Thursday, 31st December, 2,009.


Red Alert continued.


I am trying to unravel a very complicated situation, here.

It is extremely important I get it right. Or as right as I can!!

An object is approaching us, closer and closer. It has been since 1984 or 1987 when NASA discovered it. - Only to deny it shortly afterwards.

Since that date The Russians have tracked it.

It is not headed for us. It is headed for the sun, around which all objects in The Solar System go. We just happen to be so close to the sun, that it should pass by us at a million miles distance.(Imagine the TERRIFYING SIGHT of an OBJECT several LINEAR times larger than sun or moon SUDDENLY, WITHOUT WARNING, appearing in the sky!!)(About 7 weeks before THE END.(The THING passes us September to December 2,012.A.D. So 2,012.A.D. IT IS!!!!)(It will be with us three or four months!!)

Estimates as to size vary from slightly smaller than Mars - to the size of a gas giant planet!(Quoted sizes are LINEAR. That is several times bigger than sun or moon MEANS several times THEIR DIAMETERS, not just their overall volumes!!)


It now looks about the same size as the sun! However, it is dark. It has a very low albedo(reflection index). The position of the disk is sat close to the sun, and just stays there. Not seen because of the sun's glare. It has been photographed before sunrise(or after sunset)! A rough ugly looking thing. But normally it is visible ONLY from Antarctica. You need a telescope, special equipment and filters.(We have JUST entered its TAIL(Which is about 20 million miles long IN FRONT OF IT!!)(Scientists recently stated that The Sun has entered a zone in Space where conditions(material in space) IS DIFFERENT! Nonsense! It is THE TAIL of Nibiru WHICH WE HAVE JUST ENTERED!!!!)(Space conditions don't change that much!!)(Everyone is being FORCED to keep their mouths SHUT you see!! And that MAY be a good thing, as the PANIC would be hideous! And cause such damage!!)


Now 18 million miles away - and closing.


There is much talk about Planet X. Now Planet X refers to the tenth(actually the ninth) planet out from the sun. The next one after Neptune(Pluto(and twin Charon) is a satellite(s) of Neptune which in a solar disaster was blown onto a solar orbit of its own.


I do know that there was a planet orbitting the sun between Mars and Jupiter. Where the asteroids now are! That one got blown out onto a VERY eccentric orbit. On its first trip it shot past Mars, struck The Earth a glancing blow, creating our Moon, and then took up its new orbit around the sun. It is called Nibiru. Amongst many other names.


Now few know about Nibiru. What I think has happened is that it was spotted, but confused for Planet X! The people who spotted it not knowing about it, thought it was Planet X!!(Not NASA, but another group of astronomers. I think.)

Anyway, it(Nibiru) seems to have gotten confused with Planet X!

I think Planet X(actually 9) has a normal orbit around the sun. Though it is POSSIBLE that it TOO has an eccentric orbit.(Possible, but not likely.) Nibiru originally had a normal orbit, but in a disaster got blown onto its present irregular orbit.


We have one, possibly two, planets on irregular courses.

The orbital period of Nibiru is 3,600 years.

Planet X has a different orbital period.


(So we have THREE or FOUR different PERIODIC cycles to take into account!! (a) The Quarter Solar Cycles of 6,500 years (b) Nibiru's 3,600 year orbital period. (c) Planet X's orbit period(I don't think it has an IRREGULAR orbit.) and NOW the (d) ( SUN SPOTS outage(an unknown period of years, average 30.).



At least twice before Nibiru has shot past Earth, and each time caused ENORMOUS destruction. The first time was before Adam and Eve. Details unknown.


The SECOND KNOWN time Nibiru passed us was about 1601 B.C.


At that time(About 1601 B.C.), a number of appalling things happened. There was 1. a gigantic graph spike in general conditions.(It was REALLY huge.) A graph spike TOWERING way above ALL other events around for thousands of years!! So it must have been of FANTASTIC magnitude. 2. Santorini, a small rock island off Crete, blew up. 3. Poseidon(THOUGHT(wrongly)to be Atlantis) WENT DOWN for the third time. And 4. Noah's Flood occurred!!(I think it was the flood of Gilgamesh.)(I believe Noah's Flood occurred much earlier.)

Now, events of this magnitude are ONE in THOUSANDS of YEARS affairs!


Pretty obviously SOMETHING caused all four of these super disasters. Something that also occurred 3,600 years earlier.

The orbital period of Nibiru is 3,600 years!

WHAT would cause incredibly dry conditions, blow up Santorini, sink Poseidon(yet again), AND cause what is CALLED Noah's Flood? (But which I think is actually the flood of Gilgamesh!)

Extremely dry conditions usually follow colossal floods. A great flood accounts for that spike.

