Sunday, 8th November, 2,009.


A further sequel.(To F1's sequel.)

Subject is The Impending Horrors.


Read on brave reader. And be among the first of the general public(or key individuals thereof) - to learn of the really ghastly things descending RIGHT NOW upon the entire world! In F1 I added a few more points to the list. I am now adding a few more points to F1.

There are three possibilities. I am joking. Or sincere, but misguided. OR, I am telling the truth(as far as I know it). I am a very serious and responsible person, so I do hope you do not think that I am joking! As for sincere, but misguided, well you can check on The Internet, where you will find more on all the IMMINENT horrors, including Nibirus, mentioned.(The Comet of Nostradamus, a rogue planet.)(Carrying aliens who genetically created us. We called them gods, but the term degenerated into god. And (let US make man in OUR image, in The Holy Bible) now we are familiar with the word god more than gods. These aliens are coming to INSPECT us. We are a space farm, and are their "cattle" so to speak. Nothing to fear, they will help us, though be VERY strict.)

The only horror you won't find much upon is Earth Inversion(The Earth is going to turn upside down.)(Due BASICALLY and INITIALLY to the two miles of Ice now loaded upon Antarctica. Which INDIRECTLY will cause The Earth to invert(turn upside down)(GEOGRAPHICALLY! Not just the magnetic poles.).(Einstein forecast this by the way!)

The chief reason why Earth Inversion is not a popular subject - is because it is not considered possible. (No, not if you expect The Antarctic Ice(Now TWO MILES thick(at maximum)!) to DIRECTLY(that is - in one step) cause the inversion. However, it will occur INDIRECTLY(In a series of steps.).(This, by the way, happens every 6,500 years!)(I would be VERY thankful for that melting ice if I were you!!)(Also, whatever you do, don't do anything to counter global warming(like space needles,etc.). As it will make Global Cooling THAT much worse!!

(If I am right.)You may think what a clever person I must be. No, I am surprisingly stupid. The reason I made the FANTASTIC(but true) discoveries that I did, is because they are(basically) so simple! (I decided at about age 12 to find out the truth about all of the important subjects. So I began by learning everything that I could that Science had found out(Of the important subjects.). Once done, I then analyzed it, and deduced the ACTUAL TRUTH(which, by the way, is the VERY opposite of what we are being taught)(We are not taught the truth, we are taught what THEY want us to believe. What suits their agenda of subjection.(Who is this THEY? Our alien overlords! Not the original creators, but a subversive evil sub group! Who have taken us over(That happened 900,000 years ago.)(The coming lot(of aliens(humanoids) are the genuine helpful ones. Who should free us from our shackles.) This evil sub group operates via what is known as The Second Government. This is a human secret group of rulers, who ENSURE we get shackled via lies.(Why am I being allowed to reveal all? Because of a policy change. Things have gotten SO bad, that the good humanoid aliens have twisted the bad sub group's arm so to speak, and are making them come clean. So now they(the sub group and the secret government) are increasingly obliged to reveal the truth. I was mentally telepathed with the truth, and am doing this for those who informed me.(I am not the only one by any means! But what I know and am revealing is the TOP KEY information WHICH ALL WILL DO WELL TO HEED!!)

I was telepathed the top secrets of the universe(the basic ideas), and then worked out the details.(It took many DECADES, but I finally did it.)


I am only too well aware that all this may sound like B.S.(Will all those who do not know what the B.S. euphemanism means, please visit their local farm and go to the bull shed(opposite the cow house), then amidst the bulls, cast your eyes around the ground for a while(not TOO long...) But I can assure you all that I speak VERY true, indeed!! So WHATEVER you do, please DO NOT ignore what I am saying!!

I first made a collosal find in Cosmology. And another huge one in Astronomy. These STUPENDOUS finds then led me on to the full details of The Coming Earth Changes. I learned about Nibirus(The rogue planet that is expected(It COULD hit us!)expected to pass Earth about a million miles distant. It should look like a VERY big full moon, as it goes by. It is in fact The (famous) Comet of Nostradamus! Except that it is a rogue planet, and not actually a comet! A little larger than Mars. And of a similar consistency. Red oxides of iron being common.)


This "comet" has a big long tail. Which is comprised of rocks and red oxides dust. We will pass THROUGH this tail. And during that passage boulders will rain down upon the entire Earth, accompanied by a deadly poisonous red dust.(Fatal to breathe.) The boulders will of course flatten everything, so that Earth ends up looking like the surface of Mars.(Which incidentally is WHY Mars looks the way it does(from a previous pass by Nibiru).(Killing nearly all of its inhabitants(humans).)(Yes, we CAME FROM Mars!) Also why Venus is a wasteland,too. Possibly likewise of Mercury. And even the moon.)

