Thursday, 11th February, 2,010.


Appealing to all, again.



There are two suns in the sky NOW.

Soon there will be two moons,too!! A new red one. Like a Red Dragon!!



I assure you all, - I speak true.






TO THE SIMPLE FACT THAT OUR ONLY WAY OF ESCAPE NOW FROM 2,012,ETC. IS THROUGH THE NORTH GEOGRAPHICAL POLE!!(Bee line(straight) to it and through it. Then KEEP GOING, AND GOING... ... DO NOT STOP!! Great new land in there...)


THEY(Those half in the know.) do not know about Hollow Earth.



And are stupidly relying upon their UNDERGROUND CITIES and HOLLOWED OUT MOUNTAINS!!(No sure defence against Nibiru!)(Its gravitic and magnetic tides!!)


DESPERATE URGENT need to EVACUATE surface life to THE GREAT WITHIN!! As fast as possible!!




On my own, I would be ignored.

Need you guys to help me.(With best methods of mass e mailing,ETC!!)


APPEAL to The Authorities,etc. to GET WITHIN!!(Asap!)


I can save you all mentally too!!


Easy to laugh. But don't!!








Thursday, February 12th, 2,010.



Need is to convince authorities that our ONLY route of escape is THROUGH The North Geographical Pole. All saved or all lost. I know HOW, and all the details, you see. So imperative I get helped SO I CAN HELP THE WORLD!!

Yes do read what you can of my writings. However, as I have said so much, I will condense(re: 2,012,anyway).

So you have it in a nut shell. As follows:-

Our sun, Sol, is a star. Now most stars are multiple. (We have assumed that our sun is single, because no authority has declared otherwise, also because we see only one sun(and one moon).)

However! Via my Astronomical Distance finder, I have FOUND OUT(for sure!)(After studying maps and charts using CORRECT distances.) that stars basically go in identical pairs! (Identical TWINS!! Yes!!!!)50% close together, and 50% far apart.(Fast spinning proto stars split and separate greatly. Slow spinners stay close together.)(This one reason my site so IMPORTANT!! (Also view my Archives!!) Check Cosmological and Astronomical FINDS!!)

Now very carefully sifting the evidences, I find that Sol(our sun)has a binary companion star called Nemesis(about 1.5 light years away).

No IMMEDIATE threat from that!

Will be 18 million years before close to us.

However. Sol ALSO has a CLOSE binary star companion. Called Antoine. (With its own(it looks like our sun) retinue of planets and their satellites.)

Antoine orbits our sun ever 3,600 years(approximately).

NIBIRU is ITS seventh planet out from Antoine. Nibiru is the CORE of the planet Phaeton. Humans once lived upon Phaeton, but in a thermo-nuclear war(this is MANY millions of years ago) between two city states, its ocean's deuterium caught(thermo-nuclearly) FIRE, and BLEW OFF. The land bits became the asteroids, and the sea part became comets.(Though about half of the asteroids are in The Oort Belt.)

The CORE of Phaeton(now called NIBIRU, (after the Sumerian god Nibiru)) just TOOK OVER, and shot past the orbit of Mars, struck our Earth a glancing blow, knocking a chip off the old block(which we now call the moon), and careered on AND ON.(Finally captured by the second sun(our CLOSE binary star companion)Antoine! During one of its orbital trips around our sun.)


Humans re-incarnated on Mars. But when Mars got too badly damaged in another pass of Antoine(via Nibiru's gravitic and magnetic TIDES), they re-incarnated on Earth.(Mars has SOME humans living there to this day.) They eventually split into Cro-Mags and Neanderthals, after degenerating FAR. Our current humans homo sapiens are the result of a mass rape (By The Cro-Mags) of The Neanderthal women.(Annunaki humanoid aliens, a tool of The Reptileans, genetically modified us, and made us gold mine worker slaves)(Yes, the line of succession is: Devil - Pan - Reptileans - Humanoids and the now corrupted(originally innocent)humans!!).)


