Sunday, 7th August,  2,011.





Sequel to M35's big four.







       Re: 2,012. Nibiru and Second Sun and Second Solar System:  I understand. You are playing safe from getting your pride hurt.  And though most people tell the truth, you are backing that I am a joker OR mistaken. In the area of important facts, the majority of people speak true. Only about 20%, one  in five, are jokers. I assure you that I am not one of them. I am a born again Christian. A VERY serious minded person. I can SEE what is happening, and am VERY concerned for you all!  Shouldn't you be paying more likelihood to the possibility that I am right?!


      If you are wrong, then you get your pride hurt.("MUST guard against that type who joke and then IMMENSELY enjoy the hurt feelings of those who believed them?!"  Right??)


      However, I think one should back THE MOST PROBABLE LINE, and BELIEVE the 60 to 80% likelihood that in the area of important facts, the teller is to be BELIEVED, not ignored!(In general we believe what people say, not disbelieve. Otherwise life becomes unbearable!!)


      Surely better to suffer a hurt pride than to perish horribly along with your children and loved-ones.  As the ENTIRE PLANET perishes!!(ALL life upon it, and POSSIBLY the entire planet!!)


      I am TRYING to save us ALL spiritually and materially!!


      If I was to detonate an atomic bomb somewhere high above, it would be a COMPARATIVELY small price for me to pay to GET YOUR ATTENTION!!  But of course I have NO CHANCE of more than a TINY FEW taking any notice of me!


      You DON'T understand JUST HOW GRAVE THINGS ARE!!



       The TOP authorities KNOW what is coming! But WILL NOT tell us, fearing PANDEMONIUM!! YES!!!!   So they SECRETLY build underground chambers and hollow out a mountain!! Storing seeds,etc.(The NOAH line!!)



       Is a hurt pride worth THAT MUCH??!!


       COME ON!!





       I am TELLING YOU that we ALL face a terrible death within about two years!! Due to what is VERY briefly called NIBIRU!!


       Nibiru is the planet next out beyond Neptune.(Pluto is not a planet. So, along with companion Charon - has been demoted. So Nibiru is now the ninth planet out from the sun. Hitherto undiscovered, but known even to The Sumerians thousands of years back!!(Re: Zecharia Sitchin.))



       The threat comes not from Nibiru(not due near Earth until 2,078 A.D.), but from Phaeton! The planet which once orbitted our sun between Mars and Jupiter! Where the asteroid belt now is. It suffered a catastrophe millions of years ago, had its surface blown off, and now its CORE wanders the solar system on a VERY irregular 3,600 year period orbit. Due, I say, to being caught up by Antoine, our sun's, MINOR companion star(NOT Nemesis, which is about two light years away still.)(Sol's MAJOR stellar companion.), which had five or six planets, now augmented by the captured Nibiru AND Phaeton's core.)



        THAT LOT, with all its accompanying planets and moons plus debris and dust IS BEARING DOWN UPON US!! Which it does EVERY 3,600 years. What destroyed Mu Lemuria, Atlantis and Poseidon.(And will destroy us(very largely) WITHIN THE NEXT TWO YEARS! Knock, knock. ANY ONE home?   ARE YOU THERE??!!)


         ALL cycles are occurring SIMULTANEOUSLY within the next two years! The 3,600 year cycle of Brown Dwarf Star Sun Antoine(IS IT Barnard's Star??!!), with its retinue, the 6,500 year cycle of the sun rounding the spiral arm of the group of starts it is upon, AND the 5,000 year Mayan Calendar cycle!!


         PLUS the alignment(at northern winter solstice) of Earth, Sun and The Geat Rift at The Centre of The Milky Way(our) galaxy!


         PLUS the start of The Age of Aquarius!


         PLUS all other astronomical cycles!!




         Making THIS, a once in 25 MILLION YEARS' EVENT. That some even got born now TO SEE!!


          I KNOW. And my task is to inform you all, so at least you might say your prayers!!




           But I get ALMOST TOTALLY IGNORED!!



            You all evidently prefer to believe I am a JOKER, or at least mistaken. And have nothing better to do than pound away at you all, in the dying hope that SOMEONE will believe me, and ACT!!(So we can save as many life forms as possible!)  NOW IS THAT TOO MUCH of a possibility to GUARD AGAINST??!!



              WAKEE, WAKEE!!




               ALL or nearly ALL life forms upon this planet, AND a number of others! Are ABOUT TO PERISH HORRIBLY.(Due to the gravity and magnetic tides from Phaeton, wrongly called Nibiru, when it passes us at ONE MILLION miles distance  WITHIN THE NEXT FEW YEARS!!)





