Wednesday, 27th January, 2,010.


The Low Down.(From The High Up!!)



Earthmen, you planet is the worst in the galaxy! There was some doubt earlier. That there may actually have been one planet worse than yours. But closer evaluation of THEM reveals that they are actually a BIT better than you! So now you obtain WORST HONOUR!!

We notice TWO modes of response from you. One is SILENCE. The other is DISBELIEF. Just those two modes. We are NOT amused!!

We had hoped to use what you call M.S.Paint to illustrate our two solar systems merging. But this has not proved practicable for Vic.


Do you not remember on our last passing(Around 1,588 B.C. Coming up about 3,600 years ago(Big Flood then.)(All Earth land submerged.), how we played friendly games like rock throwing. And how you laughed. But we cried.


So THIS time, Earthmen, Nibiru come, and THEN we see how you think of the many RED HOT boulders HE hurl down at you!! As you dance between the lava springs!!!!(But NOT smiling!!)


Bah, Men of Planet Terra or Terrene.(You men of the blue-green Turquoise Planet, most beautiful planet in your solar system. BUT NOT MOST BEAUTIFUL MINDS THEREIN!! WHAT am I to tell President Oojab?! Hein?!


We tell you again: Within up to 3 to 6 years YOU CREATURES ON EARTH(And Mercury, Venus, and Luna) WILL BE DESTROYED!!!!)


So you think NO THING of this!! ?!



WHAT sort of creature are you?? Hein!!



Have our scouts found all these things out FOR NOTHING??!!



SOME of your crop circles are messages from us EXPLAINING Antoine and Nibiru,etc.ETC. very patiently to you.



Yet, not a murmur, but shocking denial and abuse!!



You think all this a joke or a hoax!!


Or that poor Vic is mad!!



Bad, Earthmen. Bah!! BAD!!!!




Shall we not stand shoulder to shoulder in The Great Hall again??

And wear our gowns and robes!!!!(WHERE will YOU LOT be standing??!!)




The FEDERATION is disgusted!



And our patience has worn thin...


Do you wish to slave as gold miners for us again??!! Huh!! Is THAT what you want??!!




Expect a Delegation in Zee Englise on your Earth soon!!


So you may give account of yourselves!!!!



Vee master your languages.

Soon we see who speaks truest!!




(Readers(if any), PLEASE NOTE that this article H44 is in jocular vein to relieve tension.




We have SPOKEN. You have NOT understood. Nor LISTENED!!!!



You may have to be relegated to a lower universe!!(We are not joking!!)



Let us smoke pipe of peace, Earthmen, and NO MORE of these bad manners!!!!


From high up Officer Zuka!


GET into The Ark, you foolish people!!


Take two doves with you, that they may fly out after 40 days and nights in search of land!!







Vic boy.



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