SLIDES(not melts!) INTO THE SEA!!)







So! We are waiting for FOUR CRITICAL events: 1. The South Polar ice to slide into the sea .

And 2: For the LAVIC lubrication between upper and lower crusts of The Earth to GET SUFFICIENT TO PERMIT SLIDING!!!!

Also, 3: The Gravity Force ex The Earth's Core(Spinning AND GYRATING SEPARATELY!!) TO DRAG the asthenosphere AWAY from the lithosphere!!(Spinning equals Rotating. GYRATING equals ORBITTING!(In this case - THE CENTRAL CORE OF THE EARTH!!!!)



Event 4 will complete the four some:-



The Axial Tilt of The Earth is rather unstable.


The gravity ex the core will eventually get strong enough to INCREASE the tilt angle!!

WHEN that occurs, there will be a JOLT. As a new tilt angle gets created!!



So, with The Ice force BRAKE gone(all ice in sea!), THEN can the upper crust slide freely over the lower.

FIRST the top crust will surge northwards for more than a thousand miles.(Due to THE ICE BRAKE coming off.)

THEN as The Fire Force gains the ascendency(being naturally stronger than the now removed ice brake), the top crust will surge four to five thousand miles SOUTHWARDS!!


This will topple The Earth!!


Followed by a rock back. Ending up with total inversion.(THIS is WHY we have a second ice cap around Greenland,etc!!)(The first being The Arctic.(In other words the Earth ROCKED BACK from Greenland TO THE ARCTIC!!)

HOWEVER(The foregoing is not going to happen THIS TIME!!), THIS TIME, The Planet Nibiru will, via its enormous gravity tides, pull the Earth over VIA ITS BULGE!!


Nibiru will pass Earth TWICE.


Finally Planet X(Actually 9.) will approach - and cause havoc.



As The Earth goes over(It takes 27 hours), the sea will slop badly(amongst NUMEROUS HORRORS), creating tsunami UP TO THREE MILES HIGH. ending up perhaps only 3,000 feet...(high).





Hurricanes of 200 m.p.h. will blow non stop for 27 hours. World wide.

Plus stupendous earthquakes. AND volcanic eruptions...

You name it. It will occur!!



Needless to say, many will perish, and animals, and plants. Buildings destroyed. And so on!!


However, Humanoid aliens will rescue many(Farmer looking after his cattle!), taking them to Mother Craft above. And to other planets. Temporarily, at least...



See earlier articles for more details.



As I say, this happens every 6,500 years.


THIS TIME is abnormal inasmuch as Nibiru with its 3,600 year orbit) and Earth's

USUAL Solar quarter cycle of 6,500 years, HAPPEN to be ALMOST co-inciding!!


THUS we have Nibiru arriving(due in about 20 to 30 years) AND Planet X about then. PLUS the USUAL Earth's Solar Quarter Cycle occurring within several years, complicating things!!


A TRIPLE event(Usual 6,500 year cycle, plus Nibiru, PLUS PLANET X!!!)



YOU try inventing a story like this, and getting it ALL to fit together!!!






What we have is not just the story of the century, but of all time! At least during this 6,500 year cycle!!




I am simply THE CURRENT NOAH!!


Pointing to those ACCELERTINGLY INCREASING rain drops,etc!!


Even were my story(which it is NOT!!) A GET UP, it would STILL be a tale worth telling, I HOLD.



However, it explains SO MUCH!!



What I have done is(via my binomial sequence disaster predicter PROOF and CONFIRMER(!!)(See earlier articles of mine.) - DEMONSTRATED that I MUST SURELY be right!!(FOR NATURE BE ABLE to DO this!!)(And so well.)


My binomial sequence predictor hits NEARLY EVERY MAJOR disaster THROUGHOUT HISTORY!!!! With ASTRONOMICAL ODDS IN MY FAVOUR!!!!


I urge you ALL: It surely needs investigating!!



(By the way, BRAIN STORMS are being created via impinging electrons,etc.(Upon brain cells!! Of humans AND animals, thus augmenting the natural tendencies to do harm!!)



Full details upon request via my articles!!




Actually what I am TRYING to say IS BEYOND WORDS. Language fails!!


But I have done my best.



Naturally the superficial will see rubbish. Humans also tend to believe ONLY what they WANT to believe!


And they DON'T like bad events!!



Be that as it may... I give my findings!!



WITHOUT due partiality to ANY group!!



Both grammar,etc. AND precision had to be sacrificed in parts - to enable me to hold the THREAD!!!!

PLEASE bear this in mind!!



No. It is not a joke.

AND it is not a hoax!!



My proof and confirmation(via the binomial sequence series...) reduces to just the one possibility: I (by stupendous odds) have to be right. For this to be DONE(By Nature, I mean!!)(As for me, I struggled along like a child with a mad bull!!)


Now,please, give it FAIR consideration WITHOUT regard to ANY BIAS!!!!




What I have FINALLY done is an article I did THREE YEARS back,now. Which supports my contentions, ALSO!!!!


It is called "Generations"(H7).


I append it here. Thus providing Scientific, Mathematical, Religious(Christian, Muslim and Jewish faiths) AND Biblical aspects!!!!!






Friday, 27th October, 2,006.

H7 Generations.(Formerly part of BB2.)



I have worked out a possible way to determine when Creation was.(And when the end of the age cataclysm may be.) An approximate time, perhaps.

This naturally depends upon the birth and death rates down the ages.

Two VERY difficult values.

If we work on a birth rate of TWO average for everyone(married or not), we arrive at a figure of(Incidentally, if there were originally two people(Otherwise we have a problem, though Christendom solved it by having God create the first man from the dust of the earth, and then extracting a RIB!), then the question must arise WHENCE came the first woman.(In Abel's case for instance, WHERE did he get his wife from?!)(Abel was first born of Adam! )(This is a very vexing problem indeed. Unless a sister, of course!!)) 6,000,000,000(roughly today's population), after 31 or 32 generations. If we allow an average of 25 years as the length of a generation, this gives us 800 years! The death rate of course needs to be taken into account! Hard though birth rates are, death rates are far harder!! They have to be less than birth rates else we would not have reached 6,000,000,000 now!! If we say double present death rate, then the question is: "All die, after the average life term. But what is that??". Since the average life term IS that of a generation, which I estimate is say 50 years, then death rate is half birth rate. So instead of 2 becoming a 1,000 in 32 generations, we have two becoming a thousand in 64 generations. Which is 1600 years, 3,200 producing a million. 4,800 producing a thousand million. Plus three more life spans to reach 6,000,000,000! Which is 4,950 years.(Plus a third of that gives us 4950 + 1650 = 6,600(And an estimated world population of 8,000,000 at the end of the age cataclysm.)(I work it out that when the world population hits 7,878,787,879, the beginning of the next 6,500 year solar cycle will occur(roughly)!)(World population is about 1,000,000,000 short of this, yet. But not far to go!!)(Which fits.) Am I hitting pay gold??(Which IS very roughly ABOUT the length of time estimated by bible students.(Now I did not ARRANGE that. It just worked OUT to it!!))(The length of time estimated by bible students is about 6,500 years. Obviously we can only work to very rough figures. I suggest that the death rate is rather higher than my estimate.(Which difference I attribute to cataclysms!!)(THAT would account for it!)(I am referring to the periodic solar caused cataclysms, which occurs every 6,500 years(Next is due in NINE YEARS, please note!!) Now what is marvellous here is that(and I did NOT arrange for this!) the length of time between the cyclic solar caused cataclysms IS 6,500 years, very closely!! Which means that every 6,500 years we have a NEW CREATION! (Now bible scholars don't know about the cyclic solar terms(6,500 years)! Which is extra support!!)(The point is every 6,500 years we get a NEW CREATION, which, to the contemporaries is the ONLY ONE!!!!(But which is ACTUALLY every 6,500 years, due to solar caused CATACLYSMS produced every 6,500 years!!)) Do you understand? Did you FOLLOW that??

I am chuff, of course, because this all fits in perfectly with ALL OF my OTHER calculations for RELATED items!!

The question is: Do YOU, dear reader, APPRECIATE IT??!!

28.10.06. I have now gone further:-

Because I estimated that about five thousand million for world pop, but will be about eight thousand million(By end time, 9 years ahead.). Then 0.375 fraction differential has to be due to cataclysms' deaths at end time!! Which is 3,000,000,000.

Which I apportion as follows: Roughly one thousand million deaths due to nuclear,etc.wars.(I include thermo-nuclear.) Roughly one thousand million deaths due to planet Nibiru whizzing by(gravity tides and red debris and dust,etc.). And roughly one thousand million deaths due to Earth inversion!!!(This over the next twenty years.)(By far mostly nine years hence!!)

However, I estimate that aliens will evacuate 3,000,000,000 to Mother Ships and alien planets.(In much the same way as farmers would save cattle in a disaster!) Because we are CATTLE to THEM!!!!

Only a handful will survive and remain on Earth alive. These will live in caves, and fight ice age. Having gone back to a Stone Age!! Ice age, but not all ice!!(Because actually Global Warming(Producing Ice Age!!))



The number of different ways I reach a quarter solar cycle term of 6,500 years is amazing!




This is but one gem among hundreds in my thousands of articles.


I only print out what I have proved and confirmed!!


All who work with me will prosper.


All who work against, will fail.


Not by my decree. But because those who ally NATURALLY HARMONIZE with Nature's Arrangements!!


Those who do not do this, cannot succeed because OUT OF ALIGNMENT with Nature!!





Vic Conway.



Thursday, February 12th, 2,010.



Need is to convince authorities that our ONLY route of escape is THROUGH The North Geographical Pole. All saved or all lost. I know HOW, and all the details, you see. So imperative I get helped SO I CAN HELP THE WORLD!!

Yes do read what you can of my writings. However, as I have said so much, I will condense(re: 2,012,anyway).

So you have it in a nut shell. As follows:-

Our sun, Sol, is a star. Now most stars are multiple. (We have assumed that our sun is single, because no authority has declared otherwise, also because we see only one sun(and one moon).)

However! Via my Astronomical Distance finder, I have FOUND OUT(for sure!)(After studying maps and charts using CORRECT distances.) that stars basically go in identical pairs! (Identical TWINS!! Yes!!!!)50% close together, and 50% far apart.(Fast spinning proto stars split and separate greatly. Slow spinners stay close together.)(This one reason my site so IMPORTANT!! (Also view my Archives!!) Check Cosmological and Astronomical FINDS!!)

Now very carefully sifting the evidences, I find that Sol(our sun)has a binary companion star called Nemesis(about 1.5 light years away).

No IMMEDIATE threat from that!

Will be 18 million years before close to us.

However. Sol ALSO has a CLOSE binary star companion. Called Antoine. (With its own(it looks like our sun) retinue of planets and their satellites.)

Antoine orbits our sun ever 3,600 years(approximately).

NIBIRU is ITS seventh planet out from Antoine. Nibiru is the CORE of the planet Phaeton. Humans once lived upon Phaeton, but in a thermo-nuclear war(this is MANY millions of years ago) between two city states, its ocean's deuterium caught(thermo-nuclearly) FIRE, and BLEW OFF. The land bits became the asteroids, and the sea part became comets.(Though about half of the asteroids are in The Oort Belt.)

The CORE of Phaeton(now called NIBIRU, (after the Sumerian god Nibiru)) just TOOK OVER, and shot past the orbit of Mars, struck our Earth a glancing blow, knocking a chip off the old block(which we now call the moon), and careered on AND ON.(Finally captured by the second sun(our CLOSE binary star companion)Antoine! During one of its orbital trips around our sun.)


