Monday, 8th August,  2,011.





IF you would improve the quality of your life!


I think this is best way.




1. Turn to God!


2.  Jesus best example.


3.  Accept Christ, after repenting of any sins.


4.  Give up lower self and desires for the higher self and its desires!!


5.  Do NOT touch alcohol!!



6.   Nor smoke.


7.   Nor drugs of any kind.


8.   No junk food!!


9.   Do ALL the good that you can!


10.  Leave sex STRICTLY alone.


11.  Don't sin!


12.   Do no wrongs. Not even against Caeser(Man boss)!  But if a choice between God and Caeser, choose GOD!!  Of course.



 13.   No greed.


 14.   No gluttony.


  15.   Nor sloth.


   16.  Seven deadly sins? More like 77!    Get rid of them ALL!!!!



   17.  You think death the end. But you are VERY mistaken!



    18.  Life elsewhere. There is nothing BUT life!! 


     The whole universe is alive!!




      19.  Believe in God.




       20.  And let CHRIST live through you!!



       21.  We survive death, but important thing is WHERE we go afterwards. Death is no thing, but HELL and Hades are AWFUL!!



        22.  Follow Jesus!!



        23.   Jesus guides. CHRIST saves.(Jesus was a man.  CHRIST, the MANIFEST Spirit of God!!)(Which Jesus had SO FULLY.)




         24.   Money is handy, but main assets are Divine Will, Love, Sane Mind and the like. Especially Common sense.(SO uncommon!!)




         25.   I salute JESUS. What an example(of best way to live)!!



         26.    Ghosts exist.(Peanuts.  They are simply spirits of the departed,etc. who have not de-materialized enough(yet)(Or HAVE materialized, if only partially. Vague glimpses of beings on other planes!!!!)



         27.     Aliens exist.(Or is Man so vain as to think he is alone in the VAST universe??!!)



         28.     Go for the things of GOD. Like Divine Will, LOVE, Truth, Peace, and so on.


         29.     Do not worry about getting revenge against any who you may think have defrauded you. "Vengeance is MINE, saith The Lord God of Hosts. I SHALL REPAY!!".  But do not seek revenge, only forgive!!



         30.     God loves the sinner. But not the sin!!



         31.     To save your life you need to lose and sacrifice it - FOR GOD'S SAKE!!


         32.     Hell exists, have no doubt.  But so does Heaven!!



         33.     Happiness is only found by GIVING it AWAY!!




         34.     Doom is AROUND THE CORNER!! Be WARNED!!











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