Sunday, 7th February, 2,010.


Escape Within!!



It is VITALLY important that I have your undivided attention.

The future of ALL life upon this planet IS at stake!!

I venture to say that I know more about this subject(2,012.A.D.) THAN ANYONE ELSE ON EARTH!!

Therefore FOLLOW very CLOSELY what I am about to say:-



What I am going to say will seem mad, but I do MOST STRENUOUSLY urge you ALL to listen, and LISTEN VERY CAREFULLY INDEED!!!!


Our weather, seismic and volcanic,etc.too has been rapidly degenerating for some decades now. Especially of recent years.

The cause has been attributed to Man via Global Warming.

It should be CLEAR, even to a blind man(!!), that SOMETHING is VERY seriously WRONG!!


Some have tried to blame the sun.


I am going to tell you all WHAT that SOMETHING is!!

AND I am going to tell you HOW to escape the MOST APPALLING DISASTER EVER to befall this planet(Barring creation and the end of The Earth.).


I appeal to YOU ALL to help me get this news out TO THE ENTIRE WORLD. As fast as you can!! WITHOUT fail!! Otherwise 8 billion humans could die.(AND all the rest of life here.)


Yes, EIGHT BILLION by the time the disaster strikes.


2,012.A.D. is BASICALLY the simple fact of the alignment of the 21.12. solstice WITH the sun's alignment with The Great Dark Rift at the Centre of our galaxy.

Because when THAT occurs(as it will within THREE YEARS...), EVERYTHING, BUT EVERYTHING, WILL GO WITH IT!!!!


EVERY cycle in existence in The Solar System DOVE-TAILS into 21.12.2012!!


Basically a GREAT GOOD event!! MUCH higher material and spiritual vibrations will pour in!!(Which The Solar System, including Earth, SO BADLY needs.)



What is the cause of the bad weathers??


Let me first explain:-

Most stars are multiple! They have a companion. And many stars have a CLOSE binary star companion TOO!!


Most stars go in IDENTICAL PAIRS.


Our(Sol's) twin is Nemesis, about 1.5 light years away.



These pairs revolve around each other. Nemesis will not arrive at our sun for another 18 MILLION years. So no immediate worry there!


However, Sol(our sun) has a CLOSE BINARY STAR COMPANION TOO!!



It's name is Antoine, and it has a retinue of planets and their satellites,etc. A much smaller system than ours.


Now Antoine circles our sun, Sol, every 3,600 years.


If you check back through time in 3,600 year steps, you will find COLOSSAL disasters occurred. The last one was a stupendous FLOOD. At least that was ONE of the horrors that occurred.(Other events of the time were The Third Sinking of Poseidon(Wrongly thought to be Atlantis.) in The North Atlantic, an island.(Originally a huge island.). Santorini blew up then,too. And came a STUPENDOUS DROUGHT(After the deluge.)

3,600 years before that an event we call The Creation occurred.(Adam and Eve and all that.)(Adam and Eve appeared just over a thousand years after the terrible disaster. Which is understandable considering its magnitude!!)


Now COLOSSAL disasters are not "two a penny", but extremely rare. So when we have two with a 3,600 year gap in between, we need to enquire WHAT is it that happens every 3,600 years?!

The odds against this happening by CHANCE are FANTASTIC.

Therefore we need to look for some great astronomical event, with a 3,600 year period.(Orbital period.)


For some reason or reasons there are dire predictions for the year 2,012.A.D!!

Which IS 3,600 years after the colossal flood,etc.I mentioned.

How VERY odd! Another 3,600 year interval!

Well, of course, it SHOULD make sense - if we have ANOTHER solar system orbitting ours every 3,600 years!!

Did the fact of the first 3,600 gap(Between Creation and a stupendous flood,etc.) produce these prophecies?


If they didn't I AM DOING SO!!


ESPECIALLY when two strange heavenly bodies have appeared in our skies! One is the planet Nibiru(Found by NASA - but quickly denied by them(ONCE THEY FOUND OUT ITS SIZE!!), but which Russia IS TRACKING!!!!).


The other is the small binary star(SOMETHING like a brown dwarf star) Antoine!



Yes, a SECOND sun has been spotted(by a few)in our day time sky!


Nibiru has only been seen by A FEW,too.



Photographs and videos of both objects exist.(Nibiru is slightly smaller than Mars. Antoine is LIKE a small brown dwarf star.)





It is a sad fact that MANY(MOST) are in STRENUOUS denial about these two strange bodies(The binary star is about the size of Jupiter, POSSIBLY ten times larger.).


How come ONLY I have made THE OBVIOUS connection?!


HERE, very clearly, is the reason for our bad weather,etc!!


NOT Man's greenhouse gas emissions for goodness sake(Which are far too small to cause such horrendous results!)!)!!(Nor EVEN surface Nature(volcanic eruptions and earthquakes,etc.).)

Gravity and magnetic tides from Antoine are stirring up The Earth's innards!

AND the sun's!(Though in the sun's case, this has produced a BLOCKAGE, which for the time being has stopped the sun's energy from rising up from its core, thus stopping the sun spots,ETC!!)(And so we now have a blocked heat pipe line coming up from the sun's interior, producing a stoppage of the heat pouring in to The Earth via The Magnetosphere,etc!!(Heat comes from the sun via radiation AND via energy impinging upon our Magnetosphere,ETC.)


