Saturday, 2nd January, 2,010.


The plot THICKENS!!(Nibiru and 2,012.A.D.)



I have been studying the plethora of comments on The Nibiru/2012 Doomsday connection.

The picture is much larger than is at first evident!

I have this knack of getting(eventually)The Truth.

This usually takes a number of essays.

Let me begin here by saying that most, if not all, stars GO IN IDENTICAL PAIRS(!!), though IN ADDITION to that, stars often have close companions.

It appears that this is the case with Sol, our sun. We seem to have a dwarf sun companion! Possibly without planets. However, this dwarf companion appears to have picked up Phaeton(The planet which orbitted our sun between Jupiter and Mars, but which had its surface blown off - and which then shot past Mars, struck Earth a glancing blow(creating our moon), and then shot off....Eventually getting picked up by Sun Two on ITS(Sun Two's!!) 3,600 year orbital of the sun! So that IT(and ITS moon) NOW circle Sun Two!!)


This is the only way I can account for the photographs I have studied - OF Nibiru(It is Nibiru(spelling), NO s on the end!)(and its moon). AND a second sun!!


Sun Two resembles a brown dwarf - or some such.


It seems we are in for QUITE a time of it on 21.12.12(or thereabouts)!!


For, if my latest calculations are correct(and I think they are), then THE TRIO will pass us TWICE very closely!!


Oh, my God!!




Nibiru, WRONGLY called Planet X(which is now planet 9(Pluto(with Charon) now eliminated from the planets!), and not Planet 12(though earlier on there were 12 planets known!).



The Second Sun is yellow and luminous. Nibiru is dark. Its moon is small.


For a period we shall experience the heat from TWO SUNS! Plus the warming effect of Nibiru.



The Sumerians, The First Civilization, had a god called Nibiru. They first produced The Nibiru scenario.

Planet Nibiru was named after him.


The scenario was taken up By Sitkin, et al.


- And, eventually, by one Nancy Leider.


The Annunaki(Aliens) occupied Nibiru.


We(Earthlings) USED TO LIVE upon Nibiru(When it was Phaeton.)(Between Mars and Jupiter.). It was we who blew it up(thermo-nuclearly)! We might beat Nibiru to it, and blow up Earth,yet!!


The Zetans of planet Zeta(not in our solar system) have warned us of this coming event.


Sun Two is almost the size of Saturn.

Nibiru is called The Red Planet, and is, I believe, a little smaller than Mars(Itself a red planet.).


The satellite is very small.



This satellite COULD get captured by The Earth.(Our own moon COULD be pulled away from The Earth!)(And Earth's orbit around the sun CHANGED!!(If only temporarily.))(Imagine the weather changes resulting from this!!)



Now all three objects are going to pass VERY close by Earth, - TWICE!!



The resulting effects upon The Earth WILL BE DEVASTATING!!!!


No wonder it is getting warm!!


Nearly all life forms will be wiped out.

And just about all structures chopped into pieces and scattered all over.






It appears that Nancy gave out a prediction date of May 9th, 2,003. - But nothing happened.


It seems Nancy DELIBERATELY gave out a false date TO TRY TO TRICK NASA INTO claiming a phoney.(And it was called a phoney.)(As NASA,et al, are trying DESPERATELY to cover all this up!!)


The true date of Nibiru's arrival has now been revealed. It is 21.12.12.

Let us say ABOUT then, at least.(As both suns in such close proximity may toss things around a bit!!...)


Hercolubus is another name for Nibiru.


Also expect Epidemics WITH NO CURES(Due, I suppose, to the red dust's bacteria,etc. being of Nibiru - and not Earth.)(I urge you all start wearing face masks(dust caps are good)!!)(Obviously no cures for the diseses of Nibiru!!)(Being first time(for us)events.)


Expect an increasingly changing lunar position, then!


Expect the most amazing and astonishing supernormal and supernatural events,too!!(Because the magnetism from Nibiru will create electricity - and a gigantic Force Field, - which will permit NUMEROUS weird events!!)


I doubt the dead getting up out of their graves and walking around, but I do expect many dead loved ones to appear, materialize and walk about!!


The trio arises from my close study of some photographs of Nibiru(and its satellite) - AND The Second Sun.



Most life forms will perish, though it is hard to put a figure on it. Anything from about two thirds to complete wipe out.


It appears that some "contrails" are being put up to conceal THE TRIO.


Be assured that events between now and 21.12.12 - will be "out of this world"!!!!


How can ANY creature survive this lot??!!



On November 2nd, 2,012.A.D. the Trio should shoot into view. The human re-action should be quite interesting!!(I wonder if sport will get reduced?!)

All the sceptics objections, like lens images, reflections, and the like, get well countered by experts who have analyzed the photographs!!)(Look them up yourself on The Internet. See how real and true all this is!!)


Even if all this were fiction(which it is not!), then it would make a good story.(The film 2012 will have NOTHING on what actually happens!!)(Being the usual Hollywood notions!!)


(However, SOMETHING that size and mass MUST produce events like that of Noah's Flood, The Sinking of Poseidon, Santorini blowing up, and the great long dry spell - which is WHAT HAPPENED 3,600 years ago!!(The orbital period of this thing!))





Happy hunting!!













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