Sunday, 31st January, 2,010.


A correction: Sun STILL out!!



I thought when one or two sun spots appeared recently, that Cycle 24 was beginning. I think I was wrong. So the sun is still out. And so is The Earth!! This augurs appalling cold ONCE ANTIOINE ETC. GO!!!!

I think now that the reason for the "one or two sunspots" recently was due to the gravity pull of Antoine, The Second Sun!(Stirring up the sun's innards.)(As it loops repeatedly(but in ever more circular loops)around our sun.)


Not that Cycle 24 hasn't begun, but that it is HIDDEN deep down in the sun!!

And will SOONER OR LATER come out with a ROAR!!!!



Probably AFTER Antoine,etc.GO. Which is about six years hence(About 2,016.A.D.).(But little should be left alive in EITHER solar system BY THEN!!!!)



The situation we have now then is that heat from Antoine will counter-balance the cold coming from sun, Earth, and many other factors. But only for about up to six years. After that INTENSE COLD may be expected.



The danger is of Antoine crashing into the sun, exploding the sun, producing a DOUBLE SUPER NOVA.

So it looks as if we face(Any creature left alive by 2,016 A.D.) Vapourization (of the solar system!) OR cold racing down towards ABSOLUTE ZERO.(Minus 273 Celsius.)


As THREE ice ages commence simultaneously!!!



Between now and 2,016.A.D. we face increasing disasters. And variances(in space and time)(In both hemispheres) in heat and cold. APPRECIABLE variances!!



Antione too could be affected. Having a bad effect on its planets and their satellites!!


Although Antoine's gravity is pulling UP, this is dislocating the sun's upper regions, which in turn is blocking the exit of Cycle 24!!(That is my guess anyway.)


It is pretty definite that 2,012 spells THE END.



Make NO mistake about THAT!!



PLEASE consider 1. That many stars have close binary companions(sometimes multiple). IN ADDITION to the distant binary!!


And 2. That the orbital period of Antoine and its retinue is 3,600 years(or thereabouts). 3,600 years ago we might expect there to have been a great disaster upon The Earth. There was! It was a great Flood(amongst other things)(Great Flood(The THIRD great flood!) was only THE END RESULT!!!!.(The Third Sinking of Poseidon occurred then, and the explosion of Santorini. ETC.). Also that 3,600 years before that occurred what we know as The Creation. Around 4,000 PLUS B.C. Now if there was a great disaster about 5,188 B.C.(2 x 3,600 years ago!), then it is surely not unreasonable to expect a fair while to elapse BEFORE life on Earth recovered. That recovery we know as "Adam and Eve"!!


The NEXT orbital of our sun by Antione is due in 2,012.A.D.(Along with MANY other cycles ending then(Dec.21st, 2,012.A.D.)!!) That is less than THREE YEARS



In The Bible it is called THE GREAT TRIBULATION(Heard of it?).(It is what the last book in The Protestant Bible is all about, The Book of Revelation.)(In my works on Earth Changes, I spell it out in the modern idiom!!)


Many religions and philosophies speak of this, including such greats as Nostradamus, Mother Shipton, Edgar Cayce and Albert Einstein!!!!



Jesus said: "I shall return in TWO DAYS." !

Two THOUSAND YEAR long days! Which, depending upon WHEN Jesus spoke those words, brings us to about 2012 A.D !!!!



A great fuss was made about 1999. THAT is when the increasing woes FIRST BECOME NOTICE-ABLE!!!!(Doom is spread over the period 1999 to 2016 A.D !!)

Disasters FIRST began to noticeably increase in 1983.(When Nibiru was first spotted!!)


So, because 1999 came and went without a noticeable END, the world thought it was rubbish!!(I think people in general pictured a ONE OFF DREADFUL EVENT. Instead of a series rising to a crescendo, and then dying out(taking us with it).)




The BEGINNING of sorrows was in 1998 to 1999.

The END shall be in 2,016!!


We are just a few years from its end.


But these coming few years bring the most horrific and TERRIFYING disasters that Mankind HAS EVER SEEN. OR WILL EVER SEE!!!!



It REALLY is quite simple.

And I worked it out!

I know more about this than ANY other authority or source ON EARTH!!!!




I think it better YOU KNOW.

PREPARE to die, and most horribly.

ALSO to meet The Makers! The gods. Humanoid aliens who altered our genes!!!!

As to our creation, that occurred as a result of The Cro-Mags raping The Neanderthal women!!






Humans as we NOW know them!!



I wish you well.



Open your eyes IN TIME!!



You begin to understand a bit now Earthmen??!!



In SOME of the crop circles attempts are made by the aliens to warn us of 2,012!!




Unless you know ALL, you cannot say that what we are telling you here is wrong!!





So BETTER be prepared!!












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