Wednesday, 23rd December, 2,009.


Ice Era has begun!

A Major Event is on!!

A terrible warning to the world!! There are FOUR CATACLYSMS bearing down on us, ALL coming at the SAME TIME!!!!

They will hit and possibly wipe out all life on FIVE PLANETS. Earth is one!(Ice Era is a flea bite event WITHIN the FOUR CATACLYSMS TO COME(WITHIN A FEW YEARS!!)!!!!)

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The sun spots have now been off for about three years!

The sun spots bring us the main energy from the sun. This changes into heat.

So, when they are off, like now, much energy which becomes heat - is lost.

The last time this occurred was about 350 years ago, when an Ice Era called The Maunder Minimum took place. The Thames froze over,etc.

It lasted 70 years. There is no telling how long they will last.



Naturally it takes time for the results of a sun spot stoppage to start to kick in. Because the effects have to work their way through The Earth.


Yes, I know people will say: "What about the appalling heat now on in Australia,etc?!".


The awful heat currently being experienced in parts of Australia IS DUE TO EL NINO, - AND NO THING ELSE!!

El Nino is The Southern Oscillation, an ocean current, which is begat in Peru and moves Westwards across The Pacific - to Australia.


We have now a ridiculous situation where the awful and growing heat in Australia is being blamed on Global Warming, Man in particular!!

Global Warming ended about three years ago.

About 0.016% of global warming is due to Surface Nature(Volcanic eruptions and lightning strike caused forest,etc.fires.).


About 0.004% is due to Man!

MUCH of the rest is caused by THE SUN!! In a periodic event.(Things go up and down in cycles within cycles of Nature!!)


Man caused Global Warming is an absurd idea. Unfortunately Margaret Thatcher created a grant to those who would study Global Warming(However caused). So Al Gore,etc. blew it up into hysterical proportions. In non-stop neurotic INSANITY!! It is almost TOTAL BUNK!!

There is a lot of money to be made. And very many are going for it!!


It is a most (one of the biggest of all time) outrageous SCAM. UTTERLY phoney!!

Copenhagen failed because NOT ALL are fooled by Al Gore,etc!!(Stern,etc.)

Global Warming stopped about THREE YEARS ago!!


El Nino is MASKING what is REALLY happening, and DECEIVING MANY!!


The world is being asked to PAY(EMS, Emissions Trading Scheme,etc.) to prevent something largely caused by THE SUN. And which is UNSTOPPABLE!!

Like trying to hold back the tide. It simply cannot be done!!



Average temperatures have been FALLING in S.E.Queensland, Australia FOR MONTHS!!


And now we have much of The Northern Hemisphere engulfed in cold and snow.



POSSIBLY due to The Ice Era. Too early to say yet.



So it MAY be due to no sun spots!!




Many born now arranged to WATCH the FOUR CATACLYSMS,ETC!!

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Vic Conway.








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