Sunday, 11th September, 2,011.






I am here ready to help all who ask in these VERY dire days.(Not so good as used to be. But I hope better than nothing!!)


Many, perhaps most, MISUNDERSTAND.

You NEED to understand WHAT is happening!!

We are in the LAST DAYS!!

We are in the closing days(anything from 2 weeks to a few years) of this quarter solar cycle of 6,500 years. AND of all other cycles.

Repent. Accept CHRIST. Work ALL OUT for GOD and CHRIST NOW!!!!

Advisory, not commanding.

There is a Pole Shift ON.(TIME is not moving faster. WE are moving faster through IT.)



A pole shift is the introduction to an Earth INVERSION. Physical and geographic!!



At PRESENT it is proceeding VERY slowly. And hinged upon The South Pole.

Caused by Centrifugal Force produced by our sun as it rounds the spiral arm it is upon in the closed stellar cluster that it is in. (I discovered it. Yes!!)(Aided by a student mathematician.) IT goes around(all the solar system objects doing likewise), but THE INNARDS(of everything) TRY to continue on the old course!

And as we go AROUND(the spiral arm), this translates into a heaving TO THE SIDES of EVERYTHING, AND the production of holes at north and south poles. Plus, via centripedal force, a small core gets produced.

Already set up, long since, but now being augmented.


If you feel a bit queer, causes could be the centrifugal(and centripedal)force. Plus the masses of ELECTRONS in the space we are now passing through!

(There is Hydrogen Cyanide(coming up), red dust one and red dust two,too!!)

As The Earth tilts more and more, the north magnetic pole,too, gets moved over. This is disorientating the animals and insects. Which could prevent the bees from pollinating altogether!(Whales and dolphins beaching, because disorientated. Still trying to follow old track!) The new angle of The Earth, still changing, has not yet been learned!!


Centrifugal Force is varying very rapidly in time and space. So we get some places in northern hemisphere reporting 12.5 degree shift, others 20 degrees, and so on.

Remember that BEFORE you tell others they are crazy.


Because it is not smooth!(In time, or space!!)


So some may feel a little vertigo.



Southern Hemisphere is meanwhile experiencing VERY LITTLE effects. AS YET!!



Things look much the same for all. But ACTUALLY are ANYTHING but!!





(I live in Queensland, Australia. So, U.S.and Canadian readers, please allow for that!)

I am very deeply concerned about Australia, and Corby. Don't know about New Zealand.

Schappelle tried to commit suicide through a drug over-dose. She is innocent. Should not be there. Is the victim of a drugs plant on her. Into her boogie bag. By the counter staff! So in that hell-hole she goes slowly mad, that beautiful person, sacrificed on an altar to placate THE MOB!! Who envy her talents!! Aye.

She should not have stopped off at her beloved Bali!

But booked straight through to SYDNEY!!


Australia is in a mess. The Association(Greens,Labour,Independents and Wilkie) is in control, led by the old Labor alliance of Hawke-Keating, and the old ghosts. Gillard is stooge to Brown. While the two independendents play it to suit their selves. Wilkie(Tasmania) may turn.


Gillard is sitting pretty until Christmas at least, and probably well into The New Year.

As Rudd is being readied for a come back!(But it was he who set this lot UP!!)(So we head for chaos. I think.)




Meanwhile there is disagreement in The Labor ranks. Especially as Greens call the shots.

And the Abbott - Turnbul confusion interplays,too.


Crean,etc. meanwhile jockey for possible leadership.



And the voters are increasingly disenchanted with Julia.



Swann meanwhile rules the waves as best he can, as Julia flits around. Soon came back from New Zealand.


The asylum seekers flood in. Invasion, what else??!! As is immigration, even by air, anyway!

Australia SIMPLY CANNOT afford ANY of this.

Turn the boats BACK!!(Or they will burn Australia TO THE GROUND!!)



Industry is increasingly stifled.


