Sunday, 17th January, 2,010.




Communique One.(A THIEF IN THE NIGHT!!)

To men of Planet Earth.

I include myself.



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Please use addresses EXACTLY as given here.(To ENSURE entry!!) You CANNOT go from one site to the other. Do NOT use the old fusiveweb address(Given in The Archives.). It no longer functions.(I am unable to edit to correct this. Sorry.)


I, myself, am an amenuensis(scribe) for The Communicators. I MYSELF am human just like you. An ordinary one.




My purpose here is to help you(us) all through the Great Crisis now descending upon all. By channelling the wisdom,etc. through. It is not mine, but given to me.


I have no power. I do not rule. GOD does all that. God is COMMUNITY. The Heavenly and Cosmic community. Not just The Earth Community.



Many wish to know what is happening. As Earth descends into greater and greater chaos. Especially weather,etc.wise.


The people of The Zola(Second) Sun greet you(us) all.


No one is excluded.



What is happening is QUITE SIMPLY the return of The Binary Star to its larger companion Sol. Your sun. Along with ITS planets and satellites,etc.


This is not the wish or will of us, or any - but the elementary forces of the stars. Which obey natural CYCLES. (Even as winter comes!!) We too have to endure the disturbances created via gravity, magnetism, heat and cold,ETC.



It CANNOT be stopped.

AND there is Nowhere to run.



So we all might as well stay put and carry on as usual, as best we can. Until death overtakes us, sooner or later, by one way or another!!!!


Do not fear death, but greet it. It will not be the end of YOU. You will SIMPLY shed your lower(physical)vehicle(your body), MUCH like a Crustacean(e.g. a lobster) or Arachnid(e.g. a spider) sheds its SHELL. Our bodies are but SHELLS. 3d shells to be sure, but shells none the less.


We all awaken after death to a better material world. So do not try to hasten it, nor flee it.


It CAN be painful.(And often is. "The Passage" AND death, anyway. We have to take our chances!!)


The WORST(materially), but the BEST spiritually, event EVER, is about to overtake Mankind,ETC. Of both Solar Systems.


So enjoy it. Make the most of it.


It will be over (The PASSAGE of the two solar systems THROUGH each other.) in about five or six years.

Heat and cold will vary a lot. So be ready for this!!(I mean in addition to seasonal, and latitudinal changes.)




I am REPORTING it. Not causing it.




To warn you, that you might make peace with God before you go.

Actually, the gods.



The material events and the RE-ACTIONS of creatures TO it, will be VERY disturbing.



Some of us actually CHOSE to get born at this time, IN ORDER TO EXPERIENCE IT. The greatest event EVER.(WITHIN this current IMMENSE confluence of cycles.)(About a once in a 120 MILLION years' event. So it is NOT some trivial thing!!)





Few like to die. But it is LIKE going to sleep. Except that it is a SUPER sleep. In which SUPER dreams will come.






Disbelieve me if you wish. Call me mad if you like.



I am simply happy to do my duty to you all, with great joy. By apprising you of it.


NO THING will alter the facts. And their courses!!



It may be quite a while yet before people IN GENERAL come out of their denial.(Of the few who have been told!)(VERY few believe it.)


There are FAR too many people and animals,etc. to get into arks. Even the few arks are not FOOLPROOF.




Some will get evacuated by aliens. Some will commit suicide. Many will go MAD. VERY few, if any, will survive.



Shelters?? Yes, try sixteen feet of re-inforced STEEL. Or inside mountains. Deep underground.


(OR) Even WITHIN The Earth(Though THAT is not underground!).



I can do no more than TELL you. If you disbelieve me, then there is NO THING more that I can do!!


It is coming like A THIEF IN THE NIGHT.

Coming up behind the sun, visible USUALLY ONLY from Antarctica.

Few see it,yet, because few search The Internet and study the photos and the few reports(by those in the know). Few want to!!

Its sun is already circling ours.

Its planets and satellites are FOR THE MOST PART too distant yet to be seen(as the vanguard of this companion binary system of planets and satellites,etc. approaches us).

However, it IS COMING!!

(A once in every 3,600 years' event.)(But accompanied THIS TIME by OTHER cataclysms!!)







All the best!!









Vic Conway.







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