Monday, 2nd June,  2,008.


War imminent??

     Israel may attack Iran.  Despite awful counter attack.(Possibly Quods Force. Or it AND the nuclear(two, at least) sites.

    U.S. would then, probably attack Iran, full force.(Answering Iran's crushing reply - to save Israel.)

    Be wise to dodge their small craft, though!!

    Iran would counter devastatingly.  Closing Straits of Homuz.  Attacking soldiers,etc. in Iraq, taking them hostage, by overwhelming force.   Attack U.S.ETC. DIRECTLY.  Attacking U.S. ships,etc.   AND bases!!!!   Causing oil havoc, and gas,  sending prices THROUGH ROOF!!!!  And so on, and on....    A NEVER ENDING war by strong numerous Al Queda and Taliban,etc.etc. forces.  (North Korea is spreading nuclear,etc.weapons.)

    I think that August critical month.(West OBLIGED to defend itself.   Iran,etc. DO NOT CARE.  Iran WANTS war.  They think martyrdom sends to Paradise IMMEDIATELY after DEATH!!!!

    Israel p.m.(Olmert) not much good. But maybe better a poor right winger, than a good leftie.(Barak)(Netenashu the man needed!!)

    Bush is a sap.  A RIGHT clot!!   Though far better than was.  But Cheney making the moves.

    Bush does not even read the news. I doubt he can read!   Brain addled after excessive alcohol and drugs when young!!

    No wonder West gone right down!(After TEN YEARS with IDIOT Bush in charge!!

    Yet, HE IS LEAST EVIL!!!!

    What is needed, AND HAS BEEN FOR YEARS, if not DECADES!!!!

    Is nuclear attack against Iran AND North Korea. Perhaps simultaneously.

    Bush is afraid of Russia, and upcoming China.

    However!  However bad the repercussions, NOT to attack will leave West, especially U.S., EVEN MORE VULNERABLE!!

     Pelosi a traitorous fool.

     U.S. Democrats are of course appeasers and pacifists.

     But you CANNOT negotiate(successfully)with someone HELL bent upon destroying you!!

     U.S. SHOULD NOT have attacked Iraq!!  Saddam a good man.(They MAY have got a duplicate. I think not.)

     If we don't attack THEM(and win), THEY WILL attack West, AND WIN!!!!

    Rice is Bushie's STOOGE. playing The Appeasement PACIFYING game.(Bush may OR MAY NOT be bluffing!!)(He COULD cause an EMERGENCY, stay in power!!  And introduce Martial Law.  Huge and awful sudden, rapid changes lie immediately ahead!!!!)

    West attacked Afghanistan to destroy drug crop. It is still FLOURISHING.(Without it, Afghanistan would perish!!)

    West, including blue force, using proceeds from drugs!! Including Afghanistan's!!

    Pakistan the big menace now.(Along with fast rising crime, ethical collapse,and moral;  fast growing piracy,  rogue nations, nuclear ETC proliferation,  Cuba, Venezuela, Libya, Egypt!  Turkey!!   Et AL!!!!!!!

   U.S. almost totally fixated upon Iraq!!  Surge success ONLY VERY PARTIAL!!!!

    West indulges in A LOT of wishful thinking and self kidology!!!!

     West has two options, IMMEDIATELY!!   Attack Iran AND North Korea.   OR withdraw from Middle East.  AND MAYBE South Korea!!!!

     U.S. is HORRIFICALLY in debt.(Why? Something seriously wrong with U.S. Republicans!! Power switch via Clinton(Bill Clinton)!!)   Forces FAR too few, AND too SPREAD.

     Bush MAY be planning LATE attack on Iran(and MAYBE North Korea).

     Alternative is to leave it to his successor. Which will amost certainly be Barak!!

     Hilary could pull out ANY TIME.  Too much for her!!

     I doubt McCain would win.

