Saturday, 10th September, 2,011.



Confucius is confused!





Elenin is the object to focus on, after GOD, right now!

One says one thing. Another says another. And few stories match. None that I can find.

These are the salient facts I have found out after coming up 10 years studying this. With my knowledge and intelligence.


1. That Sol, our sun, is ROUNDING a spiral arm of the closed group of stars it is in. This is producing Centrifugal Force - which is heaving the magma beneath our feet up against the tectonic plates, more and more. Causing the increasing disasters and heat,etc.etc.(The heat coming from the magma rising up.)(Also from Nibiru!!)

This is also causing the POLAR SHIFT now on!!(Not just magnetic, but geographic!)(The Polar Shift is still moving VERY slowly. So little noticed - AS YET!!)


2. That a GROUP of objects, I label "The Nibiru Complex"(Planet X plus 6 orbitting satellites,etc.etc.) is approaching our sun. But because we are close to sun must come close to US!(Along with our genetic MODIFIERS, The Annunaki, coming to save their cattle(us!), I HOPE!!!!


Nibiru looks like a second sun(and will look like a second moon when close to us), near to the sun(per viewing the disks of sun and Nibiru complex).


3, Another large object is also approaching us.

Phaeton's core. This one is silhouetted against our sun. Now a black spot.



4. In addition to these things, The Great Galactic Alignment approaches. That is when, at The Northern Winter Solstice of December 21st, 2,012., The Earth, our Sun, and The Great Dark Rift at The Centre of our galaxy(The Milky Way.) LINE UP - in a straight line.


5. Then, the day after, on December 22nd, 2,012, The Age of Aquarius starts. And GOOD influences start coming in, after the so negative recent ones!!)



6. The Long Count Mayan Calendar ends 21.12.2,012.(British notation.)

Just a date, will not cause any super cataclysm OF ITSELF.



7. Comet Elenin now approaches us.

It is The Blue Kachina of The Hopi Indians. It is harbinger of doom. Heralding The Red Kachina, Nibiru, which is following up behind Elenin.(From our point of view.)





8. Other cycles and approaching objects exist.




Apparently, The Great Galactic Alignment, a once in 26 million years event, called "The Event", is The ROOT Cause of all the cycles, objects, disasters and weird and wonderful changes also now increasing.



(A new El Nino has begun too, so expect disasters like last year's somewhere in the world!!)


It seems Planet Earth is rising to "The Fourth Density"(Due to the orbits of the electrons dropping down one.), and ALSO we are starting to experience entry into The Fifth Dimension.


Strange things will increasingly occur. Many will think that they are going mad.

Artificial objects,etc. may start to disappear!


New exotic objects and colours and beings can be expected to appear.




The point is that not ONE huge object is approaching, but a number!



The Polar Shift is strange inasmuch as that its pivotal point is(currently) The South Pole!

Later, it should be The North Pole.



And I THINK finally pivot upon The Earth's centre.



Some of the other heavenly bodies and fields are also inverting.




My duty is to warn as many as I possibly can. So that some party or parties will organize an exodus of our best specimens down The North Geographical Pole!

Also please design and mass produce my SPECIAL FARADAY CAGED HELMETS. To keep out the MASSES OF ELECTRONS being encountered as we close in upon the spiral arm(Densest near it due to a thickening flow of them down ALONGSIDE of The Spiral Arm.)


In addition to that to keep out the deadly poisonous suffocating red dust falling down through our atmosphere from Phaeton's TAIL(which we are entering).


AND also to try to counter the hydrogen cyanide which exists in Comet Elenin!




I am TRYING to help us all. But am being resisted and opposed.

By those who cannot bear the truth!!





I am Messenger. NOT the disaster itself!(Please NOTE!!)


My motive is to WARN you all, not scare you!(Of course you may be scared, but that is NOT my purpose!!)

ONLY to get as much as possible down The North Geographical Pole.



