Monday, 16th November, 2,009.



The Proof of 2,012.A.D.


The year 2,012.A.D. is on the minds of many. Why? It is the last year of the Mayan Calendar's current big period.

There is even a film entitled 2,012 now coming out.(Following on Independence Day, Deep Impact,etc.)

Jesus said: "I shall return in two days, then shall the end come.". The days referred to are THOUSAND YEAR days. Which takes us to the period we are now in.

What End is Jesus talking about? Not the end of the world. Not the end of the planet. Reference is being made to The End of The Age. Meaning the current great quarter cycle of The Sun.(These are 6,500 years long. The full cycle is 26,000 years. Which is the Zodiac term. And The Precession period.)


It co-incides with The Mayan big period's end. (Which is significant.) 2,012 is also the last date marked in The Great Pyramid. Meaning the end of time.(Not time per se. But a particular calendar era. The current quarter cycle of the sun. AND the end of The Great Mayan period. Time will still go on after this date. However it will then be in the next great quarter cycle of The Sun. AND the beginning of the next Great Mayan term.


However, all this is only the beginning. Intrigued, I, many years ago now, decided to investigate this approaching end business.(1999 was merely the then popular year for the end of the world. It is simply 2,000 less one to imply an ending.)


The end of the world has often been prophesied, but SO FAR not fulfilled. The fact that certain great cycles ends have so far not materialized is no indication that they won't!

I am now releasing my latest report on the situation - to give people some basic facts for them to contemplate.

Bishop Usher declared that time began in 4488 B.C. (Presumably when Adam was born. Adam(and Eve) the progenitors of the human race.) Which date was generally rejected - as it did not accord with Orthodox Science's estimate that The Earth was formed four to five thousand million years ago. This generation goes by Orthodox Science, not the utterances of Christendom.(Please note: Science is talking about General Time. Bishop Usher's creation is(I am saying) ONLY A RECENT RE-CREATION, not the INITIAL creation date!!)(I aver that these re-creations occur every 6,500 years!!)


The time period from 4488 B.C. to 2,012 A.D. is EXACTLY 6,500 years.(I am simply quoting facts. This is neat. But not MADE NEAT by me! Neat because of the pin-point accuracy of the ACTUAL CYCLES!!)

A Roman Catholic priest man(Little Peeble) declared that our Gregorian Calendar is three(possibly four) years too advanced.(Due to error/s made in changing over from The Julian Calendar.) However, the 6,500 year term is based on (the allegedly erroneous(claim by Little Peeble)) the current(Gregorian) calendar.(Either Peeble is wrong.(Experts have declared him wrong.) Or the the quarter cycle AND The Great Mayan term are 3(perhaps 4) years short!!(I prefer to think that Little Peeble was wrong.)



Now The Zodiacal term, The Great Precession period, The Time Line's end date in The Great Pyramid, Bishop Usher's claim (of creation date being 4488 B.C.) based on calculating generations and ages from The Holy Bible, AND my binomial sequences(more anon) are utterly different schools of thought, and so VERY different to one another!!

Yet tie them all together and you get this wonderful mathematical scenario! A mathematical GEM.


I proved and confirmed that the 6,500 year quarter great solar cycle is indeed correct!

I found that a binomial sequence fits all the big disaster dates!(Please see near end, when you get there!)(Where you will get a FANTASIC FIT between my binomial sequence dates, and THE CLAIMED HISTORICAL DATES!!)(First I list my binomial sequence dates(years), and THEN the dates CLAIMED by The Authorities!!)(Obvious so accurate(in the event) that when "recorded" history differs, I AVER my binomial sequence dates are the correct ones!!

The binomial sequence I refer to(very simple, nothing to be afraid of!)is quite simply a halving principle of dates(of the biggest disasters), AND of the INTENSITIES of the series of disasters'.

In other words: If you take half the 6,500 year great quarter solar cycle(3,250 years), you should get a very big disaster then. (1,238 B.C.)(3,250 years after event one, the local creation date of 4488 B.C.)

Continuing The Halving Principle, we arrive(1,625(half 3250) years later) at 387 A.D.(Santorini(Off Crete))

Halving again, 812.5 years, further on, takes us to 1200 A.D. Next, -(406.25 years)(1606 A.D.).

And so on. The number of disasters doubles(each time), but their intensities halve.

Now if you check around these dates, you should find, in general at least, that some big disaster occurred then.(You can do this via The Internet.)

By the time we reach 2,012 A.D. the number of disasters is huge, but their intensities COMPARATIVELY small. Which is precisely the situation that we find today!!(According to my calculations(I have been studying these things intensely for many years. The mathematics involved is simple.)

Note that there was no year 0(Zero). So no need to add in one year for the non-existent year nought.


I realize that many sceptics will laugh. However, I remind all of the boy who cried wolf. A practical joker... But one day a real wolf arrived...


(Note that every 6,500 years, The Earth inverts(turns upside down(actually, geographically, not just magnetically!)). Each time this happens civilization gets destroyed. (Also an ice age begins!) This time it will be The United States.(Which will be pulverized.)(Perhaps via Yellowstone(A Super Volcano) erupting. AND/OR The San Andreas Fault,etc. Last time it was Poseidon. The time before that(11,000 A.D. approximately), Atlantis. In 17,500 B.C.(approx.) it was Lemuria. In 24,000 B.C. it was Mu(Off India.) And so on.(Likewise into the future.))


