Tuesday, 23rd August,  2,011.






Please note: To access my best articles, simply punch in on browser  "vicon2000"(without the inverted commas).  To get many more go to my web-sites: vicsesoterica.com and conspiracytheorieshot.yolasite.com(Two different sets of articles in there.)(Science AND Conspiracytheories.)


You will not be able to access me on Wordpress, because they cancel it every month.(I said you could get some of my articles in there. Only for the first month could you.   But you only have to punch in vicon2000 to access my best articles.)(In there you will find the tip-top solutions to many key things.)


To view videos of the incoming Nibiru Complex, simply browse for "Nibiru videos" and "Second Sun videos".  You may also find "Life on Mars" videos interesting too.






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