Great and growing confusion exists as to WHAT is Comet Elenin.


It, along with Comet Garrett, is orbitting Nibiru outside of the six satellites!



Nibiru is huge.(2 to 4 times Jupiter's size) Phaeton's core is slightly smaller than Mars.


BOTH of these objects are due to pass us closely.

Nibiru in 2,078(or thereabouts).A.D.

And Phaeton's core 14.02.12. (Saint Valentine's Day.)




Even Elenin could cause us problems. Largely due to the interplay of electric currents between sun and it.(When Earth is also in line.)



Possibly shutting down electric power all over our planet. And causing our artificial satellites to stop working.

Those two items would be disastrous enough.

But much else could occur.(Just due to The Blue Kachina, Comet Elinin.)(The nice object!(Of the two.))



90 to 100 per cent of all Earth's life forms can be expected to perish terribly and horribly over the next few years. VERY little should survive!(And better for those survivors had they perished too!!)(Ice Age will start up!!)


I argue that it is better to have a minor mass panic NOW, than to have MASS PANDEMONIUM further down the track!(DOESN'T that make sense to you?!)(But The Authorities are going the worst evil route, not the least!!)

Because, I believe that the people can ADJUST to the idea, and be relatively calm when the end of this age comes.(21.12.2,012.A.D.)


PROBABLY not the end of the world.(Meaning our Solar System and Nibirus').


I try to be objective and matter of fact about it.


In order to give a more lucid account!!

Not out of callousness!!



Comet Elenin may be all sorts of things. An ordinary comet. A huge comet. Halo, at least.(Some say stretching from horizon to horizon.)


Reports are numerous and variant.



I am less concerned with grammar,etc.

THAN WITH GETTING OUT TO YOU, what I think are the facts.




Elenin(to continue) MAY be a UFO!

PERHAPS some kind of a star, or some such.



I do not know.



I only suspect that something BIG and AWFUL is about to happen!(Within the next few years.)


MAY BE only 2 weeks,hence.

I do not know.




SOMETHING big and horrible APPROACHES us.


Many are going into denial.



This is NOT the usual fantasized monstrosity!!

There are people who, out of lack of knowledge, do conjure up phoney fancies. But THIS is not in that class!



THIS is something over and beyond what Orthodox Science knows!


SUPERFICIALLY it may LOOK like the fantasizing of a nut case.

But THAT is not so.


What I am telling you is not merely possible, but PROBABLE.

It is almost certain SO FAR AS I CAN ESTIMATE!!




I cannot and should not judge my own work, of course.

But I DO so a bit IN ORDER TO help YOU get a clearer picture of things!!


The Polar Shift is up to 40 degrees up North(Hemisphere). It VARIES from place to place.

VERY little down south(hem) AS YET.

But a LITTLE in some places. Again, varying.


Anomalies may occur. Like cold for this time of year, and so on.





I solve big riddles. But this one is one of my hardest.

I see many parties. Each with their own ideas.

Some truth in all, no doubt.

ALL truth in a few? Not likely!!



Is Time speeding up?

Apparently so.

The pulse rate has gone up.

All the signs and indicators of SOMETHING bigger than Man has ever known(or will know!)ON PLANET EARTH, is about to occur.


SO severe, I think stocking up on food,etc. IS A WASTE OF TIME!!




Biggest threats will be panic and riots by the mobs.

Get AWAY, WELL away from the urban centres!

As frightened humans will stop AT NO THING, to GET what they want!!

Burning, looting, bombing, (you name it)!



Much heat is coming from Nibiru!

I expect it to kill many, before tsunamiS over 3 miles high hit us(that is one claim).(The oceans will naturally SLOSH over the continents AS The Earth turns UPSIDE-DOWN!!!!)

Also problems coming from nuclear re-actors.(Like in Japan, only FAR worse!!)


