Sunday, 30th November, 2,008.



A sequel to DD18



This is a continuation of DD18.

I gave you the "good" news.

Now here is the bad:-!


We are ruled by humanoid aliens. They will come en masse soon. Taking us over.

They rule through organizations like The Illuminati and The Freemasons.

Very good at looking good, but being bad!!


Nevertheless, all that happens - is for the best. Earthmen are so BACKWARD!!!!


The world is completely stuffed. Has it all wrong. Believes in the opposite to the truth. And is in denial.(And does all the wrong and idiotic things!!)


This is because it is so small that it cannot bear it otherwise.

But soon, for the sake of us all, IT MUST!!!!


I only mentioned SOME of the horrors and terrors now closing in upon us all yesterday.

The Earth will invert in about seven years.

The rogue planet Nibiru(bigger than Mars, and of like composition) will whizz past, twice, about 3 years hence. About when The Next Ice Age starts up in earnest.

And when The Reign of Terror and The Great Tribulation begin.

Meanwhile, The Rapture is beginning.(The period of astonishing good and improvement immediately preceding the UNSPEAKABLE events that follow!!(Before CHRIST arrives and finishes off the baddies. After their last but COLLOSAL final splurge!!!!)


Many will be taken to higher or lower planets by aliens.


In their space-craft.(They can travel in time,too. And in orbital vibration!!)


Why? Our sun, Sol, is entering a most critical phase. It's new big cycle(6,500 years) begins 6 to 7 years hence.

North and South hemispheres alternate!(This is because North becomes south after each inversion. And civilizations follow. Thus it SEEMS that ice ages,etc.come every 13,000 years!!)


So it APPEARS as if(because most civilization is up north) these cycles are 13,000 years long!


This is why the last ice age appeared to end 13,000 years ago, And why the mass extinction of woolly mammoths, Neanderthals,etc.etc. occurred.(Due to huge movements of the Earth's surface and axial tilts!!)


The Earth is hollow. Many went IN there.(AND has a VERY interesting UNDERGROUND(Note the distinction. NOT WITHIN!!))


A double reverse helix ONE CONTINUOUS surface!!(As are all globes(being bolides), big and small!!)


What happens is that the sun is getting charged up to overflowing by geometrically increasing electric,etc.currents flowing down all the spiral arms from the exploding centres of fields!! Filling up the cores and magnetospheres of the planets AND their satellites with energy overcharge!!

This occurs every 6,500 years.

As the mesosphere descends(the lower stratosphere)(very cold), I believe it also pushes down The Jet Stream. When that hits ground levels, ITS ferocious hurricanes will join with hurricanes caused by The Earth turning PHYSICALLY(and magnetically) UPSIDE DOWN!!!!

With winds of 500 to 600 miles per hour for 27 hours, just imagine the damage done!!


Aside from that super hurricanes will rage for many years at two to three hundred miles per hour, world wide.


Our bad weather is only the very beginning OF THE VERY BEGINNING of Nature's cyclic periodic fury. Followed by an ice age lasting many hundreds of years.

Between Earth Inversion and the awful gravity tides from Nibiru(and its red deadly poisonous nitrous and nitric oxides red dust, AND COLLOSAL BOULDERS crashing down everywhere, rivers of blood will flow. Some will be human and animal blood. But most(forming huge rivers and lakes of the stuff)will be water mixed with the red dust. A mixture which LOOKS like blood!!

The sun will turn red. And the moon black.

A few will survive among humans and animals and plants. To start again.

This, as I say, happens EVERY 6,500 years.

So there is a wholesale destruction and A NEW CREATION every 6,500 years.(This is why Christendom's teaching of genesis being only 4,500 years ago is sort of right!!)


However, it is only one of an endless series.


Aliens will land from Nibiru(their base) and inspect us.(They created us. Via genetic mutations. This is our Creator. We called them gods.(Now degenerated into the term God.)(There is no one Supreme GOD, but there are gods!!) Heirarchies of them. )

Many will be taken into space(and some alien planets)while The Cleansing Destruction goes on.


For the surviving few(a few million), it will be back to the caves and a new stone age,etc. Amid ice and snow of unbelievable size!!


Global warming does exist . But it is ONLY in our Troposphere(Lower Atmosphere). It is caused by mass electrons from force fields at the surface of The Earth. Created by FRICTION born of the upper and lower crustal plates increasingly grinding upon one another as the charge at the centre of The Earth increases ex down flow of(via solar wind and mass coronal ejections,etc.) electron etc.masses from the sun's innards.


What is happening is that the troposphere is warming up, but the strat is cooling down. Overall no change.

The Earth has been cooling down since 1997 or 8.


So what is on is Global Cooling, not Global Warming. But of course YOU CANNOT TELL them.


There are no poles, north or south!!


Only gigantic holes(entrances to The Great Within)over a thousand miles across!!(They look like craters, but are the starts of FUNNEL holes!!)


We are being taught(past million years) the very opposite of the truth!!


To keep us in submission to humanoid and reptilian aliens(who eat us(most emotionally)).


They steal our genes(to replace their defective ones), and spirituality, torture and rape us. Mating with us to create the new growing hybrid race.(We see two of these(the little ones are humanoid)(They cut up and disenbowel cows.) in the film called Alien Abduction. Lake County, U.S.) Yes, real.(As was "Picnic at Hanging Rock".)(Via a novel.)