               Now a Roman Catholic priest, name of Peebles, claims to have found out that our Gregorian Calendar is 3, possibly 4, years TOO ADVANCED.


               THEREFORE, it is NOW 2,008(or even 7), not 2,011!! - Which(if he is right) would give us another 3 or 4 years to prepare for the incoming HORROR!!


                He says that there has been a mathematical error in translating from Roman to Gregorian calendars!(Of 3, perhaps 4, years TOO ADVANCED)



                In which case Doomsday is not 2 years ahead, but 5, possibly 6!(The fact that a lot of prophecies remain unfulfilled leads me to think that he is right!)(Two years is not long enough to contain those fulfillments! We need 5 or 6!)(At least.)



                Even so(if so), shouldn't we be VERY alarmed?!



                There are TWO SUNS  NOW in the sky! And SOON there will be TWO MOONS,too!! Because the alleged Phaeton(its core) will look like a large red  moon!  SOON to appear in our sky!!




                  I know. You argue that IF what I am saying were true, the authorities would know, astronomers(professional and amateur)would know, and also if two suns WE WOULD SURELY NOTICE!!


                  So you conclude that I am in weak in the head, and that things will simply continue as usual!!



                  Then you are making the most tragic mistake of your life!!




                  GLARE from OUR sun prevents us from seeing two suns in sky! EXCEPT at sunrise and sunset some times!!(Study the video pictures!!)



                  Things will NOT proceed AS USUAL!! Definitely not!!



                   Because things go in CYCLES, and PERIODICALLY, we get BIG ASTRONOMICAL events which change the usual runs FOR A TIME!!




                    A ONCE in 25 MILLION YEARS event is ABOUT TO OCCUR!!




                     Come ON!! At least CHECK IT OUT!!!!





                     Punch in "Nibiru videos" and "Two suns videos" on your computers. And then STUDY VERY CLOSELY some of the MANY videos out there!!


                     To SEE for your YOURSELVES!!





                     That there is INDEED  a SECOND solar system RIGHT NOW merging with ours!!




                     Stars go in pairs. Are NOT single!(Nemesis is our sun's actual companion star, but it is possible that a MINOR companion also exists!)(Because there are CLOSE binaries as well as more distant ones.)



                     And our MINOR companion PERIODICALLY orbits our sun!! With ITS planets and their satellites,ETC.









                     This Nibiru complex(second solar system) is coming in at a very oblique angle!


                      Therefore is not in our normal purview. So we miss it!




                      THIS is where the increasing HEAT is coming from! The Second Sun!  And also from the rising(above normal) MAGMA beneath our feet!!(Ex centrifugal force due to our sun now going around the spiral arm!)



                       NOT from any Man Made, or even Nature made, global warming!!





                       Yes, I MAY be a joker, but I AM NOT!!




                       Or I may have miscalculated. But I haven't! Unless Peebles is right, and it is 3 or 4 years further down the track!!



                       Not liking me would of course make it easier to disbelieve me.


                       This world is ruled by evil doers, and has been for 900,000 years!


                        Therefore people like myself who believe in God and Christ, Jesus, and true and good things(though I am failing very badly), get persecuted.  YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO RISK that I may be speaking true(which is usually the case when people tell us something!)(Especially with SO MUCH at stake!!   Namely the loss of ALL life forms upon this planet!   COME ON!!)


                         Which is WHY world believes lies,not truth.


                          Making truth LOOK wrong, when it is not!!




                           We are cattle genetically modified by Annunaki aliens!(To mine gold for them.)




                             They will land soon and inspect us - to see how we are getting on.


                              Coming to help us.



                               (So we war against impossible odds in our folly! In space!!)




                                I have found out MUCH, VERY MUCH, so am trying to tell you all - to make life easier for you.(But this world worships Devil, and sees truth as a lie, and vice versa!! VERY foolish world!)



                                 But being misled you think I am evil and stupid.


                                  And oppose me.


                                  With almost total, if not total, success!!




                                   We survive death. We spend a life time in The Spirit World,and then RE-INCARNATE!!



                                    We do this(and have already done so!) FOR EVER!!(All creatures do!!)





          Aliens exist!



          There IS life upon other planets,etc!!



           We are, The Earth, about the most BACKWARD (spiritually, at least) planet in the galaxy!




            The crop circles contain WARNINGS to us, about what is coming, how to build space ships and so on.  MANY things. Advanced knowledge.




              We are RIDICULOUSLY disbelieving of good and high things!!





               And so HORRIBLY wrong!


                It is NO WONDER we suffer SO MUCH!!




                Not really wrong. Just where we are in evolution!!





                  We are living THE WRONG WAY!!




