Saturday, 2nd August,  2,008.

Global Cooling coming.


                 Popular talk concerns Global Warming. Due, it is claimed to Man via Carbon emissions(chiefly).

           I wish any readers to observe my long and studious findings(My knowledge and I.Q. is high.).

          1.  Global Warming does not exist!  The Troposphere is warming.  The Stratosphere is cooling. These two about cancel out. Overall there is little or no change.

          2.  The cause of about 99%, plus of Tropospheric Global Warming is due to The Sun, electronically.

          3.  A small fraction of A PERCENT(!!) Is due to Surface Nature(Volcanic eruptions and lightning strikes, plus arson(I include underwater volcanic eruptions!), and carelessness.

         Gore and company, the majority,  are following an agenda. It is political. Started inadvertently by one Margaret Thatcher, who did not bargain for this. Her big funding pulled them in!  This view is not scientific at all.  It is a stupid wish posed as a fact.  If we listen to these very foolish people, we shall not burn fossil,etc.fuels, and have no money to spare to save ourselves!!

         NO THING can be done to stop global warming, NOR global cooling!(Therefore WASTE NO THING in that direction. Useless because HOPELESS!!!!)

         Unfortunately a lot can be done to exacerbate global cooling! Which will be FATAL,

         Some of the causes of global cooling:-

         a.  The alignment of our sun star with the galactic centre now very active due to explosions at centre sending energy down the galactic,ETC. spiral arms.(Our sun star is on one spiral arm of a closed stellar cluster(sic).)(Proved by my 3d perspective maps and charts!!)

         b.  The fact that the sun stopped(two years ago) producing significant sun spots!(The last time that happened we had the mini ice age!)

         c.   The alignment of our sun with the planets,etc.(A total solar eclipse is currently on.)

         d.    The Gulf Stream is slowing down, almost stopped.

         e.     Aerosols.

        f.      The increase of volcanic dust, come. Due to Nature.  Ex increasing energy from the sun ELECTRONICALLY.

       g.      The increase of dust(Nuclear Winter) to come from Wars. Nuclear,etc.

       h.      The sun is entering a more elliptical orbit.

       i.       The Precession peak soon due.

      j.         Various minor reasons which add up significantly.

          Apparently Bird Flu has been added to the list of biological warfare weapons.  It is estimated that this will eventually be unleashed and kill about 67% of the human race, plus most animals.

         I expect the U.S. to collapse within a few years, OR months!!

        Reason:  Creating paper money with no real wealth to back it!   MUST, sooner or later, lead to HYPER inflation.

       Oil is the result of condensing methane under pressure. This slowly rises to the surface.  Apart from new drilling off shore,etc.  Fresh oil is continually arising.  Plenty of oil in The Arctic.  And from the new techniques, of course.  Much hype and deliberate misleading is to blame for much.

       War with Iran is almost inevitable, I would say.

       I expect Israel to be driven to start it.  U.S. will then protect them from the terrible back lash.

      I expect Iran to crumble like a pack of cards. THEY are bluffing!!  AND martyrs(remember that!).  THEY want war. Take them to Heaven(SO they believe!!)

     North Korea is a bit of a menace.

     Growing threats are China and Russia.

     Pakistan is a far bigger menace than Iran!

     Growing crisis in Afghanistan.

     NO, WE SHOULD NOT PULL OUT OF IRAQ!!(Wrong to go in!  And will be NOW be wrong to pull out!!)

      I do not see how we can possibly avoid slaughtering each other!!

     Such is human nature. Weak. AND aggravated by brain storms caused in humans and animals ex electron masses being discharge from The Earth's surface force field, created via friction from lithosphere and asthenosphere(upper and lower crusts increasingly rubbing against each other, due to increasing pull by Earth's core ex harmonically growing energy being pumped in by Sun via Solar Wind,ETC.

     Two collosal cataclysms are to be expected: The first is due to the coming close passes of rogue planet Nibiru(not Planet X!). In about three years.

     And the coming INVERSION(geographical, not just magnetic!j) of The Earth!!  Due to electric charge build up ex sun!!!! In about six years.

      Indeed the UFO's(many) are real.  Humanoid aliens mostly.  But some human!!  SOME even from our OWN future!!

      I am a realist.

      Read my earlier articles.

      Buy silver and gold.  As paper currencies will collapse.

      Safest PRACTICAL place on Earth,- on top of The Great Dividing Range in Queensland, Australia!!

      Yes, there is life after death. Or, to be more precise:  There is no death after life!!  Extinction of conciousness is impossible.  Not possible to be aware of no thing!!  

       God is now retaking over the planet. But may use humanoid aliens to control us!!

      Victor Conway.

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