Friday, 2nd October, 2,009.

Global warming,




Bad things are proliferating. In Nature. And with Man. Why is this??

What surprises me is that there(long since) has not been a much bigger outcry from the public. We keep getting told that this(latest bad event) is a one in 50 year(or whatever)event. As ALL these increasingly bad things proceed. (As if all is well, this is quite normal, and no thing to worry about!!) (WHEN it is ANYTHING but!!) Which I find strange.


Man loves to play down the bad. Play up the good.

However MUCH better we find out what is behind it all. Hardly co-incidence.


Global warming stopped in 1998!

Nature issues periodic warm AND COLD spells.



Of course there is a lot of money,etc. for these guys who promote the FOOLISH FALSE notion that Man - via Carbon Dioxide,etc. emissions is chiefly to blame.(Which is UTTER RUBBISH!!)

The cause of(MAIN cause)global warming - is THE SUN!!


Currently in a massive negative few sun spots,etc. phase.

The sun has(for years now) gone VERY QUIET. Too quiet.

El Nino proceeds. Due to changes in the trade winds.


Now I KNOW WHY these things!


And I am trying desperately hard to inform the world. With virtually no success.

I am a nobody. So why listen to me?(That is the attitude I encounter ALL the time.)

Allow me to state a few simple FACTS:-


1. The Global Financial and Economic Crisis Is NOT over. Not by a LONG straw!! We are closing in on a new collapse that will dwarf the last lot!!)


2, This increasingly bad weather AND human,etc. activities - is ONLY THE VERY VERY beginning - OF INCREASING WOES!!!!



Now PLEASE listen to me. Because I DO KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT!!


I have found out MANY MANY big things. Including WHAT lies behind worsening bad weather,etc. AND the human,etc. activities!!!!


Now reader, DID you read the above. OR DIDN'T YOU WANT TO??!!


Come along, now. LISTEN!!



3. We are within a few years(perhaps even only one or two!!) of the end of all life UPON THIS PLANET!!!! YES!!!!


4. Via TWO main CATACLYSMS: (i) The approach of Nibiru(the AWFUL comet of Nostradamus). Nibiru is a rogue wandering planet a little bigger than Mars, and of about the same composition. Choked with boulders and very poisonous red dust IN ITS TAIL.(Which Earth will VERY SOON pass through - TWICE!!!!)

And (ii) The Earth is going to INVERT(Turn right upside-down!!) within a few years!!

Now each cataclysm should kill about THREE BILLION humans, and VERY MANY animals and plants,etc.etc!!!!

(Did you get that reader?? If not, WHY are you AVOIDING it??!!)(Do tell me!!)


WHO am I? To make such profound AWFUL statements??

No one that any professional would embrace!!


When I was very young(a child), I decided that I would FIND OUT all truth about the important subjects of life. AND I DID JUST THAT!!!!





Furthermore, I have PROVED and CONFIRMED ALL OF these things!!



No. I am NOT mad. I am speaking VERY true!!








I am not IN THE LEAST interested in fame,etc. It would kill me.



I simply wish to WARN the world of what is coming VERY SOON!!


Why are these bad things coming upon us and increasingly?? - It is NOT(much)(It is A BIT!) because of Man's so immoral and unethical behaviour, as many like to think!







Massive energy bursts out from the centres of galaxies,etc. Proceeds down the spiral arms of stars,etc. Our sun is merely ONE of the CURRENT batch(It proceeds along different batches.)(In succession).

Energy is pouring into the sun, and this is overflowing down the planets. INCLUDING THE EARTH!!


What is coming, AFTER the fast growing AWFUL heat, is COLD. An ICE AGE!!(Starting up within a few years! PERHAPS one or two!!)


We can expect THREE BILLION people to die as Nibiru (TWICE) passes us(With its choking deadly red dust and very numerous BOULDERS!!!!(Which will crash down upon us all!!).



And ANOTHER THREE BILLION to perish horribly as The Earth turns upside down!!


Plus VERY many animals and plants,etc.etc!!


But of course so many humans SIMPLY disbelieve ANYTHING depressing!!


RATHER than flee to cover!(Which, by the way, is in New Zealand and Australia!!)


I do trust and FERVENTLY hope you all unplug your EARS in time!!






Vic Conway. (An AMATEUR scientist. Of TRUE science. NOT the BUNK and CRAP dished out by the authorities!!)



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