Saturday, 6th February, 2,010.



Man's weaknesses and institutions.


It is important to know Man's weaknesses:-


His inordinate love of things which, in excess,in the ordinary run of things,

are bad for him, namely:-


1. Sex,drugs,dope(pharmaceutical drugs), food and drinks, sport, entertainment, church(or whatever), temple, club, The Pub(or whatever), the opposite gender, mates, alcohol, smoking, war, marriage, re-production, vice, sin, wrong-doing, even work and exercise, all the "deadly" sins of course, faults, foibles and forpars, gambling, games, low politics, money, wealth, economics, social, societal, beverages, health and happiness fads, study, computer, internet, T.V.,Etcs. And many more.


AND his institutions:-


Marriage, Reproduction, Family, Military, Police, Education, Travel, Career, House, Civilization, Culture, Social, Trade, Commerce, Car, Hobbies and Interests, Holidays and Vacations, Public Holidays, Business(or whatever), Children, Pets, Garden,etc; Voluntary Work, Charities, Art, Music,ETC. Politics, Economics, Finance, Births and Deaths, Statistics, Advertizing, Entertainment, Visiting and Visitors, Nature, Animals, Plants,etc., National Service and War, Prisons, Hospitals,etc., Financial support, Staff, Government, Media, and many more.






Vic Conway.


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