Apparently we were originally upon the planet Nibiru(which WAS where the asteroids now circle)(The asteroids are all that is left en situ(on site). However, we made(yes,even back then!) nuclear war, and via untested devices finally blew off the SURFACE of Nibiru! Some escaped in space ships. And first established themselves upon Mars. This evacuation process later continued to Earth.

Nibiru it seems clipped Earth on its first VERY eccentric orbit, and knocked a huge chunk off(Yes, our moon!)(Which is WHY The Moon has a similar composition to The Earth.).


I am speaking very roughly now, but it is basically true.(Nibirus orbits every 3,600 years. It is next due in just over a year's time.(The Earth will invert in about five years. Unfortunately Nibirus arrives four years earlier! Bit akward isn't it?! The only way to survive Nibiru's passage is in an underground chamber(With fifteen to sixteen foot thick walls of steel.)(well stocked with supplies, including water). Preferably in the heart of a mountain! (The top elite will of course be whisked away into hollowed out mountains. While the rest of us cope - as best we can - with the deadly red dust(which when mixed with water - looks like blood), AND the rain of boulders...


So, if what I am saying is true, WHY aren't the authorities informing us?! Now that is a good question of course. But with lies the order of the day anyway, why tell us such dreadful news?! The alleged reason is to avoid panic.(But I say "Better to have a little panic NOW, than PANDEMONIUM later on!!".)(What reckon ye??) The top reason is to KEEP CONTROL OF US!!(Which in view of Man's appalling lack of self control MIGHT be a good reason anyway!!)(Feel free to debate this point...)


Relax all you Australasians(Inhabitants of Australia and New Zealand.)(Australia will indeed lead the world.)! We shall come off best of all the world! Except for all those falling boulders and the deadly red dust, - which I must confess only well stocked deep caves,etc. should protect against.(For two weeks at the first pass, then up to two weeks on the second(as it round the sun, like all comets,ETC., and comes back heading out of the solar system)(so it will pass us twice).



THINK about it, you chaps. Am I just telling an exciting yarn? OR, am I being awfully concerned about us all, and telling you the truth(so far as I have learned it)??(Actually it would be better if I kept my mouth shut! As people may get a little excited about such things... However, truth to tell, I just CANNOT keep it to myself.(Call it a desire for fame, if you like,...)(I simply cannot BEAR to carry such a load!!)


I aver the latter(not joking). I am just not into the joking business!!


It is all very logical. I had no problem working out the details.

Now five years(to Earth Inversion) is not a long time! And one year is even less for the more terrible event...(Not much to choose between them. Both should kill about three billion humans. Et al.

Two more horrors are The Next Ice Age(Please understand that the growing heat will melt more and more ice, which becomes cold fresh water and enters The North Atlantic. The heavy water sinks pushing down The Gulf Stream. - Stopping it. THAT is what starts ice ages EACH TIME!!(This current global warming is but one episode of a recurring cycle. Caused by THE SUN.(The amount caused by Man,etc. is about 0.04% of the total warming.(And about 0.16% via Nature(from volcanic eruptions and fires(from lightning strikes(from arson,etc.)). So the total 0.2% of the entire global warming leaves THE SUN responsible for the other 99.8%.)


However, as I said last time, a MOST unexpected development has occurred. The SUN SPOTS have gone out(The very recent big one may be just a flash in the pan.). Now because the sun spots are magnetic vortices upon the surface of the sun, emitting collosal amounts of energy(some of which arrives on Earth - and becomes heat), then when they stop(like now)then naturally our heat supply drops dramatically!(They stop now and again, the last lot(known as The Maunder Minimum) occurred about 350 years ago and lasted 70 years.)(It produced a mini ice era(temps world wide dropped about an average 10 degrees Celsius(a lot).).


No, you won't find much mention of these matters on television,etc. Because authoritative policy is ONLY to tell us what suits the extremely domineering agenda of the very negative over-lords.(The group of evil aliens that has taken us over.) However, by searching The Internet you can learn a lot. However you won't learn the details. So I urge you most strenuously to listen to what I am telling you.


There is no telling how long they will last, but temps world wide should drop about TEN DEGREES CELSIUS, upon the average.



