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What happens when we die?!


Shakespeare said through his character Hamlet, "If we should die, what dreams may come?".

Suggesting that dying is akin to falling asleep. A much deeper sleep.

I claim Shakespeare was wrong.(He had it the wrong way around.) It is not a falling asleep, but a waking up!

This life is the dream, a super dream. From which we awaken after death into a super life!!

When we pass on, we go from the sleep and dreams of the day's self concerned, and wake up in The Spirit World.

We ALSO pass from the sleep and dreams of The Whole Life Cycle. - A much larger awakening!(The lesser occurring within the greater.)

What happens(I can say after long close study.) is that our mind's conciousness passes from pineal gland in our physical brain into the pineal centre of our spirit body.(Which exists at a higher vibratory rate than the physical.)


We are driven to do this as our physical body becomes more and more uninhabitable. - The physical becoming untenable. Conciousness then has to take up residence in the spirit brain and body.

The spirit vehicle leaves the physical. Which is a sort of three dimensional shell for it.(There is no death - any more than a lobster,etc.which has just shed its shell - is dead.)

The only thing that dies - is the shell, the physical vehicle!! Its components then return to the big reservoir of material particles. - To be available to create new life forms.(Three dimensional shells exist for multi-dimensional entities.)(In a multi-dimensional universe!)


It can be argued that when one falls asleep ORDINARILY, one is alive. So to suggest that dying is a form of falling asleep is perhaps false. As the body is dead!

Yes, but I claim that we have a pack of seven or eight vehicles all stacked VIBRATIONALLY one on top of the other, and that though the lowest vehicle(the physical) is dead, the PACK as a whole is not. Therefore the analogue is sound!!

It is only the bottom entity in the pack that has died! The other seven, above it, vibrationally, are alive, as ONE WHOLE!!(Higher Density(Note, not ordinary density!) is another Group Dimension. Size is still another. There are many.)

In a normal night, we pass from physical life into the sleep state. Then often into dreams. Vice versa upon awakening, after passing through longer and longer rem(dream) periods.

In life we can live at the low, sub, concious and even super concious levels. All within what I call The Jective.(You will see why in a moment.)



After passing on(not death!)(death is only true for the small physical component, NOT for the rest of our being), our minds(having left the small physical component and vehicle), awaken into a greater life. Life in The Spirit World.


Later on, some of us will awaken via low, sub and ordinary concious states into a super concious state. WITHIN The Superjective State, which fewer still will attain.


Many will live at the ordinary Jective and Concious states. While some will ascend to the superconcious and SuperJective states.


In The Spirit World, we all usually are Awake.

But some become Super Awake!!


When(after about 50 years)our AfterLife ends, most of us re-birth into our old life for another try, and some re-incarnating into a new incarnation in a new personality!!


Passing from dreams into waking life is thus an analogue of proceeding from this dream of life(sometimes a nightmare), into The Spirit World!! This is the point.


In ordinary sleep, sleep is normal. In the sleep(after death, in the spirit body!), sleep is super normal. And lasts for some days as a rule.(Before we wake up into The Spirit World Life.)



Dreams in sleep of The Whole Life Entity, are concious. And can be controlled.(Unlike those in ordinary sleep's dreams which are usually sub-concious, and not controlled.)


Many say that the time when the personality and or soul makes the most progress is here in the physical.(In this hard world, when diving down into work.) Which is true. Life in The Spirit World is cushy, easy. (HOWEVER, though this is true for material vehicles, for the mind's conciousness it is hard work evolving via working through the materials gained in life!!!!(Spirit Life is on a higher vibration.)

So, via oscillation, from physical progress in the material vehicles aspect(when we mine), and the mind's conciousness evolution in The Spirit World(when we polish up the mined gems)., it is in The Spirit World that the actual harder work gets done!!


The better higher one then IS In The Spirit Life!!


Conciousness is top key.


Spiritual Union with God is THE THING.

Rather than material unions with other human beings(sex,etc.)



Life in The Spirit World is a million times greater than life in The Physical world.







Vic Conway.








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