Monday, 11th January, 2,010.








I mean that I have divined why the second sun varies so much in size and jumps about in space. I mean its SEEN DISK does.(I said The Earth jumps around too. No. The Wobble jumps a bit though.)

Very simple! It is orbitting Sol in a sort of sling-shot orbit. Highly eliptical AT PRESENT!!


So when closest to the sun it appears large. When farthest away, - small!!(Makes sense??)



The is helps to explain why very few see any second sun!(Use GOOD sun glasses or suitable filters!! )




Now before I forget, let me list Heating factors and Cooling factors. Knowing these could make life a lot easier for you!!





1. As Zola(the name of The Second Sun) approaches, it will get warmer.

2. As Nibiru approaches it should get warmer, as it is a large very hot volcanic rock.

3. When El Nino is on.

4. Various minor heating agents.

5. Naturally when closest to The Solstice applicable to your hemisphere.(Nearest to peak of Summer.)


6. When the Earth is farthest(sic) from the sun!

7. When The Earth's axial tilt is least.

8. When The Earth's (Chandros) Wobble is maximal.




Now for the Cooling Factors:-


1. When Zola is receding from the sun(Zola will be around for about FIVE YEARS. As will Nibiru,etc.)

2. When Nibiru is farthest away.

3. When El Nino ends.

4. A few minor cooling agents.

5. Nearest to Winter in your hemisphere(The appropriate solstice.)

6. When Earth is nearest(sic) sun.

7. During La Ninas.

8. As Earth's inner heat dies.

9. As our sun's radiation dies(AND its solar winds,etc.).

10. As the next ice age(The one caused by the stopping of The Gulf Stream!).(Expected!)

11. Our current ice era - due to sun spots having stopped.(Actually the sun spots,etc. stoppage is covered in Point Nine.)


So don't count 11.



12. When Zola finally departs!

13. When Nibiru finally departs!




13 less 1 is 12.

So 12 cooling agents.

8 warming ones.



Keep a graph and plot these. For your area.



Then you should know what to expect.

Heat brings wind, rain and damp.(In the end.)

Factor in as many of the factorial agents as you can.




This portrayal MEANS, that 1. The Northern Hemisphere can expect the initial cold to weaken - AS ZOLA and Nibiru approach.(The Southern Hemisphere can expect the current awful heat TO WORSEN!!)

2. When Zola and Nibiru have gone, GOD HELP US!! Until the sun's inner energy bursts through to its surface again!!(Expect temperatures to plunge TOWARDS Absolute Zero. Minus 273 degrees Celsius.)



How long for the sun's inner energy to burst up to its surface again? A number of years I would think!!



This sudden uprising of solar energy could give Earth EXTRA PROBLEMS!!

All right. THAT was the good news!!(Comparatively.)


Expect FINALLY a Super Duper ICE AGE.

On TOP of the one produced by Zola pulling Earth on to its side.

AND on top of the one that(This is the SECOND Super Duper Cataclysm!) Sol ITSELF produces(when it inverts The Earth,etc.). Due to getting super charged as it rounds the spiral arm of the local closed stellar(sic) cluster!!



The point is this: With the two solar systems passing THROUGH each other, ANYTHING can happen!!


Expect axial tilt increases(to various objects of the solar system(ours, AND theirs!). That includes EARTH'S!!!!



Expect various disasters within the two solar systems!!



We might lose our moon.



We might capture some of their planets,etc.(THEY might capture some of ours,etc!)


Expect a VERY hectic exciting time over the next ten years, at least. AFTER THAT, ICE should be dominant!!



For hundreds of years AT LEAST. Perhaps THOUSANDS!!




The Benign Space Patrol(aliens) might protect our species.(And/or even our own farmers(The Annunaki aliens)might.)



Some may be evacuated.



So don't give up ALL hope!!




It might be better to die THAN TO LIVE ON AN EARTH that should resemble Dante's Inferno!!




I am just speaking baldly.




Expect many aliens to visit us...



Those of you who hoped I was wrong(after you couldn't find a second sun!)(Up CLOSE to Sol.), FORGET IT!! How hard for me to be wrong. Though I could be out on minor details. And no doubt I can polish the picture up!!



I have now explained ALL things!

And missed none.



It could be 1,2, even 3 years before things get TOO OBVIOUS to ignore!!



It will be interesting to study the explanations given by THOSE WHO KNOW, but who are deliberatetly misinforming us!



Likewise, the many sceptics' comments should be interesting!



As time passes, though, more and more confirmatory events will occur.




It will get increasingly hard to deny that Sol(our sun)'s CLOSE binary companion(along with its retinue of planets and their satellites,etc) is PASSING RIGHT THROUGH US!!!!





