Monday, 22, December, 2,008.


Ratings in a nut-shell.


In an ideal society, everyone would give and receive freely. But we don't live in an ideal society, do we!!

First came Barter.(But too inconvenient to have a live sheep slung across your shoulders, and wanting to buy some pigeons, say.) Then Gold and silver,etc. Next Money(Banknotes and coins).(These were originally PROMISSORY. That is banks, on demand HAD to pay out the token value of the banknote. However, that got removed! Gradually people will realize that all that banknotes are is PRETTY COLOURED BITS OF PAPER!!!! Worthless! You cannot eat gold and silver either. But out of bank notes and gold and silver, I know which will sooner or later be safest!! We have been psychologically conditioned to regard bank notes as VALUE PER SE, which is not so!

What next? Credit? From The Government. In return for owning YOU!!!! Mind you, all that you have belongs to Caeser(Ruler) and God. BUT IN WHICH ORDER?? I say God, first. So it can be argued by the individual as to soul ownership!


HOW LONG will it take for the people to wake up?

To the fact that NON promissory banknotes ARE WORTHLESS!!

WHEN they eventually do, WATCH OUT!!!!

Meanwhile if and when they ever go back onto the gold standard(A good idea, surely!), you HAD BETTER HIDE IT AWAY SOMEWHERE!!!!(As THEY will be after it, buckshee!!)(We live in a world where all is owned by he who rules, and that is him with the biggest FIST!!(Or "Power comes out of the barrel of a gun!!")(Try arguing that with the NEXT PIRATE you meet!! Maybe on your next luxury cruise...))

So where does God come in?(Jesus DID mention GOD...)

How does God get his portion? Through The Church(Or whatever) ostensibly. Tithes and donations,etc.etc. Via God's Representatives!! I WONDER HOW EXACTLY...(THEY trade in souls rather than fists.)(Mind you they are not above fist work either. Inquisition anyone??...)


Power comes via MIGHT.

Might is right, you see.(A conclusion HARD to escape...)

How right is might is another story.(For which revelation, see elsewhere in my works!!)




THE PROBLEM: Today, we have, world wide, a financial melt -down, with nowhere to go but down and out. The only hope is SPEND! To kick start economies to turn over again.

People won't spend. Banks won't lend. So businesses close. And nations die.

And the world disintegrates!!!!(Yes! It IS that bad!!)

Governments,etc. print more bank notes, and increase inflation. Eventually via deflation. Finally comes depression - and war!!!!


So many nations are in recession. The problem is how to break it.

Normally, one has to have recessions to clear clogging back logs from the bulls(stock markets, like The Dow.).


Today however is anything but normal. U.S. Via corruption and greed, has given too much to too many. Bad debts now litter the world. Via derivatives,etc.ESPECIALLY.

So governments are forced to enforce upturns, by bail-outs and print-outs.

However, it is too late, and the relief packages are far too small. Debts and deficits,etc. are simply too great.

AND it is too soon for people and businesses to handle it. So both fail!!


Clearly we are in a desperate even hopeless predicament.


People will not voluntarily SPEND. Nor can banks, induced to LEND and what have you.


The question is: How do you get circulation flowing again to kick-start economies??


The answer is NOT to keep throwing money at the problem, as you beat your brains out against brick walls!!

Debt got us in to this mess. More debt is not going to release us!!


No one, not even bankers, know the depth of the rot!(BECAUSE RECORDS HIDDEN(not kept due to the corruption).


And it just will NOT budge, other than temporarily!










I shall be HATED for it, but I have a better solution than eventual WAR!(This time leading to WIPE OUT. And FINIS!!)


I call it my RATINGS' SYSTEM.


You have to FORCE the money circulation seize -up to clear itself. By SPENDING of course. Naturally it has to be a new trick. You divide out the wealth EQUALLY. And arrange things so that ONLY if you spend, does one get re-imbursed!!


Briefly, here is how we go:-

What is deterring people from spending. TOO HIGH PRICES!!

We have nearly all the wealth in the hands of a few.

This is like having a MASSIVE blood clot IN THE HEART!!

What result would any sane person expect?!

What is happening today: Accelerating financial melt down.


Prices are 5 or 8 times too high! So reduce them BY LAW by that much(Whatever the number of times that prices ARE TOO HIGH!!)!! People will then SPEND again!(See that word SPEND?)


SPEND mentality is the only way out!