WHY haven't The Authorities told us all this, and more??


Because they don't want A PANIC. But EVEN MORE SO, because they don't want TO LOSE CONTROL OF US!!


So they(though knowing much) DENY and poo poo it all(like they do aliens, ufo's, crop circles,etc.).


I think that it is better that people be informed. At least give them a chance to make their peace with God!!


Obviously once the general population finds out we can expect PANDEMONIUM!!



ALL HELL should break loose!!



Which would disrupt everything.(But what is the alternative? Say nothing, and have 8 billion humans on your conscience. PLUS all the rest of life upon our planet(AND Mars, Luna, Venus and Mercury!!)!!)


THE END OF THE WORLD!!!!(And many other worlds!!)



Normally, every 3,600 years, there is a COLOSSAL disaster(due to Antoine's visit), A SUPER CATACLYSM occurs.



However! THIS time, BESIDES all the cycles lining up on 21.12.2012, THE SUN completes a 6,500 year cycle!!(Which ALSO produces a SUPER CATACLYSM!!)







The answer is, it COULD explode both suns AND produce a DOUBLE SUPER NOVA!!



Visible for thousands(if not millions) of light years around our Milky Way Galaxy!!!!



That is the worst case scenario.



Probably not, but there IS a chance!!




(The sun goes around a spiral arm four times every 26,000 years. THAT(end of a 6,500 year period is what ALSO occurs 21.12.2012(or thereabouts)!!!!)(Electric energy pouring down the spiral arm, passes into the sun, and from the sun - to its planets!!)




Now how can we escape all this?(Barring a double super nova!)


The answer is ASTOUNDING.


Go WITHIN!! Go WITHIN The Earth.(I don't mean inside!)


Get as many ships and planes to travel(loaded with people, animals, plants, SEEDS,ETC.) to The North Pole!!

Go to the REAL North Pole, and then KEEP GOING in a bee line north!!


THAT will take you within The Earth!!


Yes, The Earth(as are ALL bolides) IS HOLLOW!!

There are thousand mile wide entrances at each pole!!

SIMPLY sail (or fly) WITHIN(Yet NOT under the surface!!)!!!!(Do NOT go underground!!)


THERE is your Ark!! The modern day Ark!!


I warned you it SEEMS mad.


You should be able to evacuate thousands, if not a million or more humans,ETC.


WITHIN The Earth is a vast Paradise!



With ocean and land.

Admiral Byrd flew in many years ago.



Avoid The Nazi Base at The North Pole.




Within The Earth are Prehistoric Monsters, Wild natives, King Satanku and his warriors, Neanderthals and many other strange creatures and things. So GO ARMED!!!!



It will SEEM a flat(no walking over the edge of a precipice!) trip. But that is because gravity will be pointing perpendicularly downwards EVEN ROUNDING THE TUBULAR ENTRANCE!!!!


Build landing strips as quickly as possible, and get the planes flying in. Yes, colonize some of the vast Paradise there!! Let Earthmen transfer their living quarters from surface to WITHIN!!!!


Smash through any ice!! Don't let that stop you!!(So take an ice breaker with you!!)



When fresh water ice runs out, distill sea water!!


Live on fish, until you can get established on land.



Many creatures have fled WITHIN in The Past!!


Usually from these periodic cataclysms!!



There are FOUR ways to escape the DOUBLE CATACLYSM:-


1. Persuade aliens to evacuate you.

2. Get inside the underground cities and hollowed out mountains(already built by authorities!)(they know it is coming!).

3. Get into a submarine(preferably nuclear)and live in that deep within the ocean UNTIL IT IS ALL OVER.(Which will be in 2,016.A.D.)(But the surface of The Earth will resemble Dante's Inferno!!)(So go WITHIN EARTH!!!!)







The trouble is within undergound cities and inside mountains, Antoine's gravity and magnetic tides can still pulverize!!


There is another thing: The Red dust. From the planet Nibiru(one of our own planets(Earthmen lived on it, but blew its surface off!), but captured by Antoine!!).


The red dust can suffocate you. Besides, it is laden with deadly bacteria.(No remedy. Bacteria new to Earth.)



The ONLY sure(enough)hope is TO GET WITHIN THE EARTH!!


Warn Earth of 3,600 years hence via a TIME CAPSULE!!


WITHIN The Earth, NONE of these dangers can reach you! Because protected by Earth's SHELL!!


On the surface, Earth's upper crust is going to be torn from the lower, and then dropped back down!!(That won't happen WITHIN.)


Gravity is caused by downflow of gravitons!


It is that pressure which keeps us down!


Protected too from solar storms once WITHIN!!



Get the KEY people to safety WITHIN!!!!



Take CARE. The Authorities will oppose and resist you!!



Be VERY CAREFUL whom you tell. Trust no one.



Once within The Earth, cultivate a plot of land. Make it your home. You(your descendants) can expect to be WITHIN for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. As it will take that long, at least, for the surface to recover!!






Have you better ideas?? Then GO for mine!!




ALL life upon this planet(and many others!) could perish!!









Vic Conway.


















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