                   And Australia, now under Labour-Greens,the two or three phoney independents(who let Australia down!)etc. association is bordering on LUNACY in the way it is going on.  They are not incompetent so much as SLAVE class!! And slaves make BAD rulers!!



                    Dump Labour, Australia, asap, IT IS DESTROYING THE NATION!!


                     No good getting rid of leader, because P.M. would simply be replaced by one who would do better at saving Labour Party, which is ALREADY FATAL for Australians!!




                      Not Turnbull, though!!



                       There IS climate change. But it is NOT caused by Man, or even Nature. But by the sun rounding the spiral arm, AND by the second sun!!




                        Make no mistake about it. This Aryan civilization(if THAT is the right word!)) is ABOUT TO BE DESTROYED!!(FAR worse than was Mu Lemuria, Atlantis or Poseidon!!!!)



                Poseidon was a huge island in The North Atlantic. Wrongly called Atlantis.  It got destroyed 3,600 years ago(come 2012).


                 Atlantis was destroyed 3,600 years previous again.(NOW is Antarctica!!)


                  And Lemuria 3,600 years before that.




                   So you see(I HOPE you do!!) every time our minor companion solar system comes around, it wipes out nearly all our surface life!


                    It will do so this time,too.



                    Except that THIS TIME will be far FAR more severe than ANYTHING that has gone before(OR is to come!!).


                     Because ALL cycles are NOW co-inciding at the date 21.12.2,012!!





                      We shall be lucky for the very planet to survive!!






                       The Earth, via centrifugal force, solidified from the molten, into a hollow globe, with tubular entrances north and south.


                        And thus any(as happens every time)who can get down the northern tubular entrance(at or near The North Geographical Pole), will be safer, because beneath the 800 plus mile thick Earth's crust!(There is a vast tropical paradise within there!)(NOT underground. But on a surface contiguous with our outer surface!! The outer surface BENDING BACK around WITHIN, BUT NOT UNDERGROUND,  through the two tubular entrances, north and south, but north much easier(probably)!! Sea entrance there. No sea entrance near down south!!)




                          So I work long and hard to try to save us all!!



               But you MISUNDERSTAND, and think I am evil and mad.


               I have  my many faults,true,



               But frantically struggle for all our sakes!!


               So far HOPELESSLY in vain!!





              Even I myself have failed badly in my efforts. Apart from you (nearly all) resisting me!! (Me)Making far too many mistakes!!





              It is MOST tragic and PATHETIC.



              That we should ALL fail thus!!






               Consider too:-



               1. That we survive bodily death.


               2.  That we live a life time in The Spirit World after death.(we never die, and we were never begun!!)


               3.   We re-incarnate(as humans).


               4.    There is life upon other planets,etc.



               5.    There is parallel time.


               6.     And that we MUST correct all of our errors! By going BACK in time, and doing the better thing(in EVERY case!!)!!


               7.     That we CAN improve ourselves via hypnotic suggestions done to us preferably by others!!


               8.      When we tire of our after life, we form a trio with the zygote created by OUR chosen parents, and materialize a physical copy of our spirit self INTO the brain of the new baby, which then becomes our next PHYSICAL BODY!!(I prefer to believe this now, than the theosophical idea of a permanent atom(All atoms are permanent(and transigent), attaching to the zygote. Wandering around in the physical, and then calling soul back down.  No, I think that un-necessary. Simply possess the new foeutus and live on through it. At least until its death.  Then we are not obliged to go back down UNLESS AND UNTIL we really want to!  Thus our old self gets IMPRINTED upon the new zygote!! And/or vice-versa.



               Our physical body dies and perishes each time, true.  But we have higher vehicles(bodies), which can materialize a new physical body each time we wish(so to evolve faster)to go through another physical life!!


                When we die, once the physical body becomes too uninhabitable, our conciousness leaves the physical brain, leaps up into the brain of the next higher vehicle, which(higher vehicle) exits through a suture in the top of the skull(it looks like a tunnel).




               So we pass from life to life, via different parent sets.




              All the time evolving.




              Even upon other planets, if we can get there!!




              No way will the old physical form survive,of course. But we simply materialize a new one each time, which we inject into the brain of the developing foeutus at the so called QUICKENING!! In other words we possess it.


              The spirit body is a duplicate copy of our physical form.


              And thus we progress from life to life, in soul AND in body!!




               Different religions infuse their various idiosyncracies onto the one set of  great basic truths!!


               Religion is not the important thing, SPIRITUALITY is!!









              Heed me, or die most horribly VERY SOON!!








               I know how best to dodge the coming horrors and terrors.



               So keep me going, not destroy me, or my works!!








               This world is OBSESSED with being negative and doing negative things.


































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