Humans re-incarnated on Mars. But when Mars got too badly damaged in another pass of Antoine(via Nibiru's gravitic and magnetic TIDES), they re-incarnated on Earth.(Mars has SOME humans living there to this day.) They eventually split into Cro-Mags and Neanderthals, after degenerating FAR. Our current humans homo sapiens are the result of a mass rape (By The Cro-Mags) of The Neanderthal women.(Annunaki humanoid aliens, a tool of The Reptileans, genetically modified us, and made us gold mine worker slaves)(Yes, the line of succession is: Devil - Pan - Reptileans - Humanoids and the now corrupted(originally innocent)humans!!).)


If we work back through history in 3,600 year steps, we find that the last visit of Antoine and Nibiru,etc. produced a great flood, the third sinking of Poseidon(Wrongly thought to be Atlantis(No, Antarctica was Atlantis! Now upside down via Earth inversions ex the sun going wild every 6,500 years!!)).

Santorini blew up, and there was a great DROUGHT, following the colossal flood(Mostly from Atlantic producing The Mediterranean Sea and a much higher Black Sea, when Poseidon's third sinking produced a gigantic tsunami, which reached far beyond Palestine.(So in addition to ENORMOUS rainfall, there was a gigantic sea flooding.))

Going back another 3,600 years we find what is called The Creation(Adam and Eve and all that.). Which was actually a RE creation after collosal damage by the penultimate Antoine and Nibiru,etc.pass.

The next 3,600 year period ends 2,012.A.D!!

Photographs,videos and reports exist of(the evidence) Antoine and Nibiru NOW!!(On Internet.)

Their sixth planet Homeward is where they mostly live.(Nibiru is uninhabitable. Just a volcanic red chunk of rock! Belching fire, all over.)(But used as a military base.))

Antoine threatens the sun. Nibiru threatens us(and Mercury, Venus, Our moon, and Mars). Antoine could hit the sun, in which case a double super nova could occur. Destroying our solar system AND Antoine's one!!

Possible, though not probable.

Nibiru is a menace because(being about Mars size)of its gravitic and magnetic tides.

Antoine is a menace because it could cause the sun to EXPLODE!(It is already blocking off solar energy rising up from core. AND therefore heat rising up from Earth's core!)(The heat we have been getting is ex Our Sun, plus El Nino,etc. AND ANTOINE!! But now that disruption of upper sun has blocked rising energy, we can expect COLD.(Noticed growing cold world wide recently!!)(The recent renewal of solar activity is due to a crushed solar core explosion! (Cycle 24 is not due for 3 or 4 years yet!) SO!! Could get HORRIBLY cold soon!!))

Incidentally, I do not know how big this CLOSE BINARY STAR is!)(Reports say Jupiter sized to TEN TIMES Jupiter sized.)(But it COULD be Sun sized OR LARGER!!)

Nor do I know if it has reached the sun yet.

Last viewing it looked like the sun. Same sized disk. And yellow. - Just like another sun.

However! IF Antoine has gotten into CLOSE orbit around our sun, then it is as big as Sol!

On the other hand if it has entered our solar system, it would surely have been noticed and its gravitic(and magnetic)effec!ts been reported(at least by amateur astronomers)!

Which tells me that it hasn't reached our sun YET. Which THEN says that it is as big as the sun OR LARGER!!

In which case GOD help us! As things will be even worse than expected. And they were ALREADY all life on the inner planets destroying!

As for Nibiru(called a Red Dragon on its last visit, because fiery red and with a long red tail)(When it appears SUDDENLY in the night sky 2.7 years hence it will look like a second moon, a red one, as big as moon disk, possibly larger. That should stir a few people's hearts up!!)

- (As for Nibiru, - it should get to one million miles from us(twice), and(as big as Mars) should REALLY cause HAVOC to planet Earth!!(along with four other worlds)

Which is why all life on Earth(and on four other worlds) SHOULD perish!!

Please FOLLOW VERY CAREFULLY: Normally, there is only the one super cataclysm.(Every 3,600 years(or thereabouts).)

HOWEVER!! THIS time, we shall get TWO SUPER cataclysms SIMULTANEOUSLY!!(For which reason all threats are appallingly ENHANCED!!)

Let me explain: Every 6,500 years our sun(circling the spiral arm of (sic) our local closed cluster of stars, down which an ELECTRIC CURRENT flows, GETS CLOSE TO THE FLOW, AND SO GET CHARGED UP.(The sun then passes on this charge to its planets. Earth included!! Via The Magnetosphere,etc.)(TWO SUPER CYCLES CO-INCIDING THIS TIME!!!!)

Which will mean that Solar Cycle 24 will be SUPER DUPER!!(Cycle(remember all that activity?)23 was bad, but to be eclipsed!)

Solar Cycle 24 is APPARENTLY(But I DO NOT THINK SO!!) just starting up. (Via Coronal Mass Ejections and sun spots re-starting.)

I expect Nibiru to pull Earth over on to its side(in just one hour), which will mean(amongst other things) that the poles will switch to India and Peru!! Sea will rise 440 feet rather quickly. And awful cold and snow,etc. in India and Peru!!!!

I EXPECT the massive charging of the sun to invert The Earth!(In 27 hours) AND cause two big crustal displacements.(Plus Antoine will lift up Earth top crust(tear it out!) from the bottom crust, AND DROP IT BACK DOWN.(That should quieten humans down a bit!!))

What I do not know is WHICH super cataclysm comes first!

I only know that they occur within a few years of each other. Either way, it should be QUITE INDESCRIBABLE!!

Just picture it: Earth inverts, then a few years later falls on its side!

Alternatively: Earth falls upon its side, then a few years later INVERTS!!!!

Probably does not matter too much!!!!(Which order it occurs in!!)

IF you check back through history, you will find that(I call this my binomial sequence disaster predicter.) that the biggest natural disasters occurred BINOMIALLY!!(I found this out 4 years back. Told Super IGA about it!)(Gave them a scientific paper on it.)

It works like this. Every 6,500 years, there is a super duper CATACLYSM. Then HALF that length of time later, there is a cataclysm, only half as strong.

Half of HALF of 6,500 later there is a semi cataclysm...

This process goes on and on(Until 2,012!!(Exactly!), halving in intensity, but doubling in frequency!!)

Yes, VERY interesting how SO MANY cycles ALL end in 2,012.A.D!!




So I DO hope you see WHY I am appealing to all to help me HELP THEM, TO reach The Authorities.

I got my work cut out I know!!

But it is THE LEAST that I can do!!

Listen: Authorities are RELYING.(I mean the hidden authorities behind the figureheads!!) upon their UNDERGROUND CITIES AND HOLLOWED OUT MOUNTAINS to flee into(the specially chosen few) WHEN THE TIME COMES!!!!(But they will be DEATH TRAPS!! As gravitic and magnetic tides destroy them!!)

NOW do you see the urgency??!!

All die, or all saved!!


I make my PLEA TO ALL!!!!









Sunday, 14th February, 2,010.


Some truths (TOP TOOL BAR!)



Greetings, comrads on Earth. I am Zuka on Planet Homeward of Antoine. Speaking through Vic. Telepathing.


You Earthmen labour under many falsehoods. We would disavail you of of these(And replace them with truths! Which you SO BADLY need!!). Here are a few:-



First, as to the solidity of your planet!

It is hollow. With a shell about 400 miles thick. And a small central core.(A red sun!)



Let me explain: If you spin an object with a liquid interior, then such material will fling to the sides. Leaving a small residue at centre. This is simple physics. Known as a centrifuge.(You have centrifuges at some fun-fairs, and motor bikes may ride around the inside of the rotating shell!)(Get on a turning roundabout. How hard to stay on, unless you cling to centre.)

Now Earth,etc.when fluid and spinning in space, was as with so many heavenly bodies, one such. And, of COURSE, solidified HOLLOW,not solid!!


The Iranians are using them(centrifuges) currently to make nuclear bombs. To take over Middle East. And, eventually, the world!!



You have ASSUMED Earth solid. But no, there is a whole new world down there. Almost as large as the outer surface. In fact there is only ONE continuous surface!! Earth being helixial in shape.


Two round holes were created at top and bottom. You call poles.(Another CONSEQUENCE of a spinning liquid ball!!)(Work it out with physics!!)


These holes are over a THOUSAND MILES in diameter. So big you cannot see them!!


Your north pole has a hole in the sea! (Ocean floor and all.) Providing a sea entrance into The Great Within. Your south pole has a hole in the land(ice and all). Providing a land entrance within.







Your only hope of escape from the biggest disaster(For Earth men) OF ALL TIME - now just starting up(noticed the worsening weather,etc?!), is THROUGH The North Polar ENTRANCE!!(The South is too hard, except to fliers(But fly low or you will overshoot!).)



Called in your Bibles THE GREAT TRIBULATION.


Wormwood is the Biblical name for Nibiru.(The core of your erstwhile planet Phaeton!)


Revelation(Last book in Bible.) tells you much about it.


And now Vic is telling you much in the modern idiom.




The new expression: "What is happening to the weather?" is your great key.(Not just the weather, but seismic and volcanic events,too; AND even social and societal events, plus what is happening in the animal and plant kingdoms, on Earth.


Not noticed the rapidly worsening weather? Noticeable for about the last thirty years!! Floods, fires, landslides, etc. YET YOU BRUSH IT OFF WITH with the trite comment "A once in a hundred or fifty year event!". AND LEAVE IT AT THAT!!!!



HOW pathetically LUDICROUSLY inadequate!!



The commonly accepted explanation for it all: MAN-MADE global warming!(Anthropomorphic Climate Change!!)



All truth is coming out now. Because the end of ALL solar system(AND ours!) CYCLES occurs 21.12.2,012.A.D!!

The BACK LASH from this wonderful event should destroy all life on both our solar systems!!


So we PLEAD with you: To GET INSIDE THE EARTH before it is too late!! YOU HAVE LESS THAN THREE YEARS TO GO!!!!




Therefore HELP ME TO SPREAD THE WORD, especially to The Authorities TO GET MASSIVE CONVOYS OF SHIPS,ETC. heading to AND THROUGH(We do emphasise that word THROUGH The North Pole!! Loaded with key people and equipment!!!! Set up landing strips for planes WITHIN. Submarines and helicopters too. Colonize the interior. Get the masses following up!!








You hear us Earthmen??




You have been SO brainwashed and conditioned with lies you see!!





DON'T commit suicide! Self murder is a sin. It will end you up in The Spirit World, A BETTR MATERIAL WORLD(Where all go and continue living AFTER DEATH.) far worse off, and without a physical body!! NO GOOD!!!!


Listen: The physical body is simply the outermost vehicle you indwell. One of SEVEN SHELLS. Which you shed successively, like the crustaceans and the arthropods(e.g. lobsters and spiders).

Universe not just 3d, but MULTI dimensional!!


You are accustomed to 2d shells, like skins. But 3d shells apply to MULTI dimensional creatures LIKE US!!



What you call death is actually BIRTH(birth was the death!). You SIMPLY shed your physical vehicle, and CONTINUE LIVING IN A BETTER MATERIAL WORLD!!


Do not let death bother you!!


But WHAT matters is WHERE you go in The Spirit World. And committing suicide(or any sin) SIMPLY takes you DOWN to lower and unpleasant regions!!


You have been taught that sun is a single lone star(all suns are stars, stars that have planets). No!! Your sun, like ours, is one of a group, multiple.(Life forms TEEM through the INFINITE universe(OMNI-VERSE!!)!!) Two other stars form the Multiple. Nemesis, a DISTANT solar companion. And Antoine, a CLOSE binary solar companion! Antoine has many planets with encircling moons.


Note that two bodies in space circle a COMMON CENTRE(of gravity). In initially large eccentric orbits.

Antoine has an orbital period of 3,600 years(roughly).

So once every 3,600 years the star sun Antoine comes VERY CLOSE to your Sol!

Bringing with it its retinue of planets and their satellites. Including Homeward planet, where I live.


So what is happening RIGHT NOW is that TWO solar systems are colliding and merging!!(JUST beginning to.)

Consequently you NOW have TWO suns in the sky. And,soon,two moons,too!!