To be EXPECTED, when The Earth speeds up its INVERSION(physical!). I see a few months yet(perhaps Christmas or New Year's time!) before it inverts IN ERNEST!!

It is still (the polar shift) inverting SLOWLY, VERY SLOWLY.


Which is WHY we are not experiencing VERTIGO!


Later on, we should. (Travelling at about a THOUSAND miles per hour!)And then ALL HELL will break loose.(Two huge CRUSTAL DISPLACMENTS, amid Nature in uttermost fury, should also occur.)


Aliens are protecting us as much as they can.(Which is a lot.)


We also have weapons like Haarp being deliberately used.

The Russians apparently can control the weather.



WHY stock up when ruffians will smash down your entries, and TAKE THE LOT!! You,too, perhaps. They will be pitiless.





Up a tree in the middle of The Amazon Jungle MIGHT be safer!



So get WELL AWAY from built up areas!! Anywhere HUMANS are!!



Take arms,etc?? So you can kill your fellows??




But then you will have PACKS of BESERK animals too!




Under water, deep down, is best. On a nuclear submarine!



Humans who haven't bothered to prepare, will smash down doors, and break open windows, to enter buildings, houses, and STEAL food,etc. ANYTHING of value,money, gold, silver,... INCLUDING humans!!

Will not pay to have ANYTHING value in those days!!


I am simply being FACTUAL.

Not MINCING WORDS to you!!




The VITALLY important thing - is to get as close to GOD and JESUS as you POSSIBLY can.

Or you may not only die terribly and horribly - but GO TO TO HELL,TOO!!(After death, as well as before!!)



The Authorities(SOME of them know!) are DUCKING the issue, you see.

Are lying to us. Playing everything down.

No. THEY have the conspiracy theories!! I simply report as I see it, to TRY to achieve the LEAST evil end!!(If that does not make sense to you, - WHATWILL????)


To avoid panic. But much MORE SO - to keep control over us!!


Expect Declared Emergencies, Evacuation Orders, Martial Law, and the SHOOTING DEAD ON THE SPOT of all who disobey police and military.




But so is The Rapture!



And CHRIST!!!!



Plus The Heavenly Hordes!!




Good spirits.


AND some good aliens. I HOPE!!




However, I still think we have 3 years and 5 months to go to Phaeton they keep calling Nibiru!(Our Gregorian Calendar may be 3 years, possibly 4, too advanced. May only be 2,008.A.D. now!(Or 7))


The prospects for us all are beginning to look so bad that EVEN I am starting to hesitate to brief you full facts!!

We shall also have biological and chemical weapons, as well as nuclear and thermo-nuclear weapons ON THE LOOSE.

(Along with Nature with the anti biotics resistant viruses,etc!!)


Especially what is now in danger of falling into TERRORIST hands!!

Do NOT commit suicide! (Or pay in The Afterlife AND in future incarnations!!)

NOR go for Euthanasia!!





My point is, that we face MANY objects coming at us(comets, asteroids, meteors, poisonous dust, and gases,etc.TOO!!)(Dragged down from Oort Cloud, Kuiper Belt - as well as from The ORDINARY ASTEROID belt).

Not just one, but MANY objects shooting down at us!!





And THERE you have a MUCH truncated report as to what lies IMMEDIATELY ahead!!



WOULD you prefer NOT to have been informed??!!




My eye is on saving the best specimens,etc.down The North Geographical Pole.

Our best hope!!

Maybe our only hope.




Don't contact ME.

Contact those who can organize an EXODUS!!(Best via cruise ships led by ice-breaking ships.)



It's true all right!!




I have no axe to grind.

No bee in my bonnet!!





Just thinking of YOU!!





I say better to be forewarned, than left in ignorance!!

No matter WHAT!!





STUDY the videos on these subjects.

And the reports, commentaries,etc.etc.




Don't just take my word for it!!




Check it out!!





Viva LA GOD!!!!























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