Monday, 4th January, 2,010.



Second Sun!!



I have studied Nibiru a lot more closely now. And give the understanding I have now reached:-

The sun has a second sun partner!

It had six planets. But when Nibiru had its surface blown off by humans(us!) in a thermo-nuclear war, it shot off from between Mars and Jupiter, and shot for the sun.Hitting The Earth a glancing blow in the process, slicing off what is now our moon!

Now our Second Sun closely approaches(it might go around it!) every 3,600 years. On one of its passes it picked up our planet Nibiru and added it to its own retinue of planets. Thus Nibiru(formerly a planet of Sol) became The Seventh Planet of Sol.2.

The latest 3,600 year term has ALMOST ended(It ends in 2,012.A.D.)

Nibiru has several moons circling it, and a long tail of debris.(We recently entered this tail(Which is full of a deadly poisonous red oxides' dust.))(So wear face masks. Dust caps are good and cheap.)


The Second Sun is LIKE a Brown Dwarf Star or some such. Possibly as big as the sun.

Nibiru is anything up to Jupiter's size.


Nibiru's huge gravitational(AND magnetic) pull will drag The Earth over on to its side.(Via The Bulge in The Earth. Apparently created by Nibiru.) IN ONE HOUR. Causing winds of thousands of miles per hour!

Both poles will melt and raise the sea level 440 feet.

The Second Sun COULD cause our sun to explode.


It is said that ever second pass(passage), Nibiru causes great damage to The Earth(ALMOST destroying all life upon its surface.) It seems that this pass is a second one!


New poles will form. I am told in Brazil and India.


The Authorities know that SOMETHING is coming. But are not telling us - to avoid panic. And more acutely to avoid losing control over us!!


It is NOT Planet X!(Now Planet 9(Now that Pluto(and companion Charon)has been demoted from Planet Status!!) Planet X, if it exists, is the next planet out beyond Neptune in our Solar System. It follows a regular orbit.


Many have ASSUMED that Planet X is Nibiru, WRONGLY!!


Nibiru NOW has an orbital period of 3,600 years BECAUSE The Second Sun has!!


THIS is what is causing our fast growing heat. AND numerous other rapidly increasing disturbances!!


NOT Man! Not even Surface Nature!!


MANY are in denial. Being unable to face up to such a HORROR.


It could hit us. And it could wipe the lot(on Earth, and four other worlds).


On one of its passages it wiped Mars life forms.(There are still remnants of forests,etc.and humans on Mars!!)

And, similarly, with The Moon.

Currently USUALLY only visible from Antarctica with a telescope, special equipment, filters,etc. But will become visible to us in May 2,011. Finally being fully visible as an object like the moon(or larger) suddenly and unexpectedly.

This will send many mad with horror and terror. Causing many to commit suicide.


Expect growing fear and climate AND EARTH CHANGES to swiftly increase over the next(about 3 years)(Our woes peak Feb 8th, 2,013.A.D.)

After it has gone, having cleansed The Earth, it(Earth) will be a MUCH better world!!(But VERY few around, plus in an awful condition, to appreciate it!!


Ready for a re-building YET again from living in caves and ice.(As I believe an Ice Age will occur.) So back to The Stone Age,etc. at first. But aliens will help us.

Aliens may also evacutate the best humans,etc. temporarily. To Mother Ships circling above, and to other planets.


Every mountain shall be laid low. And every valley raised up.

Revelation has the story!!

The Great Tribulation.

The End of an age. Many shall call it THE END OF THE WORLD. It will be - so far as we know it!!


It will be dark by day for many years. Due to so many volcanic eruptions!! With a Volcanic Winter following.

The Earth will stop spinning. The moon(ours) could be dragged away from us. Both Earth and Moon will be dragged out of their orbits.


EVERY imaginable horror will occur!!


From now UNTIL then, climate and Earth changes will progress quickly!!



The heat should kill many(With TWO suns in the sky.).


There will also be two moons.


Numerous sources have warned us about this terrible event.



The cause is a Natural Cycle.

But Man's Iniquity IS contributing!!



Nibiru's many moons will also threaten us.


There will be a LONG rain of debris from the sky.(As the tiny particles of red dust get added to by falling stones, and BOULDERS!!!!)



Earth men will save a few in underground cities and hollowed out mountains.




All hushed up and currently denied.


So the question: "What is up with our weather,etc??" I have NOW answered!!!!





Vic Conway.


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