If we work back through history in 3,600 year steps, we find that the last visit of Antoine and Nibiru,etc. produced a great flood, the third sinking of Poseidon(Wrongly thought to be Atlantis(No, Antarctica was Atlantis! Now upside down via Earth inversions ex the sun going wild every 6,500 years!!)).

Santorini blew up, and there was a great DROUGHT, following the colossal flood(Mostly from Atlantic producing The Mediterranean Sea and a much higher Black Sea, when Poseidon's third sinking produced a gigantic tsunami, which reached far beyond Palestine.(So in addition to ENORMOUS rainfall, there was a gigantic sea flooding.))

Going back another 3,600 years we find what is called The Creation(Adam and Eve and all that.). Which was actually a RE creation after collosal damage by the penultimate Antoine and Nibiru,etc.pass.

The next 3,600 year period ends 2,012.A.D!!

Photographs,videos and reports exist of(the evidence) Antoine and Nibiru NOW!!(On Internet.)

Their sixth planet Homeward is where they mostly live.(Nibiru is uninhabitable. Just a volcanic red chunk of rock! Belching fire, all over.)(But used as a military base.))

Antoine threatens the sun. Nibiru threatens us(and Mercury, Venus, Our moon, and Mars). Antoine could hit the sun, in which case a double super nova could occur. Destroying our solar system AND Antoine's one!!

Possible, though not probable.

Nibiru is a menace because(being about Mars size)of its gravitic and magnetic tides.

Antoine is a menace because it could cause the sun to EXPLODE!(It is already blocking off solar energy rising up from core. AND therefore heat rising up from Earth's core!)(The heat we have been getting is ex Our Sun, plus El Nino,etc. AND ANTOINE!! But now that disruption of upper sun has blocked rising energy, we can expect COLD.(Noticed growing cold world wide recently!!)(The recent renewal of solar activity is due to a crushed solar core explosion! (Cycle 24 is not due for 3 or 4 years yet!) SO!! Could get HORRIBLY cold soon!!))

Incidentally, I do not know how big this CLOSE BINARY STAR is!)(Reports say Jupiter sized to TEN TIMES Jupiter sized.)(But it COULD be Sun sized OR LARGER!!)

Nor do I know if it has reached the sun yet.

Last viewing it looked like the sun. Same sized disk. And yellow. - Just like another sun.

However! IF Antoine has gotten into CLOSE orbit around our sun, then it is as big as Sol!

On the other hand if it has entered our solar system, it would surely have been noticed and its gravitic(and magnetic)effec!ts been reported(at least by amateur astronomers)!

Which tells me that it hasn't reached our sun YET. Which THEN says that it is as big as the sun OR LARGER!!

In which case GOD help us! As things will be even worse than expected. And they were ALREADY all life on the inner planets destroying!

As for Nibiru(called a Red Dragon on its last visit, because fiery red and with a long red tail)(When it appears SUDDENLY in the night sky 2.7 years hence it will look like a second moon, a red one, as big as moon disk, possibly larger. That should stir a few people's hearts up!!)

- (As for Nibiru, - it should get to one million miles from us(twice), and(as big as Mars) should REALLY cause HAVOC to planet Earth!!(along with four other worlds)

Which is why all life on Earth(and on four other worlds) SHOULD perish!!

Please FOLLOW VERY CAREFULLY: Normally, there is only the one super cataclysm.(Every 3,600 years(or thereabouts).)

HOWEVER!! THIS time, we shall get TWO SUPER cataclysms SIMULTANEOUSLY!!(For which reason all threats are appallingly ENHANCED!!)

Let me explain: Every 6,500 years our sun(circling the spiral arm of (sic) our local closed cluster of stars, down which an ELECTRIC CURRENT flows, GETS CLOSE TO THE FLOW, AND SO GET CHARGED UP.(The sun then passes on this charge to its planets. Earth included!! Via The Magnetosphere,etc.)(TWO SUPER CYCLES CO-INCIDING THIS TIME!!!!)

Which will mean that Solar Cycle 24 will be SUPER DUPER!!(Cycle(remember all that activity?)23 was bad, but to be eclipsed!)

