Wednesday, 23rd December, 2,009.


The Secret of Success.



Now, I am going to prove to you(anyone who listens AND HEEDS!!) that I am not a phoney!

This is SO important! Because I want you to believe me!!

Success is hard, right?!


I should know! I haven't succeeded YET!!

Notice I put that YET in block capitals!

However, YOU are going to succeed for me! By succeeding FOR YOURSELF!!

Too good to be true? Read on!(I want NO phonies in THIS camp!!)


What IS the secret of success? To suck seed of course!!

Got a seed handy?


Comrades(gather around...), The Secret of Success, IS,...(I dare you to read on...)

The Secret of Success is to... HARMONIZE WITH NATURE!!

Phew! You thought it was something difficult didn't you?!(Confess!!)


Not for YOU!!(It was for me!!)

How do we harmonize with Nature? By finding out THE TRUTH, and living it!!

I did just that. It was the equivalent of five or six UNIVERSITY COURSES!!(And you know how difficult THEY are!!)


Relax! I did if FOR you!!(Though THAT was not the original intention.)

It took a while. A life time in fact. But I found out get it to work!

I decided to have a go.

There are many paths in Life. I went the path of Truth.

You see when you do that the pattern of truth in your heart and mind line up with Nature. And THEN Nature can ACT. Get in to your life. And MAKE you succeed!!(Because Nature's bridge - and your bridge ARE IN LINE!! You see that don't you?!)


Now because I am aligned with Nature, all YOU have to do(IF you want to succeed!) is to align with me!!

How do I do that? You may ask.

By working for me! And doing as I bid you.

But it WORKS!! You succeed!!


I only bid you this one thing: DO ALL that you can to help me get my work(The Truth) OUT to THE WORLD!!(In order to save it!!)(It NEEDS saving all right!!)

In the measure that you DO that(Note, not JUST THINK about it! Then YOU WILL suck seed(SUC CEED!!)!

At first glance I imagine you won't be too keen.



DO it!!(I mean help me. ALL OUT. Not just feeble one off efforts!)

And your successes will BOUND up and UP!!

It's right.

I just know these things...


Start AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Don't wait!

You want to see Santa Claus come down that chimney don't you?! Loaded with goodies ALL FOR YOU.

And not just now at Christmas time.

NEVER stopping!!


Now have I asked a hard thing?

Take my articles and SHOWER them OUT!!

A million if you can. Well, at least a thousand. AS MANY AS YOU CAN!!


In DIRECT proportion to what you PUT OUT, you WILL succeed!!



Just DO IT!!

Work through my H series...

Get THEM to do the same! So that THEY succeed too!


Heck you don't mind THEM succeeding too, do you?!

Nor me, I HOPE!!


You doubt. I know! I can tell by your breathing. Your heavy breathing...

It is up to you now! The Secret of Success!!


I know. You think I'm crazy!! Try it, and SEE for YOURSELF/VES how RIGHT I am!!


Honest! Straight UP!!


Now. Get into action!!

And GET SOMEWHERE.(Where? Where ALL of your dreams come true...)(Not interested? Strange people!)

I KNOW it will work. But you have to DO it!!


I don't mind(too much!) you thinking that I am crazy.


THAT is the hard bit. (I know.)

You TRY it(don't play with it)(MASSIVE send out!!), and SEE!!


All right, I had to labour a few points THERE!!


Look: You no DO. - It NO work!!


You follow that, don't you?!(Start with H1, and work through to THIS one!)



I KNOW it will work!!



Never you mind HOW i KNOW. You just ACT as I have bid , and SEE for yourself!!




We'll SEE who is crazy!!

Heck, shouldn't we help the world, ANYWAY? Warn it of what is coming,etc.(Even if it meant going through Hades! But I am not asking you to go through Hades, only to SUCCEED YOURSELF!!)(And you WILL, IF you DO send out for me!!)(Sky is the limit. I give you full permission!!)





Vic Conway.(You no have H1? Ask me for it. But AT LEAST send out the H articles YOU HAVE GOT!! And you will never look back.)

Comrades: There are two doors. In one is the beautiful princess. In the other...(groans) a GIANT sabre toothed tiger(half starved). WHICH DOOR will YOU open??(One door is doing as I bid you(WHICH DOOR THINK THOU that is??!!).)

Quiet! Do I hear soot falling down YOUR chimney?? ??




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