     And, if Obama wins, I expect a VERY FAST defeat for The West.  (Political East will just walk over him!!  Too inexperienced. Too emotional.  AND an APPEASER!!!!   Bloody PACIFIST!!!!(Might as well bow to the Devil!!)(Too many want REVENGE against Whitey! And especially Israel and U.S!!)(THEY would kill us - TO THE LAST BABY COMING OUT OF THE WOMB.  YES!! AS it came!!!!   SUCH, and SO MUCH hatred of West in The Political East!!!!)(WEST has to try to defend itself!!!!)

     COULD YOU negotiate with some THUG beating you up??!!  COME ON, STOP being so stupid!!!!

     OF COURSE Iran is (or has ALREADY GOT!!) DEVELOPING a nuclear bomb!!

     U.S. Intelligent Report an Appeasement job by Dems!!

     A SELL OUT!!!!

     And U.S. is REDUCING its forces.(Thanks to Dems!!)

     INCLUDING the nuclear!!

     We are not living in a world of fools, WE ARE the fools!!

     It was too late TWENTY YEARS, even THIRTY years, back!!!!

     Yes, Obama will be another Carter!!  A BLOODY TRAITOR!!!!

      Religious  NIT.

      And Carter IS STILL AT IT!!!!

     Even Nixon wasn't all that good. But NOT that bad!!

     Bring those 100 air-craft carriers, ETC.    OUT of moth-balls!!

     Political correctness,etc. HAS ALL BUT destroyed The West!!

     We are ALL guilty - to some extent or other.

     For listening to villainous TRAITORS!!!!

       If we do not IMMEDIATELY attack  The Political East(and win, WITH honour),  THEY will attack us IMMEDIATELY, and WIN with THEIR SORT OF honour!!!!(THEY are murderous BASTARDS!!!! UTTERLY PITILESS!!!!(WAKE UP, WEST!!!!)(West living in Past. Should be focussed on Present AND Future!!))(Strong and many.)(We are FAR too soft, and watching American Idol, ETC.ETCS!!!!)(Steeped in sex, drugs, dope, power, violence, pleasure, and a female family RULED society!!!!)(Come on men, take back control!  From your wives AND children.  You have become bloody DOORMATS!!!!   GOD'S FAMILY is the one to be in!!  It is MEN that need the sympathy.  And WHITES.  What we have is reverse RACISM.  Black skins,etc. in majority now avenging by killing all whites,etc.(Though the white skins did MUCH good!!)(I believe white skins superior mentally. Dark skins superior emotionally!!)  I love negroes.  Abo's reclaiming Australia.  Labour stuffed.   Trade Unions backed.  And the old big four or course: Hayden. Whitlam. Hawke and Keating.  Slaves make bad tyrants!!  Sucking up to SLOBS won't win!!  Masses playing to the gallery.  Mob rule reigns!!)(Political Correctness, ostensibly a good thing, is USED to do maximum evil!!!!)


       Iran stopped nuclear bomb development in 2,003.(So says the U.S. Intelligence report.)(Thus acknowledging that they WERE working on THE BOMB!!)

       However, Iran RESUMED nuclear bomb development SHORTLY AFTERWARDS!!!!

       Please note the following:-

       1.  Global Cooling is on the way.  a. Due to Gulf Stream stopping or slowing. b.  Due to a nuclear winter following Earth Inversion.  c.  Due to a nuclear winter following nuclear war/s.

            Putting mirrors,etc.into space to reduce global warming - would be stupid.  These warming spells are periodic,and caused by SUN, not Man!!   If you reduce G.W., and then Global Cooling comes IN ADDITION, we shall soon be EVEN COOLER!!

       2.  Obama, of course, is the name of The Darkie.(I could not recall his name.)(Skin colour of course makes little difference. It is the colour of THE HEART that matters!!)

       3.  Hilary Clinton could POSSIBLY win, however remotely.  Therefore foolish to give up!(Naturally her enemies would pressure her to give up!)

