Sunday, 27th December, 2,009.






Doomsday is November 27th, 2,011.A.D!! Less than two years away!!

Soon we shall be able to say: Next year!! Near to the end of next year!!!!


Time? Cannot pin point it closer. Because globe has 24 hours in zones!


8,000,000,000(less those evacuated by aliens) are expected to be killed.(That is EIGHT BILLION people!!)(World population now is about 7 billion. But by the time of wipe out, should be about 8 billion!!)


So the thing to do is to get your name down on The Farmer's list! The aliens!! As chances otherwise are MOST EXTREMELY REMOTE!!(And even if you did survive, it would be upon a devastated planet. Ice bound. With a few raving mad survivors plus a few crazed animals!!!! Plus no food. No water. Polluted air. And ruined SOIL!!!! In a TOTALLY DEVASTATED world, AND eight billion rotting human corpses. PLUS countless rotting dead animals.


Check on The Internet. SEE how many support me! What I did was find a new pin-pointer to it!(The date of the end of time(this cycle)is 2,012.A.D. Etched in The Great Pyramid. And forecast many ways!)


1998/9 A.D. The Western(alleged earlier)Doomsday was a Dummy Run. A Rehearsal for The Real Thing!

2,011/12 A.D.(The Mayan,etc.forecast.) is the correct time. THEN is the real event!! PREPARE!!!!

Jesus was born 4.A.D. He preached aged 30 to 33. He said the end would be in two days!(Two THOUSAND year days.) So, if he made the prophecy around 30 to 34 A.D. Then 2,030 to 2,034 A.D. is very close to my forecast of 2 to 20 or 30 years past 2,009 A.D! Which is about 2,034 A.D. at maximum!!


I think(hopefully!!)that my minimum estimates of 2 or 3 years hence - are wrong. Because so many religious prophecies have yet to occur. And would take about another approaching (up to) 30 years!!

Even so, it is not long!!

And we need to PREPARE. Spiritually,too!!

So the world needs to be informed. To be WARNED!!!!


On THE OTHER HAND, perhaps 27.11.11 A.D. is the correct date!!(Making so many religious predictions wrong!!)(One year and eleven months time!!!!)


The reason I say this is because my Binomial Sequence Predictor has been so very accurate on ELEVEN previous occasions. TO THE YEAR. Always the year of our CURRENT calendar!! And not some erring one!!



I would plan for 27.11.11.A.D. if I were you!!


NO THING can stop it!!



I AM 99.98% CERTAIN!!!!(That it will occur.)



What ends in 2,012.A.D. is our current big solar cycle.(The end of an age. NOT the end of Time!!)


But the BIGGEST DISASTER OF ALL TIME(Past and Future!!) is due to occur 27.11.11.A.D!!


THE BIGGEST CATASTROPHE EVER!!!!(To hit Mankind on Earth.)



If it cannot be stopped, why warn anyone? Is a good question.

If there is so little chance of ANYONE surviving it!!(That is a good point. However, what chance to make peace with God, or to fit in the rest of your life within a couple of years??!!)


FOUR CATACLYSMS will occur over the next few years! EACH ONE capable of wiping out ALL life on Earth(AND four other worlds!!)!!!!


Disasters will build up increasingly, but acceleratingly, to this!! Until horrific. And THEN - Bang! The First Event of the new big Solar Cycle occurs(Ice Age, Nibiru, Planet X AND Earth Inversion!!!!) - The FOUR cataclysms!!!! Will occur!!!!



NOTE that the aliens will take only the best behaved!

It is a bit worrying!!


The EVENT is well known expected.





AND find another POINTER to it!!!




It is like having your own POMPEI!

With suffocating dust, ash, falling boulders and thunderbolts by the million striking down!!!!


I think God is fed up with iniquitous humanity, and is wiping us out as a WRITE-OFF!! A HOPELESS DISGUSTING WRITE-OFF!!!!

However! Please NOTE: What is about to happen is a natural cyclic event. The end of the current big Solar Cycle!! It happens EVERY 6,500 years. What is different THIS time is that Nibiru and Planet X - join the party!!(Nibiru is a rogue planet with an orbital period of 3,600 years. Planet X is the tenth(ninth,actually)planet out(from the sun). It has a very eccentric orbit, taking it very close to The Earth.

All these things are perfectly logical per expectation!!

Only VERY PARTIALLY is it due to our misbehaviour!!!!






And get our names down on an alien EVACUATION LIST!!



Or GOD help you!!!!

And me.




Four days to the end of 2,009.A.D.

Then 365 for 2,010.

Plus 331 days of 2,011.A.D!!


Is 700 days! 700, - and counting. NOW!!!!


A nice round number!


Count down with me, folks.



Here are the eight horrors - to be expected in line, FROM NOW ON!!


1. GROWING Panic.

2. Worsening weathers(including seismic and volcanic,etc.)


4. The deadly red dust.

5. A RAIN of falling boulders(all over the place).(As we pass through the tail of Nibiru!!)

6. Millions of thunderbolts belting down, world wide. Non stop.

7. Earth Inversion, plus Nibiru whizzing by, and the close approach of Planet X.

8. Suicides all over the place. As MANY will prefer to exit life, rather than undergo the WORST HORROR(and by SO VERY far!!) - EVER!!!!


I appeal to ALL to make this KNOWN!!!!



Now the great question arises: Is it just under two years away, OR long enough away to produce all the other religious,etc.prophecies??!!


I been trying ALL my long life to get the world to listen and heed. With almost TOTAL DISBELIEF!!!!



I incline to think that the end will be in(now)700 days time. November 27th, 2,011.A.D.


Happy New Year!!





Vic Conway!!












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