THE REASON FOR YOUR RECENT GREAT HEAT IS THE STAR SUN ANTOINE!!(Coupled to your sun, Sol, El Nino, and sundry causes!!)



Some among you of Earth thought that The Sun might have been responsible for the increasing heat noticed in recent years.(Please note how the sun emits its heat to you: 1. Through RADIATION. AND 2. Through The Solar Wind,ETC.(Coronal Mass Ejections) Which via electrons, masses, transmits energy into The Earth(and the other planets,etc.) via your Magnetosphere(AND The Earth's CORE!!)



So THOUGH the sun varies so little, much heat has been born from the energy pouring into Earth via The CME's(Coronal Mass Ejections)!!


El Nino increases this from time to time.




HOWEVER!! Now that you have our sun Antoine ALSO so close to your solar system, YOU GET ITS HEAT AS WELL!!


It is the gravitic and magnetic TIDES from Antoine(not just its heat!) playing upon your sun(And Earth,etc!), along with the gravity and magetic tides from Nibiru and the other planets and satellites,etc. of our solar system PLAYING UPON EARTH,ETC!!


- That cause such TERRIBLE DISRUPTIONS to the heavenly bodies of BOTH our solar systems.(As your sun,etc. gravity and magetic TIDES play upon our solar system!!)



Regard Vic as the current NOAH.(GET INTO THE ARK! FLEE THROUGH THE NORTH GEOGRAPHICAL POLAR ENTRANCE!!) Top speed! LESS THAN 3 years to go.(With rapidly worsening weathers meanwhile!!)




Noah was scorned. Even as Vic is being scorned NOW!!




Your underground cities and hollowed out mountains,etc.ETC. will be NO DEFENCE against the HORRIFIC gravitic and magnetic tides!! GET WITHIN THE EARTH. PRONTO!!!!(Or no life left. Bar the life forms WITHIN!!)



So many have been screaming GLOBAL WARMING.





Only a COOLING!!


Which stopped about 1998 to 2,003.



The heat troubling you recently was from an El Nino!(Coupled to Antoine), and sundry causes.




Gravity and magnetic tides from our sun Antoine have disrupted the upper half of your sun, blocking off the rising energy(rising from Sol's core)!

Consequently you face growing cold, not heat!!



The heat you HAVE been experiencing from your sun IS WHAT WAS STILL IN THE PIPE LINE. Likewise with heat(ex sun) rising up from Earth's interior!(Through SHELL via magma and lava.) What is in pipe line!!



When THAT heat in the pipe line runs out, THEN increasing cold comes.



However! Situation greatly complicated by Antoine and El Nino plus various sundry heating sources!!



So you have been roasting until very recently.


THAT has changed again, now. Because what has happened is that your sun's energy(which was long time crushed by upper blockage created by Antoine) has suddenly burst up and through!! Witness new CME's and sun spots,etc!!


So now you face growing cold from ITS pipe line length ex sun and Earth(Months if not years long.). And THEN more heat. But suddenly less heat as Antoine leaves!!(In 2016 A.D.) - And shoots back into space.



Until 3,600 years hence. Please warn those of 3,600 years hence via TIME CAPSULES!!



Sun expected to go dark, if not BLACK!!


And moon, RED!!




I am speaking of REALLY BAD COLD!!



But sun back on now. However,full-on radiation,etc. not reach surface for months or years yet.



A SUPER NOVA is possible. But very unlikely.


It is possible that the super novae that we see are caused by some solar systems within a galaxy there experiencing what you MAY BE starting to experience now! (Two suns crashing into each other.)MAYBE THAT is the reason for SUPER NOVAE everywhere at all times!!




Though all may die, no problem, as all enter Spirit World, and can re-incarnate from there!




The chance of a super nova with us(you too) is MOST EXTREMELY REMOTE, but possible!!




Nibiru COULD hit The Earth! It DID on its first orbit.(Creating your moon.)



You people of Earth, especially in Western Society have thought that you are good folk ruled by good powers.

No! You are neutral folk ruled by bad powers!!

Taught for nearly a million years now LIES!!

To KEEP YOU in the power of the rulers!!

Who are not your immediate leaders, figure heads, but the HIDDEN ones BEHIND them!!



You have been STUFFED UP with such nonsense as Vatican,ETC. teaches!!


Pope has been made god of so many. When TRUE God is THE INFINITE!!

Wake up, O' Earthmen!!



If you REVERSE(Take the OPPOSITES in meaning!) what has been taught, then you get the real TRUTH!!



Your rulers are evil. Out for their selves.

Yet it is not good that the mob rule(MOST bad!). ONLY the elite among the people should!!


Anarchy increases.


You are a squabbling lost increasingly mad RABBLE.




Most are not so much evil, as selfish and horribly self centred. But a few ARE evil!!



The few corrupts the whole.



Earth men were primitive and so clueless. So taken over by Reptileans via humanoids. Aliens.

Who now rule and dominate you via the faceless HIDDEN ones behind your leaders who ARE BUT FIGURE HEADS!!!!




We would help you, Earthmen.



We use Vic(and others) to try to reach you.



Other groups also trying to help you.



Intelligent life exists upon many worlds.



Life on Earth is so VERY UN intelligent!!



Obey GOD, not Devil(THE DEMON)!


Through your Higher Self, not lower one!


Through higher desires and ideals, NOT lower appetites!!



Evil rules you via Devil, Pan, Reptileans, Humanoid aliens and THE HIDDEN ONES!!


GodS not god.(Though the highest and truest god IS THE INFINITE!!)(You called the aliens and spirits gods, you see.)


Much of what you call evil is good.


And much of what you call good, is evil!!




You are in a TERRIBLE MESS.



Break FREE of your very foolish PHONEY ideas!!



You are destroying your selves! Bodies and SOULS!!


But Nature,etc. is about to assist you!!


We MEAN that SOON Nature,etc.TOO will be destroying you!!!!





Remember, - MULTI dimensional universe and OMNIVERSE!!




Low souls allowed to win up to now. That they may develop.



But now God return and save all via the HIGHER SOULS!!



To save all. Instead of losing all(Which would happen if higher did not intervene!!)



Reason being the great dividing of the sheep from the goats,etc.

Awful disaster come now to close this society AND START A NEW ONE!!



So watch now for colossal REVERSAL of EVERYTHING!!



Such that MANY go mad!!




We speak true O men of Planet Terra(or Terrene).



You heed us, please!!



Or perish COMPLETELY!!





MANY cycles end 21.12.2,012.A.D.




A most TREMENDOUS GREAT event. A good one(basically).



It is the year 2,012. NOT 1999 you see, which is THE ONE!!



1999 was just a mathematical end so to speak.



No! 2,012.A.D. is the date to watch!!



Prepare NOW, O men of Planet Terra!!













Friday, 19th February, 2,010.

H59. In brief!



To Whom it may concern:-



I wish you all to understand what is happening.

You have probably noticed that our weather, world wide, is worsening. Plus seismic events too, and volcanic eruptions. AND social and societal!! AND animals and plants.(Via dying species,etc.)

I know WHY this is occurring!!


I also know that it will get worse and worse - until we are all dead.(INSIDE of 3 to 6 years!!)(NOT a single life form should survive!!)(There is a RED DUST already descending through our atmosphere. BECAUSE we are in the tail of(Nostradamus Comet!) Nibiru(The seventh planet of Antoine(see below)! Sol, our sun, is blowing the tail on to us! It is full of rocks and RED DUST. Red dust laden with DEADLY INCURABLE bacteriums!! Wear face masks,soon, or suffocate!!)(Incurable because an alien planet now.(Nibiru was once our fifth rock from the sun! But Antoine captured it.)


However!! I know how to dodge the most appalling and terrible events that lie ahead. So PLEASE listen VERY carefully to me!!


The popular explanation is that the cause basically is Global Warming, via Man.

And that steps are being taken to combat this.



I NEED you all to help me to not only KEEP GOING, but to get the authorities to instal my escape plan!!(Or we all perish and horribly and terribly.)


I am obliged to tell you TWO things:-

1. The TRUE REAL cause of the worsening weather,etc.etc.

And 2. How to dodge it!!



1. The true real cause is that Sol, our sun, which is a star, has a CLOSE BINARY COMPANION STAR. - Which, circles our common orbital focus, along with our sun. In gigantic elliptical orbits,(Which necessitates that Antoine(the name of the second sun) gets VERY close, orbitting for a while, our sun, for about six years.)


It does this every(approximately) 3,600 years(Been studying all this for many years. I know what I am talking about. PLEASE heed!! Your LIFE and EVERYTHING is going to depend upon it!!). The actual figure is about 3,597 years. Something like that.


If you go back through history in 3,600 year steps, you will see that cataclysms occurred then!(ALSO every 6,500 years per Sol going beserk! In binomial decreasing steps of decreasing disasters. You check back through history!!)


3,600 years ago, was a huge flood(the third). Santorini blew up. Poseidon sank for the third time(North Atlantic)). And there was a terrible and long DROUGHT. Following the enormous flood.


3,600 years before that was what is called The Creation. Followed by Adam and Eve.(Actually a RE creation necessitated by a CATACLYSM!) (Now I know many of you will protest that the creation was about FIVE BILLION YEARS BACK, but I am referring to RE-creations, every 3,600 years(Of life forms upon this planet, not the beginning of The Earth!!)(Which explains the clash between Science and Religion!!)



Bear with me now!





IN ADDITION to these 3,600 year orbital period cataclysms, there is ANOTHER series of cataclysms, every 6,500 years! (Due to the sun going beserk every 6,500 years, due to getting close to the electric flow down the localclosed stellar cluster's) spiral arms' chain!)(As it circles the LOCAL spiral arm getting VERY close in FOUR 6,500 year(6,500 x 4 is 26,000 years, the zodiacal precessional period.) CYCLES!!)










Now our growing heat is due to the approach of the second sun Antoine.


But have you noticed the growing cold UP NORTH(Hemisphere.)??



You must NOT panic, but it is better to KNOW, than NOT to know, I think. So hear me out, please!!








That cold is mainly due to Antoine(second sun)(NOW closing in again on our sun!) crushing out Sol(our sun), BLOCKING the rising energies!(Which give us the radiation!)(And ALSO the solar wind, coronal mass ejections,ETC. Which give us heat via energy A SECOND WAY!! Via our magnetic poles of magnetosphere and Earth's CORE.)



This is why the sun spots stopped(a lot)!!





In other words, sun put OUT. The heat we are getting is due to WHAT IS STILL IN THE PIPE LINE!!


And similarly, via solar wind,etc. what is rising up from Earth's core IS WHAT IS LEFT IN THE PIPE LINE!!


But starting to RUN OUT!! Hence the cold!



However!! Antoine(Sol's CLOSE binary companion star.) is counter-balancing the growing cold, WITH INCREASING HEAT!!(Augmented perhaps by El Nino. Occasionally.)



So we THINK things are amost normal - WHEN THEY ARE NOT!!!!



Yes, the sun has gone OUT. Should go dark. And finally BLACK!!!!(For some YEARS, quite a few.)



The moon will go red.(Due to the increasing red dust from Nibiru's tail.(A second sun(see videos, photographs and reports!!) has already appeared. A second moon(a red one)(and ugly with volcanic spurts) will appear SUDDENLY in our night sky about 2.6 years hence. GET READY FOR IT!!)






Did you guess the OTHER horror I am about to utter? Yes!





The TWO cataclysmic series WILL CO-INCIDE this time!!



A DOUBLE super duper cataclysm will occur.



When?? Did you guess it? 21.12.2012!!


Actually it will be spread over six years. From 2,012 to about 2,018.A.D.(Peaking May 8th, 2,013.A.D.)



THIS is why 2012 is so terrible!!


A film called 2012 is out. Which is PEA NUTS compared to what is ACTUALLY coming!!(The film ONLY shows our sun's cataclysmic contribution!!)(You need to ADD IN Antoine's horror!!(Antoine has a retinue of planets and their satellites, etc; etc.))




