Thursday, 7th January, 2,010.


The Last Judgement



Now it is very important that we get this right.

What exactly is happening. And WHY??

I can only give you my view.

I am telling you what I think is going on.


Nibiru is the true key to all this. I mean the key to getting information on The Internet.

But for the wrong reasons, Planet X is the best known key!


Nibiru WAS the planet that orbitted our sun between Jupiter and Mars.(Where the inner asteroid belt now is.)

Planet X is simply the tenth planet out from the sun.(Actually Planet 1X(9) because Pluto(and companion Charon) have been demoted from planet status!!)



It(They weren't) wasn't a planet anyway! Being formerly (a) satellite(s) of Neptune!


Please try to follow me closely here. So that you understand WELL.


We have three objects visible(but ONLY under the MOST stringent conditions!) in the sky. 1. Nibiru. 2. Nibiru's largest moon. 3. A small second sun - which Nibiru orbits!


Nibiru(and satellites) got captured by Sol2(The Second Sun).



Nibiru is a small shell of a planet slightly smaller than Mars, 18 million miles distant.

Sol 2 is about the size of Saturn. It is a dim brown dwarf like STAR(Possibly a FAILED star(one that did not ignite)). Which is two Jupiter distances away.(Right on the edge of our solar system, thousands of millions of miles away.)


It(or Nibiru)(Not sure which) has a blue shimmer around it.(I don't know why.)


Now because Sol 2 is way out past Jupiter, it has been mistakenly identified as Planet X!(Which it is NOT!!)(Planet X is on a normal regular orbit. A quite different object entirely.)



Also on account of its size and appearance.



Sol 2 is partially luminous. AND partly shining by the sun's reflected light.



It looks yellow like the sun.


(I think the blue sheen is surrounding Nibiru.)


Nibiru itself dimly glows red.



The main reason for this Event(briefly called Nibiru(WRONGLY called Planet X.)), but actually an entirety but which is a small second solar system WHICH HAS BEGUN TO PASS THROUGH OURS!! - Is a Natural Cycle.(The Second Sun orbits Sol every 3,600 years(Therefore Nibiru does,too.)(Last time it came, we had what was called Noah's Flood, the final sinking of Poseidon(into the MAGMA),(Wrongly thought to be Atlantis!) the blowing up of Santorini, and a COLOSSAL dry spell(Subsequent on The Great Flood(Of Gilgamesh, actually.))(Nearly all on Earth were wiped out. You can say all! Noah,etc. survived.)(You may call me Noah if you like. As I am simply doing what Noah did: TRY TO Warn you all of the impending TEMPEST!!


It is 40% a judgement.



You may reasonably enquire as to WHY this trio of objects has not(in GENERAL) been seen!


Now Nibiru has become the SEVENTH planet of Sol 2. That is its OUTERMOST planet, and, therefore, merely the farthest OUTREACH of this incoming solar system.(Its moon(biggest moon) is very small, and therefore very dim.) As for Sol 2, IT HAS BEEN MISTAKEN FOR PLANET X!!(Mistaken PER VIEW to Planet X. But mistaken PER NAME to Nibiru!) So we have an incredibly confused picture being bandied around here!!


Nibiru itself is a gigantic shell of ROCK, strewn with erupting volcanoes, composed so much by red oxides, AND surrounded by a cloud of red oxides DUST. So it looks red. Much like Mars.


Now add in the fact that this ADVANCED GUARD trio of Solar System TWO is approaching our ecliptic at a very steep angle, with Nibiru acting VERY erratically and unpredictably, and a small hard to see moon(one of many lesser moons(I think rocks) ) of this red planet, so close to the sun's disk as to be hidden by Sol's GLARE, AND visible ONLY in the infra red, AND by a telescope with special equipment, AND in the infra red only, PLUS only visible(USUALLY) from Antarctica, and it should not be too hard to see why this object on The Orion vector is so hard to see.(All against the back-drop of The Milky Way, with all its stars!!)


It is playing Possum and Hookey with us all. And BY THE POWERS is going to give Earthmen an AWFUL fright, when it SUDDENLY, UNEXPECTEDLY, appears in the sky a year or two hence!! Looking about the size of the moon. A horrible looking thing.


Meanwhile Sol 2 will look like a Second Sun.


And Nibiru's main moon will look like a second moon.



This lot, this TRIO, is ONLY the advance guard of Solar System TWO!!


Nearly all(humans who have heard) have gone into DENIAL.


The welter of information is a confused, conflicting, contentious, chaotic MASS.



We shall have two yellow suns, two white moons, a red-blue monster, and an increasing rain of choking deadly poisonous(laden with incurable alien viruses(new to Earth, so NO counters to the HORRIBLE diseases) ) red dust, and rocks - of all shapes and sizes falling from the sky.



The rest of Solar System Two will then follow!!



It will stick around for about five years.


