Friday, 12th August,  2,011.






The Real reason for Britain's riots,etc.




       Shop keepers putting up prices too much, from greed, Stunting growth, making employers take on less staff.  Leading to them putting off staff - and not taking on new!  So those pushed beyond limit attacked shops,etc.


       I do not condone lawlesness however, much the reverse.


      The offenders do(all cultures, all races)not know any better. Whilst their parents failed to teach them better.  This, I think, in the majority of cases.


      This at a time when spanking is being discouraged. How foolish! Spanking is done out of love for the child, to save them from WORSE, LATER ON!!


      The offenders NEEDED that guidance early in life. NOW will be punished MUCH more severely.


      But you cannot condemn them for being what they are. On the other hand we cannot continue to let law breakers destroy a nation!!


      So an UNDERSTANDING line needs to be taken between these two extremes!! Punish, but with compassion!!




     None of us can help being where we are in  our stage of personal evolution! If one doesn't know better, and has not been taught(via spanking if necessary, as it SO OFTEN is!)better, then the NECESSARY (to save society and to save offenders from worse punishment in the future) correction is better given than not! Which SHOULD be OBVIOUS!!





      Yes, the police were FAR FAR too soft in their control!


      So now(as one SHOULD EXPECT, and is NOW so necessary!!)we have VIGILANTES on the streets, AND shop-keepers up in arms, instead of them learning NOT to be so greedy, and to keep their prices DOWN!!



     You cannot blame the police, re being so slow to respond! Things TAKE TIME to organize!


     It is FAR FAR easier to do harm than good. So a little patience and understanding folks,please!!




     Though a black skinned man was root of the trouble. Lawless drug pusher went too far.(DON'T do wrong!)  and was shot dead by the police.  What ELSE could they do??!!  But if he did not fire first,then police  should not have shot him.



     But the fact that he had a dark skin is irrelevant. Had he been white he would still, if not MORE so - got into trouble!


     Racism is an easy glib taunt to make. It is FAR too often bandied and overdone!!



     What counts is the colour of a man's HEART.


     On the other hand I think the white skins, ESPECIALLY The Anglo-Saxons are more orderly than coloured folk.  Yes, I really do.




    Perhaps because more fortunate and therefore find it easier to behave.




    Far worse than anti dark skins is the anti WHITE SKINS prejudice!! So often now hypocritically bandied about!!




    Multi culturalism is a failure, and should not have been EXPECTED to succeed. Society is NOT READY for it!!


    Same applies to mixing the races.


    Best stay in your own COUNTRY.


    Otherwise ghettoes spring up, and conflict so easily ensues!!



    Christian countries certainly don't want Islam, especially SHIA Islam.


    Though there is much good in Islam too!


     Judge people on what they are, and their handicaps!!



     Who can help where he was born??



     The INDIAN folk(sub continent) are a good people. Far ahead of all other coloured folks. They get punished out of envy of their goodness - all too often!! Not for their sins.(They behave(in general) VERY WELL!!(I was  an Indian in a previous life. But SO WHAT!!))(We ALL naturally take on the culture of our environment and THE RACE of our progenitors!!  It is STUPID to condemn people for THAT!!)(In one life we may be Red Indian. In another, Chinese!)(In one life we are a man.  In another, a woman.)




     I hold that The Feds are NOT to blame for the present economic and financial  - and now social,etc. crises.  Don't blame Greenspan or Bernanke!!



    True the bankers, the brokers, the mortgage holders,ETC. DO fleece us when they can. But how many of us fail to take advantage WHEN THEY CAN??!!


    I certainly do.(It is almost a necessity!!)




    The solution of The Feds is to PRINT more money! More pretty bits of coloure paper(bank notes). It is only PAPER. Worthless were it otherwise by FIAT!!


    It is actually a good idea.


    In an ideal society,we would all love each other so much that we would give away,not take!



    However, because SO MANY DO take, we are obliged, unless wishing to die, to put a price on what we sell! THAT WE  MIGHT LIVE. SOME profit is NECESSARY!!  Not ALL profit is evil!  We all need to keep body and soul TOGETHER!!   COME ON!!




