Friday, 5th February, 2,010.



Humanity's problem.



Humanity's biggest problem is spiritual evolution. It is too backward and unevolved.

Technologically doing well, but that is not the chief criterion.


Humanity, The West anyway, thinks that death is the end. And are too ruled by the pleasure pain principle!

So they gear everything to surviving. And play safety first to reduce pain.

However, it is spiritual survival that counts most. Above all soul survival(your personality, your being, your self).


Darwin(and even Alfred Russell Wallace) is only half right. He reckoned without The Spirit World.(As evolutionary gains CANNOT be passed on genetically. But ARE so via The Spirit World, in JUMP-UPS, then downs!! !!)


Survival of the fittest only works up to a point. After that(the physically strongest,etc.) it becomes survival of the smartest.

Knowledge is the great key.

Actually spiritual strength is the great winner. Provided you can stand misery in comfort.(When the nig-nogs strangle you spiritually.)


Things are far too convoluted for any system to work too far.



We are ruled by humanoid aliens, and they by The Reptileans.(Also aliens)


This has been so for nearly a million years.

The wicked are allowed to win on Earth. Because they are unevolved and need time to improve.


However! This latitude is only allowed up to a certain time. And that time is 2,012.A.D!!

After that the laggards either improve or get sent to a lower planet(lower vibrationally).

The higher vibrations springing from 2012 are already starting to come in. You may have noticed this.


The wicked cannot bear these higher vibrations. So they either improve, or perish!


The good will not be held back TOO FAR(nor long) by the laggards. So they must make the choice!!


The Spirit World is materially better than The Physical. But fools who commit suicide to enter it find that they then enter a lower condition in The Spirit World. And could be worse off.(They do anyway, as suicide is self murder(a sin), plus loss of the physical body!! Great disadvantages!!)


The good can only go so far.

After that they get spiritually strangled and/or suffer soul damage, and even loss!!


This applies a lot in The Spirit World too.



Ring pass nots apply in The Secondaries. And limitations in the primaries.


TWO factors govern: 1. The enormous changes wrought by 2012.(Already coming in.)

And 2. Entry into The Spirit World, via death(The only PERMANENT way in!).



The complicating factor is doom coming around 2012, via The Nibiru Complex. (The Second Sun Antoine and her retinue!!)



As almost all will die. All creatures,too.


At best, things are far too complex and overlain with complications for ANY to get very far. Especially spiritually.


The only sure way is the way Jesus went!!



And the beginning of that path is deny one's self lower pleasures DAILY.

Which is too abhorrent for most!!



Sex is not evil, but it is low.



Humans are sold on lower things.



There IS NO easy way to Heaven, or even Paradise.



NOR The Kingdom of GOD.




There is no god, nor devil(Meaning Demon.)!!



But there are gods. 1. Spirits in The Spirit World. 2. Aliens.


There is The Infinite though. Though that practically applies with good and evil!!



There are parties and groups, who aim for and adhere to either goodness or evil.



But most have some good and/or some evil, as it is almost impossible to be PERFECT.



Humans are far too judgemental.(Confusing revenge with judgement!!)




Humanity can NEVER find peace,etc. the way it is going.


Good and evil are very relative and comparative ANYWAY!!!!



The last judge is one's self!!



It is what WE think of OURSELVES that is the decider!!


The Infinite does not judge!!



There was no beginning, and will be no end to ANYTHING!!!!


We live for ever. AND ALREADY HAVE!!!!




Darkness IS light to the wicked.



Play both.(To survive, but gets you nowhere spiritually.)



Many play both ends against the middle.



You CAN, in theory anyhow, live indefinitely in this world. But WHO would want to?!


Unless it were happily(enough) and healthily.



Dying is not the problem. THAT is a release!!



The problem is LIVING. Going on!!



THAT is the hard part!



This is my view,anyway.



Who is right? Who is wrong. Neither REALLY exist.


Both being personal delusions!!




What IS the truth?(IS the truth in your eye??)


Again, a relative and comparative matter!!



The trick is to fool yourself!!(WITHOUT noticing!! Oh, it can be done. And OFTEN is!!)



The world CANNOT be fooled!!(Indefinitely.) And GOD - not at all!!



There IS NO final absolute!!!!



Humans make the mistake of using OTHERS as their STANDARD!!!!


So THEN ALL fall - and fail. And so on, ad infinitum, AND beyond!! Aye.



Joy and sorrow are better criteria. But even THEY have their limitations!!




You cannot fool GOD.(The Infinite and Your local god.)


You can only fool yourself. And most do!!



We all fail at our limits, and then die. Even if slowly.



Most are obliged to play for both sides.



At least in Appearances.



Men have it VERY wrong.



Men should rule, not Women and Children!!!!



And certainly slaves should not!!(Bully boys cannot rule. They have failed to rule their selves!!)




Doting is wrong.



Who is to judge?!



Only yourself!!



Sex is low.


Sex with one's own gender??


The fact is no one is 100% male or female.


Some women are men in female bodies.

And some men(especially these days) are women in male bodies.



