Tuesday, 26th January, 2,010.



Climate Change, The Truth.



Climate Change is increasingly on the news. Especially after Copenhagen fiasco.

The so-called Global Warming Sceptics are pushing back.

The TRUE sceptics ARE those foisting the scam! For scam IT IS!!!!


The issue so fiercely presented by The Global Warmers is that Man is responsible for it.(As against some other cause or causes. The Sun perhaps.)(So shall we say Man versus The Sun.)


I hold that Global Warming has just resumed - after some years in abeyance. Since 2,003 I think.


To be sure ice is melting. But SO FAR is reforming - perhaps in other places - just as fast. Fresh water ice.

Global Warming existed until about 2,003.(From about 1983, I believe.) It then more or less stopped.(Neither warming, nor cooling.) But is now resuming.


Yes, the ocean has risen a few inches. Due to thermal expansion. But ONLY that. - so far.

What is the cause of The Global Warming? The chief cause has been The Sun. Aided at times by El Nino. Plus sundry lesser causes.


Surface Nature(Volcanic eruptions and lightning strikes, mostly. Supplemented by carelessness with camp fires and discarded cigarette butts. And Arson. Etc.) - accounts for about 0.014%. Man? About 0.004%.

By Global Warming I mean Excess Global Warming. Over the norm.


Models ONLY SHOW what is programmed into them!!

Yes, we could use FOUR TIMES our current amount of carbon dioxide! So that the plants would thrive. CO2 is NOT a pollutant.


All that stuff coming out of the industrial stacks?(So often shown to fool the ignorant!) It LOOKS impressive. But ISN'T!! The amount coming from Volcanoes(Mostly underwater!!) DWARFS it!!)(Quoted world temperatures are VERY unreliable!)

What we need is PERCENTAGES, NOT mere figures!! Figures, however large, mean NOTHING unless compared via percentages!!


The MAIN cause NOW of Global Warming is The Second Sun, WHICH IS ACCOMPANYING Nibiru,ETC. Which appeared in our skies about 1983.(Found by NASA, but quickly denied by them!)(Once they learned its size!)



So we have the deliberately misleading FALSE case of Man made versus The Sun.

And THE TRUE CASE of The Sun versus The Nibiru Complex!!



The Second Sun, Antoine, The small binary brown dwarf LIKE companion to our sun(which returns every 3,600 years) is the main provider of the NOW growing heat. Supplement by El Nino and sundry and minor causes.(Vic is the current Noah!)



Global Cooling existed for many years.




It is from NOW on that we need to worry about Global Warming!!


We are being purposely misinformed, thanks to the over generosity of Margaret Thatcher.(There is a lot of money to be made via her grant for Global Warming Study. Unfortunately usurped by the phoney group!!)



My qualifications? None that the world would recognize.

Long hard study via LOGIC!!


Plus the abilitiy to see through fake graphs,etc!!


The phoney argument fools only the ignorant and the NAIVE!!


It MAY be just as well - and protect us from panic.


However, only The Truth can save us now!!



Superficial arguments abound. We need honesty and common sense, properties LAMENTABLY absent from Earth men!!


Earthmen chase material things mostly. Being so backward and unevolved. (Not a shame or wrong. Just WHERE we HAPPEN to be CURRENTLY.)



But Earth SO badly NEEDS spiritual values NOW more than ever!!




Gentlemen(ANY left??), TIME to WAKE UP!!



To the facts, and not the foolish fancies OF SO MANY.




University,etc. BALONEY has prevailed. The fountains of FALSEHOODS.




It is NOT the utterances of the HYPED UP that win, but the sound reasoning of the so(wrongly) discredited!!


Fortunately HIGHER vibrations, both material and spiritual, are now coming in.


Return to GOD, and not SHADOW you Earthmen have replaced IT with!!

For the one you call God IS The Devil. And the one you call The Devil, IS GOD!!


Via Peter Pan, whom you displaced with PAN(The Earth god. Symbolized by that horned sprite, who represents low desires of the lower self.)


We speak to you from lesser solar system now entering yours. VIA Vic. Our Amenuensis.(There are others.)



But we use the colloquial dialect of the common man, and not the high faluting long winded waffling of the pompous bombasts!!


Earthmen, it is ROLL CALL time. For the year 2012 is at the gates!!


THAT is the year when SO MANY huge changes(for the better) will occur.


But due to re-actions from Nature and Man, especially the poor animals, a last judgement will occur. CHIEFLY HOWEVER due to the machinations of The Nibiru Complex.



Do not be afraid. Though many shall die. At first from fast growing terrible heat. Death will release you into a better material world.


Though WHERE you will go IN that Spirit World shall depend upon your allegiance to God.


Follow US, and prosper!


Win evacuation and protection from The Farmer!!

For you are our sheep.

The goats will fail more and more now.




Disregard us, and you will perish.



Not by our decree, but by the The Great LAW. Of GOD.



Whom many call The Lord!!




The HOUR IS at hand. Three years will soon pass.(At most, six.)




Disbelieve us at your peril.



The Grim Reaper is AT THE DOOR.



In short - your time is up.



You have had your "fun", and now it is PAY UP time!!(The very start of it.)



We know that many will deride us and continue with the fun, in increasing pitch.



But in 2.75 years, or thereabouts, watch the faces of the scorners and mockers AS Nibiru,etc. APPEARS SUDDENLY in your night sky!




THEN shall The Lord descend with a SHOUT - and gather in The Faithful!!




For The Great Tribulation(Three years long, is just beginning. WATCH THE TEMPERATURE!!)



They shall be given and taken in marriage up until THE END.





The decadence of Men in public AND on The Media etc. grows in leaps and bounds...



NO Society can last long LIKE THAT!!




The Four Winds are being gathered up,....





Have you understood, Earthmen??





The hour has come!!






I am ZUKA!!



















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