Friday, 27th November, 2,009.

The Truth about Climate Change.



It is very important to keep a clear head and not get carried away by low emotions on this subject!

A number of big confusions exist:- 1. (a) The differences between ACCELERATING warming, and LINEAR warming(just a simple increase)(not an increase which is ITSELF increasing in rate). And 1(b). A linearly increasing warming. Also The difference between LINEAR warming - and STOPPED linear warming.(An example of 1b is The Arithmetical Progression 5,7,9,11 for example.(That is a linear increase.) An example of 1a. (Accelerating warming) is 5, 7, 11, 17. Values. Where the differentials are not(as in 2.) 2,2,2... But 2,4,6... - Where the differentials THEMSELVES are increasing!(That is an Harmonic Progression(Used to be called a Geometrical Progression.))

The SECOND confusion is between 3. Linear Warming and STOPPED warming. A values example of linear warming is(again) 5,7,9,11. 4. An example of STOPPED warming is: 5, 5, 5, 5...(The warming ITSELF is continuing. But is no longer INCREASING!! - Not even linearly!)

The Earth's climate WAS warming up and increasingly so until 2,003(inclusive)(From about 1980.)(From 1940 to 1980 it was actually cooling.). The ACCELERATING RATE of increase stopped then in 1998. But a linear increase continued until 2,003. Then warming stopped in 2,007.(I mean no increase since then.)(Due to the sun spots stopping.)(I am speaking globally. Variations exist in space and time.)(The warming continues but is no longer increasing.)


The subject is complex. So not easily dealt with.


When people speak of Global Warming, they are, in general, referring to an INCREASING warming.


There is little question that Global Warming PER SE, exists. But it has stopped increasing.



ANOTHER big confusion is between Global Warming due to Man, and G.W. due to Surface Nature(Volcanic eruptions and Lightning Strikes. Also Arson and Carelessness.)(Discarded cigarettes and matches, and camp fires not properly extinguished.).

Global Warming due to Man(Anthropomorphic) is about 0.04%. Surface Nature is about 0.16%.


Then we have G.W. due to other factors, like The Sun and Cosmic Rays.(Note: NOT variations due to solar radiation(which exist but are VERY small), but energy ex the sun spots, and corona, etc. - which travels to Earth(and other planets,etc.) as The Solar Wind and Coronal Mass Emissions, etc.(Note again, that this energy charges up The Earth's core. Which, in turn, drags the asthenosphere(lower crust) under the lithosphere(upper crust). The resulting friction creates a Force Field at and around The Surface of The Earth - which heats up The Troposphere.(The lower atmosphere.)(Here is the main source of Global Warming! About 92% comes in this way.)))


What about Greenhouse Effect? Isn't that The Main Culprit? (And isn't Man exacerbating this?)


Yes!! Nearly ALL our heat comes from Greenhouse Effect. Heat trapped by the carbon dioxide in The Earth's atmosphere, and not allowed(much) to escape. Which then heats The Troposphere(lower atmosphere). Yes, indeed. Here is our MAIN(by so VERY far), source of HEAT!!

However! Global Warming is NOT the heat ex The Greenhouse Gases TRAP, but is THE EXCESS GW in The Trap! (Were it not for this Trap, we would quickly freeze to death, and be like The Surface of Mars!!) All temps above about(global average!) 55 degrees F(Not C.) are the excess. ONLY that amount above 55 degrees F!!


This excess is very small.


AND, out of this small excess, ONLY about 4% OF IT - is due to Man!!(And Surface Nature, combined.)


It is like saying(In a flooded house.) that Because Little Johnny has left a tap running in the bath, that the flooding in a house is due to that, and NOT to an overflowing RIVER outside!! So UTTERLY disproportionate and wrong!!


Cosmic Rays' decrease dissolves fewer clouds, which then increases the temperature of the air beneath those clouds.

Note: Two kinds of clouds. The lower ones which shut out the sun and increase the chill on the surface of The Earth.

And Stratospheric Clouds which make the planet warmer. A cosmic rays' decrease thus creates more STRATOSPHERIC clouds which INCREASE the surface temperatures(via a warmer stratosphere).



There is(per the better known heat creators) also the heat increase due to when The Earth's orbit around the sun ELONGATES, becomes more elliptical. Thus permitting AT TIMES, a closer sun, which also warms the planet!


So, I hope you see(!), that it is not a simple case of Man(though this does vastly increase POLLUTION, a terrible problem)'s carbon dioxide emissions, aided by Methane ex animals, especially farm animals, VASTLY increasing Greenhouse Effect!!


