Wednesday, 18th November, 2,009.


My Communique to the world. More particularly, - Australia.





Apart from invasion by asylum seekers, here is the problem:-(We simply CANNOT afford to take aboard THE WORLD!!!!)


I recently gave you H1. Which is my proof that the year 2,012.A.D. truly marks the end of the current age.

Via the agreement between my binomially selected dates and the historical dates of all the biggest disasters since Adam, I demonstrated via astronomical odds in my favour that 2,012.A.D. is indeed the end of all current cycles.


This is marked by The Inversion of The Earth.

This will occur in two years, possibly three. And be caused by the rogue planet Nibiru - now hurtling down through the solar system heading for the sun(which it rounds)(goes around)(in the manner of comets).


According to my calculations(which are pretty good!), we are now WITHIN two years of some collosal events.

This will be occasioned by the rogue planet Nibiru - a planet sized object - which is calculated to pass The Earth at a distance of one million miles. - Twice.(Once as Nibiru goes to the sun(rounding it), and again on its way back out(of the solar system) on its eccentric path(an ellipse).


Ths position is this: Thanks to the stopping of the sun spots, we are now in a period of grace. That means a mini ice era.(Average global temperatures will drop ten degrees Celsius. Just as soon as the current heat rise works it way out through The Earth. I think this is ending now.)

This means that the internal pull upon the Earth's lower crust(the asthenosphere) is on pause(hold). Which is fortunate, because...


The gravity tides of Nibiru will be enormous, and may topple The Earth. Turning it upside down. Or at least laying it upon its side(which will be even more disastrous).

The chances of this are dangerously high. Especially if the sun spots resume(One big one appeared some weeks back. POSSIBLY a flash in the pan.)


Australia and New Zealand are well placed, and best placed to survive an Earth Inversion(which I expect).


However, the danger is from Nibiru.(Wrongly confused with Planet X.)(This is NOT Planet X! Planet X etc. are safely orbitting the sun. SHOULD NOT bother us...)


Nibiru is laden with The Nephilim. Which have made this rogue planet their space ship. They are humanoid aliens who are begetting a hybrid race ex themselves and humans. They genetically changed us. And are coming to inspect their cattle(us).


I am hoping that they will save the best of the cattle and evacuate them to mother craft circling The Earth. Perhaps to other planets. Until the current Storm and Aftermath have passed.


All life forms upon The Earth are threatened with extinction. Few will survive.

The Authorities know about Nibiru. But are keeping it quiet(along with UFO's, aliens, crop circles,etc.)as long as they can. Ostensibly to avoid panic, but actually to retain control of us.

The KNOWN authorities are only figure heads, and do not know. Those who KNOW(about Nibiru,etc.) are The Secret Government BEHIND them, controlled by a subversive group of humanoid aliens. Who have made us slaves and guinea pigs,etc.

The Nephilim, otherwise known as The Annukai, are the good humanoid aliens. They will inspect us. And, I hope, evacuate the best of us.


The few survivors(a few million) will re-seed the human race, living in icy caves again.(This happens every 6,500 years.)


The sun spots could resume at any time. And an Ice Age descend upon us all.



But for a while(after this heat) a Maunder Minimum should occur, a mini ice era.(Making Northern Australia more temperate.)


Do not panic. Still less create Pandemonium!

But PREPARE - either for death via stifling poisonous red oxides dust(or get hit by falling boulders). OR evacuation by humanoid aliens. Until the storm passes. This could be many years.



The danger is only too real, chaps.

My hope is that the aliens will erect force fields to shields us from the hail of boulders and choking red oxides dust - from the tail of this "comet" - which Planet Earth must pass through for quite some time.



Knowing the almost certainly of the menace, I must warn you all.


Though other than get inside mountains or deep caves, we can do nothing.

IF the aliens protect us from the hail of boulders and stones by force fields, we MAY be able to keep out the worst of the DEADLY red dust, by sealing up our homes, and DEFINITELY not going out.(Face masks will be inadequate.)

So what we can expect is a Pompei situation, world wide. Lasting for QUITE a while.


Now I know MANY are going to laugh. And reject what I am saying.



However, I aver the danger is only too real and the risk extremely high. And do warn you all. To protect yourselves!!



Prepare to seal up. Maybe stock up. Including with bottled water(as reservoirs will get polluted). Delivery vans and trucks can possibly be sealed up. I don't know.



PLEASE listen to what I am saying!!





Vic Conway.(You ARE being warned. All of you.)(What will help is a return to law and order!!)(Now we have less than a year to prepare. A lot can be achieved in that time. The most law abiding will stand the best chance. These aliens are now known as The Annukai. (Called in The Bible(Genesis.) - The Nephilim.)("Now The Nephilim were on The Earth in those days". Meaning The Annukai.(Humanoid aliens.)(Not all aliens are good, so be careful!)


We would be MOST wise to switch from destroying Cannabis to destroying ALCOHOL!!(Cannabis has medicinal properties.)(And is far less dangerous a drug than Alcohol! BAN alcohol! THAT is the crying need. And tighten the ban on nicotinic smoking!!)


Australia and New Zealand are best placed to help the entire world.

From here we could re-seed The Human Race.


We WILL need to be VERY strict with children and animals.

Our children and pets will naturally be worried about. So prepare special SEALED UP rooms for these. NOW!!


Nibiru IS the problem. Called "The Comet of Nostradamus". But it is not a comet at all, but the rogue planet Nibiru!


This happens every 6,500 years. I mean that The Earth inverts every 6,500 years.


Nibiru has an orbital period of 3,600 years.

It is a PLANET SIZED object, and is bearing down on the sun. As we are so close to the sun, it should pass us at about one million miles distance.


Now PLEASE heed what I am saying. Especially now that I have PROVED that 2,012.A.D. IS the end of this AGE. This set of cycles!!

In ITSELF no danger. But what is, is the re-actions of humans and animals who cannot bear the incoming higher vibrations! And who will re-act, causing much damage. (The Earth itself will rebel, as will the sun, via electron etc.storms.)


NOW WAY can this ENORMOUS CHANGE be stopped!!


Do what you will, IT MUST COME!!!!


Not scaremongering, but warnings to prepare(even for death, as many will die).


The gravity tide from Nibiru will play upon The Earth bulge, and start the inversion.

This object is large, very large. And,so, will have enormous GRAVITY!!


Our best hope lies with the aliens protecting us, and/or evacuating the best of us.(So good behaviour will be PARAMOUNT!!)

The lawless can expect to be abandoned.(As only the best behaved will be saved.)


I HOPE I have said enough.



It is only until Nibiru passes. And humans pass the inspection(Those that do...)!!




Peace! And may God go with you.



Learn to do WITHOUT alcohol!!(And drugs. INCLUDING dope(Pharmaceutical drugs!)(Turn to HERBS!! ETC.)



And without smoking,etc.nicotine!!

I am Vicon, your friendly advisor in these increasingly trying days, as we change from this current set of cycles and ages TO THE NEXT!!!!


Maybe start stocking up.(Not too much, now.)






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