The two cataclysms(which may cause a SUPER NOVAE and destroy The Milky Way Galaxy) should occur a few years apart, actually. I do not know the order.

One around 2,012. The other five or six years later.






As you may imagine this is a terrible burden for one man to carry. Which is WHY I am sharing it with you now. I cannot bear the strain any longer!!


Dear folk. I assure you all that it is not baloney, but VERY TRUE!!





99.99 point recurring % probably true!!





I have checked and re-checked. I did a scientific paper which I gave to Super IGA. But have heard nothing from them.





I am struggling frantically to inform all.(But of course, get disbelieved.)



Now,then, as I switch to BLUE:-











GET, as fast as you can, an armada (My Noah's Ark is THE GREAT WITHIN!!) of ships, planes, submarines and helicopters taking all key people and equipment IN through The North GEOGRAPHICAL pole!!




There is a vast tropical land(with sea) below!!











Go armed. As down there are Neanderthals, Pre-historic monsters(Ignore The Nazi base.), Wild natives, AND Satanku and his warriors!!!! Along with many strange creatures.





Colonize The Interior, which I REPEAT is NOT underground!!






Folks, from now on a growing number of strange things will occur:-

For example: A dead loved one materializing in front of you.


And you floating off the ground!!


Things like that.




Just keep calm.







I am deadly serious. And in maximum EARNEST!!!!




There is a hole in the sea. GO THROUGH IT. It is an entrance to The Great WITHIN!!



The hole is SO big, you cannot see it!



It is over a THOUSAND MILES wide!!



The way in IS FLAT!! Though it LOOKS curved and TUBULAR!!



Now we have only 2.6 years left to do this!!



Trust it. It is right!!




Our weather,etc. meanwhile, will get rapidly worse...






I am not mad. I know the details!!




I need your FULLEST co-operation and SUPPORT!!











The problem is you see that The Authorities DO NOT KNOW!! And the faceless ones BEHIND our figure-head leaders, are putting their faith in UNDERGROUND CITIES and HOLLOWED OUT mountains(For the chosen, of course!)



WHY have we not been told? Because THEY do not want a panic! And EVEN MORE SO, they do not want TO LOSE CONTROL OVER US!!







So they continue to LIE to us.(As they do,too, about UFO's,alien abductions, cattle mutilation, crop circles, life elsewhere, ghosts, and the such like...)(We are their cattle,you see, genetically engineered by them!(Born of Cro-mags and Neanderthals.)(They are coming to inspect us. Get ready!!)



They want us ASLEEP(mentally).


But I for one wish to stay mentally awake.



And you LOT had better WAKE UP,too!!






HELP ME HELP YOU get the authorities to ACT!! And send in THAT ARMADA!!!!




You dig?











You ALL listen to me, - AND SAVE YOURSELVES.





I can save you mentally,too!!


















More details upon request!!






So you see now(I HOPE.), COMRADS!!








Vic.(Better to believe and get fooled. Than to doubt or disbelieve - AND PERISH!!!!)(But you see, I am not kidding!!)









Extra notes: El Nino is complicating things.

The sun had burst up back through the blockage.

But has gone quiet again now.


What I am saying is ALSO mentioned in Bible! In Revelation(last book).(It says somewhere in there that sun will go black and moon red. (I am not trying to fit The Bible. But I FIND that The Bible IS FITTING WHAT I AM SAYING!!)(Please NOTE THAT!!)



I can see why the moon will go red. It is due to the red dust in the tail of Nibiru(The Red Dragon).



As for the sun going black. Well once the pipe lines are cleared it must go dark, and FINALLY BLACK!!

Antoine, the second sun, has stirred up the UPPER SUN, BLOCKING energy rising from its core! (That cleared, but a fresh blockage MAY now have occurred. Over the next SIX YEARS as Antoine circles(in very elliptical orbits) our sun, these disruption blockages are likely to continue. Bad ones would blacken the sun.(Because putting IT OUT!!)



Anyway, large variances may be expected in heat and cold, as first the extra heat from Antoine dominates, and then the blocked sun cools down(going dark)!!




VERY disturbing stuff, of course.


I think I am right!!




So DESPERATELY need your help,please!!




















Saturday, 20th February, 2,010.


My frantic APPEAL to ALL!!



To Whom It May Concern,(H60 is an article in my H series(which is on Global Warming,etc.).)




This is further information, if you will receive it.


Global Warming,ETC.



I am saying that ALL life upon this planet is at stake UNLESS(now you are a traffic man!) we despatch key personnel and equipment THROUGH(sic) The North Geographical Pole(It being an ENTRANCE to The Great Within(A Tropical Paradise ALMOST as large as the outer surface of The Earth.)(Necessary UP THERE by ship, submarine, plane and helicopter.))


Your first re-action may have been that this is a fantasy to attract attention !


I assure you (in case anyone did think that) that this is NOT the case.

No, this is a genuine appeal from a man good(though I say it myself) at bright ideas and schemes.

The point is this: UNLESS we get through The North GEOGRAPHICAL Pole poste haste, then all life forms upon this planet ARE DOOMED.(Within 3 to 6 years.)


I am DEADLY serious. Have studied this matter closely and intensely for many years.


My subject is GLOBAL WARMING,ETC. A popular topic of course.

My theme is to account for such global warming, ETC.(That ETC. covers quite a multitude of HORRORS.)


Most of us if not all are aware of the worsening weather! And not just the weather, but seismic and volcanic activities too. AND social, societal, animal and plant life!!


The question should naturally arise: WHAT is causing it? And the ready answer usually is Man made Global Warming. Anthropomorphic Climate Change.





Far too little, even by surface nature(volcanic eruptions and forest fires,etc.). WE NEED TO LOOK DEEPER AND WIDER. - FOR A MORE REASONABLE CAUSE!!


Some have thought that THE SUN is to blame. There is now a growing study of our sun.


It DOES contribute much of the excess heat, of course. However, there is another factor THAT FEW PEOPLE EVEN DREAM OF!!



THE RETURN OF A CLOSE COMPANION SUN STAR BINARY!!(Along with its retinue of planets and their satellites,etc.)


Every 3,600 years.

And, - if you check back through history YOU WILL FIND COLOSSAL DISASTERS occurring at 3,600 year intervals!!(A Great Flood being the most familiar(about 3,600 years ago)(the latest one).


The only plausible explanation is that of an astronomical object(or objects) which come(s) very close to us every 3,600 years.



Antoine is the name of the second sun which IS DOING THIS!!


Nibiru is simply ONE of its planets!(Nibiru is a fearsome volcano spouting planet now in tow of Antioine(the second sun), formerly one of OUR planets!) About the size of Mars.(Antoine is Jupiter size OR LARGER.)



The 3,600 year period term is up 2,012.A.D.(That DATE again!!)


Now almost NO ONE knows about The Antoine and Nibiru Complex(group of heavenly bodies). Yet it fits PERFECTLY. AND with 2,012.A.D!!




The Evidence for this group??


Anyone BRAVE enough to take the trouble to punch in Second Sun and(independently) Nibiru on The Internet on their computer, will be regaled(if they search around a bit) with photographs, videos and reports,etc. ON these two illustrious(but DEADLY) objects!!


They are REAL. They EXIST!!



NOT sun dogs, camera lens flares, et al.(All obvious explanations already checked out.)


Theory(A CLOSE binary companion to Sol(our sun) making one of its orbital 3,600 year periodic passes(it hangs around for about SIX YEARS)(From now.)

EVIDENCE?? On The Internet, as just intimated!!




Now to make a long story short, (though fuller details available from me upon request) - I would point out that just about NO ONE knows THAT AN ESCAPE ROUTE EXISTS!




Secret authorities are building underground cities and hollowing out mountains, storing seeds, plants, etc. SO THEY KNOW SOMETHING APPALLING is IMMINENT!!



Public not being told to avoid panic.




I protest that these underground cities and hollowed out mountains are NOT adequate against the huge gravitic and magnetic tides of Antoine and Nibiru!!


The heat from second sun Antoine(and later THE COLD from our own sun AS IT GOES OUT AND BLACK!! Likewise coming up through The Earth(cold!). ex The Solar Wind and Coronal Mass Ejections via The Magnetosphere,etc. - will be bad,too.




Few realize that the polar caps are in fact ENTRANCES to The Great Tropical Paradise WITHIN. So even the authorities will miss it!


My case is TO PLEAD IT!!(I BESEECH you! I IMPLORE YOU!!(ALL life (Upon Earth, at least(and more!) AT STAKE!!))) 



GET AT LEAST KEY PERSONNEL AND EQUIPMENT in through the North Geographical Pole ENTRANCE(The Southern one is too hazardous.)(The Southern one LOOKS like a crater, but is in fact AN ENTRANCE!!)(These entrances are OVER ONE THOUSAND MILES WIDE!! TOO BIG TO SEE!!)

As many people and as much equipment as possible, plus seeds and plants,etc. And animals.(HERE is the modern day NOAH'S ARK. LET US save as many as we possibly can, of course!!)




My own position is hazardous inasmuch as that there are forces and people who do not want me to reveal what I am telling you. So waste NO TIME getting organized for what should be a GREAT MASS EXODUS EVACUATION into THE GREAT WITHIN!!!!




I am well versed in all the necessary details. SO YOU WILL NEED ME.




Haul me out to safety if you will, AND GET THE NEW EXODUS GOING!! !!




(Ships, submarines, planes and helicopters. No roads(or rails).)(GET landing strips built!!)



Now you face two possibilities:-


1. I am a crank OUT for attention and publicity using a fantasy.


Or, 2: I am genuine and desperately concerned about his fellow man AND ALL LIFE UPON THIS PLANET!!




PLEASE let us work together on this.




I cannot of course speak for myself. You must be judge.









The choice is yours.




No one will help me.



Let us join hands, AND FORCES.


And SAVE the world!!



The sun will go black(and cold). The moon will go red.(In the Bible!!)



NOW it is making sense! Wormwood(Bible!!) IS Nibiru(The nasty red dragon planet that will come to one million miles of Earth!!)



Calculations reveal that Nibiru will SUDDENLY appear like a full RED moon, about 2.6 years hence!!





I would imagine that heart failure will take a few straight off...




Enough said?






Your question must be: Is this man out for publicity with an outrageous fantasy, OR - is he right?!



Already deadly poisonous red dust is falling down through our atmosphere! Carrying INCURABLE microbes from Nibiru! Suffocating red dust!!(Our own personal Pompei!!)





We are IN the tail of Nibiru! And have been for some time. The tail is composed of rocks and red dust, mostly. SO LOOK OUT!!(Wear face masks!!)


The sun(ours!) is blowing Nibiru's TAIL at us(as it does with comets), hence the red dust fall!!


We are on the outer fringe as yet, so very little coming down. But that will change!!(Or it should do.)



Most stars have binary companions!



Why not seen? Because hidden behind the sun, in its glare.

And coming in from a very rare ANGLE!!(Plus MANY other reasons!) So both Antoine AND Nibiru will be VERY HARD to find!!

Our choice is of DEATH FOR ALL ON THIS PLANET, or LIFE!!







Just a helping hand.




































Thursday, 25th February, 2,010.



Questions and answers.



Humans love to hear good news.

They find it hard to bear bad.

So often go into denial.

For instance if I said to you THE SUN HAS GONE OUT. And the moon may leave us.



What thoughts go through your minds?

If you take any notice at all, two routes are usually followed:-


1. This guy is mad. I will ignore him.

The sun has obviously not gone out. And the moon has been with us many millions of years. Why would it take off??


And go into denial.



2. Or, are you philosopic and and say DO I KNOW THAT IT HASN'T?!

Perhaps he is right!

What is his theory?

WHERE is the evidence??






How do you respond?

Per 1, or 2??



The first casualty in any battle is usually the truth.