In addition to these things, Nature will go beserk, mainly through the wild animals. And Man will rise against Man. Expect The Third World War,etc.(I think Russia nuclearly wiping out U.S.). And The Fourth Reich. ETC. ETC.

All because of the mass electron,etc. storms from The Sun. Passing through the brains,etc. of humans and animals,etc. Producing brain storms, causing many to go crazy.


This is not some overnight pipe dream fantasy dreamed up by me. I am simply proving and confirming, that the 2,012 forecasts - are correct.


Not that basically what is coming is simply the end of two huge cycles. 1. The Mayan Calendar's current big term. 2. The current big 6,500 year Solar Cycle.

A wonderful POSITIVE event. What is disastrous about it is THE RE-ACTION by Nature and Man to these events. Caused by the much higher vibrations pouring in upon us, as our Sun lines up with The Centre of our Galaxy.(Yet another collosal event due in 2,012.A.D.)


Is it all because Man has become(Especially Western Man, particularly in The U.S.) so decadent? Not basically. Though this is contributing. No. The reason is SIMPLY because of so many COLLOSAL line ups occurring in 2,012.A.D.(Sun lining up with The Galactic Centre, End of The Great Solar Quarter Cycle. End of The Mayan Calendar. End of this creation period's time. (The recent planetary line -up was merely a forerunner of all this.) A story of CYCLES!!!!

If we add in the insane actions of President Obama, the change over from rule by white men to coloured men, the rise of RED China(taking over from The U.S.), the huge financial and economic debacles which began recently.(Not over by the way. What is over is ONLY the first stage!)(In U.S. The Second Housing crisis is about to begin.)

Anarchy is replacing law and order.

Especially in The West.

No civilization can survive long that way!

Why doesn't God intervene? What god? (I am not saying there is no god. I am saying that in addition to The Infinite, there are many gods. All vying for rule! And many devils,too



God IS intervening. Starting now!


The local gods are!


I hear that the ice is melting, and that sea levels are rising!(Alas, Mrs Thatcher made a very handsome grant available to those who promoted MAN made global warming. Hence all the hysterical fever in that WRONG direction!)

SOME fresh water ice is melting, yes. And SOME is increasing!

The TINY expansion that DOES exist(a few centimetres)currently, - is due to THERMAL expansion. From Global Warming(Sun based, not Man!). The seas are getting warmer. And as the water warms up, IT EXPANDS!! So there is a tiny rise in the sea level, of course!

Global Warming has stopped. Thanks to the sun spots going out. (Bar one big one recently, which MAY have been a flash in the pan.)

So WHY are temperatures so hot?! Because global warming ex the sun has stopped, but the EFFECTS of earlier G.W. are STILL working their way THROUGH THE EARTH.(Which can take years!)

What is on now(ex Sun) is Global Cooling!(Which we can expect TO MANIFEST from any time now, onwards.)

Its out runner effects are already being felt! In Australia(at least), temps have not risen for MONTHS!! Variations,yes. But no AVERAGE appreciable increase(none!) for MONTHS!!

Which is just as well!


The universe is mathematically(and geometrically,etc.) PERFECT.

The unverse is one collosal CLOCK. Wheels within wheels,etc.

Moon goes around Earth. Earth goes around Sun. Sun goes around something else. And so on...and on.


We need to get back to Sun and Moon worship(Study and heeding!!)!!

The Great Four are Man, Earth, Moon, Sun!!!!

Study the cycles and tides!

All we have now is Man worship. Lower Man at that!! Which leads to extinction!!!!


Man has lost it(touch with reality). And is turning to lower self. Which IS FATAL!!!!


Worship of lower self and bodily functions...No good!! Take eyes off Earth(liness) and World(ways). Put them BACK upon GOD! Via higher self and the big four of Man(Mind and Higher Self!), Earth, Moon, Sun.



Time we all woke up, chaps. BEFORE it is TOO LATE!!


NO FUTURE this way. Only utter and COMPLETE destruction, spiritual as well as physical!!



Almanacs are excellent things to study!


The Holy Bible is good.(The Word of MAN, not of GOD.)(God speaks through The Cosmos, and Nature...) But Scripture seems to have stopped DEAD, 2,000 years ago. Life goes on. But Man has stopped. Why??(Science and Technology ARE NOT ENOUGH!!)(Humanoid aliens are currently saving us. Chiefly through Technology(In exchange for humans(via abductions)to experiment upon.))(Bodies soon end. SOULS do not. We need to focus on soul, not body!!))


Noticed? A HUGE DISTRACTION is going on. To ensure that we don't return to God!(By whom? By the BAD humanoid aliens who have taken over from the good ones!)(Been doing this to us 900,000 years,now.)


We are being spoon fed with sex, sport, "entertainment", and ADVERTIZING.(Amongst other BAITS.) Anything to stop us seeing what is really wrong! We are replacing higher self with lower self!(Higher self is God! Via SUN.)


The Sun is too high for most. It is The Moon THEY need to worship.


The Crop Circles are an attempt by the Good Aliens to bring us back to SENSE!!


What happened was this: Way back Neanderthals ruled. But The Cro Mags arose. Raped The Neanderthal women, and produced Homo Sapiens(the current stock)(Which humanoid aliens got implanted with improved genes.)