Solar Cycle 24 is APPARENTLY(But I DO NOT THINK SO!!) just starting up. (Vide Coronal Mass Ejections and sun spots re-starting.)

I expect Nibiru to pull Earth over on to its side(in just one hour), which will mean(amongst other things) that the poles will switch to India and Peru!! Sea will rise 440 feet rather quickly. And awful cold and snow,etc. in India and Peru!!!!

I EXPECT the massive charging of the sun to invert The Earth!(In 27 hours) AND cause two big crustal displacements.(Plus Antoine will lift up Earth top crust(tear it out!) from the bottom crust, AND DROP IT BACK DOWN.(That should quieten humans down a bit!!))

What I do not know is WHICH super cataclysm comes first!

I only know that they occur within a few years of each other. Either way, it should be QUITE INDESCRIBABLE!!

Just picture it: Earth inverts, then a few years later falls on its side!

Alternatively: Earth falls upon its side, then a few years later INVERTS!!!!

Probably does not matter too much!!!!(Which order it occurs in!!)

IF you check back through history, you will find that(I call this my binomial sequence disaster predicter.) that the biggest natural disasters occurred BINOMIALLY!!(I found this out 4 years back. Told Super IGA about it!)(Gave them a scientific paper on it.)

It works like this. Every 6,500 years, there is a super duper CATACLYSM. Then HALF that length of time later, there is a cataclysm, only half as strong.

Half of HALF of 6,500 later there is a semi cataclysm...

This process goes on and on(Until 2,012!!(Exactly!), halving in intensity, but doubling in frequency!!)

Yes, VERY interesting how SO MANY cycles ALL end in 2,012.A.D!!




So I DO hope you see WHY I am appealing to all to help me HELP THEM, TO reach The Authorities.

I got my work cut out I know!!

But it is THE LEAST that I can do!!

Listen: Authorities are RELYING.(I mean the hidden authorities behind the figureheads!!) upon their UNDERGROUND CITIES AND HOLLOWED OUT MOUNTAINS to flee into(the specially chosen few) WHEN THE TIME COMES!!!!(But they will be DEATH TRAPS!! As gravitic and magnetic tides destroy them!!)

NOW do you see the urgency??!!

All die, or all saved!!


I make my PLEA TO ALL!!!!









Sunday, 14th February, 2,010.


Some truths (TOP TOOL BAR!)



Greetings, comrads on Earth. I am Zuka on Planet Homeward of Antoine. Speaking through Vic. Telepathing.


You Earthmen labour under many falsehoods. We would disavail you of of these(And replace them with truths! Which you SO BADLY need!!). Here are a few:-



First, as to the solidity of your planet!

It is hollow. With a shell about 400 miles thick. And a small central core.(A red sun!)



Let me explain: If you spin an object with a liquid interior, then such material will fling to the sides. Leaving a small residue at centre. This is simple physics. Known as a centrifuge.(You have centrifuges at some fun-fairs, and motor bikes may ride around the inside of the rotating shell!)(Get on a turning roundabout. How hard to stay on, unless you cling to centre.)

Now Earth,etc.when fluid and spinning in space, was as with so many heavenly bodies, one such. And, of COURSE, solidified HOLLOW,not solid!!


The Iranians are using them(centrifuges) currently to make nuclear bombs. To take over Middle East. And, eventually, the world!!



You have ASSUMED Earth solid. But no, there is a whole new world down there. Almost as large as the outer surface. In fact there is only ONE continuous surface!! Earth being helixial in shape.


Two round holes were created at top and bottom. You call poles.(Another CONSEQUENCE of a spinning liquid ball!!)(Work it out with physics!!)


These holes are over a THOUSAND MILES in diameter. So big you cannot see them!!


Your north pole has a hole in the sea! (Ocean floor and all.) Providing a sea entrance into The Great Within. Your south pole has a hole in the land(ice and all). Providing a land entrance within.