I analyze the evidences and synthesize a theory.


Humans follow the herd. Not logic.

They believe what they want.

And to Hell with those who differ.

Whom they attempt to destroy.




Humans are like sheep. Though not necessarily goats.

Some humans heed. Most ignore.





Things are changing though. As the higher vibs come in. FROM THE CENTRE OF OUR GALAXY!!!!


2012 and all that.


Fewer and fewer do what their ancestors did.


More women now stay single, than get married.



Glad to see some sense! Especially in an overcrowded world!!




Justice for all.

Not just for some!!





See you in H.62.









Thursday, 25th February, 2,010.











Now why would I make a statement like that??



But few humans THINK. They low emote!!



Instead of saying Good Lord, how amazing! But has it closed the door??



And the answer is: NO.


The sun has gone out, but pipe line radiation continues. And up through The Earth. But pipe line only.




Am I mad? A little crazy perhaps??





I don't think so.


The sun spots have stopped. Almost completely.




But people in general do not ask WHY, they ask WHAT!!


And get no where, still!!




I analyze the evidences, and then try to synthesize a theory.




A woman once said to me, - twice - when she saw my brows crinkle: It's not what you know, IT'S WHO YOU KNOW!!


She had a point.


Though not two.



Stop thinking! And LISTEN!!





Many hate thinkers, because it leads to truth, though via falsehoods!!





And people, the mob, just CANNOT BEAR the truth.





Which is a pity.





As upon it ALL things are builded.






When I was a child, I decided to find out the truth.

So I studied a book called What do you know?




I have never looked back. First I learned what was supposed to be true.

And THEN - what actually IS.




The difference is astounding.



Ever tried to write you name looking in a mirror?





Most stars are multiple!

And The Earth(and all the bolides(round igneous projectiles)) are HOLLOW(though not like an egg shell).


Did you know that The Earth is flat? Yes!! RELATIVELY.




Earthmen certainly are!!

Yes, I think.

Too much FOR YOU??





The sun is a star, as with many - and has planets,etc.


It has a distance companion called Nemesis.


AND a CLOSE COMPANION called Antoine.

No you won't find these things in Astronomy Journals!



Universities,etc. pump out lies that dressed up to LOOK like truths!!



Tack on a few letters, and man - the world is yours!




Yes, but not Heaven.




What is money? Money is a token of gold in stock NO LONGER PROMISED!!





What is wealth?? Wealth is Material Stock, Labour, INCLINATION, less overheads.(Having these you can print as much paper as you like! And THAT is what is HAPPENING!!!!)


True wealth is GOD, relationship with God. Friends, and Good Principles.




FAST vanishing commodities!!





These are the last days.

As well as the FAST days.

When shadow is seen as substance.

And spoilt children rule us! Through the women we worship!!




We are living in a super dream.

We awaken SOME time after death, to a super reality!!





Birth was our death.


Death shall be our birth!!




A star called Antoine, plus its retinue of planets and satellites,etc. has just returned to our sun, Sol.(It does this every 3,600 years. Check back in such steps, and see.)


IT put out the sun spots by inflaming the upper sun.


Then PUT THE SUN OUT via stirring up the upper sun so much that it blocked the lower!!



Yes, the sun is OUT. And should quickly darken and turn black.




AWFUL cold of course.





Antoine threatens Sol.




And Nibiru(a planet, once ours) threatens Earth.






You see Earth folk. truth does not depend upon the ferocity of our belief.


Nor does it give a damn about our beliefs.BUT IT BELIEVES IN US!!





What is the moral of my story??




The radiation from the sun, and the heat from Earth are ONLY what is left in the pipe lines!!





What is happening NOW is this:-




Antoine is feeding us the heat!

And sun and Earth are supplying the cold!!






I talk like a madman? Yet I shall be justified within a few short years...






The old moon MAY vanish(leave us).


And a terrible HORRIBLE new RED moon rule our night skies!!





FIRST comes terrible heat.

Then cold.












Those who ignore me, WILL PERISH!!




Amen,then!!(If you INSIST!!)





I have appealed.


You have turned a deaf ear.





You allegedly espouse logic and sense.


YET my logical and sensible(albeit a little cryptic at times)deductions seem to have gone un-noticed by your EARS!!






WHY is this??




WHY do we see our faults projected in others??




Because our mummies worshipped us too much.






But WHAT will our zombies DO??!!






I TRY to inform you. But fail now.









I think therefore I am?


No!! I am, therefore I THINK!!!!











Monday, 1st March, 2,010.



Explaining it.



Interesting how these once in a century events occur daily now. Two a day sometimes!!

What IS odd is the incredible public apathy. Sheer indifference. Despair.


They just don't and WON'T get the message.






What is there to explain?




Impossible, of course.


SOMETHING is wrong.

Things no longer add up. Do they?!



I keep trying to tell you all.

But I cry out to the DELIBERATELY deaf.


REALLY believing that the ferocity of their disbelief -


- will somehow twist reality to conform with their IDIOTIC wishes!!





Of quite a number in fact!



The next ten years will be like a chapter out of Dante's INFERNO.



But of course you won't believe me.

BECAUSE you cannot bear it!!




Chile earthquake and Japan earthquake at the same time!!


Tsunami warnings for both.


I say AGAIN: Sol(our sun) is one of a multiple group of stars!

It's Close Companion Binary Star Antoine HAS RETURNED!!

Along with its retinue of planets and their satellites,etc.ETC.



Multiple stars are common throughout The Universe.

But because we have not been told that Sol is not single, we THINK that it is single!!

Sol(our sun) is an extension of ORION! Where the progenitor aliens came from. Sirius 5 and that lot.

Look up! SEE those three stars in the night sky?? THAT is Orion's BELT.

WE are forming a small t off the centre star. Same distance from the centre star as the centre star is from its two companions!!

NOTICE too that GIANT Orion's Belt in the sky?!


Ah, but I don't have letters after my name. Therefore I cannot be an authentic authority! And BACK TO SLEEP YOU ALL GO!! Hey ho.



Being an amateur is very advantageous!

On The OUTER!!

NOT EVEN the also rans!!

I plotted the universe at all levels(stars, stellar clusters, galaxies, quasars,etc.etc.) in 3D!

So I am anathema. HATED!!

Because I have shown up the HUMBUGS!!

The phoneys.



How did I manage this? Very simple. First I worked out everything. And then Cosmology and Cosmogony.

Finally I got the TRUE REAL distances to the stars,etc.


SO different from the orthodox rubbish.



THEN I plotted the universe. At the four levels.


This told me MUCH. Like Objects in general go in twin identical pairs. Close and distant pairs.

Arcturus is the nearest star.(Abo's right.)


The upshot is - that I got the KEY to EVERYTHING!!


With it I obtained all the main SECRETS.






It's right!



Sol(our sun) is ONE of a TRIO. Sol, Antoine and Nemesis!!!




Nemesis is very distant. Won't be swinging around the sun for another 18 million years.


Now Antoine(the close binary companion star) is another story. IT visits us(and swings around the sun)  a few times over the next six years, along with its retinue of planets and their satellites,etc. etc.


Every 3,597 years(Roughly every 3,600 years.).




We recently had two cataclysms. With an interval of 3,600 years in between.


Now hands up all those who think it odd that 3,600 years AFTER the last lot(A great FLOOD,ETC.), the date comes up 2,012.A.D!!



Go on!!




You see, chums(Have I any??!!), WE GOT IT ALL WRONG.


Because believing the LIES dealt out to us CONSTANTLY by the authorities!!



How can A GOON like me DO THIS??


Because stupid though I am, and idiot that I am, I DECIDED TO FIND OUT THE TRUTH ABOUT THE MAIN QUESTIONS IN LIFE!!


I had been made to feel so inferior,etc. That my spirit rebelled and first found out all that is ALLEGED.


And THEN THE TRUTH!! Pretty accurately.


Of course I am LOATHED AND HATED for it.



Frantically and desperately I NOW try to save the world mentally AND PHYSICALLY. Spiritually and divinely, and materially.


Well, I am like that.



I cling to GOD, and not the other chap.




The world worships The Devil, you see, whom it CALLS GOD!!



GOD, Jesus, The Whole Spirit AND The Virgin Mary!!

You can keep the rest!!



I REEK with faults. But in a world that is ONE BIG FAULT, who notices?? Eh??



Who cares??



Only God, I have found!!



Though a brave few make the attempt(to care).



And THERE you have it. Honest Joe!!



I TRY to help. But SUCH is taboo!!


Thou shalt not criticize the world!!


Or you will be pitilessly DESTROYED.



On the other hand, if you don't at least try to do good, then God's WRATH will descend upon you!!



So what is the answer?

WHAT was the question??





And on that you guys and fellahs I will get back into my (mental) COFFIN!!





Damn the torpedoes FULL SPEED AND STEAM(steam first!) AHEAD!!!!





Either you help me TO HELP YOU, to save you by going through The North Geographical Pole the ONLY escape from Antoine and Nibiru etc.etc!!


OR ALL WILL PERISH!!!! Slowly, horribly and terribly.

As the weather AND ALL ELSE, rapidly worsens!!

Not noticed??

That is because you listen through your mouth,

And speak through your ears!!






All the best, chums,




Men love The Truth.






Mistake made?!



Low souls which rule this planet,

have convinced ALMOST ALL that lower self is god!

Confusing it

For The Higher!!


They PROJECT their faults onto the good.

Then crucify the good souls.

That they might be devils.

And invert THE LOT!!!!



Aliens have ruled us poor neutral SUCKERS.

For nearly a million years.

In this catch as catch can world.

Where ANYTHING goes.


So NOTHING comes!!

Live now, die tomorrow??

Instead of dying now. And LIVING tomorrow!!

Death was never even BORN!!

But in a world where pigs fly.






Two things: (God help us all!!)

1. There is no god.

2. And 2. we would not qualify for help EVEN IF THERE WAS!!


The tragedy is - that we are standing upon our heads,



God IS Community!!

Unfortunately Community IS NOT GOD!!!!


What was the question??

THAT is the answer!!!!










Friday, 12th March, 2,010.



More details.



I seem to have solved the mystery of global warming.(Though I know that the world does not think that there is any mystery. But that gw is due to Man, mostly via carbon emissions from fossil fuels.)


I have written at great length upon this subject(Global Warming, but more particularly 2,012.A.D.). However, I wish to mention a few more points or emphasize some old ones.)


1. The Pope was told to reveal the solution to a great mystery, possibly The Third Secret of Fatima, which seems to be connected to my subject.

However, he funked this. It was simply too horrifying for him to divulge.


I think that it is better to reveal the solution than not to. And am doing so as best I can.



2. The solution to global warming is that Sol(our sun's)'s CLOSE binary star companion has almost completely returned after the usual 3,600(3,597, actually, I believe) year absence.


Be it noted that most stars are members of a multiple group. I consider(lacking a satisfactory solution to global warming)that a second solar system merging with ours is the best solution.(GW is certainly NOT due to Man(a money making scam, taking advantage of Mrs.Thatcher's offer), nor even to Surface Nature(volcanic eruptions and forest fires,etc.). The Sun has been considered a good solution, and is a contributor. However, it is not the chief cause. MAIN Causes being Antoine(the second sun now arriving)(50%), Sol(35%), El Nino(10%, on average), Surface Nature(0.004%), Man(0.0016%!)(Belching industrial stacks is intended to be impressive, but actually contributes only a very small proportion.)(Even volcanic eruptions pall before the star contributors.) - and various sundry causes(4.9944%). (Roughly.)


Sol, it seems, is a member of a trio.(At least a trio!) Sol, Nemesis and Antoine. All members probably have planets(Nemesis is unknown in this respect.). Nemesis is about 1.5 light-years away. And not due to visit us for another 18 million years!(Nemesis is a DISTANT binary companion to Sol. Antoine is a CLOSE binary companion.)


Antoine appears to be at least Sol sized! And with a similar sized solar system of planets and their satellites,etc.


