Thursday, 19th November 2,009.



Red planet AND Blue Star.


It seems that not one, but two heavenly bodies will appear in the sky.

The red planet evidently is Nibiru, the rogue planet whose surface was blown off(Now the asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars.)(Which is where now Nibiru has reached on this trip back.)

It appears that Planet X is on an irregular orbit, which brings it very close to The Earth. This seems to be The Blue Star.(Actually a planet.)

So, soon, in the sky will appear Red Planet AND Blue Star(Actually a planet.).

Blue star already glimpsed. And The Red Planet(found by Nasa but quickly denied) is being tracked by Russia. Its high surface content of red oxides will surely make it look red.(Very much like Mars.)(But is not Mars.)


Check via Hopi Indian,etc. prophecies.


Nibiru, a rogue planet(on an eccentric orbit), is somewhere between the size of Pluto doubled, and Jupiter times four. A large object. Will have enormous gravity tides. Which should topple The Earth via its bulge!(Normally, The Earth inverts every 6,500 years, but because the sun spots have stopped, AND Nibiru is confusing the usual sequence of events., ( For instance, the growing awful heat we are experiencing in Australia is from Sun cycle 23, still working its way through The Earth.(But Sun cycle 24 is SO severe, that it apparently has BLOCKED the normal internal sun processes.)(Its effects lie ahead!)) it is not clear EXACTLY WHAT will happen this time! Apparently The Blue "star" ALSO has an orbital term of 6,500 years!(Interesting!)


In addition to Sun cycles 23 AND 24, we have the growing effects from the enormous gravity of Nibiru. AND,now, from The Blue Star.(Planet X) PLUS the normal Earth inversion(every 6,500 years) - currently blocked by the stoppage of the sun spots!!(It is not clear exactly what effect Nibiru's gravity will have upon The Earth(You LOOK at that GROWING bulge(As Nibiru pulls The Earth out of shape!) on(left of Greenwich line) on The Earth. (Plus a growing HOLLOW on the right hand side.) But, they can only be UTTERLY DEVASTATING!!!!)


MANY huge(COLLOSAL) changes are now BEGINNING to cut in. Many strange, seemingly impossible things, both abnormal and un-natural, are going to happen. And strange creatures appear. Billions will die.

The reason is partly because of Man's increasing unGodliness. But mainly and BASICALLY it is due to so many groups of cycles and ages(beginnings and endings)now occurring.


Revelation speaks of these things in archaic language.(But I find it in FULL AGREEMENT with my predictions.)


Many will go mad. And, not a few, evil.

As Mankind gets increasingly desperate at what is occurring. With the Authorities denying everything. And men trying increasingly frantically to attribute it all to "Chance"(Queer word that...)


The economic and financial collapse originating with U.S. and EU has only just ended Stage ONE. There will be five or six stages.(Much like 1929,etc. all over again, only FAR, FAR, worse.)




It seems that the U.S. and U.S. dollar are going to collapse, with the precious metals rocketting.(Much to China's chagrin. Because of its having taken on U.S. debt and deficit accounts! This could smash China,etc.TOO!! AND Australasia!! )


A dangerous consequence of the U.S. $ collapsing is that RED China will repudiate its support and payment to The U.S. ETC. (China is CURRENTLY CARRYING U.S. Debt!! (The source of U.S. Free spending!!) This will destroy our current financial and economic systems. AND put us back on gold. But Silver will FAR exceed it!!(The Poor Man's gold.) With both palladium AND platinum becoming choice!!)


Lithium is replacing OIL!!

Lots of things like this are occurring.


But increasing confusion and chaos will reign. Especially with the bankers and brokers,etc. MAKING THE VERY SAME MISTAKES AGAIN!!(The very ones(wilfully)that brought Stage One of the economic and financial collapse upon us ALL.)


First result is House prices crashing(In The U.S.).



Note that lithium is coming in largely because of it replacing petrol and oli, via hybrid and electric vehicles.



ENERGY is the clarion call!!


Every mountain shall be laid low. And every valley raised up!!


As the last days set in.(The last days of this great 6,500 year Solar Cycle.)


Naturally I am trying to warn my fellow men!


Islam is taking over from Christendom.


Racism exists all right! Anti white skins(Now FAST disappearing.).


I don't think Obama will last long. I see Hillary Clinton rising to the top after Biden(who will be worse than Obama).


Bush was a dead loss, but better dead losses than catastropic defeat!!(NOW engulfing The West.) He TRIED - in the right direction. But funked attacking Iran - because of their "torpedo boats",etc.



The West is a dead duck. Thanks largely to Political Correctness,etc. And the many various Activisms.



Rudd may fail,too. As he - quite frankly - does not know what he is doing.


NOT handling boat people right.


HOW LONG has Australia(and N.Z.) been World's Dumping Ground??

Wake up Australasia! You are being far too soft.

Fear of RED China and Muslim Indonesia is the cause!!


Anna Bligh has been doing a surprisingly good job(For an ordinary woman.). Except for not bringing in(majority vote) Daylight Saving.


Rejecting the Traveston dam was a mistake. Water will now cost us 50% more! Plus the enormous expense of De-salinated water.