Your only hope of escape from the biggest disaster(For Earth men) OF ALL TIME - now just starting up(noticed the worsening weather,etc?!), is THROUGH The North Polar ENTRANCE!!(The South is too hard, except to fliers(But fly low or you will overshoot!).)



Called in your Bibles THE GREAT TRIBULATION.


Wormwood is the Biblical name for Nibiru.(The core of your erstwhile planet Phaeton!)


Revelation(Last book in Bible.) tells you much about it.


And now Vic is telling you much in the modern idiom.




The new expression: "What is happening to the weather?" is your great key.(Not just the weather, but seismic and volcanic events,too; AND even social and societal events, plus what is happening in the animal and plant kingdoms, on Earth.


Not noticed the rapidly worsening weather? Noticeable for about the last thirty years!! Floods, fires, landslides, etc. YET YOU BRUSH IT OFF WITH with the trite comment "A once in a hundred or fifty year event!". AND LEAVE IT AT THAT!!!!



HOW pathetically LUDICROUSLY inadequate!!



The commonly accepted explanation for it all: MAN-MADE global warming!(Anthropomorphic Climate Change!!)



All truth is coming out now. Because the end of ALL solar system(AND ours!) CYCLES occurs 21.12.2,012.A.D!!

The BACK LASH from this wonderful event should destroy all life on both our solar systems!!


So we PLEAD with you: To GET INSIDE THE EARTH before it is too late!! YOU HAVE LESS THAN THREE YEARS TO GO!!!!




Therefore HELP ME TO SPREAD THE WORD, especially to The Authorities TO GET MASSIVE CONVOYS OF SHIPS,ETC. heading to AND THROUGH(We do emphacise that word THROUGH The North Pole!! Loaded with key people and equipment!!!! Set up landing strips for planes WITHIN. Submarines and helicopters too. Colonize the interior. Get the masses following up!!








You hear us Earthmen??




You have been SO brainwashed and conditioned with lies you see!!





DON'T commit suicide! Self murder is a sin. It will end you up in The Spirit World, A BETTR MATERIAL WORLD(Where all go and continue living AFTER DEATH.) far worse off, and without a physical body!! NO GOOD!!!!


Listen: The physical body is simply the outermost vehicle you indwell. One of SEVEN SHELLS. Which you shed successively, like the crustaceans and the arthropods(e.g. lobsters and spiders).

Universe not just 3d, but MULTI dimensional!!


You are accustomed to 2d shells, like skins. But 3d shells apply to MULTI dimensional creatures LIKE US!!



What you call death is actually BIRTH(birth was the death!). You SIMPLY shed your physical vehicle, and CONTINUE LIVING IN A BETTER MATERIAL WORLD!!


Do not let death bother you!!


But WHAT matters is WHERE you go in The Spirit World. And committing suicide(or any sin) SIMPLY takes you DOWN to lower and unpleasant regions!!


You have been taught that sun is a single lone star(all suns are stars, stars that have planets). No!! Your sun, like ours, is one of a group, multiple.(Life forms TEEM through the INFINITE universe(OMNI-VERSE!!)!!) Two other stars form the Multiple. Nemesis, a DISTANT solar companion. And Antoine, a CLOSE binary solar companion! Antoine has many planets with encircling moons.


Note that two bodies in space circle a COMMON CENTRE(of gravity). In initially large eccentric orbits.

Antoine has an orbital period of 3,600 years(roughly).

So once every 3,600 years the star sun Antoine comes VERY CLOSE to your Sol!

Bringing with it its retinue of planets and their satellites. Including Homeward planet, where I live.


So what is happening RIGHT NOW is that TWO solar systems are colliding and merging!!(JUST beginning to.)

Consequently you NOW have TWO suns in the sky. And,soon,two moons,too!!




THE REASON FOR YOUR RECENT GREAT HEAT IS THE STAR SUN ANTOINE!!(Coupled to your sun, Sol, El Nino, and sundry causes!!)