Some are friendly. And help us.


Spirites and elementals also help us(some of them do).


IF humans KNEW what was going on, MANY would commit suicide.

However, this is being largely hidden by the authorities. Who insist upon The Status Quo.


Bad things are constantly being white washed. And evils played right down.

There is good and bad among all creatures.


As I say, we have about 6 to 7 years left. In practice: About four.

The year is 2,005, NOT 2,008.(Due to a mistake in the calendar when changing from Julian to Gregory!!)(Source: Little Pebble.)

And the new millennium began 0000, 2,001, NOT 0001, 2,000!!


So you are urged to make peace with your maker!

As, from now on, things will worsen harmonically(acceleration ACCELERATING...), UNTIL wipe out, and ALMOST total destruction!!(Did this DOUBLE CATACLYSM not occur, a CATASTROPHE would occur, and ALL life be wiped out!!!!)(As it is, enough will be saved to survive AND START AGAIN!!!!)(This occurs REPEATEDLY down the ages.)


I think you will find that what I am saying is about 98% true.

Some know more than me. But I know the most popular description and in detail.


I am The Prophet of The New Age!


Or, rather he who is within me IS.(Melchisedek.)


Do not be afraid. Those who work for good will be protected.


You are urged to move to AND STAY UPON higher ground.(Taking care to leave yourselves escape routes(to STILL higher) ground, as the ocean is going to rise about 400 to 500 feet!!(440, I believe. Maybe higher.)


The tiny increase at present is due to THERMAL warming.(All things expand when heated, including WATER.)


At present only pack ice is melting and re-freezing. More and more.

A periodic annular event.

Safest place is just off Rapa Island, just south of Stewart Island, New Zealand. (The Great Pyramid is the safest place of all. But could not hold many people! Nor would be permitted.)


Safest practical place is on top of The Great Dividing Range in Queensland, AUSTRALIA.(Where I am!)

The world thinks that this is just a passing variance. HOW WRONG YOU ARE!!!!


Panic and PANDEMONIUM will cause massive destruction. Perhaps the worst of all!!


As people realize more and more that we are BEING LIED TO BY GOVERNMENTS AND MEDIAS!!!!(The very ones and groups who should be SAVING US!!!!)


I KNOW that I am right, because I have PROVED and CONFIRMED, via LOGIC THEOREMS and key evidences ALL that I am saying!!


Head for the hills! I am already on top of my highest!!


THE GREAT ISLAMIC UPRISING(forecast by Nostradamus)is starting up.

And all the other amazing forecasts of Nostradamus!!


AND Mother Shipton,etc.


All JUST STARTING to come to pass NOW!!!!


To me it is obvious.

We should unite with God spiritually, not other humans bodily!!


I am amazed that the rest of you ARE SO BLIND!!!!


But most men will INSIST upon DENYING even the most glaring events!!


Strong men shall shake with fear. At what is coming upon us all.


Parents will eat their children!!


Blood drinking will become necessary near to the end!!(Human blood!!)

And, of course, Cannibalism.


If anything I UNDERSTATE the truth!!


The population will be reduced ALL RIGHT!!!!


But of course, I, and the few like me, will be disbelieved.

And so you will almost EN MASSE get destroyed!!


NO THING can stop it.

Our best efforts will only make things worse!!(We are SO stupid!!)


My RATINGS system would save us all. IF ONLY YOU WOULD LISTEN TO ME!!!!

But of course you won't!

You prefer to see me as a fool. Even an IDIOT.

I can see who is the larger fool and idiot!!



I have tried so hard ALL OF MY LIFE!!!!

But you(so many) grin "knowingly".




The dark skins will massacre the whites.(Revenge. For IMAGINED ills - for the most part.)

And The Muslims will behead many. Carrying them around on pikes!! As their masses parade in triumph...(I understand Germany leading Europe will wipe them out during the FOURTH world war.)


NO PITY OR MERCY will be shown.(Not by Muslims, nor The Germans.)


When bird flu,etc. start up, they will ACTUALLY IMPROVE things!!!!(Augmented by deliberate mass bioligical, chemical and poison gas, as well as conventional, warfares!!!!)


The U.S. is collapsing like a deck of cards...

And the whole West will follow.


Bush is leaving(or is he??) COMPLETELY defeated!!

The biggest clot president ever(U.S.)


Yet he did his best.(Which so many are NOT doing!!(Even among our leaders!!)


I DO trust you all GET THE MESSAGE!!

        The gods are NOT mocked!!

        WOE be to you who do evil now!!

        For bad karma and "cast into Hell" are NOT myths!!(We survive death. To enter The Spirit World. But both reliving AND re-incarnation are true.)

        I have been bad enough.

        Even fear and trembling WON'T be good enough NOW!!

        Too late for prayer!  You must all WORK!!!!

        At running to higher ground!!

        The mutterings of a demented madman you think??

        THINK AGAIN...

        The end is not nigh. IT IS HERE!!!!

        Scaremongering? Yes!!(Is it so bad to rush into the middle of the road to try to save a lunatic out there?!)(Anyone got a better word for humans? On this Earth.   )(Humans are so mad. But worse SO BAD.  Actually they are weak and misled.  By low humanoid(under reptilean) aliens.

        To TRY to GET YOU to heed!!

        GOD help us ALL!!!!

        Vic CONWAY.

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