     Fiat money is simply token ticket riches.(Fiat means by law and enforced.)


     So we are obliged, as a rule,to regard banknotes and coins AS wealth.



     However, thanks to SO MANY living beyond their means, we are in general burdened with huge debt and deficit!!


     Debt is what we owe others. Deficit is shortfall in our revenue.




      The trick IS  not to buy WHAT YOU CANNOT AFFORD!!




     LET others have more than you.  Good luck to them!!




     WHAT IS wealth?(It is certainly not bank notes,etc!!)



     Wealth is out potential to give to others(E.g. Labour. And what we SO TRY to take with us - out of this world!!). But SPIRITUAL wealth is what counts THE MOST!!(How much do we LOVE,ETC. others.  How much do WE CARE about others' WELFARE(including the spiritual!)??)(THAT is what GOD judges on.  Though SO MANY humans are influenced by another's money,goods, services,  influence, connections, looks, strength, energy,etc.  And too often COVET it!!)




      It is true that The Feds are driving up prices(Inflation.  Leading to Hyperinflation. As with The German Weimhar Republic and Zimbabwe, Holland over the tulip affair(When even a single tulip became GREAT WEALTH!!),ETC.   Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome,too!!) by their now non-stop printing of more and more money, etc.  But IF all would SPEND instead of save, we could get by.(However SAVE is the way to go.  Or it was when there were far few people and vehicles,etc. And thus things were far more manageable.)



    However, The Feds DO provide us with TOKEN TICKET wealth.(Bank-notes,etc. The FIAT money.)


    So much more convenient than carrying around gold and silver. Or bartering!!




   ORIGINALLY bank notes were PROMISES TO PAY BEARER so many POUNDS weight equivalent in gold(At bank).



   (Man's laws are only as strong as are honoured. As is a man's word!!)



   Otherwise society breaks down!!





   Similarly with I.O.U's,etc.





   We TRUST that the fiat money given to us proceeds of a sale, WILL in turn be a recognized TICKET for US in turn  to make purchases!!



   Which is a cheap alternative to loving the shopkeeper!  (I love you brother! Now give me a pound of RICE!!)




     My Ratings Systems to sharing out the wealth would get around all this.



     And save us all, instead of dooming us, as now!!





     Gold IS money. Because SO MANY recognize it as material value. Yet it has few industrial uses. And just cycles around.



     Silver, on the other hand, has a number of important industrial uses, but because so bulky and heavy is not too convenient NOWADAYS to carry around.


     And gold is FAR FAR too expensive. Plus the danger of being robbed.  Off person, or from under the mattress,etc.





    So though gold looks like going to the moon.



   SILVER may go to THE SUN!!



   Recent record FOUR TIMES that of gold.  But much more VOLATILE.(Fluctuating.)




   You need a very thick SKIN to invest in silver!



   But gold much more easily CONFISCATED!!




   We should either go back on to the gold standard OR have Chinese Yuan(Or Japanese Yen) replace U.S. dollar.  Or get into Swiss Francs,etc.



   But U.S. dollar now become VERY worrisome.


  But GREED(humans are so selfish)persuaded them (The bankers, going back to Promissory Notes.) to remove that so important word PROMISE!!


  There is no PROMISE now on banknotes(In U.S.etc.anyway) to pay bearer gold!



   They could confiscate silver too!!




   The rulers who take just about everything else from us. In return for letting us EXIST!!



    Damn capitalists?


    Damn imperialists?



    We are all human. But some more equal than others!!



    Even Communist China has a CAPITALIST system.



    You just gotta have it.  YOU SEE??!!





    The solution is my Ratings system.(Share out the wealth!!)


    Or be required to SPEND.(As saving NOW will doom us via SEIZURE of the circulating system(money)(As is happening NOW!!)








    A SEIZURE which looks FATAL for all of us.


    Including Australia.





   As the riots spread.


   And what else can they do if shop keepers fail to keep prices down!!



   And what else do we expect human nature to do!!





   COME ON!!


   Adopt my Share The Wealth RATINGS' SYSTEM!!!!















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