       4.  I submit FOUR possible results: a.  Obama will probably win.  b. Hilary MIGHT(Not NOW!!!!). However remotely.  c.  McCain COULD(i VERY much doubt it!!).   And d, Bush might produce an emergency, STAY ON indefinitely, and declare Martial Law.(Don't forget that one!!)

       5.  Yes, Political East is rising to TAKE OVER THE WORLD within a few years!!  However, people need to consider:  a.  Aliens intervening!(To protect Solar System from nuclear explosions!) b.  Gravity tides,etc. from rogue planet Nibiru(bigger than Mars!) causing collosal destruction.  c.  Earth Inversion.   Any or all of these three should give Mankind PAUSE in his endless Man versus Man campaigns!!!!

       6.   I expect U.S. Economic collapse.  And then Political collapse.  Dow to fall below 2,000!  Return to Gold and Silver.

       7.   People(in general) THOUGHT that a New Dawn had begun.  No.  It was a False Dawn.  The WORST times EVER(known) OR ever TO BE, are IMMINENT!!

       8.   Expect,too, The Great Islamic Uprising.(Prophesied by Nostradamus.  He also prophesied The Great Comet(Nibiru)(It is a planet.)(But still recurrent.)

       9. Westerners have been growing softer for too long. This, debt, drugs, sex, money obsession, Political Correctness, and various negative activisms,  amongst many other things have contributed to this state of affairs.   Only STRENGTH can win!   You don't defeat threats by bowing to enemies!!   Kindness and sense seem to be going out of the window!!(Disaster MUST follow such trends!!)

      10.  Will Mankind survive?   NO!!!! (Not in the short term. Only in the long.)  However A FEW will, and re-build OVER THOUSANDS OF YEARS, to reach a new golden age.  We have HAD IT. (As they say colloquially.)  The good times ARE OVER.   Expect worsening woes ON ALL FRONTS AND SECTORS from now on...

       I would also point out SOME big things, that so many seem to deny:-

       1.  We DO survive death.(A HIGHER component survives BODILY death!!)(When many look upon a corpse, they say IT'S DEAD.  Yet, if we look upon a sleeper, he might not be unconcious, but DREAMING.  And thus it is in death.  Only it is a much deeper "dream"!!   Do not be fooled by Appearances!!!!)(Do I hear someone protest "But the sleeper IS alive!"?   Then you MISS THE POINT!!!!   The CORPSE is dead, YES!   But are we MERE bodies?   How do you know that we are not COMPOSITE BEINGS, composed of many bodies, bodies of increasing vibrations?!   Just because you do not SEE something, does not necessarily mean THAT IT DOES NOT EXIST!!!!

       2.  There IS intelligent life OUT THERE!!!!(The real question is:  IS THERE intelligent life on Earth??!!

       3.  More and more are leaving GOD out, and out of the equation!!(Whilst it is true we have to fight to survive, invoking GOD,  and becoming SERVANTS OF GOD AND JESUS CHRIST, is the ONLY SURE way to EVENTUALLY win through.)

       4.  And JESUS is becoming MORE AND MORE FORGOTTEN!!  A man who did more good than others.

      5.   Goodness is not MUCH rewarded during life.  Reward comes AFTER DEATH in The Spirit World!!   -  Good things for the good.  Bad things for the wicked!!!!

      6.   We live in a COMPLEX, not a SIMPLE universe!!(WHY assume latter??)

            In other words MULTI GROUP DIMENSIONALISM!!!!

            Men take far too much notice of Appearances.(They are the biggest LIARS going!!)

      7.   Higher vibrational octaves of matter energy,etc. EXIST!!

      8.   The BODY dies, of course,  - HOWEVER, WHO has said that THE BODY is ALL that we are?!(It all depends upon what you mean when you say "I, or We".  AND the death of WHAT??!!)

