Wednesday, October 7th, 2,009.

World Situation, now.

DDD6-1-b(Series 2)

Bowing to Russia, and not continuing Polish and Czech counter missiles from Iran,etc. is a stupid move. One that will cause The West to lose in long run. Russia is a long time bully. Out to avenge The Cuban crisis loss and the fall of Communism,etc.

Australia in for a Spring of dust.

The sun has been cooling since 1998.(Global Warming per Man is a money,etc.spinning con scam.)

Iran is very obviously developing a nuclear bomb. Sanctions will NOT stop Iran!!

Obama should be disqualified! He was born in Kenya. His birth certificate is not legal. Grew up in Hawai. Then lived in Indonesia. He is the equivalent of a traitor. Is against Israel. Pro Islam. Is a Socialist, if not a Communist. Is completely misguided, despite his great intelligence,etc. Was a lawyer.

Trouble is Biden may be worse. FAR worse!!


Better to have a little trouble sooner, than a LOT later!!



Appeasement and pacificism SIMPLY DO NOT PAY. But THAT IS the way(as usual!) that The West is going!

The financial crisis,etc. is FAR FAR from over!!(Australia and New Zealand,etc. will recover and do well, due to China.)(But U.S. And main Western World should fail.) Gold and Silver should go for the moon ANYTIME(now, I think). And then The Sun!!!!


We have only a year or two to the arrival of Nimbus. Which should kill about 3 billion people, plus many animals and plants!!!!

The sun is un-naturally quiet, not because it actually is, but because this a NEGATIVE burst of solar activity. WHICH WILL DO AS MUCH DAMAGE AND HARM AS IF IT WAS POSITIVE!!


What is coming is not heat, but increasing COLD!!!!


Things are going extremely badly in the affairs of men. Though THEY think the reverse!!


We need to WAKE UP!!








Vic Conway.

Friday, October 9th,  2,009.

