Monday, 23rd November, 2,009.


We have two years left!


Even a blind man should be able to see, considering all the floods, heat waves,etc. hitting the world ever more intensely that something BIG is going on. Pretending that no thing is happening is going to get us absolutely NOWHERE!! Hoping that no thing is happening is NUTS.

I have tried to tell you all EXACTLY WHAT is happening.

Briefly, to recap, my PROVEN statements, a red planet called Nibiru will pass us at a distance of about one million miles.(About two years hence.) Because of its size, its gravity tides will be enormous. And I expect it to pull The Earth over, via Earth's bulge, inverting it.(This by the way should create (amongst super volcanoes, super hurricanes, collosal earthquakes etc.) TSUNAMIS up to TWO MILES high! Close your eyes if you like. But the chances of my being wrong(re the general picture, at least) are very VERY small.).


Naturally I wish to warn the rest of you! And am trying to do so. But am being utterly DISBELIEVED.(I can understand that.(As many cry WOLF, when no wolf there.) But supposing(as IS the case)that I am right?! No good screaming "Why didn't you tell us?!" WHEN it starts!

Perhaps you are thinking: We will wait and see if this red planet becomes visible. Surely the authorities will give any necessary warnings. (By the way, there is a blue planet called Planet X ALSO bearing down on us.(It is due in three years at most.) WHY are these two rogue planets so interested in us? They are not. It is simply that all objects go around the sun, and we are rather close to the sun. Therefore, objects going around sun, MUST come close to us. Comets, for example.(Planet X and Earth Inversion seem to be VERY closely connected!))


The recent tsunami we know about were only so many inches high(Not much). (When they came ashore. Consider the damage they did. So imagine what a two mile high tsunami will do!!)


Wouldn't you rather know? So that you might seek out higher ground??




You prefer to wait until the authorities say danger, and spell it out? Two snags with that: 1. They don't want us to know!(Fearing to lose control over us.) 2.They will therefore say that these objects are anything but what they are(currently denied)! UNTIL it is too late to protect yourselves!


I am free to tell you. You are free to ignore me.

But IS that wise??

You are hoping that I have made a mistake in my calculations? Checked many times. Odds in my favour are ASTRONOMICAL.


How easy to ignore me, as a nut, perhaps. And SO PROBABLY - how fatal!!

We have just under two years left.(For the red planet. Three for the blue one. And three for Earth Inversion. And either Ice Age(if and when sun spots resume) or mini ece era(if sun spots do not resume).


Do you KNOW that I am wrong?(In general.)


As with about all I say, I am SO VERY right!!


I don't believe in declaring something, unless it is true.(With a probability ludicrous to question!)


If I am wrong, then how can my binomial sequence dates be SO fantastically accurate? Hitting nearly ALL the biggest disasters in history to the VERY YEAR, is not an easy feat. It being so hard to hit even one!

Yet out of 11(Eleven), I got 5 or 6, spot on(to the year, at least). Others as close as 2 years, 5 years, 22 years and 50 years. Only ONE was miles out.


I aver that it is my binomial sequence top disaster dater that is the yardstick. And that it is the historians who are falling short. Not my system!!


It is NOT my wish to scare you. Or to bother you.

But my argument is that I would rather know than not. And assume likewise for


Sorry to bother you.

But I do NOT want to hear those famous words "Why didn't you tell us?" ringing in my ears for eternity.


However, I am right. And I am warning you all!!


Ifnore me at your peril. As I have a track record of VERY HIGH accuracy!

I am not qualified in the orthodox sense.

And you do not know my past accuracy.

My only hope is that you understood my earlier articles. Perhaps you didn't.

I cannot put it clearer.

It's the end of the line, fellahs.

SOME that remain on Earth(as many will be evacuated by aliens) will survive. A few million, perhaps.(Six BILLION are expected to perish...)

But those that do, it might be better if they hadn't. As living in icy caves with no food or water left is not an encouraging start to the next round of The Great 6,500 year Sun Cycle.(Thus cannibalism and blood drinking will be the only way ahead. There will of course be plenty of corpses around, preserved frozen. Maybe that is why we are being conditioned to vampirism so much lately! )

No, it(Global Warming(Now ended eleven years ago!) is NOT human caused. It is not even Surface Nature caused.)



Both of these objects have already been spotted by the way.


We can of course watch them as they grow larger in the sky. BUT REMEMBER THAT I HAVE TOLD YOU!!


The Annunaki humanoid space aliens use Nibiru as a space ship.(Coming to inspect us(their cattle) Maybe sort us out for higher or lower planets.)


Sounds like a bad dream, right?


It is all so bizarre I know. But I didn't MAKE THIS UP. I worked it out from current factual data.

All I am doing is faithfully presenting as many as I can with my finished jig saw puzzle assembled result.


I ask you to pass on the information I give you, discretely.




Remember, I told you so!




I get no pleasure out of telling all this. But am DUTY bound to do so!!




Pass it on, please!!




Yes, I have cracked a joke or two along the way. But that was to relieve the awful pressure on me(and you), NOT to suggest that THE WHOLE THING is a joke. Or a hoax!!



THERE it is. And there it is going to remain...














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