Sunday, 22nd February,  2,009.

Situation Report(latest(my last I think)): D22.(DD22)

           The only thing clear about Obama - is his unclearness.(In result I mean, not intention.)

         Since my last report, the world situation has worsened incredibly. Obama is going the wrong way. The Financial crisis goes repeatedly from bad to worse. Queensland is in horrible deficit.  The weather has been atrocious.(Though nothing to what is to come.) And internationally, North Korea, Iran and Syria SWEEP on!!!(Plus Pakistan!))

         The next seven years will be increasingly horrific. Acceleratingly so!!

         I am about the only person, if not THE ONLY one - who knows what is happening!!

         But no one will listen to me!

         Understandable, but FATAL!!

         I think this will be my last report. I was lucky to do this one!

        Briefly what is happening:  We are within 6 years of the end of this age!

        The sun circles the spiral arms of our local closed stellar cluster once every 25,000 years. But in four quarter stages of 6,500 years each.

        November 2,011 A.D. marks the time of the first(it will be colossal) disaster of the new cycle.

        Though the actual termination date of this cycle is Dec.21st 2,012.A.D.

        However, our calendar is three(possibly four)years too advanced. So it is actually NOW 2,006!(Roman Catholic Little Pebble.)

        Most of the time energy as electrons,etc. is flowing down all the spiral arms from the exploding centres of all fields.

        This charge pours through ALL of the heavenly bodies, including our sun, and The Earth.

       This charge exits the sun as solar wind and coronal mass ejections,etc.  Also as increasing solar radiation.

       Hence the increasing heat on Earth.

       Mostly due to the Earth's Surface Force Field and the sun, NOT Man!

       This electric charge has four main effects on Earth: 1. More meteors,etc.get pulled down via magnetic,etc. attraction.(Acceleratingly so.)  2.  Growing radiation via light and heat from the sun.  3.  A growing pull upon The Earth's crust via magnetism ex (it all comes from core of The Earth). 4.  A force field is built up around the surface of The Earth.

      Electrons,etc. from this provide most of the increasing heat.  And also brain storms in humans and animals!!(Making them worse than they would normally be!!)

       This is all very brief and simplified.

       It is true that most of the heat is not due to radiation(only some), but most is coming from the surface force field!!(Created by friction from the growing dragging of the upper crust over the lower.)(Lithosphere and Asthenosphere.)

       The troposphere is being warmed up. Warm air rising into the stratosphere forces cold draughts of air down, causing cold spells and droughts upon the surface.

       Eventually the upper crust will slide over the lower, north for over a thousand miles, and then south for over four thousand.

       A minor axial tilt will be produced.

        Rock -back hurls the upper crust suddenly southwards.

        But first the ice sheets will slide into the oceans!!

        The ices are currently acting as a BRAKE upon the Fire Force created by the core's drag upon the upper crust. When the ice slides into the sea, it will melt, and there will be NO brake upon the crust. So a crustal displacment will occur. First one, northwards. The second one southwards.(The Fire Force.)

       Finally there will be a major axial tilt, and then The Earth will turn upside down.

       A second cataclysm will be caused by the rogue planet Nibiru. Now entering the outer solar system, or very near.

       Aliens upon this(who created us)will disembark and inspect us!!

       We will pass TWICE through the tail of Nibiru(as it circles the sun), which is composed of rocks and red dust(deadly poisonous). Nibiru is larger than Mars, and of like composition. So we will be pounded by boulders and immersed in this awful red dust. Only hope of survival lies in living in sealed off chambers for about a month!!

       The current growing heat wave will produce an ice age(along with other factors).(Via stopping The Gulf Stream.)

       Read earlier articles of mine for details.

       EACH cataclysm will kill about 3,000,000,000 humans, and many animals and plants,etc. The first one, by Nibiru is just over 3 years off.  The second(Earth Inversion) is about three, possibly four, years later.

       Many will be evacuated by alien space ships.

        The few survivors will start as cave men in a new cycle. So Genesis occurs every 6,500 years!!

         World and ordinary wars will occur. Also civil wars, world wide.

         It is not the end of the world, just of this age.

         But it will certainly SEEM like the end of the world.

         10 inch falls of rain now will become TEN FEET falls!!(Noah's Flood was one such cataclysm.)

          The sea will rise about 450 feet!

          Safest place is Australasia. Near one of the tilt axes. Hence low winds!!

          The financial crisis is, I believe, going to continue for years yet. Oil is starting to rocket again. As are the precious metals.

         Australia is becoming monsoonal.

         Volcanic eruptions and earthquakes will also occur acceleratingly.

         As will religious and spiritual revivals.

        The whole world is in deepening recession. Going into depression and war.

        This age will end before it does!!


        Victor Conway.

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