Friday, 1st January, 2,010.



A good thing!!



I am saying that what is happening IS A GOOD THING!!!!

GOD, through The Great Spiritual Law(The Lord) is intervening! For the world has become VERY corrupt. And needs replacing!

Three years to go, just under.

It is in The Bible. Please read Revelation and what Jesus has said!!

The MEEK shall inherit The Earth!!

The Crossroads is NOW!!!! Choose whether you will repent and return to God's ways, or be removed!!(From the planet!!)

Every mountain shall be laid low. And EVERY valley raised up!!


READ IT in your Bibles!!


After this monstrous Nibiru has passed, things will not just return to normal. But enter Paradisical conditions!!

Giant blonde human aliens will land and help us clean up. THEN help us erect new structures!!

Those who behave themselves(That is obey Ten Commandments, AND KEEP the injunctons of Jesus(Love one another. Do unto others as you would others do to you. And so on...)) will prosper. Those who do not will die and go to a lower plane. Or be transferred to a lower planet!!

The BEST humans will be transferred to a higher planet.(Vibrationally higher.)


God has spoken true!

And I am no JOKER!!


The Lion will lie down with lamb!!


Swords will be beaten into plough shares.


REAL PEACE shall reign!!



The old evil rulers, AND the bad humanoid aliens will be removed!!


Our current increasingly bad social contitions simply cannot be allowed to continue!!



Repent AND IMPROVE, or be THROWN OFF this planet!!

The choice is YOURS!!!!



Tremendous changes (for the better) will occur!

At present we have white skins being discriminated against. Increasing number of coloured skins.

The Race of Tan is coming!!


These changes MUST occur after Sun(And Earth) line up with Centre of Milky Way(our) Galaxy!!(Which is when Nibiru starts to leave us!!)


ALSO, Sun will enter Zodiacal sign of Aquarius. Leaving Pisces behind.

That means huge changes from materialist things to the spiritual!!


AND A Great New Big Solar Cycle(Of 6,500 years) BEGINS!!


AND the end of the solar sub cycle 24. With all ITS horrors.



Plus A New Mayan Calendar begins.


Old Mayan Calendar ends 21.12.12.


Everything dovetailed into everything else.

All fitting PERFECTLY together!!



THESE THINGS SHALL OCCUR!!!! Beginning in less than three years, now!!


The Coming CLEANSING will be far FAR worse than what is portrayed in the film 2,012!!


GOD will then rule, not DEVIL!

And Peter Pan, NOT Pan!!


You Earthmen have less than three years to make your decisions!


Big blonde human aliens shall land and help us.


Our DEAD loved ones shall appear, materialize, and walk among us!(MAYBE this is what was MEANT by the dead shall leave their graves!(MAYBE!!))


Improve, OR DIE!!


The former things WILL pass away!!


The dead shall rise from their graves!! And walk about.


(I shall be avoiding cemeteries at that time!(A little joke of mine.)(But no way will I go near cemeteries THEN!!))


I do URGE you to listen to me, YOU GUYS!!



I am TRYING to help you go through THE CHANGE/S to your best advantage!!



So don't try to get rid of ME!!



I am ony The Messenger!! NOT he who is BRINGING the horrors upon you!

I am SIMPLY reporting to you all WHAT I SEE!!

So you can save yourselves!!








If we cannot believe what one says, WHAT CAN we believe??!!(It is STUPID to believe what YOU WANT TO BELIEVE and disbelieve the truth!! But THAT is what more and more are doing!! No good,chaps. Will destroy us all!!!!)


Get the act TOGETHER, now!! Stop being so foolish!!



THEY who are destroying us WILL THEMSELVES BE DESTROYED!!!!



Vengeance is MINE, saith The Lord God of Hosts. I SHALL REPAY. So let us not seek revenge ourselves!!


Temporary Mass Evacuation by aliens.

To save us from destruction!!



The U.S. is about to fall.

China about to rise.

Russia to resume Lording it.



Bank notes become worthless. Thrown into the streets.(Anyone know which streets? My little joke!!)








Study this list!!


1.A New Heaven and a New Earth. (For us)

2. As said: A New Earth(too).

3. Tall blonde human aliens to land and help us.

4. Gold and Silver to replace banknotes.

5. Wicked transferred to a lower (vibrationally) planet.

6. Best transferred to a higher planet.

7. Old things to pass away.

8. (As said) Dead shall rise from the graves.(Dead loved ones materialize and walk among us?!)


9. Better world after Doomsday!!

10. And MANY other improvements.

11. MEEK will inherit The Earth!

12. God's word WILL NOT FAIL!!!!














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