SO WHY IS THE HEAT STILL GROWING?! It isn't! The heat stopped growing back in 1998. (Its RATE of CLIMB started to fall back then, NOT its CLIMB.) HOWEVER! The sun spots(The fall off in the RATE of CLIMB of the still growing heat stopped in 1998. The stopping of the sun spots is SOMETHING ELSE. POSSIBLY the factor responsible for stopping the sun spots worked its way through and stopped the rate of heat climb EIGHT YEARS before the sun spots themselves went out.) (The sun spots) went out 2.5 years ago. It takes TIME for the effect to work its way through The Earth!! So we are still experiencing growing heat!(Just not so fast.) I don't know HOW LONG it will take for it to work its way through(Perhaps years.), but EVENTUALLY the temps will drop. And growing COLD will set in. A mini ice era. No,no. Not an ice age. Just a big drop in average world temperatures(A fall of 10 degrees Celsius on average, world wide, is the average expectancy with these mini ice ages.)(As during The Maunder Minimum of 350 years ago.)(Still enough to make northern Australia temperate.) (So we have a very interesting situation: When global warming resumes, then IT will stop The Gulf Stream - and produce an Ice Age. On the other hand, if (and for as long as they do) the sun spots stay out(stopped), then we get a mini ice era. Global Warming would produce the worst one(by far).(An Ice AGE.)


This ceasing of sun spot activity has put the brake upon THE SUN's global warming of The Earth!! SO!! Instead of growing heat, we now have decreasing heat. Which will become a mini ice era(note, not a full blown ice age)(Global warming(had it continued)would have produced that(a full blown ice age) via stopping The Gulf Stream!! Now postponed!!).

I have studied these subjects closely and intensely for decades.


Now. Wouldn't I just be a FIEND if I did not tell you guys?!?! Huh??



Of course, you all disbelieve me. But I am VERY afraid that THE JOKE IS GOING TO END UP UPON YOU.(I am not so worried. I am getting off the physical planet very soon(via a long box), anyway!!...)(But you other fellahs(most of you), you may have more of an interest in "sticking around" a while...)



It is my DUTY to tell you. PLEASE warn THE OTHERS - as fast and as much as you can...(I can produce more details on any of these subjects - upon request.)

You dig? Well, let it NOT be your grave!!

As you know how the world feels about people who do not tell them important news of such a dire nature!!


Like being strung from a lamp post...(For example.)


I say again: PLEASE inform the entire world ALL OUT!!!! WITHOUT DELAY!!!!


I am deadly serious. MOST EARNEST!!


No. I have not made a mistake...


Checked and double checked REPEATEDLY... OVER MANY YEARS!!!!


I have been TRYING FRANTICALLY to tell you ALL for the last DECADE or two!!(The degree of interest shown so far is about as close to ZERO as you can get.)




As for the horror of The Global Financial and Economic debacle:-

The Dow recently shot back up past the great 10,000 mark. Great news, eh??


No! It is NOT great news!!

The Dow,etc. rises are not due to any recovery. But are due to a FALSE euphoria born of the lies we are being told by the authorities!!(We are constantly being told how we are recovering!(It is a load of CRAP!!)(The bankers,etc. mostly of Wall Street, got us into this mess via greed. And are ACTUALLY REPEATING THE PROCESS!!)(So expect EVEN WORSE after this cycle of falls is over!))

We are TRILLIONS in debt and deficit. Speaking from The U.S. perspective, chiefly.

It does not stack up! I mean how can the Dow,etc. be going up again(I said earlier that it would fall(Yes. But not in a straight line!)(It may even go up(first) past the 12,000 mark,yet! But sooner or later it is going to crash. And finally TO THE ROCKS!!!!)(Similarly with gold - which may drop back below 800 yet! Before shooting up again.))


We recently had a big crash(On Wall Street,etc.). I am afraid that is only the FIRST of a series of five or six crashes. Even worse ones lie ahead...


We are repeating The Great Slump!(Of 1929.) What(That which) caused The Great Depression,etc. And FINALLY The Second World War!!


So EXPECT a repeat of all that lot!! Only MUCH MUCH worse...


Get into gold and silver(and also platinum and palladium!!). Gold is already rocketting. I said it would. It should now shoot for the moon. And,later,the SUN!!!!


As more and more people realize that banknotes are ACTUALLY worthless(no longer promissory notes!(AND no gold standard,now!)(Thanks to Nixon long back.).(Please understand: Not only is there no gold standard(for many decades,now), BUT BANK NOTES ARE NO LONGER PROMISSORY NOTES(for decades now)!!(China is starting to get into gold.)