Normally only ONE cataclysmic event occurs. But now we have TWO coming up VERY SOON, within a few years of each other. 1. Earth Inversion(Due 2,012.A.D.) And 2. Nibiru(No s! I and others have erroneously put an s on the end from time to time. THERE IS NO S on the end!) is The Comet of Nostradamus. Due in a year or two.(Larger than Mars, is currently being tracked by The Russians.)(Do NOT confuse Nibiru with Planet X! Planet X is simply The Tenth Planet out from the sun! The next one out past Pluto(And Charon)(Its twin)(Beyond The Tenth lie llth,12th, 13th and 14th,too.)(Pluto, by the way is not a planet. Pluto is simply a satellite of Neptune's, which in some cosmic cataclysm got knocked out of its orbit. And ended up orbitting the sun ON ITS OWN!)


We have a problem all right!


Provided we can somehow avoid the horrific Niribu, we have a chance. IF we go to the anti-nodal Earth Inversion points(That is those points where the inversion spin is least.(These are in Eastern Siberia and just off the southernmost tip of New Zealand.)(When The Earth turns upside down, winds of about 200 miles per hour will occur world wide non stop for about 27 hours. Plus awful volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, etc. (Should kill about 3 BILLION humans.)(Nibiru should kill 3 Billion,too.))(I believe and am hoping that the humanoid aliens will protect us from Nibiru. Some of us...)(THEN, by getting up on top of The Great Dividing Range(to avoid The Tsunami), SOME might survive...and re-seed Humanity,etc.)


Now if you will spare a few minutes(could save your life!) to check my binomial proof of The Coming Earth Inversion, via my binomial sequences in the current 6,500 year great Solar Quarter Cycle, you SHOULD see that it is MOST unlikely that my figures are CHANCE expectancies!!


The PRACTICAL safest places are New Zealand and Australia. On top of The Great Dividing Range is best.(To avoid The coming Tsunami(up to 3,000 feet high).)


One year to Nibiru. Three years to The Earth Inversion.


Plus Ice Age and(meanwhile) the beginning mini ice era. Plus Nature's revolt. AND Man's uprising against Man.



You can of course ignore me. I most strongly advise you NOT TO...


Many years of intense study of simple facts is hardly conducive to my being wrong...


Not a hoax. Not a joke. I ASSURE you all.

I have better things to do.


(SO) Either I speak true or am sincere but mistaken.

I hope my Proof via Binomial Sequences has removed all but the truth.


Rapture is coming too. And the most gigantic spiritual revivals this world has ever seen(or is likely to ever see).

What is happening is this: The Evolution of Planet Earth and its occupants is being raised suddenly a notch or two. Via VIBRATIONS. Higher vibrations.

Those who cannot bear these higher vibrations will be transferred to a lower planet. Those who can, may stay. In ice caves,etc.

The best of Humanity will be transferred to a higher planet.(I mean higher in the vibrational sense.) Those who are not ready for such a leap may stay. Looked after, I hope by "the gods"...


So, folk, let us hope we all avoid going BESERK. As these circumstances and conditions ADVANCE...


I repeat, the increasingly bad weather, including seismic and volcanic,etc. IS going to get worse AND WORSE...(Until bang, the lot goes...) It is NOT by chance that all these floods,etc.are happening.

As the hot air rises, it enters the cooler strat, condenses and falls as rain, snow, hail, sleet,etc. Naturally as the weather grew(and still might for a while) hotter, rainfall,etc. increased.

So there it is. I am simply REPORTING the matter to you all. And most strenuously urging you I tell to spread my report/s.(To save whom we can.)


Which is better? To err on the side of silence and incur the wrath of many, and then perish. OR, to inform the world, and probably(very few will survive ON EARTH) at least( die with an easy conscience.

Not all will die. Many will be evacuated to Mother Ships and other planets by aliens!

SOME will stay, and shiver in icy caves...

Eating peanuts bought with $10 silver bullion coins, perhaps.

I am for evacuation or a quick death. I don't fancy icy caves...(But I may not be around too long. Especially with sceptics who cannot take...the truth...)


Folk, I bid you peace and careful thought. VERY careful thought...


I am speaking out. It is just too much for me to remain silent.(Which PERHAPS I ought??)


Now here is a list of the biggest disasters best fitting my binomial sequence dates!!:-

4488 B.C. - Poseidon.(The last remnant of Atlantis sank in The North Atlantic.)

Feb 26th 1238 B.C. Noah's Flood(The big Black Sea overflow, I believe. Due to collosal rainfall.)(I think that this event happened back about 4,000 B.C. So a tremendous discrepancy. Easily accounted for by the very great time ago that it occurred.(About 6 to 7 thousand years back!)

387.A.D Santorini. Off Crete. Collosal volcanic eruption. A super volcano, evidently.(Was heard in Egypt.) It IS SAID TO HAVE occurred in 765 B.C. (They are guessing. Somehow I trust my 387.A.D. date before their wild guesses!!)(A discrepancy of 1,152 years! But clearly they(the authorities) have NO IDEA when it occurred. And are making WILD ESTIMATES!!)(I can only conclude that they are over a THOUSAND YEARS OUT!!!!)(The event occurred about 2,000 years ago. A little hard to pin down.)

1201. A.D. Egypt and Syria Earthquake.(Over a million people died.)(It occurred in 1201 A.D.)

1606-7 A.D. China earthquake, 1556.A.D. (Discrepancy of 50 years could be due to incorrect Chinese dating and/or Western incorrect time date.)

1809. A.D. Indonesian volcanic eruption occurred in 1825. 16 year discrepancy easily accounted for by time taken for vibrations to work through Earth's magma!(And or poor recording time.)

