Wednesday, 20th May, 2,009.


DDD 30

Population Control!!


There are now nearly 7 thousand million people on the planet. Far, FAR too many.(Supplies will run out in not too many decades!!)

So the secret Second Government is arranging to bump off a few thousand million. Via The First Government.

Via Aids, Vaccines, Contrails and viruses,etc.ETC.


Panic is growing re Influenza A, H1N1, a variety. Previously known as Swine Flu.

It is mild, much like ordinary influenza. However, it is killing SLIGHTLY more, and is killing the 20 to 40 year olds. Skipping the very young and the elderly.

This virus is new, unknown, unbeatable via vaccines and immune systems. All have no immune system protection against it!!


Two dangers; 1. That it might link up with Bird Flu, H5N1, a deadly flu virus.(Incidentally all flu's are getting worse.)

And 2: That this current attack(they usually strike in two waves)is only the FIRST wave. It could come back by October this year, in a second, and much more deadly second wave. Though MAYBE not as bad as in 1918. On the hand, perhaps WORSE!!


H1N1 variant spreads rapidly. And is going pandemic.(Expect level 6 to be announced any time.) But is currently mild and with few deaths. However panic and confusion is growing rapidly. Though for the wrong reasons.


Thus there is a danger, as with the boy who cried WOLF, that the second wave could strike, and people in general take little notice!! - Until it is too late.(People thinking "Just another scare!!". - Wrongly.)


Few persons understand enough about these viruses(H1N1 variant and H5N5.)


Though we are far more prepared these days, our greater numbers and fast mass travel modes could counter that advantage.


It will take 3 to 9 months to prepare a vaccine.

And only ONE kind of flu can be vaccinated against.(The mass production machine being adapted for only ONE kind of flu at a time.)

Also drugs Tamiflu and Reneza are only effective if given immediately.(The symptoms may not be noticeable for some days! ALSO: The contagious stage precedes the symptoms by about 5 days!!)


There is also some, and a growing, resistance to these drugs. Especially if they are taken IN ADVANCE.(Thus giving the virus a chance to counter it, en masse!)


Now that was the good news. Here is the bad:-


This virus FLU A.H1N1.(Usually accompanied or followed by pneumonia!) MAY have been deliberately manufactured in a lab!


Deliberate leaks and transmissions are also occurring!!


Panic will be worse than the disease,too!


Already some supplies are running short.


It is not the virus that kills. It is The Immune System's re-action to it!!


It is not to the virus' advantage to kill the host, which it has converted into a factory for viral reproduction!!

This is why it eventually becomes less malignant.


Now if this is deliberate(to reduce the population), then key people will be active seeing that the virus spreads. And many are already getting multiple viral packs across the border from Mexico into The U.S.

Deliberate population control has been done before. Via small vaccinations in Africa. Via HIV to Aids.(In Africa, and in New York via voluneer gays from jails!) Via aerial contrails. Via various vaccinations!! And now it is SUSPECTED via deliberate viral creations leaks.


Plus wilful combining of bird flu with swine flu!!


I don't rate our chances. On account of the panic and CHAOS it would cause.


Thousands of millions could die. And many animals,too.


So beware of October 2,009. for a PROBABLE second wave.

PLUS for the combining(EVEN NATURALLY!!) of A.H1N1 variant and H5N5!!

The initial severe stage would last a year or two.(Then become mild.)


Society would be severely disrupted(and the timing could hardly be worse!)(Global financial and economic depression or worse, and getting WORSE STILL.), with the active adults so knocked out!!


Therefore I expect the coming times to be VERY unpleasant.


From viruses PLUS all the other growing horrors and terrors!!


Obama COULD be a wilful traitor!


Anyone for Mar's?(Not the planet.)





Victor Conway.








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