Monday, 22nd December, 2,008,


A Supplement to R3.

R4.(My Ratings System, continued.)



Have one fixed(or unfixed)change- over date annually. Issue a new currency each year.

Not forced, enticed. And obliged. To spend!!

Enticed by so much money.(Lowering prices 5 or 8 times would be too gruelling for all.)

As the next annual date for currency change comes around(previous currencies declared illegal each time), peope either spend(to reduce their next rating), or have a dearer time the following year because of being too rich. (So there is this second inducement to SPEND, so to make themselves as poor as possible, THUS to get a better rating!)(You either spend it - OR LOSE IT!!!!)(Annually!!)

In an ideal society, one would obtain things for free.

In the society under Ratings, people would be able to obtain goods,etc. at a fifth or thereabouts of current. Not free, but not too bad I HOPE!!


I cannot think of a better way to do this. You either get people to spend, or society collapses. Failing a system to induce people to spend, this scheme I am proposing WOULD get people to spend! I do not even know of a BETTER alternative!!


So why would anyone reject what I am offering??


The sooner the better, as conditions deteriorate with each passing hour!


What we have now is a brain-washed and conditioned psychological valuation for bank notes.(A massive long standing con job. So gradual, that few people realize it. But what happens when they do(wake up)??)

With the system, Ratings, that I am offering, we would still have the big con operating, but FIVE(or whatever the differential is)(It would need to be worked out by the powers running things.)times as much of them(banknotes)!!


You might say: Wouldn't this cause inflation? No! Because spending would be so massive and continuous that the money circulation would sustain things INDEFINITELY!!

The alternative is to continue as NOW, throwing more and more money(printing out more and more(banknotes)). And THIS must bring, sooner or later, HYPER-INFLATION. Like they have in Zimbabwe.

What is killing society now(The people haven't woke up yet BECAUSE they keep swallowing the propaganda that all will come right WHEN IT WILL NOT!!) - is the FACT that circulation has slowed 50%, and is preparing to slow the other 50(death)!!)

We will NOT come right(eventually) SIMPLY because tides do not bow to men, nor does gravity!! You cannot stop the tide, let alone push it back. Nor can you jump up indefinitely high INTO THE AIR!!!!(Try it and see!!)


Think about it please!!


The powers that be are simply repeatedly telling us that all will eventually be well. This is JUST NOT TRUE!!(Obama is not a magician either! Get this idea to him then, Australia(or anyone), if we won't!!)


They CANNOT UNTIL you can get the money circulating again. Which is not going to happen UNTIL you get people to SPEND. You tell me how( if you can think of A way, ANY way, let alone one as good or better than mine!!

What the powers that be U.S. Fed and Treasury are doing is pumping in more money periodically and/or lowering rates(now down ALMOST to zero!), and borrowing more money,etc. For a short while stocks leap up. BUT THEN QUICKLY FALL AGAIN.


That Is no good!

How much vision do you need to SEE the end result of that process? Germany tried it after the first world war. Holland in The Tulip revolution.

And so on.


Sooner or later the people are going to REALIZE that they are being lied to, REPEATEDLY. And revolt! What else could they do?!(Powers that be ARE IN DENIAL. But that is no reason for YOU to be!! Is it??)


Or shoot into gold and silver.

This con game has been going on a very long time now!


There is NO WAY, you see! (Well I hope you see!!) To change the AWFUL predicament the U.S. etc. are in. OTHER than getting people to spend. But they won't! Not voluntarily. Ratings does it painlessly, even pleasurably!!

I am sorry, but 2 - 1 = 1. And that fact cannot be altered!

You can keep on swallowing lies of course(false promises). But HOW LONG do you think the people will do that??


Sooner or later must come a stampede into the best refuge known: Gold! And silver!!(Or revolt!!)


There it is, chaps.


You are welcome to ask questions. Or to point out faults. Go ahead!!


In one year stocks have fallen about 50%. Going to wait ANOTHER year??

Of temporary rallies, and then drops!!


No can do. MUST come reckoning: HYPER-INFLATION!!!!

When money will not be worth the paper it is printed on.

Buying paper gold you cannot get at won't solve anything.

By paper gold I mean having gold ON PAPER.(But try getting it!!)


Silver, by the way, could(and should) even out-do gold, and rise many times OVER gold!!

We are looking at the moon here, mind!!


All right, so I am first to think of this scheme.

Any and all others can hardly do better. WHY not accept my Ratings??

Save yourselves. And save the world.



When people have enough, they are less keen on war,etc!! Instal Ratings, and our other problems should resolve.


Tell me what is wrong unduly with my proposal!

So why not adopt it??


Copyright. But YOU can use it, provided you remember WHO first put it forward. And say so.


You hereby have my full permission to use it.


Spread this idea around will you?!


Preferable to being slaughtered in a BLOOD BATH(eventually). DON'T YOU THINK??





All the best,





Vic Conway. 


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