All things are on.


The things is to be able to manage it!!




Profit or loss for your god is the great key.




Living is not hard(Life is all right!!), it is IMPOSSIBLE.


But, though NO thing is impossible, there can be endless advance.



Sex is the uniting of vehicles(bodies). The higher, the better.


But union with GOD is the great goal.


Union with another human is stupid.


As a rule, and basically.


Marriage is daft.


And reproduction - nuts!!



Doting is selfish and self centred. Doting is loving TO LOVE!!


Love is the thing, not aggragating it to self!!



Tender emotions should not be publicly displayed!!


As many cannot bear it!!


Being too deprived themselves.


Humanity lost its way WAY BACK!!



It really thinks money grows on trees.


And that The Moon is made of Green Cheese!!




The Lost World.


And The Robe.




What is it all about? YOUR CALL!!



Spiritual evolution!!!!




Even at the cost of death.(Easy to say!!)




Bravery? Many(especially males) are afraid to LOOK afraid!!



Humans are victims of their appetites. Which are too low!!



Above all are they victims of THE INSTITUTIONS!!!!



I mean the worldly institutions, like Marriage, Obey Caeser, The Church(ETC.), and SO CALLED Education. Plus VERY VERY MANY more.



Many avoid sex(up to a point!), but succomb then to GLUTTONY.ETC!!!!


INDULGENCE is not the problem!


The problem was with those IDIOTS who could not distinguish between a hammer and A SLEDGEHAMMER!!!!


So instead of killing the few bugs, they CRUSHED the few into the bloodstream making MANY BIG ONES.

And THUS evil is perpetuated in this LOONEY BIN!!!!




The Media and Advertizing mislead us terribly.


Egged on by governments!!

Leaders sucking up for money AND ratings(worship)!!




The greatest hell is the hell of REGRET!!



You are becoming PIGS, Earthmen!!


Which is a great discredit to the pigs!!!!



Animals show you the way.

But you are fast becoming BEASTS!!!!



Money is your god. And Ratings.,etc.(Adulation. Which is the wrong spirit feeder.)




So you see you Earth Swine, you are taking THE WRONG PATH!!



Vee of The Homeward Planet watch your decline.



You have made bravery a higher attribute than righteousness!!



Winning is NOT the name of the game.



The Name of The Game in this Play The Game SHIT tale, is losing to WIN!!



I speak in riddles?


What was the answer?





The question was: King Rat,etc??


But wasn't the correct race The Human race????



Interjections of Bull Shit and Arse Hole are heard in the background.




But you see, winning loses.


It is losing THAT WINS!!




What shit is this??



Humans are FAR too obsessed with their private parts and vital organs!!




This shit is not crap, you see.



Though only a shithouse would object!!




You got the message Earth fools??




You are selling your arse to feed your mouth!! IDIOTS!!!!




No,no!! Sell your mouth, to feed your ARSE!!!!




In other words:(You cannot tell the difference between a pig's rear and your beloved's FACE!!)



Consequently(!!) you have confused your dicks for your souls, and your arses for your spirits!! (It's right!!)




Come back to Daddy!!(Afore it is TOO LATE!!)



Let HIM have a little fun in YOUR last days!!




So you see NIG NOGS, the way up is down, then up, and back, THEN FORWARDS!!!!



Or, in The Words of The Last Prophet: Having taken a wrong turning,

GO BACK(you fools!!), and TAKE THE BETTER TRACK!!!!








Any fool can be wicked. But you see the way up is NOT sliding down!!






Yes, your OWN arse, and not someone else's!!





Point made??




EARTH men!!!!




When you look in a mirror, WHO do you SEE????



Yourself? God?? THE DEMON!!!! Or NO THING??!!




Call me Bwana. FOLLOW US HOME, FOOLS!!!!




And though too late to cash OUT,


- At least CASH IN!!!!




Me, Zuka,


Jane, if you like.


Don't get confused now!!








Two men were walking along a pier.


Only ONE came back...









Have you UNDERSTOOD O men of Terra??



Your SLIP is showing!!




So your Showing HAS SLIPPED!!!!




Bah, Earth pigs, YOU MAKE ME SICK!!!!



We of Homeward,




say unto you: FOLLOW US.


Vee will take you, no not home,


But (VEE OPE) BACK at least, to where you VERR!!!!

Ha ha.

Up your OWN arse!!



Get stuffed!!!!



So you see, COMRADS,



Vote knickers,

and MAYBE live another day.


EEh Hee.




You follow??

We don't!!


FOLLOW ME!!(Heck! Had it come to THAT??!!)

Take your dick OUT of MY mouth.

I prefer the other end.

A living death, NOT a dying life!!

GOT IT??!!



Shit houses of the world,


YOU have nothing to lose

but your SHIT!!!!



God give me STRENGTH!!!!



Humanity has confused its arse cage with its brain box!!!!


And it private parts WITH ITS HEART AND DIVINE WILL!!!!

Yes! The Devil with GOD, all right!!!!




Play it as you like it.









Boy Vick.(Zuka SPOKE!!)






















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