Recycling is NO GOOD. Drinking crap water!!(HOWEVER finely you percolate, you CANNOT elimininate(altogether)the crap,ETC. particles!!(Including Tamtax pads(Menstrual blood!) Of course not!!(Dung and menstrual blood,etc. go down to the molecular level!!)(We are being CONNED!!)(As usual.)


Storm water drain water collecting. - A good idea.


Fire, is going to be the big worry, as Solar cycle 23 works its way up through The Earth!

How foolish to put up buildings IN the bush!!(Fire will often sweep through ALL bush!)


How idiotic not to insure!


Yes. Ban Alcohol. But legalize Marihuana!!



Save The Murray Darling Basin!(The Federal Government needs to.)(AND the hospitals,etc.)



It is getting very scary, as we are so much into debt and deficit.



Paper has become money!(And money, - paper.) This is an act of faith(thinking, well the next shop will accept my bank notes, and so on - down the line.(Yes, - but for HOW LONG??).


There HAS TO come a PRICE somewhere for spending money like water!!


We could go years,yet on faith IN PAPER(token money). But it will only need the financial and economic systems to crash far enough, and people(in general)will lose their faith in token pretty coloured and designed bits of paper(bank notes). AND, as usual, RUSH to that universal perennial stalwart hedge - GOLD!! Only it will be a STAMPEDE this time!!(While The Dow,ETC. crash to The Rocks!!!!)(The Authorities keep trying to talk up dollars,etc. But even they cannot change the increasingly HORRIFIC facts. Gigantic clash between U.S. Dollar,etc. And a debt long since too great to pay off the interest, even, let alone the capital!! Snapping point MUST come. Just as soon as China gets too scared. Imagine 1,400,000,000 Chinese,not to mention India,ETC. All investing in GOLD. But don't forget real gold is GOOD DEEDS.(How increasingly rare!!)


SILVER is the big redeemer THIS time. (Silver is heavy in large quantities, but gold is too expensive.)



Sky is the limit now for both gold and silver,etc. Gold COULD double in price in just a month!

Silver should follow. But not JUST follow, but go up SIX TIMES faster than gold!!



I see GOLD hitting $25,000(and more) AN OUNCE before this latest gold rush finishes. 25x up!!(In about two years!!)


The danger will be in attempts by The Authorities to take the gold and silver OFF US!! So get gold AND SILVER bullion coins(As bank notes go out of fashion!!). And put them safely away some where!!(Not under the mattress,etc.(Thieves will soon sniff it out.) No! Into bank vaults. But preferably Mint vaults. AND INSURE IT!! Pay for the storage. Will be worth it!!)



The old controls are snapping. So crime will rocket!!


These things are PROBABLE.


Suicide is going to become VERY fashionable!!



But no good. BECAUSE YOU LOSE YOUR BODY, BUT NOT YOUR PROBLEMS!!!! With one more sin added. No way can we escape our debts!!


Both gold and silver,etc. are getting VERY short. Plus the fact that China and its vast population(And India's,etc.) look like going into gold FAST.(Especially now U.S. looking increasingly sick. Especially The U.S. Dollar!!)

Australia(and New Zealand) should take some hard knocks now. Though far less than that of other nations.

Unless China goes down. AS WELL IT MIGHT!!!!


Bad though Labour is, I THINK they are making a better job of it than The Coalition.


No. Anna Bligh HAS DONE WELL!! Just an ordinary woman.


No CRAP,ETC. water, PLEASE!!!!(But water should flood in! Because the hotter it gets, the more water on ground gets sucked up!!(By evaporation.) - Which has to come down again! Hence all these growing floods,etc.


It would give us some horrible diseases!!(Re-cycled water.)



The end is closing in FAST.



Best place, Australasia.

Especially at Summit on top of The Great Dividing Range.



You hear that Backpackers' club and cafe at The Summit?!!



Move over, you corpses!! (They are(so short of space) burying the dead ON TOP OF THE DEAD!!!!)(Putting new coffins(switching to cardboard boxes,now) on top of old coffins. Jolly inconvenient, - what?!




Old lamps for new!!



No. Let us not return to the old religious bilge!

BUT ADVANCE into a New Age of Super Science and Technology!!

Courtesy of the aliens, of course.



You who ignore what I am saying WILL GNASH YOUR TEETH.


But WHO will blow out THE PIPS??!! Eh??


Christmas? Don't we mean RAMADAM??!!

Many will stand upon their heads...

A difficult feet(sic). Bending feet backwards, and placing them on skull!!!




Further details upon request.



The Human Race has taken far too many wrong turnings.

The first one occurred AT BIRTH!!!!



Your buddy Vic.(How strange that my news is NOT WELCOME. By EARTH men!!)



Obviously THE WRONG GOD has taken over!!



Keep smiling?


Even I am getting pressed.

Because of the rapidity of the big changes now beseiging us all.

Silver is rising six times faster than gold. Deceptive because it is so cheap compared to gold.

Bank notes are going out the window....(No wonder our forests are dying!!)

Hang on. I'll get my wheel barrow underneath first...(Well, it will make nice wallpaper!!)


Observe how everyone blames everbody else.



There is no simple answer.

A long box. Get in. And pull the lid over.

SOMEONE is sure to nail it down!!





Don't say I didn't warn yu!

Now where's that flying saucer I saw...
















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