Some among you of Earth thought that The Sun might have been responsible for the increasing heat noticed in recent years.(Please note how sun emits its heat to you: 1. Through RADIATION. AND 2. Through The Solar Wind,ETC.(Coronal Mass Ejections) Which via electrons, masses, transmits energy into The Earth(and the other planets,etc.) via your Magnetosphere(AND The Earth's CORE!!)



So THOUGH the sun varied so little, much heat has been born from the energy pouring into Earth via The CME's(Coronal Mass Ejections)!!


El Nino increases this from time to time.




HOWEVER!! Now that you have our sun Antoine ALSO so close to your solar system, YOU GET ITS HEAT AS WELL!!


It is the gravitic and magnetic TIDES from Antoine(not just its heat!) playing upon your sun(And Earth,etc!), along with the gravity and magetic tides from Nibiru and the other planets and satellites,etc. of our solar system PLAYING UPON EARTH,ETC!!


- That cause such TERRIBLE DISRUPTIONS to the heavenly bodies of BOTH our solar systems.(As your sun,etc. gravity and magetic TIDES play upon our solar system!!)



Regard Vic as the current NOAH.(GET INTO THE ARK! FLEE THROUGH THE NORTH GEOGRAPHICAL POLAR ENTRANCE!!) Top speed! LESS THAN 3 years to go.(With rapidly worsening weathers meanwhile!!)




Noah was scorned. Even as Vic is being scorned NOW!!




Your underground cities and hollowed out mountains,etc.ETC. will be NO DEFENCE against the HORRIFIC gravitic and magnetic tides!! GET WITHIN THE EARTH. PRONTO!!!!(Or no life left. Bar the life forms WITHIN!!)



So many have been screaming GLOBAL WARMING.





Only a COOLING!!


Which stopped about 1998 to 2,003.



The heat troubling you recently was from an El Nino!(Coupled to Antoine), and sundry causes.




Gravity and magnetic tides from our sun Antoine have disrupted the upper half of your sun, blocking off the rising energy(rising from Sol's core)!

Consequently you face growing cold, not heat!!



The heat you HAVE been experiencing from your sun IS WHAT WAS STILL IN THE PIPE LINE. Likewise with heat(ex sun) rising up from Earth's interior!(Through SHELL via magma and lava.) What is in pipe line!!



When THAT in pipe line runs out, THEN increasing cold comes.



However! Situation greatly complicated by Antoine and El Nino plus various sundry heating sources!!



So you have been roasting until very recently.


THAT has changed again, now. Because what has happened is that your sun's energy(which was long time crushed by upper blockage created by Antoine) has suddenly burst up and through!! Witness new CME's and sun spots,etc!!


So now you face growing cold from ITS pipe line length ex sun and Earth(Months if not years long.). And THEN more heat. But suddenly less heat as Antoine leaves!!(In 2016 A.D.) - And shoots back into space.



Until 3,600 years hence. Please warn those of 3,600 years hence via TIME CAPSULES!!



Sun expected to go dark, if not BLACK!!


And moon, RED!!




I am speaking of REALLY BAD COLD!!



But sun back on now. However,full-on radiation,etc. not reach surface for months or years yet.



A SUPER NOVA is possible. But very unlikely.


It is possible that the super novae that we see are caused by some solar systems within a galaxy there experiencing what you MAY BE starting to experience now! (Two suns crashing into each other.)MAYBE THAT is the reason for SUPER NOVAE everywhere at all times!!




Though all may die, no problem, as all enter Spirit World, and can re-incarnate from there!




The chance of a super nova with us(you too) is MOST EXTREMELY REMOTE, but possible!!




Nibiru COULD hit The Earth! It DID on its first orbit.(Creating your moon.)



You people of Earth, especially in Western Society have thought that you are good folk ruled by good powers.

No! You are neutral folk ruled by bad powers!!

Taught for nearly a million years now LIES!!

To KEEP YOU in the power of the rulers!!

Who are not your immediate leaders, figure heads, but the HIDDEN ones BEHIND them!!



You have been STUFFED UP with such nonsense as Vatican,ETC. teaches!!


Pope has been made god of so many. When TRUE God is THE INFINITE!!