(Please note that nearly all of these disasters(collosal disasters)occurred TO THE YEAR(!!) or close!(Huge disasters are not THAT common!!)

1911.A.D. Yangse River Flood occurred in 1911 A.D.

1962.A.D. China famine occurred around this time.

1987-8 A.D. Major Flood,then, in China.

1997.A.D. Turkey Earthquake,then.

2,003.A.D. Iran. Bam Earthquake that year.


The list of dates given first ARE MY BINOMIAL SEQUENCE DATES! (The collosal disasters that occurred nearly always TO THE YEAR, HAPPEN(??) to fit my dates. NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND!!


I have not given details, but the disasters mentioned were REALLY HUGE. Anyone checking on The Internet can easily get the horrific details.


The ONLY four not to occur to THE VERY YEAR were Noah's Flood, Santorini(Near Crete) guessed at for 765 B.C!! 1606-7 A.D. in China. And 1809 A.D. in Indonesia. 50 and 16 year discrepancies, respectively. Easily accounted to poor recording times!! All of the others are SPOT ON!!(Of course, the farther back in time we go, the harder it becomes to get accurate dates. Please remember this.)



I REPEAT, the dates given are FROM MY BINOMIAL SEQUENCE!! The HUGE disasters fit TO THE VERY YEAR in EVERY case bar the two mentioned in the preceding paragraph.


YOU pick ANY year at random, and see how many COLLOSAL disasters you can find that occurred on the year you picked!!



Now WHY is it - that(how is it?) my binomial sequence dates are SO INCREDIBLY GOOD?! I say it is because I have latched on to the VERY formula that links in to the amazing Earth Changes that are occurring! My halving principle!!

Naturally the farther back we go in time, the harder it becomes to get accuracy regarding disaster dates.

In view of my incredible binomial sequence accuracy(incidently proving my assertions!), I think can go by MY BINOMIAL SEQUENCE DATES!!

All right. But what is the connection between the on-going earth changes(the practice), - and my astonishingly pin point binomial sequences?


Evidently vibrations are working their way through The Earth. THESE are setting off the various disturbances that are translating into disasters upon the surface. These vibrations apparently decrease in intensity per binomial progression! (Thus explaining how it is that each succeeding disaster is only half as powerful as the preceding one! Also, the vibrations are passing through the entire Earth, thus(as time passes along) creating an increasing number of disasters(of lesser force).(What I am saying is that THE INITIAL DISASTER (caused by The Earth Inversion) NECESSARILY has a long delayed FOLLOW UP disaster, via vibrations that binomially weaken, but also binomially increase in number as the vibrations pass through The Earth.(As the force decreases, so a proportionately bigger number of disasters is able to occur.)(Delayed action echo effects so to speak, weaker, but more numerous.)


A supplement to the main article:-


THIS DOCUMENT YOU NOW HOLD IN YOUR HANDS - IS PRICELESS. It is(though I say it myself) is THE MOST IMPORTANT DOCUMENT OF ALL TIME!!!! It can save the world. IF YOU pass it on! IF YOU DO!!(Those who assist this forward will find EVERYTHING going their way(because harmonizing with the truth). IF you oppose it, the reverse will occur!!!!




What indicators exist to show that The Earth inverts every 6,500 years?


1. Old termite mounds in Australia face south.(Ants like the sun, and so build their termite mounds facing north. However old ones face south. The only explanation that makes sense is Earth Inversion.)

2. Upper Egypt and The Upper Nile are down south of The Nile Delta! This is odd. Shouldn't they be up north?! An Earth Inversion would explain this.(Upper meant North. What are they doing down south??)

3. The Constellation Draco is upside down. This only makes sense if The Earth has inverted earlier!

4. I believe that there are rock formations polarized the wrong way. This only makes sense if there has been an Earth Inversion.

5. Some chronological records speak of an Earth inversion.

6. Polenius, a Roman, declares that there was a time when the sun rose in The West! (This could ONLY occur if there had been an Earth Inversion.)


7. Antarctica is clearly Atlantis.(If you remove the ice.) However, you need to turn it upside down to have it orientated right!(This only makes sense if there has been an inversion of The Earth.)

8. A number of other indicators exist which only make sense given an Earth Inversion.




What I have done here in this article is reveal incredible creation and end of the world date secrets.


I did this via breaking all of the cosmic codes. A great key is 2 x 2 x.

Note that if we take the term of The Great Solar Quarter Cycle period, 6,500 years, and apply 2 x 2 x we get 26,000 years. Which is The Zodiac Period. And The Term of The Precession.


The Zodiacal Period is 26,000 years.

The Precession Term.

It is how long The Earth takes to fully tilt over, four times.(Note that it is the tilt of The Earth coupled to the gravity tides from Nibiru plus other factors, that cause The Earth Inversion.)

As it passes through its four maximum to minimums as it orbits the sun.

It is also how long it takes for the sun to go around the spiral arm of our local stellar cluster(sic). Which cluster I proved the existence of. In maps and charts of same. Via My New Astronomical Distances Finder.


The Precession Period(Zodiac) is divided into four 6,500 year periods.


If you divide the 6,500 year term I am referring to(by 2, repeatedly), you will get the

binomial sequence I am referring to.(Working forwards from the date of the last Earth Inversion(4488 B.C.)(The sinking of Poseidon(Med Sea.) Last remains of Atlantis.) - we get more and more disasters, but of inversely less intensity - as we go.)



