Wednesday, 10th February, 2,010.



An Appeal

IF you can help, please contact me by e mail via OR



I appeal to ALL who may read this, to help me GET THE NEWS of ESCAPE from 2,012 A.D. Doom to The Authorities(Anyone who will listen!)(Read my earlier articles.).


I know so little about computers and The Internet!! So do not know best ways to reach others. Even on Facebook!!

I need to send out MASS e mails.(This is the one I like.) To reach as many people as possible.(So PLEASE apprise me of best and safest you know.)

Also how to access NEWSGROUPS.


I know way of escape from 2,012 Doom!

We will all perish(all life on Earth) possibly IF you do not help me get The Authorities to shepherd as many as they can out through North Pole!( Entrance Into The Great Within! A Tropical Paradise.)(Bee line for North Geographical Pole. Keep going on and ON in a straight line THROUGH The Pole!!(It is an ENTRANCE!) NOT magnetic poles. Nor underground.)(Just KEEP ON going!!)(But go ARMED!!)(Take seeds and plants,etc.)

Underground cities and insides of mountains NOT safe enough!



IF you can help, please contact me by e mail via OR



To save the world!!(Read earlier articles to understand better. Visit TOOL BAR.)(You MUST put http in.(With or without www.))






Victor Conway.

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