Wake up, O' Earthmen!!



If you REVERSE(Take the OPPOSITES in meaning!) what has been taught, then you get the real TRUTH!!



Your rulers are evil. Out for their selves.

Yet it is not good that the mob to rule(MOST bad!). ONLY the elite among the people!!


Anarchy increases.


You are a squabbling lost increasingly mad RABBLE.




Most are not so much evil, as selfish and horribly self centred. But a few ARE evil!!



The few corrupts the whole.



Earth men were primitive and so clueless. So taken over by Reptileans via humanoids. Aliens.

Who now rule and dominate you via the faceless HIDDEN ones behind your leaders who ARE BUT FIGURE HEADS!!!!




We would help you, Earthmen.



Use Vic(and others) to try to reach you.



Other groups also trying to help you.



Intelligent life exists upon many worlds.



Life on Earth is so VERY UN intelligent!!



Obey GOD, not Devil(THE DEMON)!


Through your Higher Self, not lower one!


Through higher desires and ideals, NOT lower appetites!!



Evil rules you via Devil, Pan, Reptileans, Humanoid aliens and THE HIDDEN ONES!!


GodS not god.(Though the highest and truest god IS THE INFINITE!!)(You called the aliens and spirits gods, you see.)


Much of what you call evil is good.


And much of what you call good, is evil!!




You are in a TERRIBLE MESS.



Break FREE of your very foolish PHONEY ideas!!



You are destroying your selves! Bodies and SOULS!!


But Nature,etc. is about to assist you!!


We MEAN that SOON Nature,etc.TOO will be destroying you!!!!





Remember MULTI dimensional universe and OMNIVERSE!!




Low souls allowed to win up to now. That they may develop.



But now God return and save all via the HIGHER SOULS!!



To save all. Instead of losing all(Which would happen if higher did not intervene!!)



Reason being the great dividing of the sheep from the goats,etc.

Awful disaster come now to close this society AND START A NEW ONE!!



So watch now for colossal REVERSAL of EVERYTHING!!



Such that MANY go mad!!




We speak true O men of Planet Terra(or Terrene).



You heed us, please!!



Or perish COMPLETELY!!





MANY cycles end 21.12.2,012.A.D.




A most TREMENDOUS GREAT event. A good one(basically).



It is the year 2,012. NOT 1999 you see, which is THE ONE!!



1999 was just a mathematical end so to speak.



No! 2,012.A.D. is the date to watch!!



Prepare NOW, O men of Planet Terra!!















Friday, 19th February, 2,010.

H59. In brief!



To Whom it may concern:-



I wish you all to understand what is happening.

You have probably noticed that our weather, world wide, is worsening. Plus seismic events too, and volcanic eruptions. AND social and societal!! AND animals and plants.(Via dying species,etc.)

I know WHY this is occurring!!


I also know that it will get worse and worse - until we are all dead.(INSIDE of 3 to 6 years!!)(NOT a single life form should survive!!)(There is a RED DUST already descending through our atmosphere. BECAUSE we are in the tail of(Nostradamus Comet!) Nibiru(The seventh planet of Antoine(see below)! Sol, our sun, is blowing the tail on to us! It is full of rocks and RED DUST. Red dust laden with DEADLY INCURABLE bacteriums!! Wear face masks,soon, or suffocate!!)(Incurable because an alien planet now.(Nibiru was once our fifth rock from the sun! But Antoine captured it.)


However!! I know how to dodge the most appalling and terrible events that lie ahead. So PLEASE listen VERY carefully to me!!


The popular explanation is that the cause basically is Global Warming, via Man.

And that steps are being taken to combat this.



I NEED you all to help me to not only KEEP GOING, but to get the authorities to instal my escape plan!!(Or we all perish and horribly and terribly.)


I am obliged to tell you TWO things:-

1. The TRUE REAL cause of the worsening weather,etc.etc.

And 2. How to dodge it!!