            Shall we only believe what we SEE(etc.)??

            Air is invisible, but EXISTS NONE THE LESS!!!!

            Too many are taking TOO MUCH notice of FOOLS!!(Who do NOT know WHAT they are talking about!!)

            Materialistic Science rules now.

            AND Superstitious Religion!!

            I believe in Religion, but NOT Superstition!!

            Religion is WAY OF LIFE!

            The way of treating others as best we can. ONLY THAT can EVENTUALLY produce LIKE in return!!!

             We are under increasing pressure from Materialism.

             Man is replacing Good Spirit with Money.

             And Love, with sex!!(Love is union of souls in God.   Sex is union of BODIES.)(That is QUITE a difference!!)(West, through phoney religion, is obsessed with Family life. LIFT your horizons!!  Let GOD rule, NOT Devil!!!!

             There is no life after death.  NEITHER is there a death AFTER LIFE!!(If you are waiting for Death, you have a VERY LONG wait!!)(It NEVER comes!!)

             It comes to THE BODY,yes.  But as the body dies, the MIND leaps(taking conciousness with it) into the brain of a higher body of YOURS, in the next octave up!!(What a COMPLEX multi-dimensional universe involves!!   How FOOLISH to infer(when viewing a corpse), that your EXTERNAL view of ANOTHER'S DEAD BODY, is necessarily YOUR INTERNAL reality when you come to die!!  Do you see what I mean?!   The OUTER view of ANOTHER, has NO bearing on YOUR view of yourself!!)

             Brain IS NOT mind!   And YOU are NOT your body!!

            Brain is that mass of grey matter within your skull.

           MIND is an ENTITY of Higher Vibration FARTHER UP THE OCTAVES(planes of matter-energy)!!!!

             WHY do so many hate to be told these things?   It is because they DO NOT WANT TO SURVIVE - because they fear Hell in return for their wrong doing!!

             How does The Materialist KNOW that death is the end(death of the body(THEY claim.) is the end of the mind,too)?

             He doesn't! But believes that pure vehemence will MAKE IT SO.(But ONLY in HIS mind!!)(He believes his WISH, instead of THE TRUE FACTS!!!!)(Believing is SEEING, not seeing is believing!!)

             Shouting does NOT make a thing SO!! Nor does any amount of ferocity.  But fear often drives a contestant away.  To the loss of the disbeliever survival!!

            It is impossible to be aware of NO THING(EVER!!).  So HOW can anyone visualize EXTINCTION??!!

             Read my old articles!!(They reveal many interesting details!!)

             If I blow my own trumpet, it is because no one else will!  - To convey and emphasize important points which might otherwise get missed.  Not done in a spirit of boast!!

             Why does God make us suffer?(God made Man in his own image.(And Man keeps trying to make God in HIS!!)  God does not!(Much the reverse.)  It is WE who make us suffer, by our OWN actions(or lack of them!).

            Why does evil exist?   To give us something to conquer, thus to grow by increasing strength - to gain more happiness!!

            Every good deed that we do, proportionately, lightens the soul's weight. Every evil deed, weighs it down.  This makes us happy or miserable accordingly.  But when we die(so called death is A BIRTH!!)(Birth was our death!!), and enter The Spirit World, we rise or fall in the fifth(vibration)dimension accordingly!! Into Heaven or Hell!!!!  Meanwhile Karma results,too.

            Yes!  That earthquake MAY be karmic!  To RED China!!

            WATCH Putin. Ex KBG!!

            Restoring old U.S.S.R. THUGGERY!!!!

            How dare he try to stop West DEFENDING itself!!

            I may be stupid, but not a complete IDIOT yet, I do not think!!
           The way up is sometimes down.

          And the way forward can first be back!!



       Pumps saved 1.5 hours on Titanic.

      Some think that Earth will tilt over suddenly, soon, because of weight of ice, AND LAND, imbalance.