No use making out wills, as few lawyers will have the inclination!!


The heat will be APPALLING.


What we have been getting was only THE VERY START of it!!



Currently, we are in a most strange position: The sun spots went out 3 years back. So(as that is where main heat supply comes from) there is a COOLING on.(S.E. Queensland temps have hardly risen AT ALL for two months!!(This happened last year. Reason? Sol 2's gravity and magnetic tides have suppressed our sun's activity!!)



NORMALLY we get(as in the film 2012) a 6,500 year event caused by THE SUN getting charged up by the spiral arm(of our STELLAR cluster(sic) along which energy flows). (Sol closes in on this electricity flow!)(Ice melt starts crustal displacements, increased axial tilt, AND AN EARTH INVERSION).


(But THIS time, because Sol 2 blocks the sun's energy stream(to its(the sun's) surface), the sun HAS GONE OUT(though existing surfaced heat is still shining as radiation). (Supply stopped. But water in the pipe line STILL. Due to its sun spots being stopped.)(Until Sol 2 replaces Sun to provide our heat supply! THE WORRYING QUESTION IS - After Solar System Two departs, WHERE WILL WE GET HEAT TO KEEP US ALIVE??!!


It is a good question.

Now let me see if I can find a GOOD answer!!(Sweating pints!!)


Ah, yes, once Solar System Two departs, Sun gets unblocked!!

Trouble is: Sun's internal wheels may take a little while to get turning again!!


SO, expect an ICE AGE. Until the sun's energy flow resumes full force!!

Not too many around to freeze anyway!!)




So an ice era is setting in!(Due to stopped Sun Spots.)


AND an Ice Age will set in for a few hundred years. Until Sol gets into stride again!!





Then why is it so hot?!


Two reasons: 1. The heat coming from Sol 2. 2. El Nino.(They come and go when they feel like it!!)



Eventually the heat coming from The Second Sun will reverse the ice era and replace it with growing heat!!


This Solar System TWO will play havoc and WILD CHAOS upon Planet Earth(AND four other worlds!(Mercury, Venus, Moon and Mars, I think.)).



It will also cause The Earth to fall upon its side.(AND an Earth Inversion, as Sol 2 takes Sol one's place in supplying heat,etc!!)




WHAT is happening is ADDITIONAL to the usual Solar Cataclysm that occurs every 6,500 years.



You see, we have TWO colossal cataclysms occurring simultaneously!! Both caused by Sol 2.



What is happening is GOOD, not bad!

The bad part is due to the RE-ACTIONS of Nature and Man.



TO the rising spiritual and material VIBRATIONS, brought about by our sun's plane aligning with the plane of The Milky Way Galaxy's CENTRE.

This releases the full flow of energy ex our galaxy's centre!



There is NO WAY to stop this event.


AND there is NO way to escape it(unless aliens help OR our Authorites LET US go into underground cities and hollowed out mountains,etc.(Though underground will be dangerous too as the gravity and magnetic TIDES wreck the internal structure of The Earth(As well as its surface.)!!)







Though a warned world will go BESERK!!




Do NOT commit suicide!(This will only add to your woes. As though you can kill your body, YOU will survive into The Spirit World, with worse problems THAN EVER - on account of the added sin of self murder. Plus having NO PHYSICAL BODY!!)




So JUST don't do it!!





Big foes will be The Authorities clamping down via Martial Law,etc.


And an increasingly raving mad PUBLIC!!



Like Noah, I am trying to warn you all!!(Call me Noe.)



Back in 1998/9 we got our first intimations.(So 1999 did START this coming DEBACLE!!)(Main EVENT 2012.A.D. Worst comes in 2013.A.D.))



We have been warned by many sources and for thousands of years!!




Any questions?!






The sheep will be divided from the goats.


The Earth is to be CLEANSED. By Solar System Two.



God IS returning to Earth!!



It is a case of behave OR DIE!!



Behave BY GOD'S STANDARDS, not Man's!!(REMEMBER that!!)



Judging by the numbers who will die, Man's behaviour is "not too impressive"!!



Got The Message, men of Planet Earth, Terra or Terrene!!



I shall not be too popular I know. But I am giving it LIKE I SEE IT!!



It's chips, or, if you prefer it, - CURTAINS!!!!




I fail to see how ANY can survive. Any living creature!!



Not even those going underground!!



Think of the earthquakes and volcanic eruptions,ETC.



The top crust will be TORN away from the lower, and THEN dropped back down!!(Happy holidaying!!)



Frankly, I'm for becoming a SUBMARINER!!



Some of those chaps MIGHT make it...





You want the truth, don't you??!!



Like I say, this is only what I think.




Some of you might believe in the philosophy: If we don't like it, we won't believe it!!(Against WHICH, there is NO remedy!!)




Will be rather hard for the children, the elderly, the infirm and pregnant women.








Now where's that ARK??



















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