All the information I offer is probable, not absolute!




3. Antoine seems to be the main CURRENT heat supplier. However, the danger is also from the gravitic(gravity) and magnetic TIDES of Star Antoine, and one of its planets, Nibiru(Called Wormwood in The Bible.)(Formerly Sol's fifth out planet, but was captured by Antoine.) These huge tides will cause immense damage(via earthquakes and volcanic eruptions,etc., )when these two objects(Antoine and Nibiru)reach their closest points to Sol and Earth, respectively. Antoine affects the sun. Nibiru will maximally affect The Earth when it gets to only one million miles distant.


4. The Seventh Seal and all that, as described in Revelation, last book of The Christendom's Protestant Bible. Is the archaic description of what this close solar system companion will do to us. I worked out what would happen.(And was astonished to find that The Bible book Revelation describes in archaic language THE VERY THINGS I worked out!!(Note, not the other way around!)


5. My scientific exposition equals what Revelation is saying!(Note that Antoine has an orbital period of 3,597(Roughly 3,600) years.



6. Please note that THE WAY OF ESCAPE lies THROUGH The North(The South has an entrance to The Great Within,too, but is far too hazardous(bar for planes).) GEOGRAPHICAL POLE.(Not magnetic poles, NOR underground!!) Head for The North GEOGRAPHICAL POLE, and proceed in a BEE-LINE. AND KEEP ON GOING.(In the air, on the sea, or under the sea.)


7. THEY know SOMETHING is coming. THEY being the hidden faceless powers behind the leaders. And have built, or are building,  underground cities(some beneath the ocean floor), as well as hollowing out inside of mountains.

They know that Nibiru(about the size of Mars)is approaching. I think that is about all.(I doubt they know about a close second solar system. Nor that there is ANOTHER surface (almost as large as the outer one!) WITHIN The Earth!!(I figured the former, though not the latter.)(But I knew about it through others. But THEY will need to be PRESSED to save key personnel and equipment THROUGH The North GEOGRAPHICAL POLE.)

However! These will not be foolproof against the gravity and magnetic tides!!(Please note that electro-magnetic fields(produced) provide the POWER(though not any ENTITIES) for super-natural and super-normal phenomena which will get increasingly plentiful from now on!!)


8. Two series of super cataclysms occur. 1. Due to Second Sun, Antoine,etc.(Every 3,597 years) And 2. Due to our sun Sol.(In binomial sequence steps per intensity and frequency over 6,500 years. I deduced these steps AND FOUND THEM ACCURATE!!)(Disasters occur via a progressive HALVING of the 6,500 year period cycle, 3,250, 1,625 years,etc. Where disasters decrease in intenstiy and increase in frequency.)(If you check through history, you will find that big disasters EXACTLY FIT the TWO sequences!!)


9. 2,012.A.D. is the great focal date. The reason for this is that in that year(21.12.2,012.A.D.) The Winter Solstice of Sol lines up with The Great Dark Rift at The Centre of our Milky Way Galaxy. This then places our sun in a direct line with the energies pouring out of our galactic centre. Such that ALL our cycles FIT into that alignment!! We, our ancestors, simply deduced the very(naturally) cyclic periods of the various heavenly bodies,etc. which AUTOMATICALLY inter-meshed with such very alignments.(This applies with all stars when they so align with the centres of their galaxies.)(We simply could NOT do anything else!!)


It is these TREMENDOUS energies and vibrations which produce all the effects.


The GREAT EVENT occurs on 21.12.2,012.A.D. But the WORK OUT is on 23.12.2,012.A.D.

Thus shall powerful spiritual and material CHANGES occur in our persons and lives!(For the better.)

The material horrors and terrors devolving are due to RE-ACTIONS by Man and Nature. The GREAT EVENT ITSELF being a wonderful and marvellous uplifting of the energies and vibrations of Sol's planets(Including Earth's), and all the creatures on these planets,etc.(Mortal AND immortal!)



These changes will be VERY pleasing to some. Though not to all.



Thus some will behave better, but many worse.



10.Jesus declared "I shall return in TWO DAYS".(Two THOUSAND YEAR days, I aver.)(Which is around the date of 2,012.A.D!!)



11. 2,012.A.D. is all the rage,now.

It is on the minds of many. Though is often a hot potato to discuss!!




12, It is the end of life as we know it. The end of AN AGE.(Earth will PROBABLY continue.)(The end of about TWENTY worlds in fact! And it will even affect The Spirit World!!)



13. Nibiru COULD hit us.(If it does, the end of Earth,too!!)



14. Antoine threatens Sol, our sun.

Nibiru threatens Earth.




15. Pre-historic monsters, like dinosaurs, still roam, WITHIN THE EARTH!!(Along with other anachronisms.)




16. Most stars have planetary systems,etc. (As do Sol and Antoine.)

Nemesis probably has,too.




17. The Biblical book of Revelation was both a record of previous visits of Antoine, AND a forecast of what is to come.(Around 2,012.A.D.)


The reason being that the same or similar consequences ensue each time.




This time is SPECIAL though. Inasmuch as BOTH super cataclysmic serial sequences CO-INCIDE! About 2,012.A.D. Hinging EXACTLY upon 21.12.2,012.A.D. NECESSARILY. (The Centre of The Galaxy automatically controlling all events and cycles,etc. IN LINE!!)


So we shall have, this time, a DOUBLE SUPER CATACLYSM.



18. Antoine(And Nibiru,etc.) will probably occur first.

Then that of Sol.


MAYBE both super cataclysms WILL occur at the VERY same time.



19. The Sun ITSELF is not crushed by Antoine.

It is the energies,etc.RISING from Sol's core that get crushed.(Which is what puts the sun out.)




20. I have slapped down these points as they came to mind.

Too diverse for a coherent article.

Yet a good supplement.








Thursday, 18th March, 2,010.






Terrible things.





The Gregorian Calendar is allegedly wrong by 4, possibly 3, years. Due to an error. Presumably behind the given date.(See per Peeble a Roman Catholic Priest.)

So the date we need to watch, in terms of our own time, is 21 or 23.12.2,015 or 6!(Dec.21st is the date of the winter solstice when the potential for change occurs. Dec 23rd apparently is the date when change manifests.)

Therefore it(Doomsday) should be some time within the next ten years.

But spread over about 6 to 12 years. Centering more or less upon 2,012.A.D.

But I say allow another ten years to fit Jesus' prediction of about 2,033.A.D.(Via two thousand year days from the date he spoke.)

Maybe a bit of a variation too in the exact date or day.




Not the end of one world, but of about 20.

Plus the REMOTELY POSSIBLE destruction of all life in The Milky Way Galaxy.

Or at least the solar systems of Sol and Antoine.

And maybe destruction of Sol, Antoine, Earth,etc.



A VERY destructive event.



Time of day unknown, because of global zones!



Affecting spirit world, too.



Half a judgement.

Half a naturally occurring cycle.


We may get reborn elsewhere!!


If Earth,etc.destroyed or too badly damaged!!




I desperately and frantically try to warn the world.

But get dis believed.

All going into DENIAL!!!!




Isn't the world ready? Even for so colossal and event? Basically good!!



Men believe what they want to believe.

Too bad for the truth!!



NO WAY to stop it.


I am the only person on Earth to know it is coming.

And the only person on Earth to know the way of escape.

How hard to bear disbelief.

When I am SO sure that I am right!!



Dear Good Lord - HELP US ALL!!




Changing the font. I mean the print type. - To Times New Roman. Just a change.

I believe that we descended from a race on Sirius 4 or 5. In Orion. Of super humans.(The same people who came here and built the Great Pyramid,etc. Starting many great civilizations.))

They crossed with the descendents of Cro-Mags and Neanderthals.(The Neanderthals possibly being the result of a cross between Cro-Mags and Ape-men.)

For better or worse, some humanoid aliens altered our genetic structure.










Tuesday, 23rd March, 2,010.





Visit my website for solutions to most big mysteries: TOP TOOL BAR.)




Put briefly, the situation is thIs:-


We have this thing(phenomenon) called Global Warming(Alleged.). Resulting in increased precipitation(As would be expected from any global warming.).



There has been a steady increase in temperatures these past 50 years, in some parts. Due to higher temperatures in the troposphere in those parts.

These have been imputed to Man via an increase in the main of fossil fuels' burning.



Not all agree that Man is to blame. Some think that the sun is responsible.(Oddly, the obvious culprit Surface things like volcanic eruptions(mostly under sea) and forest fires) is not mentioned!

As a matter of fact, Global Cooling has been dominant, bar these past about three years! (When general global warming HAS set in.)(About as long as the sun spots have stopped?)

OVERALL, the atmosphere has not significantly changed. In some parts the troposphere(lower atmosphere)has risen in temperature.


SOMETHING is responsible for the tropospheric steady increase in temperatures in some parts.

The question is: WHAT??



Obviously something is responsible.

There seems to be A FACTOR which all are overlooking.



I reasoned thus(put briefly): There seems to be some serious factor involved in global warming, OTHER than the well known ones.

What could that be?


Our concern is with the EXCESS Greenhouse gases' effect.(We NEED global warming, otherwise temperatures would be like on the surface of Mars.(Cold) So it is ONLY the EXCESS we look at.


A study of the anthropomorphic(Man caused) explanation quickly reveals a phoney case especially through tampered -with graphs.


Margaret Thatcher provided a grant to those who studied global warming.


It clearly is a most outragious con job SCAM. To get rich easily and quickly.




Now the sun's radiation varies LITTLE.

However, there is a second way that the sun transmits its heat to us. And that is via Coronal Mass Ejections and The Solar Wind. Whereby energy is transmitted to The Earth's magnetic field, then changed into heat, which rises up through the ground and sea into our atmosphere.



It still does not seem enough. We are missing SOMETHING. Something big and important.



What could that be?



Astronomy reveals that most stars are not singles, but multiples.


Since the sun is a star, then it is probable that we have a companion sun, if not a complete solar system, somewhere around!



In which case, WHY have we not been told about it?


Quite simply because a companion sun star would be indistinguishable from the surrounding stars. We could not know about it!(Astronomers don't know everything. In fact very little.)


There is no way we could know!



So, it has always been ASSUMED that our sun star is solo.(Astronomers have not known for long that stars are usually dual.)





The star and its close companion would orbit a common centre periodically.



Now when the companion sun star was near, it would naturally cause havoc to the(other) solar system(and ours to its). Via gravitic and magnetic tides, plus the heat from the other sun!)(PLUS whatever havoc was wreaked by ITS planets and their satellites,etc.)



PERIODIC cataclysms should show up through history(during the return trips of the companion),

We have the big flood etc. of about 3,600 years ago. And 3,600(!) years before that The Event we call The Creation.

I aver that the cause is our second sun companion.


Especially when the dreaded 2,012 A.D. event is almost due!


The arrival of our companion sun star would account for all this.



Now a strange large object has been reported. It was first reported about 30 years ago.(NASA found it, then dropped it like a hot potato(disclaiming it)(evidently because of its large size). Russia has been tracking it.(The West is most strenuously opposed to all weird and wonderful things.)



I am claiming that the extra heat(and precipitation), PLUS earthquakes, volcanic eruptions,etc.etc. are due to this second sun.




I say that it is very close to us now.(Then why not generally seen?)(Because approaching from behind our sun, and at an extremely sharp angle. ALSO Requiring telescopes equipped with special filters to be seen.)(Also not many would explore near the glare of the sun.)


Other than NASA's original report AND Russia tracking a strange large object since, is there ANY evidence of peculiar big objects approaching us??


The answer is yes: (Look on The Internet!) There are photographs and videos of a second sun, AND a planet, AND a moon, approaching!!


All too faint to be seen by the naked eye.



However, if interested, do check via "Second Sun" and "Nibiru"(a name of the planet) on The Internet, - and form your own opinions!!


