Monday, 15th August,  2,011.





The world situation now!




       1.  The danger of World War 3,etc.  The danger fuses remain North Korea and Iran.  N.K. strives to increase the range of its missiles, so they can hit U.S.


       Iran could launch a pre-emptive strike on Israel. To ensure they do not attack Iran. Which Israel constantly threatens to do. But which I think(being suicide) is psychological pressure on U.S. to attack Iran.(But Obama is too naive and "play safe", especially when U.S. in such fiscal and economic trouble. So not likely to do anything, other than the attack on Libya, pressure on Yemen and Syria,etc.  Besides, Obama wants to win 2,012 election. Is not likely to jeopardize that!  So must not act belligerently.


      Other than another cyber attack. They have already succeeded in throwing back Iran's nuclear work 2 years.  Not trumpeted.



      Had it not been for this cyber attack, it would have been too late for U.S. or Israel to attack Iran. But still possible now. Though not very likely.




      Bush funked attacking Iran years back. Out of fear of torpedo boat attacks against their aircraft carriers.(Carriers apparently necessary.)


      Obama was born in Kenya, is a Muslim. So not likely to do much against Iran.


      Best hope of defeating Iran is by helping The People's Revolution.(That Revolution is making slow progress.)  Especially by denigrating terror groups in Iraq they are supporting.(Which spells defeat for The People's Revolution!)(Too blocked.)



     Iran's nuclear facility is over a thousand feet underground! Where it also has huge stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons.  Almost impossible to damage so far down EVEN with nuclear weapons!(Best move is to blow up the entrances to block exit and entry.)(With conventional weapons.)



     Difficulty finding the nuclear sites too. One is known. One is not.




     Iran is fanatical and extremely TOUCHY. So suicide to trigger a response by 11,000 missiles against West key targets.(No wonder Obama plays safe!) Which would rain down on Israel, The Straits of Homuz, U.S. carriers, U.S. bases around, and even European capitals!


     On the other hand Iran will do this anyway at the slightest provocation. Even a minor incident.(Or a misunderstood one!!)




     So the triggers for WW3,etc. are worsening.



     Especially with the Russian sent anti-missiles, and Russian plus Chinese protection.



     Political East is in dominance. And has been for YEARS.



     U.S. will eventually be driven to start WW3. And lose it!!



     Just a matter of time.




     2.   Australia needs to get rid of Labor as fast as possible. The horrible Labour-Greens-The two letting down Independents and The Tasmanian independent, are a dangerous Association which is destroying the country, and will throw back hundreds of years.(Vote Coaliton Abbott next election folks!)(But we are already sunk too much I think!)


          We are stuck with the horrid "Association" for at least two more years.


          The P.M. is FULL of stupid backward sending ideas. But it won't be enough to get rid of the P.M.  As a replacement could save The Labor Party!


          Getting Turnbull in would also be bad.(Global Warming is due to Second Sun, AND EXTRA rising magma from BELOW, NOT CO2 excess in our atmosphere. THINK. Not swallow stupid propaganda!!)(A SCAM for Margaret Thatcher's bonus!!)


          He probably would stymie Abbott(Turnbull would.).




     The obvious best solution to The Asylum Seekers is Nauru.




     Gay marriage and assisted euthanasia are sick ideas. Though good at population reducing!!




     Censorship of The Internet would be step one to removing Australian freedom!



      The P.M. will do ANYTHING for Power, and more power.




      Australia is too soft.




      Islam will throw us back to Medieval times!!





     If anything bad can happen, it WILL do!(Murphy's Law.)




     Simply because of The Evil Succession of Devil and the top evil personages, The Reptileans aliens, The Annunaki aliens(soon coming to inspect us)(RIDING Nibiru!), The Little Grey aliens,etc., The Illuminati,etc.  The Second Government, Political Correctness and The Various Activisms.(Aliens exist all right!!)(But some are good.)


     Humanity has been under this great evil influence for at least 900,000 years.





     3.  Meanwhile Nibiru Complex approaches.(It will soon be obvious to all!)  Antoine MAY be Nemesis.(Sol's stellar COMPANION!!)(It is amazing that it is still not yet world headlines, along with life on Mars!!)(Mars is amazingly like Earth. With humans, lakes, forests,cities and numerous anomalies.)


