Saturday, 28th June,  2,008. 


World situation

     In brief(DD's, starting new series):-(My expectations.)

       1.  Israel may attack Iran.  Big counter attack by Iran.   U.S. then strikes Iran.  All Hell is let loose.  Straits of Horuz closed.  U.S. bases and ships attacked.  And West's troops,etc. in Iraq.  And Israel of course.   This will probably bring in nuclear weapons,ETC.

       2.  Growing confusion and mix-up.

       3.   Expect Dow,ETC.   to crash - to THE ROCKS!!!!(They dare not raise interest rates in The U.S!!)  Far worse than in 1929 Slump!!   FLAT.   Expect return to Gold Standard.   With Silver popular COIN!!!!

       4.   Expect Oil to ROCKET!!!!   $200 per barrel WILL ONLY BE THE VERY BEGINNING!!!!

       5.   And, soon, Commodities.

       6.  Global warming NOT caused by Man!  Soon will lead to Global Cooling.(Ice Age starts in about three years.)  Global warming is caused by THE SUN, electronically!!!!  Stratosphere is already cooling. Has been for years.

       7.  I expect Obama to win.  John McCain far better.  But mob usually chooses worst path!!

       8.  UFO's massing.   They COULD take over!!

       9.  Whole world in deadlock. But Political East knows what to do!!(Attack The West!!)

      10.  China having problems too.(U.S. is doomed. West hurt.  Whole world suffers.)

      11.  Bush MAY declare emergency(especially if war), stay in office, and impose Martial Law!!!!

      12.  U.S. has HAD it.   China new power. Russia coming up behind.   India risen,too.   Iran to follow.

      13.  Australia and New Zealand probably will become Chinese colonies. Soon!!

      14.  Europa another rising menace. Led by GERMANY!!!!(Britain to be pushed out.)

      15.  Latin America rising.

      16.  And Africa.

       17.  Political Correctness and all these stupid movements,  are destroying West!!

       18.  Spirits(of the dead!) influence us a lot.

       19.  Jesus not coming back. CHRIST IS. 

       20.  GOD is not dead!   Man hasn't been born yet!!



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