People in general believe what they WANT to believe, not the truth.

If an unwelcome truth is met, then their remedy is simple: Just disbelieve it. And the problem is solved!(But it ISN'T!!)



So when I try to tell all and sundry, I get disbelieved.




My motive is pure and simple: To save the world!


I am astonished that other motives would exist!




Look: THEORY requires a companion sun star.


The evidence exists!!(As I have just stated.)




I claim to have found the cause(Of Global Warming).


Fortunately I also know the way of escape: Through The North Geographical Pole into The Great Within!!


If you believe in SINGLE SUN STARS and Solid home planets, then of course what I am saying will appear nonsensical.





A word about spinning molten rocks,etc:-


The heavenly bodies were originally such.

Now spinning objects fling their fluidic interiors TO THE SIDES - via rotational force(wrongly called centrifugal force)! Which should come as no surprise.


Via mass attracting mass, I believe. The fluidic mass tends(but cannot escape)to shoot off at a tangent. More inner masses stick to the outer, and all ends up on the outside of the interior. Forming,too, a hole at each end, and a CORE.

When and as the spinning rock cools down, it solidifies in that shape.

Producing a HOLLOW globe!


It is solid globes which are illogical!


So the final end result is a hollow round globe, with a thick shell, and a giant hole at each end, plus core.


A little thought should break the spell of the wrong teaching. Earth is not solid, it is hollow!!(As are all or most heavenly bodies and fields.)(Bolides.)




These holes at each end are very important.



(The Southern hole is too hazardous.)



Simply head for The North GEOGRAPHICAL Pole(Do NOT go underground(or under sea).), NOT magnetic pole, in a bee line, dead straight, - AND JUST KEEP GOING ON AND ON...


You should end up INSIDE of The Earth!!




These entrances are far too large to see. So big!!(Over a thousand miles in diameter.)


NOR is there any feeling of going DOWN! (Due to the fact that gravity points inwards at ninety degrees to the surface,regardless of any slopes, so it always SEEMS FLAT!!

IT Is flat to the feel, but curving to the sight!!




The Polar explorers encountered these anomalies, but did not know the reasons.


Admiral Byrd flew in through north and south poles!!






I am speaking at length to give you a chance to UNDERSTAND it all!!



That is how I reasoned.



The extra heat is coming from THE SECOND SUN(called Antoine).(Increased precipitation is coming from the extra heat, of course.)


Increasing earthquakes, volcanic eruptions,ETC. are coming from the gravity and magnetic TIDES from Antoine and Nibiru,etc.(A second solar system is merging RIGHT NOW with ours!)





What I am saying is: Escape(as many as possible, with equipment and arms, colonize the interior) IN through The North Geographical Pole, as fast as possible, key personnel, equipment(Arms WILL be needed!), as we only have 5.6 OR 6.6 years left!


21.12.2,012.A.D. IS the key date!!


There is land and sea ALMOST as extensive as the exterior WITHIN. A tropical paradise, where you will be safe(from the outer perils).


Nearly all life OUTSIDE will perish!! Horribly and terribly.



The weather AND EVERYTHING will deteriorate until then.




PLEASE heed what I am saying!!


Your life will depend up it!!





We can also EXPECT to be inspected by humanoid ALIENS.(Who use Nibiru(originally a planet of ours, where the asteroids are now)as a space ship!!)




I try all out to tell you all, but with no success so far.




I don't want to be guilty of the end of all life upon this planet.







Don't just go by my say so. STUDY my case, and the EVIDENCE on The Internet!!





The world does NOT want to know!


It rejects anything unpleasant.








Whoever tries to tell the world will have an AWFUL job getting them to believe!






But they will have no hesitation in stringing up(from lamp-posts) those who knew but did not speak out, AFTERWARDS!!





Other mysteries' solutions on my website:-












Sunday, 28th March, 2,010.


The Last Judgement


The Last Judgement should befall Humanity within 5.6 or 6.6 years.(Please note that The Gregorian Calendar is 4, possibly 3 years behind.(Re: Roman Catholic Priest Peeble.)Therefore the actual year now is 2,008 A.D. Possibly 2,009.(Respectively.)

It is basically a natural cyclic event. But is 40% a judgement.

The final end should be within ten or twenty years.

It cannot be stopped.




The heat is coming from The Second Sun, Antoine. Gravitic and Magnetic Tides are coming from Antoine and Nibiru.(I am assuming that you have read the previous articles.)


Apart from being a terrifying sight in the sky some years hence, the only other horrors are that humanoid aliens are using it as a space ship, and will visit us to inspect us. Also the red dust now falling from space and down through the atmosphere. Suffocating and deadly poisonous.


I had thought that the heat was coming from a force field around the surface of The Earth, created by friction as The Revolving Earth's core(more and more) drags the lower crust over the higher. This will be so too, but the main extra heat is coming from Antoine.


I am not sure if Antoine(The Second Sun) has reached Sol our sun, yet. But if not it should soon do so.

Its size seems to be the same as Sol's! So it, with its retinue of planets and their satellites,etc.etc. could be a duplicate copy of our solar system.

Probably has fewer planets.


It will circle the common gravity focal centre, along with Sol. Thus doing a sort of dance with our sun.


As it approaches in these circuits, the heat will increase. As it recedes, the heat will decrease.


This could already be occurring.


I believe that El Nino is caused by the approaches. And La Nina by the recessions.


I think that it has been circling Sol for some time.



The tropospheric global warming began in parts of The Earth's atmosphere, noticeably, about 50 years ago.


The sun spots went out about 3 to 4 years back, I think, because the gravitic and magnetic tides from Antoine are stirring up the upper layers of the sun. This also blocks the rising energies.


The sun should finally go out, dark - and black. For some years, with cold of over 500 degrees of frost. Little life will survive that.(Temperatures on Earth should head for minus 273 degrees Centrigade.)


The heat may not increase much more.




Nibiru's own gravitic and magnetic tides will wreak havoc upon The Earth. Also dragging down asteroids from The Oort Belt. And comets.



Anyone doubting the existence of Antoine, Nibiru,etc. should study the photographs and videos of these objects via The Internet.

Just punch in "Second Sun", and study that lot.

Then, separately, punch in "Nibiru", and study that.




(Please read back.(The H series is devoted to the double super cataclysm that will soon occur.))


Lens flares have been eliminated, and sun dogs.


Experts have declared the photos and videos genuine.



My theory is that a close binary companion sun-star solar system orbits ours every 3,600 years(roughly). Because most, if not all stars go in pairs, possibly identical. Identical twins.(This one may not be.)


Noah's Flood occurred(or some great flood) almost 3,600 years back.(With another one 3,600 years before that. Just before the Biblical Creation Event.


In 2,012. A.D. a terrible event is predicted. So it seems that these cataclysms are caused by the companion solar system orbitting our sun!



I cannot think of ANY other cause.(Man made global warming via fossil fuels,etc. would be far too feeble to fit.(This is a scam confidence trick pulled by those grabbing Mrs Margaret Thatcher's grant to all who studied global warming!))



It is not even due to Surface Nature.


Nor does the sun seem accountable.



The only other cause seems to be a companion solar system on yet another of its 3,600 year orbits of our sun.



Thus the photographs and videos(the evidence) fit the theory.




There are two ways to go here:(It is not a hoax or a joke.) 1. It is a sincere mistake(I mean what I say, but have miscalculated.). Or 2. It is genuine.



Either you will say: I do not like this, therefore I will disbelieve it.

Or you will consider it true.



If you can fault my logic, kindly quote your case(to me. I will study your counter, and hopefully reply.




If you agree with me, kindly inform the authorities, and get them to escape(the only way one can) via The North Geographical Pole, making a bee line straight for it, AND KEEP GOING AND GOING...


You can expect to enter The Great Within, A Tropical Paradise. You will survive the debacle down there. But probably perish upon the outer!!


Spinning molten globes(bolides) solidify in the shape taken up.(Which is hollow(via what is wrongly called centrifugal force(it is ROTATIONAL force, to be correct), with big holes at each end, and a sun like core.

It is not hollow like an egg shell, but has thick(400 miles thick) shells.




Get the authorities to organize a MASS EXODUS of key personnel and equipment. Take arms!!


OR, we all perish!!


6.6 or 5.6 years hence.


You have been told,





PLEASE help me TO HELP YOU!!(And The Authorities.)






Vic Conway.










Sunday, 28th March, 2,010.



In conclusion.(URL of my website is use topmost tool bar with address EXACTLY as given(or you won't get in)(Go to Home, and scroll down for latest articles(H57 and onwards).)




I am going to give TEN pointers to the fact that our close companion binary star sun with its solar system - is circling our sun and merging with it!!

(Why cannot we see it?

There are many reasons, but here is one(I have given the others in previous articles. Please see back. Good idea to read back, BACKWARDS, as required, anyway!!

Because it has come up from behind our sun, at a very sharp angle, and is now hidden in its glare.

The other solar system is almost perpendicular to ours!)(Ours is like a wheel lying flat. IT's is almost upright, and adjoining it, as it MERGES!!



The ten pointers:-



1. We have the extra heat in global warming to account for. It is NOT due to Man. Nor Surface Nature.(Volcanic eruptions and forest fires.) Nor our sun, either by radiation or solar wind,etc.(These factors are quite inadequate.)


A big heat source is required!

That points to a star, a sun.(If you read H67 you will see that our sun should have a close binary companion star. A sun!)




2. We have increasing earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, falling asteroids and comets.(Hardly explained by any amount of global warming!)



So what is causing these?


The only thing that could do all those things is a large object with enormous gravitic and magnetic tides!

We need a big object (necessarily in the sky):-


A star is required. A sun.




Stars go in pairs. Identical twins perhaps.


A sun!(This particular one, Antoine, has an orbital period of 3,600 years.)




3. The evidence? If you punch in "Second Sun" on The Internet you can see for yourselves(IF you study there long enough!) the photographs and videos of a second sun - circling ours RIGHT NOW!!(Not lens flares, not sun dog/s.)(Photos confirmed genuine by experts.)


A sun(star).(Collosal gravitic and magnetic tides.)(Heat similar to our sun's,too!(Thus explaining the extra heat.))



4. If you punch in "Nibiru", on The Internet, you can see for yourselves photographs of a planet about the size of Mars,and its moon,etc. perhaps a bit smaller.

This will eventually appear in our sky like a second moon, red and puffing(in volcanic spurts) like a RED DRAGON!! A hideous monster. (Used by humanoid aliens coming NOW(noticed the increasing UFO activity?!) to visit and inspect us.)




This will be(when it gets to only one million miles distant)the worst threat to us. Via its gravitic and magnetic tides. Also its suffocating and deadly(from INCURABLE bacteria) RED DUST(Already starting to fall!)!!


AND its boulders SPRAYING down upon us! ALL OVER THE EARTH!!!!


To join the lavic fountains spurting up everywhere.(On The Earth's surface.)





5. Heard of "The Comet of Nostradamus"?(This(a planetary CORE almost as big as Mars)is IT.) He(his predictions) was(were) never known to be wrong.







6. Jesus said that he would return in TWO DAYS.(This is taken to mean two THOUSAND YEAR LONG days.) Which from the time he spoke - takes us to about 2,012(The end of the world date now being proclaimed by SO MANY...)A.D.(1999 was merely a NUMBER to indicate the end of the thousands, NOT the end of this age date.)




7. 2,012.A.D. is the proclaimed date of the end of the world.(By MANY excellent sources.)(But due to a 4 years behind error in The Gregorian Calendar(Vide R.C. Priest Peebles.), that means 2,016.A.D.(POSSIBLY 2,015.A.D.)



8. The sun spots stopped appearing a few years back. Why?(We NEED to account for all of these things!!)(Not just ignore them!!)






Another sun near by with its enormous gravitic and magnetic tides could put them out. Perhaps periodically.



9. The last book in The Holy Bible(Protestant anyway.), called Revelation, details out in archaic form the appalling ghastly events of the end!