      Einstein,etc. thought that a more sophisticated reason would do that.

      But BOTH camps are wrong!!

      A SOLID Earth CANNOT experience a crustal displacement.(BECAUSE NOWHERE FOR CRUST TO GO!!)

     However!  Earth is NOT solid.  No!  It IS hollow!!  And thus permit, via the funnel-tunnel polar entrances, A CRUSTAL DISPLACMENT!!!!(Logically physical necessity!!)

     Centrifugal Force ENSURED a hollow Earth(all globes,etc.are hollow. All bolides are!!)!!!!

     Here is what will happen:-

     As global warming(due to SUN, electronically,  NOT Man!!) exponentially increases,  the ice at the base of the ice caps, will melt, providing a lubricant for it to slide over!!(Note,though, that North is mostly water, South(Polar region) is mostly ICE(and land)!!!!

     Ices currently prevented from sliding by the ROCK OUTCROPS fastening it!!!!

     But as sludge lubricant at base of ice increases(no crusts at poles, thus permitting magma to warm base!!), THIS factor will overcome the FASTENING(via rock outcrops) factor, and the ice BODILY will slide off Antarctica!!

    (Why is there a wind(and very strong,too) blowing from the south on Antarctica??  Where does it come from??   The answer is the huge hole leading down into The Hollow Earth THERE!!!!(VERY hot within. So WARM winds blow north from South Pole!(There IS NO South Pole!  Unless you count the one 400 miles UP, in space!!)(SIMILARLY up north!!)(Conversely.)

    It is coming from WITHIN The Earth. NOT underground!  But from WITHIN(Note!  The GREAT WITHIN is ON THE SURFACE(of a double reverse helix!!)!!!!

      Now as The Sun INCREASINGLY(harmonic progression!!) ELECTRICALLY CHARGES UP The Great Earth ELECTRO-MAGNET, the SHELL part of The Hollow Globe spins faster(though still slower than the core!)!!

     I call this The Fire Force(Note parallel(though not perfect) with Titanic disaster!).  Fire Force CURRENTLY blocked(BRAKED) by Ice Force!!

     But once ice slides off(Two miles thick(up to)!!), it will quickly melt, and then NO BRAKE!!

     THIS will permit The Upper Crust, The Lithosphere, to slide over the INCREASING lava, pushing up from below, as interior heats up, over the Asthenosphere(!!),  creating a crustal displacement!!

      (The Sun's(and all stars in our group)ELECTRIC CHARGE is coming down the CHAINS of THE SPIRAL ARMS (of our LOCAL STELLAR CLUSTER(FOUND by me!!)(sic)) of cluster AND galaxy!!  Ex explosions at the centres of ALL bodies and fields FROM TIME TO TIME!!!!

     Discharging enormous energy. Which flows down the(tremendous activity splits atoms into ions and electrons!), the OUTER casing of the tubes of stars,ETC.   Here is the ELECTRIC CHARGE!!

     The Cosmos is one big ELECTRIC FIELD AND GRID!!!!

     Initially explosions from The Quasars,etc.

     As the electric charge(periodically, every quarter solar period of 6,500 years!)(Only seven years to end of current one!) increases harmonically, the SHELL of The Earth gets WHIRLED faster and faster around.  This starts The Crustal Displacement(The Fire Force)!!)

      At first the crust moves(bearable speed) north about a thousand miles or so.

      THEN as ice in sea(slidden off!!) melts, and moves towards The Equator, The BRAKE power of The Ice Force DIMINISHES, and then The Fire Force(Crustal, Lithospheric, Displacement) takes over, sending the crust about four to five thousand miles SOUTHWARDS!!!!

       The sudden shock of this produces a JOLT.  This sudden jolt causes an immediate INCREASE in the axial tilt of The Earth!  (This is the small axial tilt)

       We survive the jolt. Few notice it!!

       (Watch for moving stars!!)