If you check back through history you will see this bourne out.(Vide my list of disaster SO fitting my binomial dates.(Please bear in mind that the dates of the biggest global disasters so exactly fit my binomial sequences!!)(Not the other way around. They fit my prediction, NOT I make my sequences fit them!!)


4488 B.C. was the latest creation date(a whole series of them exists).

2,012.A.D. is the date of the end of the 6,500 year cycle.(This is when this current quarter Solar cycle ends.)(The end of this age.(Not the end of the world or the planet. THIS is what Jesus was referring to.))

The Earth inverts every 6,500 years.

So the hemispheres then change places - every 6,500 years.

I have just given eight indicators of these Earth Inversions.


It is only THREE YEARS to the next one!

And only ONE year to the coming of Nibiru!!

(I am assuming Peebles to be wrong.)(Otherwise we need to add 3, possibly 4, years.


This does not give us much time... Next year!!...

Note: Nibiru(The comet of Nostradamus. It is not a comet, but a rogue planet.) - a planet larger than Mars, and of similar constitution.) had its surface blown off by nuclear explosions caused by humans(us, when we lived there). The core then shot across the orbit of Mars - and sliced a piece off Earth as it careered on. (Our moon was thus created. A chip off the old block.) This rogue planet has an orbital period of 3,600 years.(Time up in just a year.)(Now that Peebles seems to be wrong.)

You are urged to read my other articles. All being mathematical or geometrical gems.

The universe is one big mathematical and geometrical GEM. A gigantic CLOCK and CALENDAR.



All of this may disturb some. However we do need to go by what is true, not by what we happen to like or dislike!!


For those living upon The Great Dividing Range, winds (as Earth goes over) should only be about 50 m.p.h. Easily bearable.

First signs will be the stars moving en masse across the night sky.

After the inversion(it will take 27 hours), our night sky will become what the Northern Hemisphere now views!(We will get used to it.)(And The Northern Hemisphere's view will be what we have now.

The Pole Star replacing The Southern Cross.

The sun will, of course, rise in The West. And set in The East. (We will get used to it.)


Trouble is, little life will survive. Bar in Australia and New Zealand.(And Eastern Siberia.)


However, we shall need to survive Nibiru first!!



NO HOPE unless the aliens protect us. They might.


The chances of my being wrong about all I have said is EXTREMELY REMOTE...


It is not what I am saying, but what the facts I am unveiling are saying...


You understand that, don't you?!


If the sun spots continue stopped, then Global Warming will not return(until, if and when, they do). If and when they do, then Global Warming will return. And The Ice Age can THEN again be expected!!(Otherwise expect only a mini ice era.(Already beginning.).)


Now KNOWING these things, I have to TELL you all!!


I THINK the aliens will move out the best of us...



All the best,








Vic Conway.(No hard feelings I hope!)


Tuesday, 17th November, 2,009.


Supplement Two.

To H1.

Nibiru and Earth Inversion.



Please add this second supplement to H1 with its Supplement One.


What I need to do is list my binomial sequence dates in a first column. And then put in the claimed by Authority's dates in a second column. So people can SEE just how accurate my binomial sequence dates are! In a third column I can give the mathematical odds against it being a chance result!! A fourth column will detail the disaster itself.(It would be like trying to hit a buzzing fly with a revolver shot.)(Just about impossible.)

So I will do that. But first a few further remarks: I am a born again Christian, not given(I am NOT the type!) to jokes and hoaxes.(As there are some who are convinced that I am kidding. No,no. I assure you all THAT I AM NOT!!(I am NOT given to that sort of thing!)(Am a very serious minded responsible person.) It would have to be an AWFULLY elaborate extensive con job. I simply would not have the time for such nonsense anyway. All my efforts are focussed on JUST STAYING ALIVE!! So please wise up those of you who may think that I am kidding!!



I ALMOST wish I was joking.(So AWFUL for all is what I am telling you!)


I am simply The Messenger. I am REPORTING the finding OF the fact. Not instigating it!! As some may be angry at ME. No,no. I am just a victim like the rest of you. Simply trying to warn you all - to try to save as many as possible!!


The safest PRACTICAL place(When Earth goes over.) will be The Summit of The Great Dividing Range. There is a back-packers club and cafe there. I just hope they can accommodate the SEVEN BILLION people(potentially) who may be heading there to escape The Tsunami,etc!!(Once(if ever!) they hear about this.)

Yes. Seven billion people could be heading for Stanthorpe! I hope that The Stanthorpe Hotel has enough room!!

(Yes, NOW I am joking. But mild applicable jokes ONLY.)(I am definitely not joking per the MAIN ARTICLE!!)


What I am TRYING to give you all is a mathematical GEM! One of hundreds(Up to 500!) I have done so far. All in top key important areas like Earth Changes!!

I just have this knack of being able to root things out very well.(Though it can take me years, even decades to do it.)(Plus a LOT of luck and serendipity.)


The sun rising in The West - and setting in The East WILL make a change!


A disturbing point: The Earth is bulging(more)(positively) on its left side(facing Greenwhich Meridian). AND showing a NEGATIVE(hollow) anti-bulge on its right hand side! Now WHY would this be??


The answer, my friends(if any!), is very simple! Niribus is bigger than Mars, and now less than a year away. Racing in towards the sun, near the edge of the solar system! So that its GRAVITY TIDES are ALREADY affecting us. I aver creating The big and growing positive BULGE in The Earth.(The negative (hollow) anti bulge on the opposite side naturally occurs with EARTH TIDES.(Created by the gravity tides of Niribus!)(Or anything else that can affect Earth.)