Please DIG reader!!



Silver bullion coins are much more handy than gold ones!(Especially in super markets,etc!)(Gold is TEN TIMES undervalued! And silver should rise SIX times faster than gold!!)(Bank notes are going to be thrown into the streets.)(Please tell me which streets!!)




Collosal(COLLOSAL!!) changes are starting up. Many of them. Are you ready??



What sort of changes??(How about "living in caves" instead of nice houses and flats??!! For one.) Changes that will alter our lives completely!!



We are all(and have been for ages)living in a DREAM WORLD.(The bubble is about to be pricked. Any time from now on. That happened over a year ago. But now we are living in a PHONEY recovery. Naturally the mob believes the lies being told them. And are investing. THAT is what is pushing up The Dow,etc!! FALSE hope!!)


Mind you, I think all this lies UP TO five years off,yet...


Ah,yes, but I mentioned Nibiru didn't I?!

You try buying a bag of peanuts with a $10 silver coin in a CAVE!!(Not too far hence...)...(Or even a $100 gold one...)(What I am saying is that paper money is going to be seen(increasingly)for what it IS. Paper!! CURRENTLY it(and the U.S. dollar) are worth a lot. The troubles are: The HOLLOWNESS of this "recovery" AND the falling U.S. Dollar. Along with the growing push by rising world nations for a new global SYSTEM. PLUS a currency(a basket of about six of the top currencies, probably) to REPLACE the U.S.Dollar!! YES!!!!


Consider these FACTS: 1. Obama is destroying The U.S. Constitution. AND The U.S. He is Kenyan. He is a Socialist. A Muslim(really). A negro(of course). And a Communist(at heart). He DID NOT qualify for The U.S. Presidency because both his parents were not U.S. citizens!! If and when this gets out he could be impeached.(But Biden will be worse!) 2. The Political East is VERY rapidly taking over from The West in The World Supremacy stakes!! 3. The nation of the future is China, not U.S. 4. Russia today is superior to The U.S. (The U.S. is DISARMING. While nations like North Korea and Iran are going flat out for nuclear weapons!!) 4. GERMANY is rising rapidly in Europe. And will almost certainly displace U.K. as head.(The Fourth Reich was born long back. Hitler arranged all that. HE could still be alive at a Nazi base in The Arctic!! 5. ISLAM is sweeping the world.(But still they will not stop the immigration flood!) 6. Japan is deserting The U.S. 7. Afghanistan is a BLACK HOLE. The Taliban should win! 8. Obama is pulling U.S. OUT of Iraq AFTER the win(Similar to Vietnam. The U.S. pulled out AFTER North Vietnam had been beaten!!)!! 9. Israel could well strike Iran via Saudi Arabia. And force a U.S. involvement! Leading to WW3. 10. Within a few years, if Nature does not destroy us - Man will destroy his self!!

Bush only let us down. Obama is THROWING The U.S. - and The West AWAY!!(With BOTH hands!!) Very intelligent. But with so many wrong facts!! Plus no experience.




Up to five years to the crunch. BUT, if only it wasn't for Nibiru!!



You all beginning to see why I am urging you all so much now?? Who is going to pick up the pieces? Me??



Come on, now, the DREAM is ending.(Up to five years left.)(IF ONLY Nibiru wasn't hurtling in to the outer solar system(Heading for the sun. And WE are rather close to that path. (Now being TRACKED by The Russians!!).))




That is about how long we have to Earth Inversion.


It would be nice and neat if only that comet of Nostradamus wasn't in such a hurry!!)(TWO cataclysms in the offing. With the worst one coming first...)(We are looking at SIX BILLION DEAD.)(3 billion for each cataclysm.)(One further point: According to one Peebles the true year is actually 2,006,now, not 2,009.(Due to a mistake made in changing from The Julian Calendar to The Gregorian.) So that gives us six years, not 3. POSSIBLY seven years. As the calendar COULD be 4 years too advanced, not just 3.)


I struck lucky.

By right I should be frothing at the mouth.

I had to speak out. Or would it be said at The Judgement " You knew all this, yet did no thing about it?!". I can hear The Judge's words now(in my imagination) "Consign him to the outermost galaxy!".

We are in a FALSE DAWN. What lies ahead is not any Utopia. But complete and UTTER destruction. Material and spiritual. As we descend into increasing anarchy via a licence so many call liberty!!

I think the people should be given a chance to save their selves.

Or is it simply that I wish to look big??