No, NOT save! Saving is fine when the economy is healthy. But today, IT IS ON ITS LAST LEGS!! And dragging down THE ENTIRE WORLD!!! We will eventually self-destruct via bloodshed...


Either that or introduce an INTERNAL currency system whereby everyone is rated per capital(Lump in the APPROPRIATELY assessed value of ALL of your POSSESSIONS. Land, property, shares, stock, house, furniture,etc. personal possessions and goods,...EVERYTHING, THE LOT!)(Include ALL dependents(including spouse/es(and your children)) AND their TOTAL POSSESSIONS!(Because ONLY breadwinners get paid out! He(or she) SUPPORTS the rest!!)(People on social or welfare payments COUNTED AS BREADWINNERS!!), 50% and income, 50%.(Find out the national average by calculating the wealth of the nation, and dividing it by the number of BREAD WINNERS!!)(Divide your individual worth in to the national average, to get your purchasing quotient RATING!!)


This would save the difficulty of MAKING sellers cut prices by 5, 8 or WHATEVER number of times prices in general are too high!!


INTERNAL CURRENCY ONLY. An external separate currency for dealing with nations.


Individual rating x (say 5) equals the amount of money government will pay into YOUR bank account each week.(Pay annually and too many people will just blow the lot!)(On wasteful purchases like alcohol, drugs, sex and gambling,etc.)


EXEMPT government ministers(including opposition!), OR they won't pass the necessary bills!!


Para passu with this wealth division(Upon a fixed date each year.)(New currency each time!!), have production pay instead of time pay(NO exceptions!). Purchase tax instead of income tax! And law offences penalized via ratings reductions!!


Now DON'T water it down, or it WILL FAIL!!!!


The rich will object and obstruct? Not if they are allowed to keep and spend their OLD CURRENCIES each year UPON BUSINESS DEALINGS!!! They shouldn't do then!

So! ONLY they(Only M.P's and Business People!!) to be allowed to spend their old currencieS (upon business only).


Wages and salaries have to be exempt.(Or there is no base reference.)


As do auctions and dividends,etc.

Nationally only.

I hope the idea would catch on, and other nations follow suit. An International Ratings would eventually I hope be introduced. World saved. War,etc. averted, as it is LACK,etc. that leads to wars!!

Businesses to be valued via INDIVIDUALS in the company's worth!!(Including that of the owner,etc!!)


So all right, if prices(calculate x!) are x times too high, then issue each individual rating with an x times factor. Supposing prices are found to be(nation) 8 times too high, then via rating value quotient, issue 8 time it!!


Old currencies declared illegal each year.(Except for Ministers and business people!!)


Now who is going to object?(Remember that the alternative is TOTAL WIPE OUT.


All that is required then READER is for YOU to lobby the KEY people who can AND WILL implement this scheme!!


Where is the catch to an obvious good thing? The catch is THERE ISN'T ONE! It lies IN the current system!!(Which is corruption based greed and power lust founded!!)


In other words, near enough, the FLAW is in the EYE, not in the object.


The CATCH lies not in the new good system, but in the OLD one!!(So the old adage IF IT LOOKS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT PROBABLY IS DOES NOT APPLY HERE.)


About EVERYONE will be better off, and enormously!!


So WHY would anyone object?!


Would ENVY of my idea be so strong as to make people hate me and it so much THAT THEY WILL BAULK??!!


Some would I suppose. Not too many I hope!!



The only POSSIBLE obstacle lies in YOUR doubt, disbelief, inertia, PERVERSITY.


AND in a NEGATIVE world automatically blocking anything good!!(Which it invariably does!!)

The world is composed of individuals.

People like you.

I have done my best.

What will YOU do? SIT ON IT??!!


Obviously it has to get from Drawing Board to KEY INFLUENTIAL POLITICIANS!!!!


So we inundate key people to do this!!


Or would you prefer CIVIL WAR,etc.(As THAT IS the alternative(eventually, sooner or later!!).)


I put it to you.

I leave it with you.

My case RESTS...






As you die in needless conflict, REFLECT upon what I have just said, WILL YOU??.....


Vote on it? Delay it??

Pass it????







Victor Conway.(I may pass this way but once. If there is any good that I can do upon that way, let me do it now. As I may not pass this way AGAIN.....)(Comrad??)


Note that as the next currency change over date approached, you would get spend fever(Note how SPENDING is enforced via MORE MONEY to spend, AND the "either spend it or lose it" inducement!!).


Naturally there will be teething problems. But none too insurmountable I hope.





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