We keep getting shown pictures of industrial stacks belching out greenhouses gases. The inference being that Man is the main culprit(of global warming)! Whereas, the percentage temp. increase due to Man is about 0.04%.(99.96%)(Due to the sun,etc.)

We are being CONNED by one of the biggest hoaxes in history.(Begat by Mrs Thatcher allowing a grant for the study of global warming. Which was quickly twisted into a study of MAN made global warming!)(If this con job wins, our civilization will be destroyed NOT by GW, but by crippling effects, like ETS.)

This simply is NOT true. Even Surface Nature with Volcanic Eruptions,etc. is only slightly to blame!(And volcanoes emit far more greenhouses gases than Man does!)


What we have is a fevered HYSTERICAL neurotic scramble for money(Mrs Thatcher's grant(later twisted). Via psychosis and paranoia!!)


Rising temperatures and carbon dioxide emissions SIMPLY do not co-relate!


There is an 800 year gap between them! With the rising temperatures coming first!!


SOME scientists(mostly of other subjects!) support Anthropomorphic(Man made) Global Warming.

Between 1940 and 1980(When industry took off), temperatures FELL!!(It SHOULD have risen were Man made Global Warming the correct explanation.)


Why is there global warming on Mars,etc? Martians smoking pipes, you think?!


How about in The Far Past, when temps FAR exceeded the warming we NOW have, what was causing it?!

Neanderthals breathing heavily??!!



The fact is Nature goes in CYCLES. Some times we have global warming. Sometimes, cooling.


Yes, there is a lot of fresh water ice melting at the poles.

There is also an equal amount FORMING!!


So that we have Equilibrium(No change.)


Yes, the sea has risen a centimetre or two this(last)century.

Due to THERMAL expansion. Not melting ice!(Sea water of course freezes and then melts. Equals no change.)


A simple case of easy money(getting grants). Of course THEY are furious at "the sceptics". But it is THE CONNERS who are the villains, not the "sceptics"!!


Yes, many are fooled by all these repeated showings of belching industrial stacks. So that the common man draws the wrong ANTHROPOMORPHIC conclusion!!


The old trick of brain washing and conditioning through REPETITION, NOT LOGIC!!

The Man Made global warmers are the TRUE sceptics.

How are they measuring all this CO2 anyway??

All this tonnage going into the atmosphere!

But compare that with all that "tonnage" coming out of THE SUN!!(Sun spots(Now stopped!!) and Coronal Mass Ejections.) 25,000 times MORE than the tonnage spewed out by the stacks,etc!!


So you see, it is not as simple as it looks.

These Anthropomophic spongers are pulling EVERY trick in the book - to fool us - The General Public. SO THAT THEY CAN CONTINUE TO MAKE MUCH MONEY. At OUR expense!!!!


AND con us into destroying our economies - upon the altars of their GREED!!




In Australia we have The Government SUPPORTING those who would destroy the economy!

The Emissions Trading Scheme(ETS) is about to be pushed through by The Government.

The Opposition wants to amend certain points.(Water it down a bit.)(To make it more acceptable to The Coalition.)

The Australian Government supports Man made Global Warming.

The Opposition supports Man made Global Warming,too. But thinks the ETS is too severe for The Economy. So is trying to water it down.



The Rebels in The Opposition are not sold(or not so sold) on Anthropomorphic GW. And are refusing to back The Leader of The Opposition.

The HON. Joe Hockey,etc. support Mr.Turnbull.(Because it is better to get a watered down ETS, than the horror, so expensive,etc., that now exists.)

The Rebels are, in my opinion, right. However, in this world it is not enough to be right, you must have a winning argument!

It is better that Mr.Turnbull wins than The Righteous Rebels!



However, once you KNOW what is causing Global Warming, then you have a winning argument.


I KNOW what is causing GW. And can PROVE it!!


Now, if The Coalition Rebels used my articles EXPLAINING, with PROOF, WHAT THEY are trying to ram through via a Leadership Challenge, then I think they would win!!(It think they will lose as their case stands. They will simply put themselves out of a job.)

Which would THEN be the best result of ALL!!!!(IF they used my articles of proof,etc!!)


And, if they won WITHOUT my support, then they would destroy The Coalition. It THEN having NO hope against The Rudd Government!!!!


Hence this H6 document.


I need those who will EXAMINE CLOSELY AND FAIRLY my H1,H2,H3,H4, H5 and H6 articles!!






Vic Conway.








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