China faces its own problems.


Obama gets increasingly desperate.(VERY smart KENYAN!!(In both senses of the word.)




Something has to give. Collapses will occur at the peak pressure points.




Where do we turn?

To GOD, of course!! Whom you should NEVER have left!!


Spiritual and DIVINE UNITY with GOD is the thing!


But The Devil has persuaded Man to swop that for flesh unions with other humans!

Plus drugs, especially alcohol(which IS a drug), and smoking.


And Dope.(Dope is medicinal drugs.)(Pharmaceutical stuff.)(Which the doctors(so hard worked), god bless them, LASH out only to easily - to get rid!)



We may need A LITTLE of the lower, yes, being human.

But unfortunately we have gone(many of us), or are going, OVERBOARD!!




We are far too unevolved to live by DIVINE WILL and LOVE. So we live using MONEY.

Barter being too inconvenient.

Imagine dragging a cow into a shop - to buy a packet of cigarettes!



But WHAT is money?

Money is The Fiat stuff of pretty coloured bits of paper(bank notes). Enforced BY LAW!!(A psychological good thing though - to obtain our token TICKETS!!)

And BRASS(Coins now watered right down to cheap alloys!)

NO promise to redeem in gold on the bank notes.

So they are REALLY just pretty coloured bits of paper!



But we have become CONDITIONED to see them as WEALTH!!


True MATERIAL wealth is Productivity Potential. In other words employable Labour!(Given the resources.)

Whilst the TRUE wealth is LOVE,ETC.

How many FRIENDS we still have, not how big our bank balance is!




And our standing with GOD!



Devil (Centre of Negativity.) has REPLACED GOD you see!!



Cunningly done by evil forces down the ages. Very gradually!!




Adam's apple, a nectarine, was the bait by Negativity via The Serpent to make us take of The Tree of Knowledge, when we should have EARNED, not stolen, of The Tree of LIFE!!



So Adam, persuaded by wily Eve, chose DEATH. SPIRITUAL DEATH!!

Trading his SOUL for his body!!

Was cast out of E-den.(Which is WITHIN THE HOLLOW EARTH by the way. AFTER level ONE being in The Spirit World!!)




GOD and soul are what matter,


Not your bodies!!


Sex, power-lust, drugs and dope defeat Man you see.


Baited by The EVIL one!! Yes.





Get BACK from The Pit, - BEFORE it is TOO LATE!!




The Annunaki may make gold miners of us again.


They need gold(and our genes) to break up into particles - and then to SPRAY into their atmosphere!




So to reflect more light and heat from the sun to THEM!


Because in their VERY elliptical orbit

they get SO FAR AWAY from Sol!!(Our sun.)




You gotta,now?

Understand better??



Don't replace spirituality and being divine with religion!(Religion is burdensom FORMALISM, which stifles individuality!

It is A SOP to the backward masses!!



Though PHONEY science is now our religion!(Orthodoxy Science is the VERY OPPOSITE to the truth!!)(In the IMPORTANT matters.)




Don't sell your soul for your body!



Anyway, The Annunaki are coming - to sort us all out!



With The Reptileans behind them. And The Illuminati behind THEM!!!




Being only human we failed to grasp the essentials.


And went for THE SHADOWS - you see!





We are to realize and GLORIFY GOD, not anything less!!




Cancer,etc. are big business!


Disease lines the pockets of pharm and medics, NOT Health!!

That is why we remain ill!!












DO I speak to the converted?


Do as I SAY, drat it, NOT as I do!!



You have not understood, Earthmen!



LOVE one another, not prey upon one another.

PRAY FOR one another.



It SHOULD BE a Human Race, not a RAT RACE!!


Ah,aye. Who knows better than KING RAT??!!




So you see comrads, Phaeton is coming - TO SQUARE THE ACCOUNTS!!!!





Warned of THE WRATH to come??




Don look too good. DO IT NOW??!!




