Monday, 18th January, 2,010.



Hope!! The Higher Path!!!!



It is not the fact that all creatures AUTOMATICALLY survive death that matters! But WHERE will YOU go along The Fifth Dimension. The dimension of Vibration!! THAT is the question!!!!(Though AT FIRST, many shall seek death, BUT IT SHALL FLEE THEM!!!!)


Zola is coming!! Sol's small star binary companion!!


Bringing death - at 10 to 1 odds THIS TIME to all creatures in BOTH solar systems!!


Men of Planet Earth, Terra, or Terrene, you have STILL NOT understood!!


See PAST The Reign of TERROR!!



Currently, you men of Earth live in A Fool's Paradise. And in a False Dawn!!


Seeking pleasure you are NOW finding increasing misery.(Or soon will!!)



WHY?? Because you have gone TOO FAR towards pleasure!!

Joy does not lie through the PHONEY door of Pleasure!!



But THROUGH the Other Gate!!!!



Zola will help you towards it!!




Nibiru is becoming all the fashion, now!(All THE RAGE, soon!!)


Known by many names(of entry on The Internet), including: 2012, Planet X, Wormwood, Malek, ....


Bringing DEATH!! But death CAN be the key to the doorway of LIFE!!



Men fear death - because it means the end of their little self!(But only of the BODY!! The PHYSICAL body!!)(Not necessarily the end of their little selves!!)


Not realizing that it CAN be the Beginning of their TRUE LIFE!!!!



IS death the end?? Yes, AND no!!

It is the end of the physical entity, yes.

But the beginning of the Astral!!(A higher material plane.(Along The Fifth Dimension!(Vibration)))



So! Though Zola WILL plunge us all INTO THE DEPTHS OF DEPRESSION,....(The reason I tell you all of Zola,etc. is to give you a chance to AVOID the appalling SHOCK of one day suddenly seeing two suns in the sky, two moons, a blue planet and a red one,etc.ETC.)




I REPEAT, it is a GOOD thing!! So cheer up!!




Take the key!! And enter through the Forbidding Door!!




We face TWO doors. One is marked Pleasure to Joy.

The other is marked Depression.(NOT depression for DEPRESSION'S SAKE(That is Idiocy!) But IN THE PURSUIT OF THE TRUE PATH TO REAL JOY!!!!



It leads to the REAL JOY!!


Not the fake kind that pleasure brings!!



I return to theme: The important thing is not survival beyond the grave, but WHERE will you be in The Spirit World??!!


Heaven or Hell. Paradise or Hades??!!


Aye. There IS THE RUB!!!!


The Religious Hell does not exist. Designed to scare you into the clutches of The FALSE Church,etc!!!!



However! There IS a Hell. The Hell of Regret. The Hell of The Lower Planes!

There is a Heaven and a Paradise,too!!


Obtained ONLY by going through The Forbidding Door!!

Not the door marked Pleasure to Joy. Which only leads (ULTIMATELY) to Increasing Misery!!



The WAY UP is to deny the lower self!(AND body!!) Starve it to death. By refusing it pleasure!!(Because though pleasure leads to phoney joy AT FIRST, it INCREASINGLY becomes MISERY!!!!)



THEN may The Higher Self live!

Live sourced in THAT conciousness!



What is the use of a life time of FALSE joy, if in The After Life, there is REAL MISERY??!!




The Way to that step up in Spiritual Vibrations is To KEEP The Ten Commandments(and more). THEN to abide by the precepts of Jesus. And DO unto others(as you would be done by!). Yes. The GOLDEN rule!!


THAT way - leads to LIFE.


The other way leads to PERMANENT DEATH. The death of THE SOUL!!!!



Your personality. YOU!!



After death(which is actually a birth), we enter The Spirit World, which is the vibrational ranges beyond the material.



These can be high OR LOW.



We GO, to where our deeds, words, thoughts and omissions LEAD us!!



If good, then to a higher spiritual AND MATERIAL VIBRATORY LEVEL!!


If bad, then to a lower spiritual AND MATERIAL VIBRATORY LEVEL.




Now in this physical world, the Law(Of GOD) works SLOWLY.

But in The Spirit World, it proceeds rapidly!!



The slowness of The Spirit Law deceives many to take the door marked Pleasure to Joy!!




And so after death(AND before at The Judgement(NOW COMING UP FAST!!!!).) they rapidly descend into lower vibrations!!(Whereas the opposite occurs to those who entered The Forbidding Door!!)



I tell you this because I CARE.



Because as I treat YOU, SO shall I be treated(In the LONG run.)!




So, I scare you into a misery that I hope you will use as a springboard to LIFE!!