Now here is an astonishing thing: The Earth will invert in three years time. I have said that it is the gravity tides of Niribus that causes this.(They certainly help! But they ARE NOT the main cause of The Earth Inversion!! No!! The MAIN cause of Earth Inversions(They happen EVERY 6,500 years, Niribus or not!!) is MELTING ICE!!)


Yes!! As the ice melts, the BRAKE upon the Earth's CORE dragging the lithosphere over the asthenosphere(top over bottom crusts)(actually bottom under top), is released. AND THEN the top crust will SLIDE over a thousand miles northwards. Then REVERSE, and SLIDE four to five THOUSAND miles southwards. THIS will trigger a JOLT that will INCREASE the tilt of The Earth! It is THIS Earth's TILT INCREASE that causes The Earth to go RIGHT OVER!!


On THIS occasion(as it happens EVERY 6,500 years), we note that the sun spots have stopped! Thus stopping Global Warming(and, hence, ice melt!)!!) I believe that Niribu WILL cause The Earth to invert(turn upside down)!!


Niribus and Earth inversion don't USUALLY occur TOGETHER. But they are doing so this time! Despite melting ice stopped(for now), Niribu is, I believe, capable of inverting The Earth single handed!!



Normally, Global Warming and Nibiru occur years apart. Yet The Earth always inverts. (However, there is never any extra inversion caused by Niribu!)(Which suggests that Niribu ON ITS OWN(like now) could not invert the Earth!!)


So I am not sure myself what will happen this time. With BOTH Global Warming AND Niribu at work(to come)!!


We have this strange situation where the sun spots have stopped. Which MEANS that the ice has stopped melting!(There is always ice melting and ice forming(with fresh water!), but I am referring to the EXTRA melt occasioned by global warming.)



However! I THINK that between the Earth Core's DRAG on the lower crust AND Niribu(its gravity tides)(Whether Niribu's pull and Earth's core's pull(on the asthenosphere) oppose or conjoin!), that The Earth WILL invert!!(DESPITE the sun spots stoppage ending ice melt!) So, as you were!!



I am not sure.

MAYBE The Earth won't invert THIS TIME. Or perhaps it will merely FALL UPON ITS SIDE!!


IF it falls upon its side, then the poles are going to move TO THE EQUATOR(And form anew.). And the old polar ices melt completely - and FAST!!



That means a RAPID rise in sea level of 440 feet!!(And the moon REALLY erratic.)


Imagine Africa becoming The North Pole and Australia The South Pole for example.(Or maybe India and The South Pacific(The poles could form ANYWHERE upon The Equator.) I don't know.)


The Authorities DON'T WANT TO KNOW. So it will be HARD trying to convince them of the correctness of my FIND.


We have a dreadful choice: Either tell The People what is coming.(Which will create Panic. And PERHAPS, PANDEMONIUM!!(Panic is acting without knowing what you are doing. PANDEMONIUM is going BESERK.))


Or not telling them, but have growing horror and demands for explanations AS NIBIRU GROWS LARGER in the night sky.(It will eventually look like a very big full moon!)


So I don't know about that(What to tell The People.).



I think wiser to tell them the raw facts.



If they find out we knew but did not tell them, many will be strung up from the highest lamp-posts!!


On the other hand Pandemonium would cause UTTER CHAOS.



KEEP AS CALM AS POSSIBLE. Panicking is simply not going to help!!


I, myself, will do all that I can for you all.



Like I say, get up on to the highest ground possible.(To avoid Tsunami up to 3,000 feet high...)


I shall be hated of course. But I shouldn't be.


I simply made The Discovery. And am now FRANTICALLY trying to tell you all.



However, I am not believed!


Nobody wants to know!!



But NO WAY can you MAKE the FACTS ANYTHING OTHER than what they ARE!!




Now, shall I write The Queen(of Britain), and ask her to send me that Golden Coach they used at The 1953 Coronation?!(The one Diana sat in.)

So I can go shopping in style on Maryland Street?(And perhaps wave to the folk on either side!)(I don't think I would be welcome!!)


I have known all along that I would do it.



I should become President of The World.(No half measures for me, like President of U.S!)(Or of The U.N.)



Did you know that H.G.Wells wrote a short story called "In The Wake of The Comet"? In that he produced a similar scene to the one we now have! Even down to The Red Dust.

In The Wake of The Comet, must come the most horrific times this world has ever known.


Got a long box anyone??




NOW, here is my Tabulation of My Binomial(My Halving Principle)Sequence disaster dates, compared with the dates that actually happened(According to The Authorities.)(LOOK at the odds against chance expectancy!!)


Please note I tried very hard to get the sought tabulation, but found this extremely difficult. I find that I am unable to give much more than I originally gave.(In respect of what I wished to give. Meaning four columns,etc.)(I actually do add a lot.)



Now here is a list of the biggest disasters best fitting my binomial sequence dates!!:-(Instead of columns,etc. I am using this mauve colour to indicate Historians' figures.)(Mine are in black, and first.)

