Monday, 12th September, 2,011




Not just a magnetic pole shift!



Sorry. I omitted the main point(In N12). It is not simply an increase in the shift of the magnetic pole. THAT is going on all of the time. No! THIS is a PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHIC polar SHIFT! Which INCLUDES the magnetic pole(both ends of The Earth)(Keyed on The North.)!!

Centrifugal Force is such that it just GRABS The Entire Earth, and bends it over (from The South Pole)!(Later on it will bend The Earth over from The North Pole, and finally around its axis. I THINK.)


Like being on a roller coaster.


happens to be 8,000 miles WIDE and HIGH!!


With continents, and lots of WATER!!




Slosh, SLOSH!!!!







A magnetic pole shift is simply MERELY the observer's view of the RIM of the Polar Hole!(One at each end.) There is no magnetic pole AS SUCH. It is the EDGE of a gigantic HOLE!!(Which CANNOT be at The North Geographical Poles BECAUSE THERE IS NOTHING THERE BUT SPACE and AIR!!!! Nothing MAGNETIC, you see!!(You need LAND for that! But there is NONE at the poles!!))


What happens is that every few thousand years we have a reversal of the geographic poles. They switch ends!! North Pole becomes south, and vice versa, South becomes North!!(If The Earth(but not likely) MERELY falls upon its side IT WILL BE WORSE. As instead of poles switching ends. they will move to PERHAPS(hypothetical guessing) India and Peru, maybe. Then you would have tropics freezing awfully, and all the ices at the polar caps MELTING!!!!


There is NOTHING at the poles, you see!




We are being told GREAT LIES, you see.



The Truth is VERY different to what we are being told!!(It doesn't do to tell the mob the truths, because they have a job getting things straight. And are apt to misunderstand. And instead of co-operating, GO OFF THEIR ROCKERS!!!!)(The great mass of people are VERY ignorant. So A LOT is to be said for stuffing THEM up with ANYTHING that pleases them!! To keep them happy. But what is happening NOW - simply CANNOT BE HIDDEN FOR VERY MUCH LONGER!!!!)(Not the people's fault. Just where they happen to be in evolution! No thing is wrong. It is just that no one filled us in on THE FULL FACTS!!)(Winters come and go. SUPER winters also come and go!!)(It is SIMPLY that NOW we are about to enter the next SUPER WINTER. Yep! An ICE AGE!!)(I think best to just speak true. As THE TRUTH puts EVERYTHING right!!)(Many people are bright and sharp. But with views SO tailored to their WISHES!! They don't like The Truth to disturb THAT!!)(So many people think that the truth is what THEY want to BE the truth! When it so seldom is!)




In Genesis, Holy Bible, it says "Let US make Man in OUR image.".

Therefore subject is PLURAL, not singular. Gods, not GOD!


The gods could be spirits,nature spirits, aliens, and so on. In this case they are ALIENS. Annunaki HUMANOID aliens!!

The ancients called such beings, - gods.

The GREAT GOD is INFINITE! Not some local entity!



So The Annunaki HUMANOID ALIENS modified our genes. Creating Homo Sapiens. From old stock, The Cro-Mags and The Neanderthals.

3,600 years ago they left us to fend for ourselves.

NOW they are returning!

Riding Nibiru!

Or,rather, possibly Comet Elenin, perhaps a GIGANTIC UFO. Or some such ACCOMPANYING Nibiru!!


The Heavenly Hosts!


MANY of them will hop off as Nibiru shoots past The Earth, and see how we are getting along.

I don't think they will be too pleased with Nixon going off The Gold Standard!!



You dig, comrads?


You DIG??




This is your FRIEND, Vic;

FRANTICALLY, but forlornly I do greatly fear,


to WARN ya ALL!!



Some of you don't like that.

Which I find very strange.



As if TRYING to save a man from getting struck by a passing truck was naughty!!









We are talking about DOOMSDAY!!









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