        Centrifugal force causes the polar holes to block up. Which, in turn, TEMPORARILY stops the crustal displacement.   The Earth stops spinning briefly.  For about 27 hours(The sun and moon discs of course THEN stand still!!(Joshua evidently saw the LAST cataclysm!!)

        The rotation of The Earth, of course, causes the SOLAR DISK to move. Which is WHY it stops(for about 27 hours)!!

        Once the Earth stops spinning, the holes then UNBLOCK!!  The clogging matter falling down ex gravity!!

        The spin now (historic present) resumes!  EX MOMENTUM, of course.

        The Crustal Displacement proceeds!!

        Finally it runs out of steam.  But not before Earth has fully inverted.

       Moon does not completely stop. Because it is circling The Earth!! But so slow, it seems to have stopped!!

       Finally Earth's crust rocks back.

       Re-asserting itself.

      Sun will now rise in West!!

      And do so for the following 6,500 years!!!!

      All of this will probably occur.  I would say CERTAINLY!!!!

      3,000,000,000 humans will die.(And many animals and plants,etc.)

      The OTHER cataclysm, three years earlier will kill another 3,000,000,000,etc.(And Man versus Man,ETC. - many more!!!!(Bird Flu is the menace now!  Has gotten away, advanced to Human to Human!! in Egypt!  Also Turkey, India AND INDONESIA.  The latter three in very early days. By end of year EXPECT BIRD FLU PANDEMIC!!   GET READY WORLD, including AUSTRALIA!!!!)

      That is Planet Nibiru, a rogue planet.(NOT The Tenth Planet. Another one again. Eccentric orbit, rather than rogue!)

       I worked it all out over about eight years.

       In some detail.

      Individuals can escape by coming to as near as possible to JUST OFF RAPA ISLAND, south of New Zealand.  Great Dividing Range in Australia fairly safe!!

        One of the nodal SWIVEL points!! Of The Big Axial Tilt(Which will follow the BIG JOLT, when Earth suddenly stops spinning!!).

        Two crustal displacements, one small, one big.   And two axial tilts, one small, one big(Inversion of The Earth!! GEOGRAPHICALLY, not just MAGNETICALLY!!!!).  Plus the rock - back.(The last rock back produced The Greenland second polar cap.(And down south, Little Antarctica!!!!)

        Better if I can get The Authorities to act to save MANY. But I expect to fail, as they WILL NOT!!!!


       I expect.

       No. I am not mad!!

       I have proved and confirmed it all!!!!

      WILL YOU NOT HELP ME??!!(Copy and spread all this. Yes, full permission(For God's Sake!!) GIVEN!!!!  Get INTO it!!!!! NOW.(Or many more will die!!)(Most horribly.)

       Nibiru is a little larger than Mars, and of similar constitution.

       It is the core of the planet Phaeton which once circled the sun where the inner asteroids now are!!

       A thermonuclear Man versus Man war between two city states, blew off the planet's ocean.(Ignited NUCLEARLY.   Deuterium.)

       Nibiru had its surface blown off, disintegrating.   (Bits of land became asteroids.  Lumps of water became comets!!)

       It shot through the orbit of Mars, striking Earth a glancing blow(Millions of years ago.).

       Yes, creating our Moon!!

       The surface of our Moon is part Phaeton, and part Earth!!!!

       Deep down it is Phaeton, of course.

       Green Chondrite.

        Produced by nuclear explosions. Ex the great war.(On Nibiru)

        Aliens now on Nibiru.  They will visit us.   We are their genetic creation.

        They will not be pleased!!

         You following all right, reader?

         Yes, spread the news!!

         Two nodes. One is at The Great Pyramid, in Egypt.

         The other is some way off Rapa Island, in The South Pacific.

         Of COURSE the world hates and opposes me!!

         Would not make sense for Devil to sell out, now WOULD it??!!

         Vic Conway.







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