Saturday, 20th December, 2,008.


An introduction to Ratings.(My Ratings System to mathematically divide out the wealth via new currencies annually.)


We are in a financial melt down that can ONLY be stopped by SPENDING! Since not enough people and organizations will do that freely, then THE ONLY HOPE for the world is to share out the wealth EQUALLY via my Ratings System, wherein people will LOSE monetary value if they do not spend! Thus they WILL spend!!(I urge you all to read and study my Ratings Systems!! To get the details of this.) First in Australia or U.S. or New Zealand or Britain. And then get all nations to join the method!!

Basically, rate ALL(bar ministers, including the opposition) according to their capital AND incomes! Then via the issuance of a new currency on people's birthdays, we divide out the wealth.(Assets to be valued and cost in too!)

This to be done via The Government.(Note that parliamentary ministers to be exempt!)(By the way, the rich will get richer too, via permitting THEM to use the old currency too!!(We HAVE TO DO THIS, otherwise the rich will baulk and NOT permit Ratings!!)(But the populace will gain,too.)(Via increased SPENDING!!)(Which WILL eventually save the world via stopping the financial melt down. The alternative will be TOTAL CHAOS!! Make no mistake about that.)


I wish you ALL the best. WE ARE GOING TO NEED IT!!

I THINK Australia and New Zealand will escape the worst of it. The U.S. should disintegrate. Britain, too, I expect.

Naturally with the collapse of The West, The Political East, especially The narrow Wahabee sect masquerading as Islam, will HAVE A FIELD DAY!!


Now upon my words depends your survival, and that of your children,etc.

Long study has apprised me.

I urge you most strongly, to listen and consider MY SOLUTION.


We face many perils,and the worsen by the hour.

Obama can't save us.

So GET my system before influential eyes!!

Even Obama's!!

Then of course he might save us!!

Note that this(My Ratings System!!) will also cure the growing world perils!!

Implement it, and we enter a new Utopia.

Fail, and few will remain alive by six years hence!!(I give us four.)


I need you all to bring my SOLUTION to the attention of The KEY people in The West. Especially in Australia, New Zealand, Britain, U.S. Canada,etc.

Here is your chance, Australia.

Springborg might.

Don't know about Rudd!!

We needed CHANGE. Yes. But for THE BETTER, not the worse!!!!


Think VERY carefully now.


OUR future depends upon YOUR decision...






Victor Conway. 

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