Life for your SOUL I am talking about!!



The body matters LITTLE!!



I warn you all of Zola! For it shall bring PHYSICAL death. And all too often a HORRIBLE one!!



However! I wish to point out to you - that it is not death that we should fear, but WHERE we are going to find ourselves AFTERWARDS!!




Got it??





Earthmen are NOW increasingly MADLY embracing more and MORE pleasure, thinking to obtain Joy, - and THUS escape their growing miseries!!



But things DON'T work that way!!








Have you UNDERSTOOD??!!





Earth woes grow. Rapidly. Why?? Because you have replaced GOD with The Devil!!(via replacing Peter Pan with PAN(Peter Pan is the happy little SPRITE boy. PAN is The Horned Earth God. The god of Earthly pleasures.(Sex, booze, smoking, drugs, dope and so on...)(Go Herbs, not drugs!!)


Oh,yes, I shall be unpopular. But a small price to pay!(To help point YOU in the right direction!!)




I have made mistakes. Haven't we all.

THAT is not the sin! (IF we knew not otherwise!) The sin(or wrong) is TO CONTINUE THUS!!




Gone wrong? Then get back to WHERE you went wrong(in your MIND!!), and take the HIGHER path!!(Usually the forbidding one!)




For a VERY long time now, Earthmen have had it good. Increasingly good!!





So they have(wrongly) thought: "Ah! ANYTHING goes!!".


And increasingly press through the door marked Pleasure.(Which leads to Death and Hell, AND Destruction via MISERY!!!!)



Do I make my point??!!(GOD isn't dead! Man just hasn't been born yet!!)





Zola is THE CURE, you see!!



Earthmen,ETC. have qualified for DESTRUCTION!!!!





And, by the gods, they are GOING TO GET IT!!





So! I step in and SHOW YOU THE WAY OUT!!

Not the way of escape! I show you THE WAY OF RELEASE!!!!



Yes. A VERY different thing. Escape leads to EVEN WORSE!!


Release leads to Escape. The TRUE WAY OUT!!!!







I am NOT here to add to your woes.
















You have been FOOLED by the slowness of THE LAW(Of God)(The Law of Man is an ASS!!!!)(It SURELY is!!)




When I say be good, do I mean like the phoney Church demands? No! For many in jails,etc. are good people!



And many who walk free - ARE BAD!!!!





I am not however advocating nor championing lawlessnes. Far from it!





Obey the Law of Man!







Put The Law of GOD first!!!! EVEN if it means breaking The Law of Man!!




Obey Caeser, yes! But stand on HIS HEAD to PLEASE GOD TO THE UTTERMOST!!!!



Now, enter The Forbidding Door!! And find TRUE LIFE!!!!



Not at first, but gradually INCREASING!!!!





For the way UP is down(first)!!

And the way FORWARDS, is back!(At FIRST.)



You Earthmen,etc. have made The Devil God. And GOD, - The Devil!!




SO foolishly taking the SUPERFICIAL view!!




I am not here to praise Caeser. I AM HERE TO BURY HIM!!!!




Yes, LOVE conquers all. But it needs to be DIRECTED PROPERLY!!!!




You love to HATE!!


No!! HATE, - to LOVE!!!!



Via The Truth,ETC!!!!




The best way to reach Love - is through THE TRUTH!!!!





You are omitting that Truth,etc. BIT!!!!(What is The Truth?? The Truth is THE OPPOSITE to what we are being FORCE FED TAUGHT SINCE BIRTH!! YES!!!!)







And are EMBRACING lies!!!!





The lies pumped out to us daily through The Media.


SUPPORTED by governments,etc!!!!




HALT!! Earthmen!










Escaping Zola and death is not the issue!



The Issue IS: Going UPSTAIRS, not down!!


TRULY LIVING. NOT perishing!!



Go THROUGH The Forbidding Door!!





Voluntary Depression shall lead to THE REAL GREAT TRUE JOY!!!!





The depression resulting from chasing more and more pleasure for joy SHALL LEAD TO EVER WORSENING DEPRESSION!!!!







The world is full of nig nogs. Be NOT one of them!!






You follow??






I warn you of Zola NOT to dodge Yola(impossible), but to get you HOME!!



Whether via death OR NOT!!


THROUGH The Forbidding Door!!!!






Take the scales off your eyes. AND LOOK BEYOND THE END OF YOUR NOSE!!!!





Me, Jane!! WHO YOU????







Take care! Zola will affect The Spirit World,too!!






Bah! Earthmen!!



I do not mind if you call me Bugs Bunny.


But YOU ain't FUNNY!!!!












Vic Conway.











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