1. The true real cause is that Sol, our sun, which is a star, has a CLOSE BINARY COMPANION STAR. - Which, circles our common orbital focus, along with our sun. In gigantic elliptical orbits,(Which necessitates that Antoine(the name of the second sun) gets VERY close, orbitting for a while, our sun, for about six years.


It does this every(approximately) 3,600 years(Been studying all this for many years. I know what I am talking about. PLEASE heed!! Your LIFE and EVERYTHING is going to depend upon it!!). The actual figure is about 3,597 years. Something like that.


If you go back through history in 3,600 year steps, you will see that cataclysms occurred then!(ALSO every 6,500 years per Sol going beserk! In binomial decreasing steps of decreasing disasters. You check back through history!!)


3,600 years ago, was a huge flood(the third). Santorini blew up. Poseidon sank for the third time(North Atlantic)). And there was a terrible and long DROUGHT. Following the enormous flood.


3,600 years before that was what is called The Creation. Followed by Adam and Eve.(Actually a RE creation necessitated by a CATACLYSM!) (Now I know many of you will protest that the creation was about FIVE BILLION YEARS BACK, but I am referring to RE-creations, every 3,600 years(Of life forms upon this planet, not the beginning of the universe!)(Which explains the clash between Science and Religion!!)


Bear with me now!



IN ADDITION to these 3,600 year orbital period cataclysms, there is ANOTHER series of cataclysms, every 6,500 years! (Due to the sun going beserk every 6,500 years, due to getting close to the electric flow down the local spiral arms chain!)(As it circles the LOCAL spiral arm getting VERY close in FOUR 6,500 year(6,500 x 4 is 26,000 years, the zodiacal precessional period.) CYCLES!!)




Now our growing heat is due to the approach of the second sun Antoine.

But have you noticed the growing cold UP NORTH(Hemisphere.)??



You must NOT panic, but it is better to KNOW, than NOT to know, I think. So hear me out, please!!




That cold is mainly due to Antoine(second sun)(NOW closing in again on our sun!) crushing out Sol(our sun), BLOCKING the rising energies!(Which give us the radiation!)(And ALSO the solar wind, coronal mass ejections,ETC. Which give us heat via energy A SECOND WAY!! Via our magnetic poles of magnetosphere and Earth's CORE.


This is why the sun spots stopped(a lot)!!



In other words, sun put OUT. The heat we are getting is due to WHAT IS STILL IN PIPE LINE!!

And similarly, via solar wind,etc. what is rising up from Earth's core IS WHAT IS LEFT IN PIPE LINE!!

But starting to RUN OUT!! Hence the cold!


However!! Antoine(Sol's CLOSE binary companion star.) is counter-balancing the growing cold, WITH INCREASING HEAT!!

So we THINK things are amost normal - WHEN THEY ARE NOT!!!!


Yes, the sun has gone OUT. Should go dark. And finally BLACK!!!!(For some YEARS, quite a few.)


The moon will go red.(Due to the increasing red dust from Nibiru's tail.(A second sun(see videos, photographs and reports!!) has already appeared. A second moon(a red one)(and ugly with volcanic spurts) will appear SUDDENLY in our night sky about 2.6 years hence. GET READY FOR IT!!)



Did you guess the OTHER horror I am about to utter? Yes!




The TWO cataclysmic series WILL CO-INCIDE this time!!



A DOUBLE super duper cataclysm will occur.



When?? Did you guess it? 21.12.2012!!

Actually it will be spread over six years. From 2,012 to about 2,018.A.D.(Peaking May 8th, 2,013.A.D.)


THIS is why 2012 is so terrible!!


A film called 2012 is out. Which is PEA NUTS compared to what is ACTUALLY coming!!(The film ONLY shows our sun's cataclysmic contribution!!)(You need to ADD IN Antoine's horror!!(Antoine has a retinue of planets and their satellites, etc; etc.))


The two cataclysms(which may cause a SUPER NOVA and destroy The Milky Way Galaxy) should occur a few years apart, actually. I do not know the order.

One around 2,012. The other five or six years later.