4488 B.C. - Poseidon.(The last remnant of Atlantis sank in The North Atlantic.)(The actual date I am unable to find. However! I find that Noah's Flood is alleged to have occurred in 4236 B.C.(No connection with Poseidon of course!)(But we are not looking for Poseidon, merely THE BIGGEST DISASTER. Now Noah's Flood took some beating!)! Actually, I personally obtained a date for Noah's Flood very close to 4488 B.C. The point is this: Poseidon was in The North Atlantic. About where The Canaries are now. Poseidon sank beneath the waves.(Don't know why.) A COLLOSAL SURGE of sea water occurred. Which burst through The Pillars of Hercules(Entrance NOW to The Mediterranean Sea(but NOT THEN!)(THIS is what created that entrance.(No! See later.)) I think it even created the Med Sea! A collosal wall of water(A Tsunami) swept many hundreds of miles east, right up to The Bosphorous! I argue: Smashed through The Bosphorous. Into WHAT IS NOW THE BLACK SEA, and HERE is what created Noah's Flood(though enormous rainfall also occurred, evidently(Naturally they THOUGHT(at the time)that it was due to rain.)). The Black Sea then overflowed. And right down into then Palestine(now Israel)!! So here we have Poseidon sinking, CAUSING Noah's Flood! (At a later date, ANOTHER surge of water(Tsunami) raised The Black Sea again, up even higher. But this point is by the way.) THREE tremendous events,then: Poseidon(Last remant of Atlantis.)(Antarctica is Atlantis! Poseidon was THOUGHT to be Atlantis. So no connection between Poseidon and Atlantis!), Creation of The Mediterranean Sea(Not just The Entrance.). AND Noah's Flood!!! (The later surge is hardly worth a mention.)(But was also big.) Anyway, what I am after is THE DATE. Now I distinctly recall obtaining the date(of Noah's Flood(which was very close to 4488.B.C.(Could even have been that. I know that at the time I was staggered at the revelatory nature of the time re: Noah's Flood.(Not like this time from The Poseidon angle.)). But have NOW forgotten what that date was. Sorry! However, this information on Poseidon, Mediterranean creation(not just the entrance), Black Sea Flood/s, and Noah's Flood NOW is ILLUMINATED!!!!(Alas, I have forgotten SO MUCH.) The Flood is not Noah's but that other fellow's. I forget his name,now.(Gillard? No. He was of Babylon or somewhere like that. Gidgeon?)(Israel stole the flood information from them!)(This cluster of information units is immensely revelatory!)


All that I can say is that the date my binomial sequence produces AND the actual date of this particular(triple)disaster is VERY CLOSE(Possibly identical.)


What is odd, now, is that Historians give the date for Noah's Flood as 1238 B.C.(The next entry) However, I found that to be about 3,000 years too late! No,no. WAY OUT(The Historians are.)

The amazing thing is this: 1238.B.C. is one of my binomial sequence predictions! Now SOMETHING BIG happened then. But I do not know what. A flood evidently. Which the historians THINK was Noah's Flood. But I am claiming is ANOTHER FLOOD altogether! Ah,ha! I THINK it is that SECOND BLACK SEA FLOOD.(Now I do not know what caused this SECOND Black Sea Flood. But I THINK that this time there was an overflow from The East!(Though perhaps not. May have been from The West. If so, was this an echo effect from The sinking of Poseidon, creating a SECOND big(though much smaller than the original one) surge of water! I think so! I think that what we have here is WHAT created The Entrance to The Mediterranean Sea.(The original lot was an OVERFLOW of the land, not an entrance blasted out.) Got it, I think. Yes, The Second Flow blew out what is now known as The Pillars of Hercules(The Gate to The Med Sea!). This is what caused the SECOND Black Sea Flood. But what caused the second Poseidon event? A late echo from the original disaster? Seems like it.


It MAY be their(Historians) estimate of The Poseidon-Med-Black Sea-Noah's Flood event. I don't know. If so, then we have their date(4236 B.C. As against mine of 4388 B.C.(A discrepancy of 152 years. Not bad for such an old event!)(I suggest that the correct date is mine!)


Feb 26th 1238 B.C. Noah's Flood is what historians claim.(But not so, I say. It is The Second Black Sea flood - and overflow, I believe. Due to collosal rainfall? No not so! But due I THINK to an echo(or sort of after shock from the original Poseidon cause(An undersea floor earthquake perhaps, of gigantic proportions.).)(I think that this event(Noah's Flood) happened back about 4,000 B.C.(4236 B.C!) So a tremendous discrepancy. Easily accounted for by the very great time ago that it occurred.(About 6 to 7 thousand years back!)(Yes, 4236 B.C. - The date of another collosal disaster. I am unable as yet to determine WHAT. However,.) (Black Sea Overflow date is historians' date. Mine is the same. SPOT ON.



387.A.D Santorini. Off Crete. Collosal volcanic eruption. A super volcano, evidently.(Was heard in Egypt.) It IS SAID TO HAVE occurred in 765 B.C. (They are guessing. Somehow I trust my 387.A.D. date before their wild guesses!!)(A discrepancy of 1,152 years! But clearly they(the authorities) have NO IDEA when it occurred. And are making WILD ESTIMATES!!)(I can only conclude that they are over a THOUSAND YEARS OUT!!!!)(The event occurred about 2,000 years ago. A little hard to pin down now.)


The discrepancy here is enormous (1,152 years). - In terms of Historians dates, this is my worst shot.


1201. A.D. Egypt and Syria Earthquake.(Over a million people died.)(It occurred in 1201 A.D.) SPOT ON.

1606-7 A.D. China earthquake, 1556.A.D. (Discrepancy of 50 years could be due to incorrect Chinese dating and/or Western incorrect time date.)