     We have two years left to Doom(2,013.). Which (if Peebles is right) may be 3 or 4 years more than that.(Peebles claims that Gregorian Calendar is 3, possibly 4, years too advanced. So it may only be 2,008 now. Or even 2,007.)




     4.  I will finish on a bright note:-


     a.  Alignment with the centre of our galaxy will occur 21.12.2,012.  Which should bring great benign influences.


     b.  The Aquarian Age will start then - also bringing benign influences.




     So exciting time ahead folks. Both best and worst time EVER.


     Huge changes will occur.


     Not just physical, but super physical too.




     I REPEAT:  To escape the horrors to come, SIMPLY go down the North Geographical Pole!!(Because The Earth(all astronomical objects and fields and bolides ARE) IS hollow!!)


      I imagine the worst part will be the RAIN of asteroids, comets, meteors and the deadly red poisonous dust.



      Expect the very air to catch fire!


      Listen to me, please and take best specimens DOWN The North Geographical Pole!!




      We have had it good for far too long.




      Have FAR too many people on the planet.(And too much traffic.)




      Too many(Especially in West, particularly in U.S.) are simply not interested and are FAR too complacent.


      Only seem to be interested in sport and entertainment.(What IDIOCY we see on Television,etc!!)



      I notice Christianity going out the window.(Christmas will be next!)



      Mind you the excessive restrictions of Islam, ESPECIALLY Shia Islam would do much to kerb Western INDULGENCE.



      People shown on Television are FAR too happy.



      Not that I am against happiness. Much the reverse! 


      But to show such EXTREME delight IN THE FACE of the coming TERRORS - is so absurd and ridiculous as to be pathetic and  TRAGIC!!





       Judgement Day is HARDLY the time for hilarity!!






       Man is obsessed with sex, drugs, fun, justice, money, wealth, PLEASURE, licence, power, revenge, sadism, and so on and ON.  All things NEGATIVE!!    We NEED the POSITIVE THINGS, folks!! Too much of the negative. It is DESTROYING US!! Body AND SOUL!!)




        The Devil has indeed FOOLED the world.



        It is true that if you do evil, you will get immediate blessings. But IN THE LONG RUN, terrible suffering!


        Likewise, if you do good, you will suffer immediately, BUT IN THE LONG RUN greatly gain!!


        That is HOW it is.


        A Spiritual LAW.



        Humans(so many of them) have it all backwards and the OPPOSITE to what is REALLY so!



        There is no RELIGIOUS HELL by the way.(We survive death, but the important thing is WHERE we go afterwards!)


        I mean that the awful Hell taught by Religion is phoney. However, HELL(I mean Hades, The Underworld.) DOES exist.(According to the excess of evil over good that you do, you WILL go down to a lower plane in The Spirit World and suffer in PROPORTION!!)(HELL is a condition of the mind. Hades is a MATERIAL PLACE in The Spirit World.)


        GOD squares accounts. There is no need to worry about getting revenge! It will happen AUTOMATICALLY via the spiritual law called THE LORD!!


        The SPIRITUAL LAW will get EVEN, for you!!



        Just bear it, forgive,understand, and do ALL the good that you POSSIBLY can!!


        Because once you die, THE BOOKS ARE CLOSED!!




        We do NOT come to an end at death! We simply SHED the physical body. Much like a lobster sheds its shell!(How many lobsters break their hearts over THAT!)


        The POINT IS, that we retreat into our next finer vehicle, which is a MUCH better one, in a lighter world!!(In WEIGHT.)


        It is LIKE waking up from a bad dream(Death is!). 



        But if you do wrong, then you WILL suffer for it LATER ON.(Not immediately, nor in the short term.)



        Maybe not from Man. But from THE LORD!!




        Do NOT worry about physical death(Worry about SOUL death!!)(The result of doing too much evil!!)(An endless death!).


        You will not only go to a better world.(ALL creatures do!!)(Death was never born!!)


        But RE-INCARNATE later on!!


        AFTER you have put everything right!(By going BACK into your past. And correcting all wrongs done!!)




        Remember that you CANNOT take your PHYSICAL riches with you. But you DO take your psychological mental ones!! THEY go  WITH you, at SO CALLED death!!




       You have lost loved ones to death.  No problem!!  THEY survive in a better world!! The loss is only temporary. You CAN see them AGAIN!(When YOU pass on!)


