Thursday, 2nd October,  2,008.


The Credit Crunch.

       The Credit Crunch is now sweeping through Europe.

       Here is what MAY happen:-

       Credit Crunch COULD last 8 years!

       If that were all that we face it might not be so bad!  But it is not!!

       Obama looks like winning The U.S. Presidency.  However he is inexperienced and naive.  Hardly qualities to stand up to The Political East,etc.with!!

       Bush naturally wants McCaine to win. As current President Bush can do quite a lot to see that he does!

       Has he engineered this crisis so he can declare an Emergency, and impose Martial Law?! (Or is that trick done through Israel attacking Iran?!)Then stay in power!!   Has The Political East got anything to do with it? Especially Islam!!

      Bush has a few rabbits to pull.

      But WILL he??

      He was going to sort out Iran and North Korea. Remember??

      U.S. made a bit of a mess in Iraq, the weakest of the evil axis three. Eliminated Saddam Hussein,etc. who were doing a great job there!! Now Iran and Syria rule the roost.

      We also have an evil axis now of about 20!  Plus Nuclear,ETC. proliferation!!!! And PIRACY,etc.

      The struggle in Iraq goes on. And in Afghanistan.

      The cost is collosal.

      How did The U.S. get in(to) such a financial mess?  Partly due to the fixated OBSESSION with Iraq(and Afghanistan). Were it not for Iran, both countries would be dead losses!!(They attacked Iraq instead of Iran.(Chicken!!)  And murdered Saddam Hussein INSTEAD OF BIN LADEN!!!!)

     Tremendous debts is one reason. 

     PRINTING bank notes more and more DEFINITELY leads to Hyperinflation!!

     But they want Congress, pass a bill to print a lot more!! Nearly another TRILLION U.S. dollars' worth!!

     Bail out the people, not the banks, wave the New York placards.  Something in that.

     However, people NEED banks,ETC!!!!(Certainly we all need EACH OTHER!!!!)

     I see it this way: We can opt for a 50%disaster, a 100% disaster, a 200% disaster - or a 250% disaster!!!!

    On the face of it, yes, it is terrible that Congress won't(so far) pass The Bail Out!!(But I see that as the highest wisdom. Or did, until, I saw that a WORLD NOT EXISTING IN A FEW YEARS SHOULD NOT CARE ABOUT A LITTLE HYPERINFLATION NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

    Banks have no money to lend. Everybody suffers.

    This is not a U.S. catastrophe(coming). It is a GLOBAL catastrophe!!

     Here is what I THINK will happen.  The bail out EVENTUALLY gets passed(Mind you, it MAY not!!)(Though if it doesn't it will mean the end of the world as we know it...)(Total economic collapse. World wide!!)

     Riots, rebellion, civil war and Invasion by The Political East?!(I'd say THAT was the LIKELY work out!!)

     Economic collapse or not, here is what I see happening:  Israel attacks Iran. Iran counter attacks. U.S. goes to Israel's aid.(All long and well planned beforehand,  of course!!)

     U.S. pulverises Iran.

     MAYBE North Korea, too!!

     Bush is leaving don't forget. (Would YOU be too worried in the final days if you were in his shoes?!) (Then vanish into the bush somewhere. Bush(ha ha).) OR IS HE??

     No, U.S. won't attack Iran. I THINK Israel will!  Will HAVE to!!(A nuclear Iran is so no-no!!)

     THEN U.S. attacks Iran. MAYBE.

     China AND Russia will of course immediately come to the aid of Iran-Syria,etc. AND North Korea!! NO HOLDS barred!!!!

     World War Three. Yes!!

     Anyone for tennis??

     Nuclear,ETC. AND THERMO-NUCLEAR!!!!

     Who would win??  ALL would lose!!!! Of course.

     Followed by a nuclear winter.

     Conventional, atomic, super-atomic, biological, chemical,  poison gas, mines,etc.  THE LOT...

     I wonder how many would survive?  In the caves,etc. FAST filling with ice.

    I just HOPE that enough humans will think REALLY HARD first.

    Then finally Einstein's sticks and stones' war.  Who would do the wielding?  Why those HORDES of VICIOUS Politcal Easterners OF COURSE.  WHO do you think would win??...(Who needs Germany in a Fourth Reich??!!)

     World wide economic collapse would set all this up.

     Step and stage ONE:  Global economic collapse and Financial MELTDOWN.

     Step and stage TWO:  Bush sorts out Iran-Syria and North Korea.  WHAM.  WHAM.(Shock and awe.)

     Step three and stage THREE.  The Political East rushes to the borders with FULL FORCE.(Three billion frothing at the mouth confronting one billion IF THAT, hugging their television sets!!)

     Step four and stage FOUR:  The Third World War.  NO HOLDS BARRED.

    Surface of The Earth to resemble moon's surface. Or Mercury's!!

    Then comes Nuclear Winter. How many would be around TO CARE?? Human, animal and plant.

    Finally against ANYTHING left moving - the sticks and the stones.

    You think I am wrong??

    I think the aliens will intervene. We are THEIR cattle remember!!

    If we devastate the solar system, they would not be pleased. So I EXPECT them to intervene.

   Put Bush in irons?

   Put EVERYONE remaining(all six) in irons??

    This credit crunch that we are watching IS THE RISING CURTAIN UPON WHAT I HAVE JUST SAID!!!!

      If they pass the bill, it means a 100% disaster. If not, a mere 50% one.(DO you SEE what I mean??!!  I am saying that if a bail out goes ahead(too little too late!!), we would simply postpone to TWICE as bad A LITTLE further down the track!!)

      If Iran or Korea gets attacked, then 200.

      Sticks and stones total it up to 250.

     Any counters?  ANY arguments??

     An awful lot of people neither know NOR CARE about this credit crunch. They just don't understand. NOR WANT TO!!  And who can blame them????

     Humans are SO good at sorting out the other fellow!!

    Bush is almost in tears(and soon will be, I think...) BEGGING.(I NEED my millions!!!!)

     Bush said that it was not the government's fault.  So whose fault is it??

     The answer HAS to be - YOU AND I's!!!!

     With our greed!

     After having put our feet up - for SO BLOODY long!

     Licking the television sets,etc.

     Hoarding the wealth. Letting the other guy STARVE!!!!

     The blame game.

     Four possibilities:  Obama gets in.  McCain gets it(not likely!).  Bush STAYS in!!(VERY likely!!)(Cheney keeps HIDDEN!!)

     NO ONE takes over!! 

     UNTIL The Political East INVADES to do so!!

     Other possibilities:  McCain wins.  Dies.  Palin takes over.

    Obama resigns(in terror). Biden takes over!

    SHEER CHAOS.(The last possibility.  OR IS IT THE FIRST??!!)

   Where, and when, did we go wrong?

   When The West just sat and WATCHED Islam,etc.rise to power!!(Thirty years back!!)  And did NO THING about it. Led by stupid Political Correctness,ETC!!!!

         Carter and Bill Clinton set this lot up!!

         Get your tickets for MAR S here now!!(Only ten million U.S. dollars each...)(Buy now! 20 million tomorrow!!...)

         Bring your snow shoes!!

        What is the answer?? EXACTLY what was the question????

       Here is mine:  IS there intelligent life on Earth??

      Your answer........


       Vic Conway.










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