I aver that within just a few short years THAT will occur!!





10. In The Great Pyramid at Giza in Egypt, is a marker. Showing The End of time.

The date? 2,012.A.D!!(Many are talking about 2,012.A.D. There is a film out called 2,012.A.D.(But it will be PEANUTS compared to what IS coming!!)






In conclusion(Perhaps this is the last of the H series, and possibly of all series.).




Yes. The end is nigh. The end of this age. It COULD be the end of all life upon this planet.










Vic Conway.




Sunday, 4th April, 2,010.



Hale Bopp IS the second sun!

Not a comet at all. It is a star!





I keep turning up amazing things as I push deeper and deeper into this second solar system colliding with ours RIGHT NOW!!


It looks very much as if the "comet" Hale Bopp IS the second sun! It isn't a comet at all! (THIS is the "comet" of Nostradamus - a STAR SUN!!) A sun, complete with its own solar system. A sun as large as our Sol, and possibly a duplicate of ours.


This second sun(known as Hale Bopp comet) is receding, though it MAY have swung back towards the sun - for another sweep, as it takes up an orbital around our sun.



In huge elliptical loops at present, it should settle down into circular orbits.


These are my findings, anyway.



As it approaches temps will increase. As it recedes, temps will fall. Of course.



It means increasingly AWFUL times ahead. Terrifying. No thing should survive what lies ahead. I mean no life forms on our planet!!




The worst may come from the planetaary core we now know as Nibiru.




I am assuming that you have read all the preceding articles, if not - work backwards through the last few, at least. To grasp better what I am talking about.



What broke up and crashed into Jupiter some years back is probably a rock from the tail of Nibiru.














Monday, 5th April, 2,010.



A Precis of my articles on Doomsday's approach.

My website's URL is TOPMOST TOOL BAR, and the address EXACTLY as given(or you won't get in).(For articles H56 or H57, and later - go to Home, and scroll down.)





Please observe that I proceed TENTATIVELY. And thus gradually improve my findings.

I list the progressive advances I have made numerically.(My findings over the decades.)


1. Planet X(Now the 9th out from the sun, since Pluto(with Charon) is no longer designated. as a planet.


2. No, Nibiru is NOT Planet X! Planet X is a different object altogether.



Nibiru WAS Planet 5(Fifth rock out from sun).

Now Antoinne's planet 5!(Antoine is another sun.)



3. It is second sun! Antoinne is the name given to the second sun.(Second sun seen in sky by a VERY small few)(No, not sun dog, nor lens flare. Genuine pictures, experts allege.) A close binary star companion of Sol. Possibly an identical twin.


4. It is a small solar system.



5. It is a large solar system.(Our identical twin, perhaps.)



6. (How could a star-sun as big as Sol creep up upon us unseen?! Impossible?




7. Because it was called "Hale Bopp" comet!(1997) (As a comet it could slimily sneak in!!)

It was not a comet, but a star-sun!(One million miles in diameter!!(One estimate on Internet!))(Hardly a comet!) It LOOKED like a comet, and was ASSUMED to be one.(Who would have thought it was a star?!)(Certainly not the guys giving out the news!!)


8. It was receding. But may be returning now!



9. As it loops back around Sol, our sun!(We shall see.)(Please remember THESE numbered points are MY opinions as I progressed from find to find.)(I was reasoning to myself as I went along.)(I invite you to follow in my reasoning track! See how it feels to you.)


10. I know the way of escape!!(Go down The North Geographical Pole! It is a thousand mile wide entrance to The Great Within!(Make a bee-line straight for The North Geographical Pole AND KEEP GOING ON AND ON...(Don't stop, just KEEP on going AND GOING...)(not magnetic pole!). It is NOT underground, but will FEEL AS IF a FLAT(though LOOK curving) continuation of the sea,etc.(In Antarctica there is another one thousand miles wide entrance, but it is too hazardous.)

"Down" there is a vast tropical paradise ( TAKE ARMS!!). You will be safe in there. But almost all will perish outside!


I am the ONLY one who knows the way of escape. I know the details. So LISTEN most carefully to what I am telling you!!



11. TWO main objects:-

(i) Second sun.

(ii) The planetary core, Nibiru.


Now note this,and note it well: These two objects PLUS Planet X are being confused into one object in minds of people. Even on The Internet.


12. Why can we not see it?(The Second Solar System.)

(i) Because only visible near Antarctica!

(ii) Via a special telescope(There is one down there.).

(iii) Filtered.

(iv) In The Infra Red.

(v) Nibiru,etc.(Moon/s and other planets,etc, of Antoine.)

too faint. Especially against the back-drop of The Milky-Way.



(vi) Coming from behind the sun.


(vii) In Sol's glare.


(viii) It is like an upright wheel merging with a wheel lying flat.(The two solar systems.)


(ix) It is being hushed up world-wide to avoid panic.


But I say better a little panic now, than much PANDEMONIUM later!!




(x) Nibiru will appear SUDDENLY 2 or 3 years hence.  To the naked eye.

As big as our moon.

An ugly thing like a red dragon.

Due to numerous volcanic spurts all over its surface.

So all will see it!(Soon)


Lessen the HORRIFIC and TERRIFYING SHOCK and reduce the mass PANDEMONIUM

by warning ALL, NOW!!(Thus to give all time to psychologically prepare themselves!!)

(xi) Persuade authorities to organize an evacuation of key personnel and equipment(Take ARMS!!), seeds,etc.

To RE-START Humanity and all other life forms upon the surface of our planet!(Upon that OTHER surface!)(WITHIN The Earth, BUT NOT UNDERGROUND!!)



In that tropical paradise that lies within. WITH ITS OWN SUN,ETC!!



13. STUDY photographs and videos of Second Sun Atoinne(And Nibiru). - SEPARATELY!!

(They are NOT one object!)

Punch in "Second Sun" and "Nibiru" SEPARATELY.

They are NOT lens flares, nor sun dogs!!


Experts have declared the pictures genuine!!





14. PLEASE read my earlier articles because although I progress in my findings, more detail on various points may be found. Go back through the last few anyway. To H59 at least.


My web-site address, URL: http:www.//

PLEASE! You MUST put the address EXACTLY as I give it here!

Use the TOPMOST TOOL BAR(or you won't get in)!

Go to Home, and then scroll down in the case of H56 or H57.

I am sorry, but due to a glitch on the site I AM UNABLE to post up in the normal manner.


So I have done this RATHER THAN NO THING!!




15. The Second Sun would look like a star WHEN FIRST SEEN(Against background drop of Milky-Way.).



Next, it would look like a comet(It was called Hale Bopp. (In 1997)


And finally like our sun(no tail).


Would originally have a tail - due to fast speed.(And lose it when it slows down near our sun.)



Please note that - like our sun - because we are ONE(via gravity) with it,now, NO TAIL can be seen( THERE we were not one with it!)!


NOTE THIS POINT WELL!!(As some may argue: "If tail, must be comet, not sun star!")

Stars don't have tails? Not seen by us, no, because so far away.

But when close up, the tail gets seen!!

THEN, when VERY CLOSE, no tail seen BECAUSE we would then be ONE with it gravitationally!!(And thus TRAVELLING WITH IT!!)(As gravitationally linked to our sun!)


I hope that solves the tail objection!!




16. Its(Antoinne's(name of the second sun) retinue of planets and their satellites,etc. would be far too faint to see AT FIRST. And for a long time.

Nibiru appeared EVENTUALLY.



It was found by NASA. But dropped like a hot potato.(I think when they realized how big it was!)

After that it was tracked by The Russians.




17. One million miles in diameter.(A STRANGE comet!!)


But AT FIRST regarded as one.(Hale Bopp)(In 1997.) (HENCE "The Comet of Nostradamus"!)


Equals our sun!



18. At its closest point(so far), it was 100,000,000 miles distant. (Same as our sun.)(It LOOKED the size of sun,too!)(Indicating that it really is ONE MILLION MILES IN DIAMETER!!)



19. Nibiru is the threat now!




20. Nostradamus SAID - that there would seem to be two suns in the sky.(Note he didn't say there WOULD be. But I suggest Nostradamus didn't get that point quite right!!)(He might not have divined that there would ACTUALLY BE two suns in the sky!!)


21. Note that underground cities are being built FOR THE CHOSEN FEW!!

But I say inadequate protection against gravity and magnetic TIDES.


Also inside a mountain.


Seeds,etc. being stored.



It is known by THE FEW that SOMETHING AWFUL is coming. And SOON.

The people not being told of course.

To keep CONTROL of us!!(Only secondarily to avoid panic!)







22 Object broke up and crashed into Jupiter(Comet Shoemaker Levy 9.)some years back. Recall that string of fragments?

Then more recently another object crashed into Jupiter.




Now this is unusual(objects that big, anyway).


I aver that these were large rocks from Nibiru's tail.


Which we ENTERED some time back!


Red dust from the tail is ALREADY FALLING!!





23. Obviously something VERY BIG is happening!!




24. ALL news of it is being filtered out.




25. Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, asteroids and comets falling to Earth, are increasing rapidly.

(Hardly due to Global Warming, Man-made or not!!)(Yet occurring IN TANDEM with the growing heat,etc!)

As well as heat and precipitation,


And WHAT would cause all THAT??


ONLY a second sun, with its heat, gravitic and magnetic tides - is AT ALL ADEQUATE!!




26. RULING Humanity rejects bad news.

So no problem staying ignorant!!



27. ONLY I KNOW what is happening(fully enough I mean) - and the way of escape!! So PLEASE help me to get The Authorities WEAVING!!!!





28. Increasing UFO activity evidently heralding the coming of aliens to inspect us - as they land "en masse",



But first proclaim UFO's to the world.



(Which The World(in general) is STILL refusing to do.)



So they will DO IT FOR US!!!!




29. Crop Circles. - Messages to try to wake us up.




30. It is parallel to early COLONISTS with the natives!!




31. The CURRENT human condition is too crazy to last long!!




32. Main event,though, is lining up of Northern Winter Solstice with The Great Dark Rift

at the centre of The Milky Way Galaxy.




This is heralding The Age of Aquarius,ETC.




AND - far more importantly - releasing higher vibrations from the centre of our galaxy, lifting up(spiritually and materially) the vibrations of Earth and its creatures.



The lesser evolved cannot bear this - and are re-acting increasingly badly!






33. The Great Tribulation - The Worst Event EVER(past AND FUTURE!!)

to befall Earth's Life-forms.




These are the last days - The End of The World(The end of this age, at least.).




34. - The Enactment of The Bible's last book

- The Book of Revelation!






35. Gravitic and magnetic tides from Antoinne and Nibiru



are rapidly increasingly affecting brains and minds of humans and animals.





Causing weak human nature




to do mad and bad things.















Vic Conway.




Sunday, 11th April, 2,010.





It is possible that the second sun is a small binary star, a dwarf sun.(LIKE a brown dwarf, but red.)

I incline to think now that the solar system now merging with ours is only a small one. But it will still cause tremendous damage, including to Earth.

As time passes more and more large objects are moving into our view.(Indicating planets, with their moons, orbitting a second sun.)(The second sun evidently is where the heat and disturbances are coming from. Disturbances like volcanic eruptions.)

A confusion appears to exist between the second sun and its sixth planet, Nibiru. Also named or mis-named Planet X. Because at one point it takes up a very eccentric orbit around our sun, temporarily re-occupying its old postion between Jupiter and Mars!


VERY many different reports exist. It is so hard to reach a firm decision.



It(this second solar system)certainly seems to exist.



It is causing great controversy.



We need to get ready for 21st December, 2,012.A.D.



Which date may in fact be three years(perhaps four) behind the true date!(Vide Peebles' calendar correction)


Thus making THE date actually 2,015, possibly 2,016, A.D. In our wrong calendar terms.







Vic Conway.




Sunday, 11th April, 2,010.