As you may imagine this is a terrible burden for one man to carry. Which is WHY I am sharing it with you now. I cannot bear the strain any longer!!


Dear folk. I assure you all that it is not baloney, but VERY TRUE!!



99.99 point recurring % probably true!!




I have checked and re-checked. I did a scientific paper which I gave to Super IGA. But have heard nothing from them.




I am struggling frantically to inform all.(But of course, get disbelieved.)



Now,then, as I switch to BLUE:-










GET, as fast as you can, an armada (My Noah's Ark is THE GREAT WITHIN!!) of ships, planes, submarines and helicopters taking all key people and equipment IN through The North GEOGRAPHICAL pole!!


There is a vast tropical land(with sea) down there.










Go armed. As down there are Neanderthals, Pre-historic monsters(Ignore The Nazi base.), Wild natives, AND Satanku and his warriors!!!! Along with many strange creatures.



Colonize The Interior, which I REPEAT is NOT underground!!




Folks, from now on a growing number of strange things will occur:-

For example: A dead loved one materializing in front of you.

And you floating off the ground!!


Things like that.


Just keep calm.







I am deadly serious. And in maximum EARNEST!!!!




There is a hole in the sea. GO THROUGH IT. It is an entrance to The Great WITHIN!!



The hole is SO big, you cannot see it!


It is over a THOUSAND MILES wide!!



The way in IS FLAT!! Though it LOOKS curved and TUBULAR!!



Now we have only 2.6 years left to do this!!



Trust it. It is right!!



Our weather,etc. meanwhile, will get rapidly worse...






I am not mad. I know the details!!




I need your FULLEST co-operation and SUPPORT!!









The problem is you see that The Authorities DO NOT KNOW!! And the faceless ones BEHIND our figure-head leaders, are putting their faith in UNDERGROUND CITIES and HOLLOWED OUT mountains(For the chosen, of course!)



WHY have we not been told? Because THEY do not want a panic! And EVEN MORE SO, they do not want TO LOSE CONTROL OVER US!!





So they continue to LIE to us.(As they do,too, about UFO's,alien abductions, cattle mutilation, crop circles, life elsewhere, ghosts, and the such like...)(We are their cattle,you see, genetically engineered by them!(Born of Cro-mags and Neanderthals.)(They are coming to inspect us. Get ready!!)


They want us ASLEEP(mentally).


But I for one am not.


And you LOT had better WAKE UP,too!!




HELP ME HELP YOU get the authorities to ACT!! And send in THAT ARMADA!!!!




You dig?









You ALL listen to me, - AND SAVE YOURSELVES.





I can save you mentally,too!!










Mighty Mouse!!(Joking! - Actually I am little TIGER!!)





More details upon request!!






So you see now(I 'OPE.), COMRADS!!







Vic.(Better to believe and get fooled. Than to doubt or disbelieve - AND PERISH!!!!)(But you see kidlees I AIN'T kidding!!)





Extra notes: El Nino is complicating things.

The sun had burst up back through the blockage.

But has gone quiet again now.

What I am saying is ALSO mentioned in Bible! In Revelation(last book).(It says somewhere in there that sun will go black and moon red. (I am not trying to fit The Bible. But I FIND that The Bible IS FITTING WHAT I AM SAYING!!)(Please NOTE THAT!!)

I can see why the moon will go red. It is due to the red dust in the tail of Nibiru(The Red Dragon).

As for the sun going black. Well once the pipe lines are cleared it must go dark, and FINALLY BLACK!!

Antoine, the second sun, has stirred up the UPPER SUN, BLOCKING energy rising from its core! (That cleared, but a fresh blockage MAY now have occurred. Over the next SIX YEARS as Antoine circles(in very elliptical orbits) our sun, these disruption blockages are likely to continue. Bad ones would blacken the sun.(Because putting IT OUT!!)


Anyway, large variances may be expected in heat and cold, as first the extra heat from Antoine dominates, and then the blocked sun cools down(going dark)!!



VERY disturbing stuff, of course.


I think I am right!!



So DESPERATELY need your help,please!!











































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