      For Michael and Scott(and any others CONCERNED),
              Hullo, again.                                                 DDD 8000(Article number.)
      Hello boys, how are you?
      The reason for this e mail is simply the group of earthquakes that has recently occurred to our north and east.
      It is NOT a co-incidence.  Furthermore, a lot of these earthquakes are UNRELATED.
      My point is:  I THINK there is  BIG one coming!
      REALLY big.
      Possibly with a tsunami HITTING US, bigger even than the 2,004 lot...
     PLEASE.  Do NOT ignore what I am saying...(Ah, how easy it is to turn over - and GO BACK TO SLEEP!!)(Do THAT when you are dead!!)
     Especially when I know all the detailed reasons behind it ALL!!
    Better to risk looking a fool, than to be hung from a street lamp.
    I KNOW what is coming...  Therefore, I am VERY responsible!!  And ACCOUNTABLE!!
    When I said global warming PEAKED in 1998, I meant that its RATE of rise had. Not its RISE!!(G.W. obviously continues! Very clearly.)
    I also said that the financial-economic,etc.crisis was not over.  So why is Australia booming again?
    Because WE(Thanks to China ties.) are being shielded by China,etc. from the gathering world storm.  As U.S.Etc. is NOT WELL!!!!(The World is horribly in debt and deficit. Except for China!!  Which is also sitting on MUCH gold!!(THEY are not fools.)  All West is sitting on is HOT AIR!!!!)(So why the current euphoria?  1.  Because people believe in hot air!  And 2.      The INNER authorities are afraid that the people will find out!(We are like one who has walked over the edge of a precipice suddenly WITHOUT KNOWING it.   Wait until we LOOK DOWN, and SEE that there is NOTHING below us but thousands of feet of empty air!!   What do YOU think the MOB will do??!!   Eh????)
    And even China will be hit hard by U.S. collapse!(And us, of course.(And New Zealand.Etc.))
    Interest rates are rising again. But PREMATURELY!!(Too soon!!)
    The reason for the recent Dow,etc. upsurge has been the STIMULUS PACKAGES,ETC!!!!(It is OVERCONFIDENT mob, NOT RECOVERY that has sent Dow,etc.UP!!)
   We SIMPLY CANNOT spend like we have and STILL expect a rosy future!! WE ARE TRILLIONS DOWN THE DRAIN.  Living in a state of PARANOID psychological PSYCHOSIS  based on HORSE MANURE!!!!
    In other words, the masses are being fooled that all is well WHEN IT IS NOT!!!!
    Business investments have simply followed People's Confidence.  THAT IS ALL IT IS!!
    So we should not get TOO DRUNK!!
    What is coming is not so much heat(though that will come FIRST), but COLD!!   Yes. An Ice Age.(It should make Australia's climate TEMPERATE.)
    Now you are news agents. Therefore I am looking to you to spread the news MOST GINGERLY.
    I expect temperatures to drop(eventually) by at least TEN DEGREES CELSIUS!!
    Should get VERY cold here, in Stanthorpe.
    Urgent need for FROST protection of crops!!
    Look! It is VERY simple:   The lower crust of The Earth is being dragged(STARTING to!!) under the UPPER crust.  Via friction this is creating a force field at the SURFACE of The Earth.  THIS is the cause of Global Warming.  NOT CO2 and Methane,etc!!
    Yes, the SUN is responsible.
    The lower crust is being dragged SIMPLY because the electronic charge growing ACCELERATINGLY from the sun(vis Solar Wind, CME's,etc.) is increasing core's magnetism.  And THIS is dragging the lower crust under the upper!!(We are being DUPED by SO-CALLED experts!!)
    AND the heat is increasing(VERY RAPIDLY) PRECIPITATION!!
    AND...   the subduction drag of the lower crust is causing earthquakes and volcanoes to increase ACCELERATINGLY.(We are in The Rim of Fire!! Hence the recent earthquakes in our region!!).
    It means earthquakes, VOLCANIC eruptions, PRECIPITATION downfall, AND COLD will rapidly increase!!
    With accelerating damage, loss of life,etc.  And, of course, rising costs!!
    It is NO GOOD us believing OUR WISH(for all to be well and improve)!  We need to BELIEVE THE FACTS!!!!(I am stating some of them!!(ONLY some!!))
    THINGS, from now on, are going to rapidly get worse AND WORSE.  Until SIX BILLION humans lie DEAD. Plus MANY animals and plants,etc.   You read that all right??
    When? (WITHIN a few short, very short years.)
    Fortunately, we here in AustralASIA are in the safest place!!
    We should get off lightest.
    Niribu is awaited.  AND Earth Inversion!!
    Precipitation is increasing SIMPLY because of the growing heat!   Sucking up more and more moisture.
    And then dropping it down again.(When it hits upper colder air.)  THIS is happening all over!   Giving us patches(in space and time) of drought and flood.(And of course FIRE,ETC.)
    I DO NOT want people to say to me later: "Why The Hell didn't you tell us, IF YOU KNEW."   And get strung up!!
    Don't know about you...
    It IS a safe bet, boys...
    The ONLY question(for the world) IS:  How long can we all walk on air, WITHOUT REALIZING that air is not very thick!!...
    OUR future(Australasia's) may be good.  THE REST OF THE WORLD'S -  IS NOT.
    Another thing:  Paper money is LONG SINCE worthless!!(Other than psychological token value SO FAR...)
    Gold is currently rising rapidly.  Has been for TEN YEARS.
    Get into gold!!
    Especially SPIRITUAL gold!!
    No. I am not mad. Nor a scaremongerer!
    I am SIMPLY (knowing the facts in some detail) TRYING to warn you all OF WHAT IS COMING UP, VERY SOON!!
    Possibly within 18 months.  So PLEASE heed me!!
    Studied the subject ALL of my life.  So should be QUITE qualified!!(Though I do not walk around with uni BUNK medals.)
    EXPECT a volcano to pop up!!
    Increasing fires, floods, etc.(Building RAPIDLY to FAR worse!!)
    Naturally to avoid panic,etc. The Authorities are playing all this DOWN.  But they do know!!
    Russia is TRACKING Nibiru.
    WE ARE IN DENIAL!!   That is NO GOOD!!!!(The FACTS are staring us all IN THE FACE.  Fact is, humans are so poor at reading anything BAD!!)
    Earth Inversion should be preceded by(via the melting ices) ALL of the ices sliding into the sea. Which will RELEASE THE BRAKE holding back the upper crust. When that moves, the entire Earth's surface(WATCH the stars!) will SLIDE thousands of miles.  First north.(A thousand miles or so!)   And then South.(About 5,000 miles!!)
    It is THAT SLIDE that will via SUDDEN INCREASE OF THE AXIAL TILT OF THE EARTH, - turn the Earth UPSIDE DOWN!!!!(In the space of 27 hours. Creating winds of 200 mph for all that time ALL OVER. And very much else, of course!!)
   You reading this all right?!
    It IS partially linked to Man's fast growing decadence.(But the MAIN reason is simply COSMIC and SOLAR CYCLES!! Which come and go periodically in their DUE seasons.  A VERY BIG one is NOW!!     NOW.(Starting up, I mean.)
    I know you will LONG to disbelieve me.  But if you do, you will be making a MOST terrible mistake!!
    Get the REST of the world together.  And VERY tactfully LET THEM KNOW!!(Yes, WE ARE ALL FOR THE HIGH JUMP,  VERY HIGH...)
    If we improve our ways markedly, we can ease it A LOT...
    I will add this closer: Death is NOT the end!
    Furthermore, we CAN take our suffering on there WITH US!!!!
    I think I have said enough.
    Let not the finger of suspicion point at ME!!
     I am doing my best to WARN you all.
     Ignore me AT YOUR PERIL!!
     It SHOULD be obvious enough NOW!!!!
     Come on!!
     See!  We are all waiting for The Authorities to announce Danger.(We have a VERY long wait, chaps...)
       Vic Conway.(Source.)















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