The penalty for sin is LOWERED VIBRATIONS!!



And lowered vibrations MEANS a lower place in The Spirit World.(Where we ALL go(animals,too!) AFTER what men CALL death.)


AND an increased BURDEN via Karma - for Future Lives!!



It just ain't worth it!!



Better(by far) to suffer now, and live later!

Than to live now, by gaining a MESS OF POTTAGE in exchange for your PRECIOUS SOULS! Don't you THINK??

Well, I HOPE that you do!!



Being filthy, I can stand and SHOUT the loudest, you see!


Not by my choice(of course, cough,cough), but via my WEAKNESS, which proves too tempting to wicked spirits and mortals!!


Any of you have a similar problem??!!




WHO is the fairest one of all?

The wicked WITCH??


It is the one who faces back at you in THE MIRROR!! Right??!!


As The Devil LEERS behind.





And GOD weeps in a corner!!



You are old, Father William, the young man said.

And your hair has become VERY white!

You know the rest?

We are UPSIDE DOWN, you see!


But blame the environment!!


No wonder The Earth is turning upside down!

We are too HUBRIC to!!



Pride is GOOD.

But FALSE pride, which is Hubris, is not.









P.S.(Post Scriptum.)


The WHOLE SPIRIT.(The Holy Spirit) NOT Whiskey,etc!



Credit cards have proved the downfall of many.






Phoney reasons will be given by the authorities!



Many THINK that the cause of all this disorientation is due to Nibiru. Not so!

It is NOT due to Nibiru, nor Phaeton's core, NOR The Great Dark Rift line up.


The immediate threat is from Phaeton's core, wrongly being called Nibiru.


Phaeton's core is the black spot silhouetted against the sun.


Nibiru is what LOOKS like a second sun NEAR TO our sun.


Nibiru not due until 2,078.


Phaeton's core is due Saint Valentine's Day, 2,012.


It should take a few months for The Earth Inversion to get noticed. I see February/March, 2,012 as the time.

La Nina has returned.


Temperature rises are due to rising magma and Nibiru, which is very hot. Hardly ANY is due to Nature and Man. We are in Global Cooling, not Global Warming. G.W. ended years back.

Sea ice melts and freezes every year.


Comet Elenin, which may be a star, a planet, a UFO, or a comet, with a small ordinary enough core, but with a gigantic halo apparently(blue), is closing rapidly with us. But should pass far off.


What is dangerous about it - is the hydrogen cyanide in its TAIL - which we shall enter AS SOON AS IT PASSES(very distant).(About 25 million miles off.)


This will fall through our atmosphere!




The other dangerous thing about it - is that when Sun, it and Earth - are in a straight line, then electric, magnetic and gravitic forces will maximize.(Both when we are between it and sun, and when IT is between us and the sun.)


This could knock out world's electricity and disable our artificial satellites.


Dangerous for International Space Station.




Prepare for a possible reversion to the conditions of 200 years ago!(No electricity, no electronics, no artificial satellites and no working international space station!!!!)




If it happens, VERY disruptive!



Also prepare for a rapid return to Medieval Times.(As The Green's Policy cuts in.)

AND to The Dark Ages.(As Islam, especially SHIA, takes over!!)(Led by Ahmad of course. The new Adolf Hitler!!)(And The North Korean leader., Kim.)



Prepare for Terrorists getting nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, IN ADDITION TO the conventional!!!!


Meanwhile viruses,etc. threaten to throw us back into the old pre anti-biotics days!!




Too many people on the planet. And too much traffic. Things getting too complicated. And too many living beyond their means!!!!


Meanwhile Bernanke prepares QE3, and subsequent "quantitative easing"!! Pressured by banks to do so.


Though it will only make things worse in the long run.

After having very little effect in the shortening interims!!




Big Correction in Markets on at present.

But gold and especially silver should shoot back up!!






The volcanic object is Phaeton's core.







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