Wednesday, 6th January, 2,010.



A few extra points.



I think a few may be hoping and praying that I am wrong(H26 and previous.).

I don't think that I am wrong at all.

The sun could explode!(From the gravitational and magnetic tides playing upon it ex The Second Sun!!) Especially if the second sun hits it!

What we have here is TWO solar systems colliding!!


Some stars(our sun is a star)do have a close stellar companion.

Many stars go in pairs(identical pairs), but the companion is up to light years away!

We(Sol) have a twin. It is called Nemesis and is currently 1.5 light years away.

Nibiru is 18 million miles away.

The Second Sun is Two Jupiter distances away.



A few stars have(even additional to the identical twin)a close binary. The sun is evidently one!


So it is not just NIbiru, which is simply a planet of this close companion (binary) star. It is another star plus its retinue of seven planets, with their satellite moons!!


Nibiru(Which is NOT Planet X.) is the CORE of the missing(from our solar system) planet(Phaeton or Maldek). It is the old planet less its surface! And is a hideous mass of rock belching volcanoes.


It or The Second Sun may have a blue haze surrounding it.


The Second Sun is about the size of Saturn.


Nibiru is slightly smaller than Mars. It(Nibiru) is called The Red Planet.


Its moon(or, at least, its largest moon) is very small. About 200 miles diameter, or thereabouts, I believe.


However, it is not just this trio, but a WHOLE solar system that is now merging(temporarily) with ours!!


A much smaller solar system than ours.


It shares our sun with us.


Their planets, as well as ours, are inhabited.


Many creatures dwell WITHIN their planets! In Their Great Withins!!


Within is NOT underground, but the outer surface BENT RIGHT BACK IN!!(A double reverse helix.) AT THE POLES!!!!



Just before Nibiru passes us, many comets and asteroids will be dragged down from The Oort Belt(By the invaders.)


Eleven comets will appear! And MANY asteroids and comets rain down upon The Earth. This rain has already begun!!


All that is happening is that the second sun, our binary star companion to the sun, is doing its 3,600 year periodic encircling of Sol!(Taking its retinue of planets with their satellites with it, of course.)


Dangers of collisions and near-misses.

It is going to be like The Dodgems at a fair ground!!



Apparently the dead shall walk around.

And many dead loved ones appear and materalize.


I shall be staying indoors THAT night!!


What I am proposing is coming sounds crazy I know.


However, get your name down on your friendly aliens evacuation agenda. And be as good as possible!!



The Event is a normal natural one. But it only occurs once every 3,600 years.





Vic Conway.

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