1809. A.D. Indonesian volcanic eruption occurred in 1825. 16 year discrepancy easily accounted for by time taken for vibrations to work through Earth's magma!(And or poor recording time.)


(Please note that nearly all of these disasters(collosal disasters)occurred TO THE YEAR(!!) or close!(Huge disasters are not THAT common!!)

1911.A.D. Yangse River Flood occurred in 1911 A.D. SPOT ON.

1962.A.D. China famine occurred around this time. Historians have it at 1958 to 1962(It ended in 1962.). Very close.

1987-8 A.D. Major Flood,then, in China. 1987-8 is historians' date. SPOT ON

1997.A.D. Turkey Earthquake,then. Historians claim 1999. So two years out.

2,003.A.D. Iran. Bam Earthquake that year. SPOT ON.



The list of dates given first ARE MY BINOMIAL SEQUENCE DATES! (The collosal disasters that occurred surprisingly often TO THE YEAR, HAPPEN(??) to fit my dates. NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND!!



My analysis:-

Eleven date comparisons. I get five spot ons. Two very close.(one of those virtually spot on.)

That leaves the four I mention:-

1,152 years out. 50 years out. 16 years out. And two(2) years out.



Now, I estimate that collosal disasters occur perhaps once every hundred years. So 50 years out or less is significant. I have three of these.

The big failure(so far as agreeing with the historians is concerned) is Santorini's 1,152 years out.

I don't know what happened there!


Spot ons I rate at shall I say x to the power of 10.

Very closes I rate at x to the power of 8.

2 years out: Suggest x to the power of 6.

16 years out. x to the power of 4?

50 years out. Just x.

And 1,152 years out. Complete failure.



How much would a mathematician award me in respect of odds?

Surely Astronomical to say the least. In my favour.


So let us now look at this from the correct perspective.(That my binomial sequence dates are correct, or nearly so!) It is The historians who have done so well. Except with Santorini's 1,152 years.

I compare all this to having 11 flies buzzing around in a room. A man walks in with a loaded revolver(which he hands me). "Now I allow one bullet per shot. See how many flies you can shoot down!".


I fire away(with the quoted results). But it is The historians who are actually doing the shooting(My binomial sequence being so staggeringly accurate!)(To astronomical odds in my favour!). They did extremely well.(Except with Santorini. Don't know what happened there!!)



I CANNOT wave a magic wand and make the facts differ from what is surfacing.



There was a film called "When Worlds Collide". Back around 1950.


I say this because Nibiru has a nasty tail, which The Earth MUST pass through! It is filled with deadly red oxides dust, boulders, stones, and even satellites(moons). As we pass through it is POSSIBLE that Nibiru may hit us.(Or that one of its moons(satellites)might.


So that old film is brought to mind!!




I seek no accolades. Nor fame(It would kill me.).

I only hope you will study what I have said with intent to see the truth. Looking at what I am saying. AND what you, reader, are wishing the facts to be.

It don't look too good to me!(Speaking in the modern idiom.)

Will Little Peeble(and his 3 to 4 years too soon calendar)prove to be right?(I don't think so. But if he does, it will provide us with some MOST URGENTLY needed time!)



Will I prove to be wrong?(Where? And how?)(You tell me!!)


Will some amazing new development occur? (Like the stopping of the sun spots was!)


Life is full of surprises.


Or will we have the awful situation where there is this growing moon in the sky(Nibiru), in addition to our own moon. Plus an increasing clamour from the public as to what is going on??(As the authorities as ever, try to turn it into ANYTHING but what it is!!


I have hurt many I have no doubt. But surely not so much as what would happen if Nibiru arrives much as I have said. AND/OR The Earth inverts(Or even turns upon its side!).

Would YOU rather not know until is TOO LATE to do anything about it?!

OR would you prefer to know(even the worst) NOW!!



I only know what I have found out.(On top of NUMEROUS other mathematical gems of mine in key areas.)(It is just like cracking nuts to me. I am a nut cracker.)(I have done it SO MANY times BEFORE!!)


All right. I will leave it with you,now.

To contemplate. As honestly as possible(I hope).


DO contact me( if you think you can fault me!(Or tell me you agree(at least in general) - with my findings.)


It is a worry.


Suffocating on red dust must be rather like(only worse)what those poor devils at Pompei went through.(Being hit by a boulder might be preferable??)



Now. My question to you: Has someone made a mistake? If so, WHO? And WHAT??



Life does not get tedious.(IF we search for the truth. How hard to do!!)



What amazes me,though, is the almost TOTAL LACK of interest - in what I am declaring to be so!! !!



Heck, I would want to know what destroys us!



Nibiru. Or Earth Inversion!!



Listen in, next time, to the next instalment of WHAT HAPPENS TO PLANET EARTH!!



Maybe next time it won't be me you will be listening to.




But some humanoid alien trying to get you to board a flying saucer!!




If you can improve upon what I am saying, I shall be glad to hear from you.



We had reduced to two possibilities: 1. I am sincere, but mistaken. Or 2.(I am telling the truth(in general).)


The idea of this H1 is to demonstrate that if I am mistaken, PLEASE tell me WHERE!!



Adding this second supplement does make it(H1) rather long. But at least it is ALL TOGETHER - in the one document!!




All the best,






Vic Conway.(Your story teller. TRUE STORIES teller.)(Chin up! You might spot some error(however small)I may have made. If so, be glad to hear from you.)




Vic Conway.













































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