Terrifying and horrifying things will not only occur BUT BECOME COMMONPLACE!!!!



As will an increasing (at first(for about 5 years)) number of BIZARRE things occur.



Both supernormal and supernatural.




Like floating off the ground. Or seeing a long dead loved-one appear in front of you!!



PLEASE prepare NOW for ALL of these eventualities!!!!





It CANNOT be stopped.



AND nowhere to run!!




You might as well carry on as normal!!(IF you can...)




And place bets on the most likely manner of demise for your neighbour!!(Joking.)



I am not trying to belittle what is about to occur.



JUST trying to cheer you up.





How many creatures (not just humans!) will survive it. NONE, I would think!!

But you never KNOW!!



The weather is now explained!!(And seismic and volcanic,ETC. events.)

Milder weather in The U.S. Of course! As Zola and Nibiru get closer!!



Hotter weather in Australia?? OF COURSE. As the heating agents grow!!





As I clutch my throat, REMEMBER NOW(please do!), I am ONLY REPORTING MY FINDINGS!!

i AM not SENDING this stuff!!




Yes, you can hope I am wrong... But HAVE YOU SEEN MY TRACK RECORD??!!



There it is fellahs.



Better to know, EH?? ??





I go hysterical some times.


Nothing serious.



But will YOU be counting sheep OR GOATS?? !!





REMEMBER! Could be quite a while before THE PENNY FINALLY DROPS.





Wear your face mask. The ALREADY incoming(we have entered Nibiru's TAIL of debris...) red dust is loaded with ALIEN bacteria. Horrible diseases that are NOT indigenous!! SO NO CURE!! Diseases our immune systems have NO defence against!!



I have to TELL you! Don't forget, THIS IS A GOOD THING!!(Basically!!)



Why tell anyone if it cannot be stopped? Good question.




You would rather know, wouldn't you?? - WOULDN'T YOU?????




Gigantic BOULDER - or tiny particle of red dust??



Our own COLOSSAL Pompei!!




Nearest description I can give.





No you won't hear anything about it on the news. Or from The Government.

Though they KNOW!!!!


Even The Pope knows!

What do you think The Third Secret of Fatima was?!

The Pope promised to find out, and tell the world. But he funked it!! Understandable??!!


Why do you think our leaders have such glum faces????



Every 3,600 years THIS HAPPENS!!



(And every 6,500 years!!)(That OTHER cataclysm...)




Read Genesis CLOSELY. And Revelation(Bible's last book.). Etc.


The Nephelim ARE The Annunaki!!


The Sixth Seal is opening??!!


But there are SEVEN!!



The Great Tribulation.




The trouble is: If you wait until it starts in earnest. THEN IT WILL BE TOO LATE to "get under the table".



I think our best hope is HEAT or SUN stroke. That should take MANY off. Especially in the warmer climes.



But remember that COLD is going to overtake THE HEAT!!




Hypothermia can kill too.



These will be the pleasanter deaths.



PLEASE do not commit suicide. It does NOT work!!




The Grand Daddy of all firework displays!!




I understand why Noah(Actually Gilgamesh that time.) was so upset at being disbelieved.


THAT was(3,600 years ago!) WHEN Zola and Nibiru,ETC. last PAID US A VISIT!!



Penny dropping yet??



Getting warm isn't it?!


Many are.



But THE COLD is coming...





ICE AGE is the final chapter!!




Now, remember, when Zola and Nibiru depart(about 5 years hence), that Sol will be released from the pressure NOW subduing its energy wells(What gives us heat(NORMALLY).).



So WHEN Sol normalizes, IT is then FREE to produce its OWN(TWO super duper cataclysms coming up IN THE NEXT TEN YEARS!!) cataclysm. A super duper one, AGAIN!!



First it will be HORRIBLY cold(waiting for its energy to surface!). THEN explosively HOT. Finally, - Absolute Zero, APPROACHED.



And cap off with the once in every 6,500 years events: Earth Inversion, ETC. ETC.




2012 is when BOTH the 6,500 Solar Cycle's MONSTROUS CATACLYSM, AND The Nibiru Complex's 3,600 year MONSTROUS CATACLYSM, occur.




But because Zola is currently suppressing Sol, expect a five(plus) year DELAY!!





My point is this: First Earth falls on its side(As Zola pulls it over, via its BULGE(Earth's BULGE, and WHY it is!!(bulging!).).



THEN, a few years later, SOL inverts The Earth!!




So, first the poles will switch from North and South to Brazil and India.


THEN, a little later, to the opposite ends of The Earth(To Brazil and India!!)!!




That's Malaysia and South Pacific, just off South America. Respectively.





The good news is: That NUMEROUS beneficial spiritual and material cycles will be starting up. 2,012.A.D.




Words fail.






Vic Conway.

















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