Nibiru's massive gravity AND magnetic tides would certainly(It appears that the crust of The Earth was torn away from the lower crust, and then DROPPED back down!) produce a tremendous shock to the tectonic plates and REALLY stir up the MAGMA(semi molten rock in Earth's interior)!! - Amongst many other things!!

Terrific pressure from below would have sent Santorini skywards with a tremendous bang.


An underwater earthquake would have sent Poseidon down, YET again.


What caused the flood, which later produced long awfully dry conditions? I venture to say Poseidon, again. Creating tsunami of stupendous height, smashing through The Straits of Gibraltar, sweeping all the way along The Mediterranean Sea and into The Middle East. SEA WATER!! But stupendous rains as well.


And this MONSTER, Nibiru, is once more heading our way!


Expected to pass us about three years hence. Over the period September to December, 2,012.A.D. Inclusive. Three to four months.

Orbital trajectories are very exact things. So we should expect much the same sort of devastation(in three years time)!


Not many would survive.


The Authorities are building underground(and under ocean floor) cities. And digging out gigantic holes in mountains. AND storing SEEDS, and animals. Plus draining the people of their money!!


To escape the monstrous effects of Nibiru, of course!!(Nibiru is the cause of Global Warming, not Man, not even The sun(NOW), and not Surface Nature!!!!)


The chosen FEW will be whisked into the deep cities, and into mountains...


The rest of us can just hope to die first. Or, hope for evacuation by aliens!!



Three years is not long, is it!!


I am not trying to scare you. Just telling you the plain unvarnished facts!!


Very few know about this.

Nibiru should with no warning, SUDDENLY appear in our skies a few times larger than sun or moon, ABOUT SEVEN WEEKS BEFORE it passes us!(2.75 years hence!! About.)


Expect ONLY THEN for the general public to learn about it!!

When so little can be done.

Except make peace with God. And WAIT FOR IT!!

Wondering whether you will suffocate on the red dust(it is emitting) OR get hit by one of many falling boulders, rocks, stones,etc.(Provided you can survive the appalling things happening on The Earth's surface!!)


Be it noted that we have FOUR main events, all occurring around the same time:-



1. There is the event of The Big Solar Cycle of 6,500 years.(Actually a quarter cycle of the full Precessional(Zodiacal) Term of 26,000 years.)(Created by the electric,etc.flow along the spiral arm OF OUR LOCAL STELLAR CLUSTER, which the sun goes around in FOUR periods. This charges up the sun. Which in turn charges up The Earth,etc.)

That is the one where The Earth inverts.

The one I found my Binomial Sequence Predictor in.

But this one MAY not happen this time. Because of Nibiru, AND maybe Planet X.

(But WE COULD experience a Nibiru devastion AND a Quarter Solar Cycle devastation. One after the other!!)

Upsetting the applecart.


CONJOINT with the stopping of the sun spots!!



So things are REALLY complicated this time!!


2. There is The Ice Age. This is caused by the melting ice of The Arctic flowing into The Atlantic - via Greenland,mainly, AND The Great Lakes and down the rivers.

All this cold fresh water usually(EACH CYCLE!!) depresses The Gulf Stream, stopping it. This, in turn, freezed North West Europe over. Which STARTS The Ice Age!!

3. Nibiru is joining the party this time.


4. And POSSIBLY Planet X!


THIS TIME, PERHAPS instead of the normal 6,500 year cyclic period Earth Inversion, Nibirus and/or Planet X(But I THINK just Nibirus!) WILL DO THE JOB, perhaps ADDITIONALLY!!


Its ENORMOUS gravity AND magnetism should invert The Earth, via The Earth's BULGE.


Normally(every 6,500 years) we have THE ORDINARY Earth Inversion, preceded by GROWING HEAT(Global Warming) , which melts the polar caps, raising the ocean 440 feet!(Another thing to consider!)

THIS time, we can expect the same via Nibiru doing it, instead of the sliding ice!(Which NORMALLY starts The Earth inverting.)


All this is complicated by the fact that THE SUN SPOTS have gone out! Three years ago. And it is THEY that supply the energy(being magnetic vortices) - which becomes heat(two ways: (a) via the magma getting EXTRA heated, and (b)via a force field forming at the surface of The Earth.(WHICH IS WHERE OUR CURRENT GROWING HEAT WAS COMING FROM.(With Nibiru now coming close, THIS will RESUME!!))

So expect APPALLING heat. I think many will die due to the heat. Heat stroke and sun stroke.

We should be almost fried alive!


Normally, and in fact is, I think, starting up, the stopped sun spots reduces the force field(Where our heat is coming from, not Man, nor even Surface Nature!!), and thus reduces the heat. So cold is increasing!!


Notice Australia's MUCH SLOWED average temperature rise!!(It had almost stopped, for months!!)


This cooling effect will stop now. Because Nibiru is THAT close!!