       Furthermore, you can see them whilst incarnate. At materialization seances.  AND, if you learn how, by LEAVING YOUR BODY(temporarily) and VISITING THEM in The Spirit World!!




       Mankind has got it ALL WRONG!!



       The DEVIL has deceived you, YOU SEE?!



       Via those not properly clued up. And you have made the mistake of BELIEVING them!!



        Do not doubt. These things ARE SO!!


        Else I would not tell you such!!




        You have nasty diseases? Because you fail to take the alternative remedies.(Check on The Internet!!)




        Disease is BIG BUSINESS, you see.


        So WHY suffer??




        It is an evil world. So much suffer ing.


        Not for much longer. Those who hurt others now, are going to be DESPATCHED...


        To a lower planet.


        Or, to a lower plane!!




        You THINK I am mistaken?


        You WILL find out OTHERWISE,then!!





        Nature red in tooth and claw? Yes. But only to those who descend to that level!!


        Peace to the peaceable!!



        Woe comes to those who create it.




        Do NOT commit suicide, NOR obtain euthanasia!!


        That is SELF murder, and you not only wind up in The Spirit World WITHOUT a physical body,


        But get punished for getting rid of SO GREAT  a gift from GOD!!






        Yes, God!


        You THINK no God there?



       God is TOO BIG to see!


       Does not care for our foolish excesses.




       WE will put those right, WHEN we see WHERE such follies take us!!





       Not enough money?


       The rich have had their reward!




       Just stick it out until you "die", and THEN you will SEE where your sacrifices have got you!!




       Whilst those who did not(sacrifice) will envy you.




       WHEN you pass over, head straight for THE LIGHT.


       Climb as HIGH as you can SPIRITUAL VIBRATIONALLY. Whether 3d wise as well(it usually is!) or not.


       As quickly as possible.




      Many in The Spirit World bemoan NOT knowing these things!!




      And WOULD give ANYTHING to come back, and give it a BETTER go!!




      SHOULD you find yourself Earthbound(and some do)(That is UNABLE to rise into The Spirit World PROPER.)(Stuck in a sort of HALF WAY house.), then take all care NOT to let your GHOST get anywhere near to you.(So when you pass on("die"), get AS FAR AS YOU CAN FROM YOUR CORPSE!!)



      The ghost(which was your energy double in life, will cleave to the corpse after death, out of HABIT from always being inside of our bodies.


       But should it see you close by the corpse, will make a bee line for you, as being a more YOU than your corpse is!  Got it?



       IF your ghost envelops you, you will find yourself in a fog, and could be like that indefinitely!  So get WELL AWAY from corpse AND GHOST!!



       Do NOT accompany strange spirits who may try to take you down into Hades(Hell).


        Just get right UP, as high as you can(spiritually) OUT of it!!





         In time YOU MAY escape your Earthbound condition.



         Or you may re-incarnate from there!





         Thank you for listening IF you did.


         Don't forget!!




         What I am saying might come in day...




         Once "dead" not much use talking to the living. They won't hear you. Nor see you. Unless they are clairvoyant or mediums.



         Only hope you have is by telepathy.  The living can pick up your thoughts if beamed at them, THOUGH MAY THINK it is their "subconcious mind".


         But DON'T waste time down here.


         Get up ABOVE.


         Or all sorts of ills can accrue to you!!




         GOD is the ONE to unite with.


         And pursue. No thing less.




         Up to YOU of course.


         This is advice not a command.





        Nibiru is real, check out on VIDEOS.


        "Nibiru videos"


        And "Second sun" videos.




        Heck! Why should I get all the luck??



        So COMRADES, I share with you!!(What I KNOW to be so...)





        After passing on, head for THE LIGHT, climb as high as you can IMMEDIATELY(or risk losing the chance!). SPIRITUALLY. 5d wise.





       OBSERVE Nibiru complex for YOURSELVES!!(It is THERE all right!!)




       Good aliens MAY evacuate SOME.




       Less than 2 years to go...




       Take care not to confuse WISH with FACT. Many do!!





       You HAVE been WARNED.





       You ARE being TOLD!!





       I hope The Spirit World does not get destroyed too...







      PLEASE SPREAD what I am telling you!!














































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