YOU be the judge!!

If YOU knew what I know, could YOU keep quiet??


I think it would be better for ME if I DID keep quiet. As the disturbance this will EVENTUALLY create will kill me.

I could not bear fame.

On the other hand, nor could I BEAR to hear The Great Judge say "Consign him to the outermost galaxy!".



I have chosen to speak. I have worked hard on this(I mean on Earth Changes and The Aliens.) for about TWENTY years(so far). Believe me, I am being DEADLY SERIOUS!!


That leaves two possibilities: (i) I am sincere, but mistaken. (ii) I am speaking true(so far as I have found the truth to be).


I really DO think SOMEONE should investigate my claims! It would be AWFUL if I were right. AND I KNOW THAT I AM.



Thank you for your attention. Sorry to bother you. But I am VERY bothered.


Please note that recent films(E.g: Independence Day and Deep Impact.),etc. are more and more on aliens, cataclysms, etc. And of course the financial and economic crises. Now why would that be? Are people that morbid? OR, is the truth(I am trying so hard to reveal to you all(the world).) increasingly leaking through?? ??


These key finds that I have made are actually not mine. However, I have worked out many details.(The finds I have mentioned are a small handful of hundeds of big important discoveries that I MYSELF HAVE made(not JUST worked out the details of what SOME already knew)).


Things are getting worse and worse(Noticed?)(Weather AND seismic and volcanic events,ETC.)(Why? Because THE SUN is behind EVERYTHING that happens to us! Electrons,etc. are mass increasingly passing through the brains of humans and animals!! Which helps explain the increasingly bad behaviour of both!!). And will continue to.


Yes, the key date is not 1999, but 2,012.A.D.(Now when Jesus spoke of the END in 1999(as interpreted these days), saying "I shall return in two days(equals two THOUSAND YEAR days)", that was about from his BIRTH. But from the time he uttered those words, TWO thousand year days TAKES US TO 2,012.A.D.(Or thereabouts.)(Then shall The End come.)


So many became obsessed with 1999(A nice round figure less one based on the two days prophecy(2,000 years) as the time of the end. No. It is 2,012.A.D!!(I have worked out mathematically that THAT is indeed THE DATE!!)(THAT is also the deadline in The Great Pyramid!!)(Time does not go beyond that point...)


Please note also that the sun will line up with the centre of the galaxy - in a few years. THAT is the key to the 2,012.A.D. date.


Basically, all this is good. It is the re-actions to a number of key line-ups now starting to occur that produces all the damage(The worst time EVER for Mankind(including ever to come!).)


It is MOST important to grasp that our worsening weather,etc. is not by CHANCE! That there is a VERY BIG reason for it all. A TREMENDOUS surge in energy down the spiral arms of the galaxies FROM explosions occurring at the centres of so many galaxies! Right down to our sun. And The Earth.(The sun spots went out 2.5 years back. Due to a GAP in this surge. I suspect myself that there has been no gap, but that this power surge(combined with solar cycle 24)(Remember the disasters accompanying cycle 23 a few years back? Well this one(Cycle 24) is FAR FAR worse.) is SO POWERFUL that IT has STOPPED the sun spots! In other words it OVER-WHELMED the natural energy currents WITHIN the sun itself.

It is what happens when the sun re-asserts itself that will be interesting! The renewed surge PLUS Cycle 24. Plus the line up with the centre of the galaxy, along with OTHER so crucial line-ups now starting to occur.

Look upon me as A SCOUT, returning from the front, reporting in my findings to base. If you ignore what I say, you will all pay VERY dearly indeed IN THE COMING YEARS...


I am not telling you all this to attract attention. No! I am doing this because of my deep concern for the rest of you guys. All life forms upon this planet. Plus some other planets.


What IS astonishing is the incredible LACK of NOTICE shown by people in general at the general trend of events!

Record rainfall? All over the world these flash floods are occurring following deluges.

Expect that to get SO MUCH worse, by degrees, as to make Coff's Harbout 20(6 inches of it in an hour) inches(!)(Melbourne's rainfall for an entire year.) look like a feeble shower!!

We ARE facing THE END (no, not of the world) of THIS AGE. The end of this 6,500 year solar super cycle! Things will rise to a CRESCENDO over the next 5 to 8 years. And finish with A BANG!! (We shall be lucky if ANY life forms survive upon this planet.)

The dream is over.

THE NIGHTMARE is JUST beginning!!




I am sorry, but I just could not keep that lot to myself!!






Vic Conway.











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