Nibiru will, IN EFFECT, take over THE SUN'S duty of charging up The Earth's core(usually and SUPER SO,was,)!!

The INCREASINGLY ELECTRICALLY AND MAGNETICALLY CHARGED core will DRAG the lower crust over the upper one. Creating friction which creates a force field and HEAT at the surface.(THIS is where the heat was coming from. And will now RESUME!!)



Our heat was coming from Earth's Surface Force Field(as well as direct through The Earth!!) aided at times by El Nino!!(THAT will now resume via Nibiru!)


Nibiru and Earth have aligned their magnetic poles.(Of course)(Like two magnets!!)


The story about Nibiru, WRONGLY THOUGHT TO BE PLANET X, will be found all over The Internet. Just type in Nibiru or Planet X, - AND SEE!!!!

MY MAIN CONTRIBUTION is The Earth's Inversion,ETC. VIA The Sun's Quarter Cycles of 6,500 years. And my fantastically accurate Binomial Sequence Predictor!!



All right. So Nibiru takes over The Sun's duties to Planet Earth. Except NO energy flowing in!


As Nibiru closes in(it will do so twice(once again after rounding the sun)), the AWFUL things that have been growing(but SO ignored by the public) since THE EIGHTIES!! - Will get worse and worse, FASTER AND FASTER!!!!


HOW MANY of you have noticed the steadily worsening conditions(Since about 1998, anyway!), per weather, and seismic and volcanic AND ASTEROIDAL,ETC. events?!

The Public does not ask WHY! They TRUST The Authorities, via Government and Media(Ha ha.).


We keep getting told (almost daily now!) that each event is a ONCE IN A HUNDRED YEAR affair!! Notice?! And the public goes back to sleep!!

It is being DELIBERATELY played DOWN by The Authorities. To keep WHAT THEY KNOW SECRET!!

THEY KNOW all about it. Or most of it.

And are WASTING NO TIME building underground cities, and carving out great holes in mountains,etc.ETC!!!!(Meanwhile stuffing us up with SOOTHING LIES!!!!)



Oh,boy. WAKE UP, Humanity!!



So Nibiru will not simply suddenly arrive with its DEVASTATING HORRORS, but after INCREASINGLY RAPIDLY worsening weathers,etc!!


The Mob will awaken TOO LATE. And not be able to harm those who should have informed us, but didn't!! As they will be tucked away inside mountains, or deep down in Underground Cities!! COME ON!!


Humans, in Australia anyway, are often laughing awaying enjoying their material pleasures. So obsessed(are many) with sport and entertainment,etc...

While, very soon now, ALL HELL WILL BREAK LOOSE!!!!

From now on it STARTS to get a bit unbearable!!



And ends up WITH A SMASHED WORLD!!!!



WHAT, exactly, will happen?

ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. You name it!!

However, a tremendous RAPTURE will also come. And huge religious and spiritual revivals will occur. As MANY flock back to the temples and churches,etc.

As I say, it will be like your own personal POMPEI, only MUCH worse, and ALL OVER THE WORLD!!

We shall need to wear face masks to combat the RED DUST. To keep the worst of it out of our lungs!!(Not just dust, but POISONOUS dust!)

The FIRST of the red dust HAS ALREADY ARRIVED!!

The growing panic will bring life and industry TO A STAND STILL.

Imagine THE TERROR hitting The General Public!!


With that COLOSSAL red disk in the sky!!


It will grow very dark.

Fires everywhere.

Lava spurting out of the ground.

A non stop hail of boulders,rocks,stones,etc...

Death will be MOST WELCOME!!

(Look at what is already happening! Under sea cable broke(but what broke it?). Sewer pipes and Gas pipes shattered. (As the gravity and magnetic tides from Nibiru increase, we will get more and more of (sink holes forming, giant deep holes appearing in the ground) these mishaps.

Earthquakes in California.

ALL volcanoes will become SUPER active. Including the (now) dormant ones!!

All sorts of weird things are happening.

The source is NIBIRU!!!!


Aliens landing in their craft to inspect us.


Evacuate some of us.


Many many things like this have been and ARE happening.


We can EXPECT those to increase, more and MORE,...



Normally it is the sun's quarter cycles that cause the ends of the ages.


THIS TIME it will be Nibiru. Though POSSIBLY The Sun, TOO!!


Although THIS TIME it will not be(probably not AS WELL) THE USUAL PERIODIC end of the age event, still MANY will die.

You can imagine horror and the MISERY prevailing.


Though we won't have much chance to reflect on the horrors!!



The question may be on so many minds: Do I jump down a Sink Hole(they look BOTTOMLESS), OR wait for a boulder to hit me??!!


All right, I think I have given a BIT of a picture of what to expect...





Draw your own conclusions!!!!(As to what that should produce...)











Vic Conway!!













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