Wednesday, 20th May, 2,009.


Was Princess Diana murdered??


No. She was not. Another accident. But not the kind publicized!!


The murderers were after Dodi. For his connections with armaments.

So The British Queen,etc. are innocent. Though they did not like the idea of her marrying a Muslim and Arab. Especially an Egyptian.


Princess Diane just happened to be with him.

The cars had been switched, and the electronics tuned to a certain fatal vibration. Which was set off by a laser like device aimed by a bystander who knew the way they would be coming. She thus set off the fatal vibration - which cut off the electric power. Including the power steering. The car crashed(it was not speeding) because the sudden onset of non power steering was too much for the driver(who was not drunk!)(The sample had been deliberately switched with that of a drunk.), who lost control - and crashed with the consequences we now know.


Too many key people were implicated. So the evidence was wilfully doctored to make it look as if the driver was over the drink limit.(He had had drinks, but was not drunk.) Thus throwing suspicion off of the guilty ones.

Dodi's father is correct.


Diane came through from the spirit world and said that so far as she was aware she had not been murdered.(She hadn't. But Dodi HAD!!)


The one and only target was Dodi.


Everything was deliberately delayed. To eliminate any witnesses. Though one did survive. He however cannot(or will not!) recall what happened. Diane COULD have been saved. But had been purposely prevented from getting medical help in time!!(To protect the murderers of Dodi, not Diane!)(Dodi and the driver were dead.)


The Paparazzi were not to blame. - Though following up behind.


It was all rigged, AND STILL IS!!

To find the driver drunk, causing an accident.



Victor Conway.





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