Sunday, 27th September, 2,009.

World Situation, now.

DDD6-1-b(Series 2)


Bowing to Russia, and not continuing Polish and Czech counter missiles from Iran,etc. is a stupid move. One that will cause The West to lose in long run. Russia is a long time bully. Out to avenge The Cuban crisis loss and the fall of Communism,etc.

Australia in for a Spring of dust.

The sun has been cooling since 1998.(Global Warming per Man is a money,etc.spinning con scam.)

Iran is very obviously developing a nuclear bomb. Sanctions will NOT stop Iran!!

Obama should be disqualified! He was born in Kenya. His birth certificate is not legal. Grew up in Hawai. Then lived in Indonesia. He is the equivalent of a traitor. Is against Israel. Pro Islam. Is a Socialist, if not a Communist. Is completely misguided, despite his great intelligence,etc. Was a lawyer.

Trouble is Biden may be worse. FAR worse!!


Better to have a little trouble sooner, than a LOT later!!



Alppeasement and pacificism SIMPLY DO NOT PAY. But THAT IS the way(as usual!) that The West is going!

The financial crisis,etc. is FAR FAR from over!!(Australia and New Zealand,etc. will recover and do well, due to China.)(But U.S. And main Western World should fail.) Gold and Silver should go for the moon ANYTIME(now, I think). And then The Sun!!!!


We have only a year or two to the arrival of Nimbus. Which should kill about 3 billion people, plus many animals and plants!!!!

The sun is un-naturally quiet, not because it actually is, but because this a NEGATIVE burst of solar activity. WHICH WILL DO AS MUCH DAMAGE AND HARM AS IF IT WAS POSITIVE!!


What is coming is not heat, but increasing COLD!!!!


Things are going extremely badly in the affairs of men. Though THEY think the reverse!!


We need to WAKE UP!!








Vic Conway.


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